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He survived a nightmare. Know he suffers with the challenge of hallucinations. Everything in his life this day forward he now questions everything. Now kids are going missing and being found murdered in the same matter he was attacked. Let them go set them free his memory holds the key.

Thriller / Mystery
Lauren W.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Graham Williams

“Memory is a complicated thing. A relative to truth but not it’s twin” - Barbra Kingsalver
I woke in a strange place, an IV in my arm but I don’t remember anything that I would need an IV in my arm. I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and I jumped. “Woah easy buddy” said a blurry figure. “Who are you where am I” I said. “It’s me and Mom. Your safe now” “What happened to me?” My parents eyes looked horrified when I asked. “Graham, you were kidnapped when you walked home from school. A group of kids riding their bikes found you in bad shape. They thought you were dead.” “How long was I gone?” “Over 2 weeks” said my Mom. “You were in bad shape when they got you to the hospital” “I don’t remember being abducted, I just don’t remember much before showing up in here.” “ That was to be expected” sighed Dad “you were hit in the head with what doctors thought was a crowbar they found near you when you were found. They suspected amnesia.” “Did they find the people who hurt me?” My dad shook his head. “I am sorry he is still out there and your the only living victim.” I looked at him confused; “what do you mean surviving victim?” Dad took a breath “the police suspect that you were taken by a serial killer.”

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