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Chapter 2: Lydia Trimm

Me and my family moved here 5 weeks ago. I live next door to Graham Williams; the boy they found yesterday and the only surviving victim of the CapeFear slayer. When we were about to move I did my research and I really saw was the same newspaper articles. Another boy is found murdered or the evidence trail goes dry for police. Graham would have been his 10th victim. Graham is a very sweet, he made a joke about how the outskirts of Cape Fear is the lamest place in the world. I mean it really is there is only 2 restaurants, the outlets which consist of only 3 stores, and a dock. Anyways it’s always been me, my brother, and my mom. The reason we moved here was my dad died last month and mom thought it was a better for us to move from West Virginia to North Carolina to forget some of the memories. I mean they still are happening so that didn’t fucking work. My brother Hunter who is only a year younger than me but he acts like a spoiled brat. He is the kid who keeps up with the latest trends; whatever that is for boys. My style doesn’t dry moms wallet, I just where jeans, a polo, and pullover sweater. But of course I get the name nerd a lot and that sucks. The neighborhood is pretty interesting but the family who lives right across the street are very nice but they are the quiet type but there daughter Clarissa and son Robert have the same interests as me so I technically have 3 friends already. I asked my mom this morning about going to see Graham and she agreed. The worst thing is he probably forgotten all about me.
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