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Chapter 4: Graham Williams

“Nothing can last forever. There isn’t any memory, no matter how intense, that doesn’t fade out at last.”
- Juan Rulfo

Today was hell. The doctors were taking a look for any evidence on me. I kept having this nightmarish dream going through my head of this man in black clothing and he carried a baseball bat and I would scream. I can’t even fall asleep without thinking what is going to be there when I am sleeping. There was a knock on the door and I wondered who it was at this hour. It was 8 at night I don’t want another hellish experience I won’t be able to sleep tonight anyways so give me another reason to not be able to sleep. “Graham are you up?” asked my dad. I groaned and opened my very heavy eyes. To see 2 people in the doorway one man and a woman. “Hi there” said the woman; I nodded my head back. “My name is Lory and this is my partner Sterling.” I chuckled Sterling what a funny name I thought in my head. “Is it ok that we ask you a few questions?” I nodded my head and said “I don’t remember much. I don’t know if this is any help but I keep having this nightmare or flashback, I don’t know but I always see this hellish guy with a baseball bat and when he swings the bat I always wake up screaming. I am sorry that is all I know.” “It’s ok” said Lory “I couldn’t imagine what you have been through.” “I just don’t want to know”said I “all the this time I feel like I am losing my mind and all of this is just one long nightmare and it will be ok when I wake up.” “Well this isn’t a bad dream Graham” said Sterling “when the doctors examined you they found bruising on your ankles and they determined you were chained and constantly beaten and...” his voice drifted off. “What” I said; my voice quivering. “There was evidence of sexual assault” Lory finally said. Those words horrified me. Was I really chained and tortured for 2 weeks? Why did I only remember my parents? Who is the man in black? To many questions but not enough answers.
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