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Chapter 5: Clarissa Noles

My parents called the Williams tonight. But they didn’t get the best news. “How is Graham?”asked I. Mom shook her head; “not good, he has amnesia and some very very bad things happened to him.” “Like what?”asked Robert, his voice quivering. “You don’t need to know” she replied. That bad, I thought. The plans to see Graham were canceled so I went to the next best thing; Corey. “Mom” I said “can I go see Corey?” Mom nodded her head “ take Robert with you and be home by 7” “Yes mama” Me and Robert got on our bikes and began to ride the 3 blocks to Coreys house. The neighborhood was covered with posters about Graham and the candle light visual at the docks tomorrow night. We made it to the Snyder’s house where I saw Corey where he normally sits during the evening. A small couch on the front patio with his pet dog Andy on his lap. Corey had a thing for birds and every night he bird watches and surprisingly remembers every bird he sees. “Hey Corey” said I walking on to the patio. “Hey” he replied. I walked over to the couch, picked up his legs and sat down. “How are you doing?” I asked. “I found a dead body Clare. How do you think I feel?” Why does everyone think Graham is dead? Maybe Corey just didn’t want to hear the story about the case? “He is not dead you know.” Corey shot straight up his legs that were in my lap, came and kicked me in the face; causing my nose to bleed. “What the hell dude!” I screamed “I’m sorry. I didn’t know Graham was alive. I just thought he was dead. Let’s go inside and let me help you with your nose”. “Thanks” I said with a blush. “Wasn’t your brother here?” Corey asked. I looked around and found Robert’s bike on the ground. “Oh shit” I whispered “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Robert!” I ran down the road and didn’t see him. “We need to call the police” I freaked. Me and Corey ran inside and went into the kitchen where Robert sat at the counter munching on some carrots. “Robert!!!” I yelled “don’t ever scare me like that!” Robert apologized over and over again. I accepted his apologies and embraced him into a big hug. Corey gave me a towel to stop my bloody nose. I grabbed my notebook and opened to the page I began writing my notes on the Cape fear slayer when Graham got abducted. Me and the new girl Lydia began our theories about where Graham was during those 2 weeks. Corey’s father is the medical examiner for CapeFear. Me and Corey have always had this idea to take the autopsy reports and look at the bruises and scars on their body’s and make theories about where the boys were held. Just need to find the reports
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