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Chapter 6: Lydia Trimm

My stomach did backflips as I came to the sight of the hospital. Questions ran through my head. Will Graham remember me? Will I just make things worse? What state is he in? I just don’t know. Me, Mom, and Hunter walked into the lobby. “Where is Graham Williams?” asked Mom. “Are you family?” she asked. “No but we are close friends.” There was an awkward moment of silence till the receptionist finally said “ I am sorry ma’am but Graham isn’t in the best condition for visitors.” My heart sunk he was hurt that bad. “What happened to him?” I said, my voice cracking “what did you find?” The receptionist looked shock as I began to cry. “I am sorry but you don’t want to know what the doctors found....” “Just fucking tell me!!!” I shouted and began to bawl like a baby. I don’t know what I was thinking I just had to know. We got lucky when Mrs. Williams came into the lobby and saw me in tears. “What’s going on Liddy?” Liddy is the nickname she gave me when me and Graham became friends. “She wants to known about Graham and how he is doing and she wants to see him.” I felt someone grabbed my hand; it was Mrs. Williams. “Look Liddy I will take you to see Graham you just need to calm down.” I wiped my snot on my AC/DC hoodie and nodded my head. I walked with Mrs. Williams. The moment I saw his room I began to break into a cold sweat. I saw Graham lying in his hospital bed asleep. His body was so peaceful but I knew his mind was at war. “Honey” said Mrs. Williams “ you have a visitor.” I saw his eyes flutter open and he laid his eyes on me and smiled. “Liddy” he said in a weak voice. I ran towards him with my arms open wide and hugged him so tight I didn’t want to let go. I don’t know how long that hug lasted but it felt so good to see him. “I missed you so much Liddy” he said . “I missed you too.” There was a knock on the door, I gave Graham a quick kiss on the cheek and sat in the corner.
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