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A 'To All The Boys I've Love Before' fanfic: Adrian Spector who keeps a chest filled with love letters from 4th grade for both his straight and gay crushes is betrayed by Sophia, his best friend, who sends out all 24 letters to their respective recipients. Expecting a love story, his world is turned upside down unexpectedly when murder and rape ensues.

Thriller / Mystery
Ricky Ncukana
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“Speak & Listen” is a fictional novel that deals with coming-of-age themes of sexual orientation and general livelihood in the Queer community. Furthermore, there is usage of strong language, sexual explicitness and common, social issues teenagers and progressing young adults are facing today. A trusted adult may be needed.


Sophomore novel by South African artist Ricky Ncukana deals with a teenager dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder who creates a ripple effect by writing letters to all his crushes. His best friend sends out the letters to their rightful recipients, unveiling historical attachments through insightful flashbacks, triggering unwanted traumas and igniting conversations. As the characters in the story change, so does he.

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