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The debut figuratively paradoxical novel from South African artist Ricky Ncukana evolves around a conflicted teenage boy who comes into terms with his sexuality, his lifelong yearning and self-consciousness. However, things spiral out of control when he meets a beautiful young man who has an indefinite thing living inside of him who puts his life in jeopardy. You decide who is the hero!

Thriller / Fantasy
Ricky Ncukana
Age Rating:




Synopsis: Sensitive themes of abuse, paedophilia, mental illness and many other issues young teenagers face are narrated in this novel by Ricky Ncukana. A boy finds himself in unsubsiding highs of thrills and pressure of self-identity and sexuality when he meets a boy with an inescapable supernatural thing living inside of him, which jeopardizes his beingness.

Side note: This story is a first-hand experience I, the writer, wrote in order to give a relatable story to people who are dealing with such issues to this day. The whole narrative may consist of unreliable protagonism which may send off negative messages to the public, but that’s the whole point. The story should challenge your moral scruples, your integrity and empathy. The story is supposed to start conversations about the disturbing culture of abuse, paedophilia and give close attention to mental illness.

If you happen to be sensitive to such topics, this novel may not be for you or you may want to speak to a trusted friend or adult.

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