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(UNDER EDITING) "I don't care if you're on your period, if your damn leg is broken, or your half dead. I want you to OBEY me. No matter what. Got it?" Adam let out a sobbed, reaching his breaking point. I stared at him. He's so pathetic. It's disgusting. I sigh in irritation and step harshly on his leg. Adam let out a scream, but I cover his mouth before he could let out a loud and most likely pained scream. "I hate you."

Thriller / Romance
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It should have been different, not ended up like this, which wasn’t meant to happen. I was supposed to get married to my boyfriend, become happy, have a family to raise, with a happy ending... Not forcefully married to a douchebag that only thinks of himself and no one else, not bothers with the fact that he’s ungrateful with everything he has when other people are suffering for not having enough money to buy food. A pitiful arrogant that only shows off the expensive cars he just brought, or the expensive watch he was on his wrist. I wanted to marry the one that I love, the one that stole my heart with kind words, soft touches, bright smile, amazing personality, the one that helped me through thick and thin, the one that never left my side, regardless of some of my stupid decisions.

Not the one that screams hurtful words at me, harsh and painfully pulls of my arms, a glare full of hate, terrible personality, the one that didn’t bother helping me when I needed it the most. That’s not how it’s supposed to end. It’s supposed to end with me wearing a happy smile on my face on my wedding day, yet here I am, almost in tears because of the forceful wedding day that we’re having. It’s already hell having him as a fiancée, now imagine how he would be as my ″husband″. I continue walking to the altar of the church, where my future ″husband″ was standing, looking at me with an intimidating glare. Hell was about to get real.

-later that night, after the wedding-

I sat at the edge of the bed, where our ″honeymoon″ was supposed to be. I couldn’t get over the fact that I just married the one that I shouldn’t have gotten married with. “Don’t expect me to treat you any better now that we’re ’married‴ Said James deep voice, making me flinch from the sudden voice. I nodded my head at him, there’s nothing else I can do to change that anyways. It’s not like I had an opinion on this... “since we’re together, I want to get a few rules that you have to follow, got it?” I look at him questionably, wondering what type of rules he’s talking about, before nodding softly. “ok, good. let us start, shall we?” he smirks, which might behave crept me out a bit. “I don’t want you to sleep on the same bed as me, or in the same room as I, got that?” before I could respond he continue, “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, I don’t want you to talk to me, at all, unless is something very important, ok?” I nodded, “Don’t bother asking for money, cause I won’t give you shit. It’s my money.” I frown my eyebrows, but not surprised with that. “and lastly, I don’t care about you, so don’t bother me. Ever.” I nodded softly, kind of hurt by the fact that he didn’t even pretend to care a little, but what can you expect from a pitiful arrogant, that only cares about himself. He stood up, not caring about my reaction or response at all. He starts talking towards the door, probably to get out of my small room, he turns his face around, enough to look directly at my eyes, “And I expect you to listen to me when I tell you to do something. And if you don’t obey, you’ll be punished.” with that, he walked out, without other words. I just sat there, surprised by what he said.

This will sure as hell be fun, right...? Please note the sarcasm.

I didn’t want this to end up like this, I should have done something, but was there something that I could have actually done to prevent this? maybe, but I was probably too scared to try that, or to even know that there was actually something that I could’ve been prevented. I pull out my phone, and dilated someone’s number that I remember oh so clearly, “Hello?” I heard his sweet voice said, I missed hearing his voice, his rough but smooth voice, “Matias...?” I said softly, “it’s me, Adam...” There was silence from the other line for what felt like hours, before Matias responded, “Oh my god, Adam? Mi Amor, [My love] is it really you?” I could hear the disbelief in his voice, as I released a humorless laugh, “who else would it be, tontito?” [silly] I heard him chuckle, oh how much I missed hearing his chuckle, “I missed you, mi vida...” [my life] I felt the sting in my eyes, as my vision blurred with tears, “I know, bebe [baby], I miss you too..” I open my mouth to say something else to him, but I was interrupted by James walking in, looking extremely angry at me, “Adam?” I heard Matias said in the other line, but I couldn’t seem to be able to reply, too scared to move, “I don’t want you talking to him, Adam.″ I heard James said, before he snaps my phone away from him, ending the call, not letting me say goodbye to Matias. “What’s wrong with you? why was you spying on me?!” I stood up, looking up at him as we glared at each other, ” it’s ‘were’ not ‘was’. And yes, I was spying on you, cause this IS my house, I can do what I want, Latino.” James growl, as I continue glaring at him, “I’m Hispanic, not Latino, moron.” I saw James’s jaw clench, clearly not liking how I talked back at him. My phone starts ringing again but we both seem to ignore it, “Looks the same to me, but you will not talk to him, ever again. Do you hear me? EVER AGAIN!″ I felt my body shaking and not from fear, “YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME-” I felt a hard hand smack my cheek hard enough to make me almost fall to the ground. “You. Will. NOT. raise. Your voice. At me, you Latino...” I saw him walk away with my ringing phone still in his hand. I felt a tear roll down my cheek, as I saw red liquid falling on top of my hand.

This is going to get worst, isn’t it?

I heard my door click, indicating to me that someone locked it from the outside, I quickly stood up, and when to the door, trying to open it, but alas, find it close. I try to open it, but nothing works, I start to panic. “You’re staying here, Adam. Until you change that attitude with me, love.” with that, I heard him walk away. I let out a frustrated scream, not knowing what to do, anymore...

I feel lost...

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