Thorns of a Blood Red Rose

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An orphan named Reminisce who spends her life living in an orphanage, bouncing from family to family until her 16th birthday. She meets someone who wants to adopt her with ill intentions. Strange things begins to unfold around her becoming a nightmare, leading her to discover the dark secret of her very existence. Will she be able to her save herself and all mankind from her dark discoveries coming to collect or is she doomed to suffer the fate that malevolent forces has planned for her?

Thriller / Horror
Ashley J Williams
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My name is Reminisce Jacobs, and the story of my life is an incomplete story with gaps and missing pages that make it hard to make sense of. For years I was ignored, moved from home to home and was never able to settle anywhere. All I ever wanted was a family to love and care for me. Someone to at least love me for me, but no I was not good enough for that. The life I lead is a lonely one but manageable. I have three square meals a day and a place to sleep so I cannot complain too much but I want more. I need more out of life, I hunger for a purpose, a reason to keep my faith and find out the woman I am supposed to be. I maybe only 16 years old but I feel like there is more to desire for in life than it appears. I recognize that I am here for a reason because God spared me but what could it be?

My entire life has been a mystery that I cannot solve. Hospital records sealed, no records on my birth parents, pretty much no trail of breadcrumbs to follow. I need to be aware and yearn to know about my past. Like whom my parents were and learn about what made me who am I today; Where did I get my intelligence from, my heritage all the things a person deserves to know about themselves. I need answers but I hope that I do not regret digging up what has been buried and hidden for a reason. The orphanage always finds ways to derail or keep things from me as if my past is dangerous.

Since the day I was born, I constantly felt like I was never truly alone as if there is someone or something continuously watching me. I cannot explain it but If I ever told anyone I probably would be in a crazy house. But I know I am not crazy, I see that something is coming, and it does not feel right. I never gotten a feeling of comfort, it was a consistent feeling of danger or an evil presence. I never really been a believer of the supernatural, but I cannot shake this feeling. It seems the older I become the stronger the feeling the grows. I do not know where to start my journey, but I identify that I must. I do not see what is in store for the future, but I need to find my answers and fast before it is too late.

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