One Sided Love

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Chapter 9

“Huhhhh” I groan, beautifully overdramatic.

“Just get on with it” Mr Brown grumbles.

I sigh again for the billionth time and Mr Brown stares at me. Not the usual irritated glare that I’ve gotten about 17 times already in the 10 minuets I’ve been here. No, a very serious ‘I will make you stay behind for the rest of the week’ glare. So I decide to play it safe and I sit up straight in my chair to get on with my work.

So, I didn’t complete my work in Maths, like... at all. Fine! I did nothing all lesson but stare at the blank page in front of me lost in my imagination. I can’t get my mind off the asshole that keeps leaving me notes and that other stuff in my locker.

If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m very pissed off. I just don’t understand how whoever this is knew that I had, that I was on my, uh, I just don’t understand it.

Then what did that note mean with that threat? ‘you and I are one’, ‘there will be consequences’? Who do they think they are? What did they even mean by that?

Worst part is, all this anger, I’m just trying to hide that I’m scared, completely and utterly terrified. I mean, they’ve very much shown they are watching me and the closet stuff...I’m scared.

There’s nothing I can do about it either, nothing. Nah-da. Zilch.

The notes aren’t enough to take to the head or the police.

It’s driving me insane, I’m just always looking over my shoulder, I’m so paranoid all the time. The fact they were close enough too, they must have been next to me in order to put that rose in my bag and I didn’t even know.

Anyway, unfortunately for me, today was the day that Mr dumb-ass-Brown decided to look through our work books and was a little less then pleased to see that I hadn’t done anything the whole lesson.

I honestly don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I was clearly not paying attention the whole lesson so obviously I didn’t listen to him explaining the work and how to do it.

Now I’m scared I’ve pissed him off too much to ask for an explanation, not to mention that I’ve already been sitting here for 10 minuets still doing nothing.

Unknown POV

As I watch her, her face shapes into an array of different emotions. It’s quite amusing really.

From anger to confusion to sadness, she just can’t make up her mind on what to feel. I wonder what she’s thinking about.

She ignored my warning. She’s been talking and sitting next to boys voluntarily. It boils my blood.

Yesterday she put her hand on a boys arm and it lingered there, my knuckles became very evident as I gripped my chair watching her, even turning a noticeable white shade from pressure.

I hope she liked my gift the other week. I know most people don’t like to talk about that kind of stuff but I wanted to show her that it didn’t faze me.

That she didn’t need to be embarrassed about it with me. It’s completely natural and all I want to do is take care of her in every way.

A few days ago, I climbed back up that conveniently placed tree and I just watched her, she was doing homework for a while then she went to bed and forgot to close the window.

I was going to close it for her when I knew she was asleep, I didn’t want her to catch a cold but before I could make my mind up on whether to or not, I noticed she had gotten up and started to reach for the handle. I couldn’t help myself and just had to take another beautiful picture of her.

Well shit. I think she heard it.

She just stood there for a while not daring to move. She looked around, scanned to whole garden and outside the fence. Her beautiful little face looked so confused and worried. She had stress lines all over her forehead as she looked.

When she’s with me for good she’ll be happy all the time. She’ll never have to worry about a single thing because I’ll be one step ahead, always there for her and I’ll never leave her. I’ll never stop loving her.

She’s like my kryptonite, I just can’t get enough.

She’s so perfect. In every way.

Still looking at her I decided I should stop before she notices me. With that, I move away.

Casey’s Pov

I dart my head up quickly towards the door. I could have sworn I seen something move, a person maybe?

Mr Brown promptly pulls me back out of my thoughts.

“Miss Nickels, are you finished with your work or are you going to continue to stare into space?”

“I’m sorry Sir but I can’t concentrate, can I take it home and do it as homework? I’ll hand it in first thing tomorrow?” I practically begged hoping he’d say ‘yes’.

I need to get out of this school.

He sighed deeply “fine, since I also want to get home sometime this evening, you can do it as homework but you should have already done it in school hours” he said clearly crossed and slightly disappointed.

“Thank you, Sir” I grabbed my things and almost ran for the door to go home.

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