One Sided Love

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Chapter 10

I wake up to my annoying-ass alarm. I whack it so hard I think I broke it.

No, it’s ok, it will still go off tomorrow, unfortunately.

Suddenly my phone went off. I got a text from an unknown number, it said:

Good morning

Well, that’s strange, I ignore it and throw my phone on my bed and go to the bathroom.

I come out the bathroom and start to get changed when my phone goes off again. I pick it up and look at the message.

You’re so pretty in the morning

Weird. I continue to change when it goes off again. ”Huuuhhhhh, god’s sake” I groan angrily and pick up my phone, what it said chilled me to the bone.

You should really draw your curtains at night, you never know who’s watching...

My breath gets shaky and I stare at my phone not wanting to move when it goes off again.

This time it’s a picture. I open it to see myself standing in the middle of my room staring shocked at my phone wearing my pj bottoms and my bra.

Terrified, I drop my phone to the ground and put my top back on quickly.

I run to the window and gaze out at the surroundings. I see nothing.

I draw the curtains and my phone goes off once more I frantically pick it up.

So beautiful

Tears fill my eyes and I cover my mouth with my hand, they drip from my eyes on to my phone.

In anger I throw my phone and watch it collide with the wall.

“Shit, shit, shit” I run over to my phone which is completely smashed. I groan again knowing I’ll have to switch SD cards and use my old crappy phone.

I turn on the old phone and when I look the messages are no longer there. “God I’m so stupid!” I shout at myself face palming my head.

I get up and reluctantly get ready for school.


The whole day has gone surprisingly quick. I handed in my work that I didn’t do in Mr Browns class and he seemed to be happy with it, thank goodness for google, I basically looked up every answer.

Oliver’s really funny, he has me non-stop laughing. Even though Becks and the boys are funny too, Oliver has a dark sense of humour that gets me every time.

“Hey Casey. Why can’t orphans play baseball?” He asked.

“What do you mean, of course they can?” I said a little confused.

“No, they can’t because they don’t know where home is” he said whilst struggling to contain his own laughter.

I started laughing uncontrollably “oh my god Oliver, you can’t say that!” I shouted in between laughs.

“Why not?” He asked innocently, also laughing.

" you just can’t ” I said whilst slapping his arm.

“I have another one!” He said excitedly, before I could object, he starts “My son, who’s into astronomy, asked me how stars die. ‘Usually an overdose, son,’ I told him.”

I have barely recovered from the last joke so now I was choking on air.

“Hey Casey...-” he said ominously slow before I cut him off.

“No, no more. You’re going to upset someone” I said to him in a hushed tone.

" but it’s really funny!” He said acting like a toddler having a tantrum and pouted.

“Fine, but say it quietly.”

He clears this throat “My elderly relatives liked to tease me at weddings, saying, ‘You’ll be next!’ They soon stopped though, once I started doing the same to them at funerals.”

I completely lost it laughing.

After my fit of laughter my phone when off and I looked down at it.

Something funny?

As soon as I read that my smile dropped in an instant, my face went serious and I looked around the room but not one person was looking our way.

Then bell went and we walked to Science my face was still red from laughing at Oliver’s many jokes.


The bell went again and it was the end of the day, I started to get up when Mr Kyle called me over.

“Casey, may I talk to you for a moment?” Everyone left the classroom and it was just me and Mr Kyle. “Is everything okay? You seem distracted lately ” Mr Kyle said his voice riddled, surprisingly, with worry.

“I’m okay Sir. ”

As he stood up from his desk, my phone went off.

“Are you sure because when you walked in today your face was red and your work has been slipping” he said as he walked over to me and leaned against the table in front of me.

Maybe I should tell him. I glanced down at my phone and saw a message. I could literally feel the blood go from my face as I went as pale as a ghost.

Don’t you dare say a thing. I’m watching you

I started to freak out, frantically searching the classroom.

“Miss Nickels, are you okay?”

“Yes! ” I shouted quickly ” I’m sorry sir I have to go, thank you for your concern” I walked out the room looking down the hallways but still seeing nothing.

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