One Sided Love

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Chapter 12

Casey’s Pov

I’ve not moved since that message. I don’t know what to do. I’m not safe anywhere, school or home.

The tears haven’t stopped, I don’t want to go to school but I definitely don’t want to stay at home alone either. I’m so scared.

This keeps getting worse, I have a feeling it’s not going to go away so easily.

I should be ready for school by now, it’s 8:10.

I slowly get dressed, I can’t be bothered to have a shower or anything. I walk down stairs and I feel so sick. Both mentally and physically. I can’t bring myself to eat.

I get to school late. The bell went 10 minutes ago and I know my P.E teacher is going to be pissed but I couldn’t care less right now.

As expected, she shouted, a lot, and it didn’t help that i told her I didn’t have my kit. I did have it, it was in my locker, I just didn’t want to do P.E, I don’t have the energy. I think she sensed my mood because she didn’t say anything else.

It was soon lunch and Oliver joined our little group. Oliver had been making many friends, he looked like a bad-boy and he was very outspoken, even to the teachers. Not to mention his humour. I wasn’t surprised he made a lot of friends but he still came and spent lunch with us.

"Yo, what-up munchkin?” He called. I didn’t respond and just gave him a thumbs up not making eye contact.

“She’s being moody” Becks said in a singsongy voice as I glared at her.

“You okay?” He asked me, sounding concerned.

“Yeah, I just don’t feel good” I said resting my head on my hands with my elbows on the table.

Oliver sat next to me and rubbed my back in a comforting way.

“You better not get sick again, my threat still stands.” Becks said pointing at me, giving me the evils. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms on the table and rested my head on them.

After a while Oliver stopped rubbing my back and they were engaging in a conversation. I missed the warmth from the friction his hand made on my back.

Oliver leaned down to my ear and whispered “I bet you £10 I can make you laugh” I raised my head and looked at him with one brow raised. He gave me a serious look so I held my hand out for him to shake.

“Bring it” I said and shook his hand.

“Becks” Oliver whispered across the table, Becks looked at him with a smile “now” he whispered and she nodded understanding the command.

“Hey Thomas, you have something on your face” Becks said pointing to his forehead.

“What is it!? I swear If it’s a spider, no matter how big, I’ll scream” he said seriously, not daring to move an inch.

Suddenly Oliver was behind Thomas and he wrapped his arms around Thomas’s biceps holding him back whilst Becks whipped out a pen.

“No, no, no, no. Don’t you dare!” He begged Becks repeatedly saying ‘sorry’ for all the times he’s done it to her and ‘please’.

Becks leaned forward and stared to write on his forehead as he struggled.

“The hell are you doing?! I only ever did a line! What are you writing!” He shouted.

She sat up and smiled at her work as Oliver let go of Thomas. Ben started bawling out with laughter and I snickered. Becks had written ‘perm’ with an arrow pointing to Thomas’s hair on his forehead.

Thomas got out his phone and his eyes widened “you bitc-it is not a perm!” He shouted realising what it said “why the hell have you written it backwards?” He asked, genuinely confused.

That, that made me laugh.

“It’s not backwards you moron, it looks backwards because you’re looking at a reflection” Oliver said in between laughs as he patted Thomas on the back.

Thomas looked at Becks with rage in his eyes “I’ll get you back for this” he gritted his teeth.

“Na-huh, this was my payback from all the times you’ve done this to me” she smiled.

“This better come off. And don’t think I forgot your role in this Oliver.”

Oliver only laughed harder at Thomas’s threat.

“Oh, come on Thomas, I’m not as mean as you. It’s just a whiteboard pen. It’ll come off with water” she threw the pen at Thomas and it was indeed a whiteboard pen. He sighed in relief as he inspected the pen and rubbed off the writing from his head.

Thomas then looked at Ben angrily “you could have helped.”

“Nope. I’m not part of this, I’m not getting in any prank wars with you guys. I’m just here to witness it, laugh and break it up if you guys go too far” Ben laughed “and if you’re gunna moan at me, Casey didn’t do anything either” I held my hands up in mock surrender.

“Annoying old man” Thomas grumbled.

“Huh?” Ben hummed to Thomas suspiciously.

“Nothing” Thomas sings and smiles innocently.

They all went back to talking and Oliver whispered in my ear again “you owe me £10. I seen you laugh” I glared at him and put my head back down on the table with a ‘thump’.

That actually hurt my head. Damn my dramatics. I go back to being my depressed self when I heard my name being called.

“What?” I said raising my head from the table looking at them.

“First of all, are you going to eat?” Oliver said seemingly noticing that I hadn’t eaten. I shook my head.

“not hungry.”

“I asked you if you had anymore notes from your secret admirer” Becks said in a sweet exaggerated voice.

Shit, I forgot I told them about it.

“What notes?” Oliver said looking at me, is that a hint of jealousy I see?

“Someone left a note on her locker saying she was pretty” Thomas said.

“When?” Oliver asked.

“A few weeks ago" I said wanting the conversation to end.

“Oh, well have you gotten any more then?” Oliver asked a little too eager. Why was he so interested?

I hear a beep and everyone looks at their phones. I realise that it was my phone.

Say anything and they’re dead

My heart started to race. How? Why? I look around the room “no” I said to them, answering their question with a lie.

" I have to go to the bathroom” I said as i got up. I speed walk away, I heard what sounded like Oliver calling my name but I kept walking.

I made sure not to go near any other doors until I reached the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I started crying, “what do I do? What do I do?” I said out loud looking at my face in the mirror. My eyes were red and I had bags under them, my skin was even more pale them normal and my hair was a mess. With shaky hands I wiped away the tears.

If they are here, watching me, then they are not at home.

Making up my mind, I decide to go home. Looking like I am I go to the school nurse and she unsurprisingly agrees that I don’t look good and calls my mum.

Mum picked me up and I felt a sense of comfort knowing that whoever it is, is still at the school. I turn off my phone not wanting to see anymore messages. I’m so tired but I don’t want to go to my bed, I beg mum and she gives in. She let me sleep in her bed and agreed that she will sleep with me for the night.

That night I slept so well. I cuddled up to mum and then at 3 in the morning Lucas came in because he had a nightmare, he joined us cuddling up to me. Thank goodness mum had a king-sized bed.

At that moment I was so happy I wish it would never end.

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