One Sided Love

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Chapter 14

Schools ended and I text Oliver to meet me outside the school gates.

A few minutes later Oliver shows up.

“What took you so long? My feet hurt!” I whine over dramatically.

Oliver holds his hands up in defence ” I’m sorry, I had to go to my locker and get my sketchbook, I’ve got a few more jokes to tell you....” he said raising his brows.

“Fine, come on” I said grabbing his forearm and pulling him along.

After a while of walking and talking, I found out some things about Oliver. He didn’t really like talking about himself but he answered a couple of the questions I threw at him.

I found out that he was raised by his father because his mother died giving birth to him, he’s a only child and his dad goes away a lot for business. He is also a Disney freak! Collects all the movies but tells no one. I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

That’s literally all I know.

We get to the arcade. After about 2 hours we run out of money.

We played air hockey three times. I won every time. Apart from the time Oliver ‘had something in his eye’ and deemed it a draw.

We also played on the claw machine and that’s where I lost most of my money.

I know, stupid right? I always tell myself to stay away from them but there was this adorable blue fuzzy teddy bear that I just had to try to get but after failing over and over I eventually gave up. Oliver tried to get it too but he was only trying to get it to spite me.

After playing on many other machines, we gathered our tickets that we had won from some games and went to the counter to trade them in. Unsurprisingly, all we got with them was sweets, sweets and more sweets.

I got a small goodie bag with some of my tickets to give to Lou, it contained a bag of jelly beans, a lollipop, stickers, a colouring book with a pack of six pens and a small wind-up toy car.

Honestly, I was contemplating taking the stickers. Don’t judge me. Everybody loves stickers and theses ones were the bomb. They were those scented ones that smelt of different fruit. Amazing!

I’ll definitely have to beg Lou for one.

We left the arcade and sat on the beach for a while.

"So...jokes?” Oliver said in an excited voice.

“Go on then” I rolled my eyes as Oliver gets his book out.

He starts to giggle as he looks through them “ok, first one. What’s yellow and can’t swim?”

I look at him with one eyebrow raised, this time I think of an answer “Pudsey bear” I said and immediately start laughing at my own answer.

Oliver looks at me unimpressed “what?”

“Oh my god that wasn’t the answer was it?! He’s yellow-” I start but Oliver butts in.

“No, it’s not” he said chuckling, thank god I thought that pissed him off, I’m happy he finds it funny too “I’ll start again, what’s yellow and can’t swim?” He said smiling.

“I don’t know, what’s yellow and can’t swim?”

“A school bus full of children” he said laughing and I soon followed. After we stop laughing as he gets ready to say another one. “What’s red and bad for your teeth?” He asked and I shrugged “a brick.” We laughed. “No, no, no. This is a good one” he said eagerly “okay, so. I was digging in my garden when I found a chest full of gold coins. I was about to run into my home to tell my wife about it. But then I remembered why I was digging in our garden.”

He continued telling jokes until the sun started to set, it was about 6 now and we had been out for 3 hours. We went to get ice cream and I had nuts and caramel sauce on mine, Oliver had the same.

We sat on the seafront and ate the ice cream watching the sun set. It was about 6:30 now and we decided to start to walk home.

Oliver kindly walks me home.

“Today was nice” I said as we strolled along the path.

“Yeah, it was, I’m sorry you couldn’t get that bear” he said smiling.

“Nah, it’s fine, I should know better than to waste money on those machines ” I giggled.

“Oh, here” I said giving him his phone “I uh, I found mine” He took his phone and put it in his pocket “Thank you” I said looking at the floor.

“It’s ok, if I hadn’t of given you it, we wouldn’t be out right now. Where did you find your phone?”

Shit, I didn’t think he’d ask that. Can’t be inside the house because that doesn’t really count as losing it, dose it? Not too far... think damn it!

“Um, I found it in the back garden.” I said thinking fast. Damn, I don’t think that was a good enough answer.

“Oh” he said.

After minutes pass, I look up to him to find he’s already looking at me. He quickly turns away.


“Hum” he hums.

“What was today?” He sharply looks at me.

“What do you mean?”

“Was this, a date?” I ask and he looks to the floor.

“Maybe” he said smirking and looking back up to me, I blush and look away. “Would you want it to be a date?” He said quietly.

I thought for a moment. I like him, I do. He’s kind and funny, I feel safe around him. Protected. He’s really handsome and I feel comfortable with him. I like him.

“Yes, I would” I looked up to him and we stopped walking.

“Then it was a date” he smiled.

“So, you like me?”

“Of course, I like you, I believe I told you that when I first met you.”

He did actually, he kept telling me I was pretty and hinting that he liked me.

“I like you too” I said rolling back and forth on my heels nervously.

He smiled at me then raised his arm, “your house” I looked to where his arm was gesturing to and it was indeed my house.

“How, how did you know where I live?” I asked confused, I never told him where I lived and I haven’t walked home with him before.

“I just do, does that creep you out?” He asked smiling widely teasing me.



At that moment I see Lou poke his head out from my bathroom window. That little shits in my bathroom meaning he’s been in my room. I storm to the door and open it.

“Come on” I shout to Oliver who’s standing on the path not knowing what to do, looking a little shocked by my sudden mood change.

I stomp up to my room with Oliver following close behind i walk into my room and see a pair of feet sticking out from under my bed. I can’t help but smile.

“I wonder where Lucas is, I could have sworn I seen him in here a minute ago” I said walking over to the feet. I then kneel on the floor and grab his ankles dragging him out, once he’s out I tickle him making him giggle like mad. I’m laughing also. I then stop abruptly and lean over him, “why are you in my room?” I ask with a serious face.

He’s still giggling “I was looking-looking for the book.”

I look confused to him “what book?”

“The one with the cat with a hat.”

I laugh at the way he worded it, so close “you mean the cat in the hat” he smiles at me nodding.

I get up and hold a hand out to pull him up. Once we are both standing, he notices Oliver, who is standing in the doorway smiling, he backs away and hides behind me.

“Who’s that?” He points to Oliver.

I kneel down to his level “that’s Oliver, he’s my friend” I say putting an arm around him but he hides behind me again.

I don’t want Lucas to be afraid of Oliver so I come up with an idea. I grab the goodie bag I got for Lou and give it to Oliver as I whisper “give it to him and say it’s from you” I walk away back to Lou.

He looks at me and mouths “you sure?” I nod “Hello Lucas, I’m Oliver” he says holding his hand out for Lou to shake it. I put my hand on my forehead shake my head, he has no clue how to talk to children, does he? He then kneels down which makes Lou back away slightly ” I- we got this for you” he said holding out the bag.

Lou looks up at me and I motion for him to get it but he backs away further. Oliver goes in his jacket pocket and takes out some sweets he has left over and slowly drops them in the bag.

As soon as Lucas sees sweets his eyes widen and he slowly steps forward and takes the bag. He then runs back over to me looking in the bag.

“Go on, empty it out” I said and he does just that, tipping it on the floor getting excited at all the stuff inside. He immediately winds up the toy car and goes to get a sweet. “No sweets now little man, it’s too late for sugar, you can have them tomorrow” I said and he pouts before getting distracted by the colouring book. I help him pack it away and he then runs off to show mum, calling her as he goes.

Leaving me and Oliver in the room I sit on my bed and Oliver joins me.

“He’s cute.”

“He’s a cheeky monkey ” I laugh “he should like you now and not be scared” I look to him.

“Was that an important thing, him liking me?”

“Yep, well, more him not being scared of you.” I say smiling.

He looks at me, his eyes trailing down from my eyes to my lips stopping for a moment before going down to my body. “Beautiful” he mutters under his breath. My cheeks heat up.

I look down to my hands and start to get nervous. I begin picking at my nails as my heart races.

He sees this and cups my hands with his making me look up to him. I look deep into his eyes, his hazel eyes that almost look yellow in the centre. He looks back at my lips and starts to lean in.

Our lips millimetres away but before we can move closer Lucas runs back in and I break away and stand up.

I look at Lou narrowing my eyes at his change in behaviour, “you ate a sweet, didn’t you?”

"Noooooooooooo" Lucas says overly suspicious.

Yeah, he did.

“Can I have the book now, please, please, pleaseeeeeee" he whines.

I roll my eyes, walk over to my bookshelf and grab the book. Lucas reaches up to take it but I pull it away and hold it higher up. “Get me the bag, I don’t trust you to not eat all the sweets and be bouncing off the walls all night” I say raising an eyebrow.

He huffs and literally stomps away to get the bag, yeah, he’s only 5 but that boy has attitude, I’m so proud.

When I look back to Oliver, I see he had opened my window and is looking out to the small forest behind my house. I run to the window and slam it shut almost catching his fingers as I nudge him away and he jumps.

I lock it and rip the curtains across.

“What the?! Are you okay? What was that for?” He said concerned.

“I-I just d-don’t like it open. It s-scares me.”


“The forest I-” I’m interrupted by Lou who comes back in the room with a half empty bag. I take a breath and take the bag from him and look down to him “pockets” he looks at me innocently “pockets. Now” I say sternly and Lou empty’s his pockets to which a handful of sweets fall on the floor.

I pick them up and put them in the bag, I then put the bag on my top shelf and give him the book, “you can have them all tomorrow okay?” He nods. I bend down and kiss him on the head and ruffle his hair. “Go to bed little one” and he walks away.

I turn to Oliver as he looks at his phone, “I should get going” he said looking a little frustrated. He starts to walk off when I grab his hand stopping him.

He swiftly turns around. “I know there’s something going on Casey, you’ve been acting weird. Scared. I can see through it, the act, I know somethings wrong.” He sounds irritated and concerned.

I go to talk but he interrupts me “you don’t have to tell me it’s just. I’m just worried that’s all. Today was fun, it was always meant to be a date I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.” He said calmly. “I really like you, from the moment I seen you. You’re beautiful Casey, so kind and sweet. I like you a lot” he said reaching and then holding my hands.

“I like you too, you make me laugh and I really appreciate that when I’m not feeling good. I like you too” I smile at him.

He leans him and kisses me on the cheek lightly and I blush.

“So cute” he said taking a hand away from mine and cupping one of my cheeks caressing it with his thumb making me blush more. “I should really be getting back. My dad will be getting worried” he said looking at his watch. “Message me or something” he said.

I showed him out and waved goodbye. I’m kinda happy he didn’t kiss me on the lips, I’ve never kissed anyone before so I wouldn’t know what to do.

I go back upstairs and think for a while, I haven’t thought about it all day but it needs addressing.

Need to find out who that stalker is ASAP. I can’t be scared anymore.

I go to the book, where everything that’s happened is listed. I’ve stuck all the notes in it now. I read everything over and over.

D.K, it has to be initials, I need to find this person soon.

I’m going to spend the weekend trying to find out anything I can from the notes and then on Monday I’m going to do everything I can to find this asshole.

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