One Sided Love

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Chapter 16

My hand touches the handle and I pull it down, the door opened a few inches before it is slammed shut and I’m pulled away from it by my other arm.

I’m yanked away a few meters from it as Mr Kyle goes to the door and locks it with an audible click.


I’m shaking violently as I watch Mr Kyle.

“M-Mr Kyle, w-why did you lock the d-door?”

“So, we can talk. Uninterrupted” a smirk appearing back on his face.

“I don’t want to talk.”

“Hush now little girl.” He coos and starts to walk over to me “you’re so beautiful Casey” each step he takes I take one back.

“Stop” I whisper feeling the wall against my back.

“It’s okay” he tries to reassure.


“No, it’s not!” I shout “none of this is okay!” My voice cracking with each word.

“Casey.” He warns “stop shouting.”

“Why, why should I? Oh yeah, because this is illegal! You’re a teacher, I am your student!” My voice is getting increasingly loud.

“Stop!” He grunts through gritted teeth.

“Then let me go” I breathlessly plead.

“You are not going anywhere, not yet.”

I ignore him and start to walk around him towards the door when he grabs my arm and slings me into the wall.

My entire left side impacting the wall, my shoulder and hip takes the brunt of the force, followed by my head, elbow and ankle. I slump to the floor.

Great now my ass hurts too.

I whine on the floor from pain. He starts to make his way over to me so I scramble to my feet, standing up just in time as the bell goes and he gets to me.

“Don’t touch me. Let me go or I’ll scream.”

He laughs before placing his hands on my waist, the presents of them making my skin crawl “Silly girl” I try to push him off as he looks me up and down.

“Do you remember the last time we were like this?” He teases not looking at my face but my chest. “Believe it or not, I was grateful when you did what you did” he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear, I move my head away. “I would have preferred to see you.” he smirked “All of you” he spoke calm and softly, too calm.

“What? You mean when I kicked you so hard you lost your balls up your asshole?” He chuckled at this while I was wondering where the sudden confidence and, undoubtedly, stupidity came from.

“Yes. That.” He chuckled out.

He moved closer to me, his lips grazing my ear, he licked my earlobe making me groan in disgust, I take a deep breath ready to scream.

His damn hand wraps around my mouth stopping any sound from coming out.

“Don’t. You. Dare” he paused after every word “I will hurt you. I think I’ve proved that already” he said as he rubbed my left arm which was aching like a bitch. “Do you understand me Casey?” I nod slightly “there’s my good girl” he said as he took his hand away from my mouth. He stood in front of me with both his hands either side of my head.

I briefly consider going under his arm and running but the pain I already had on one side of my body stopped me. Him being so close to me makes me feel sick.

“Can you move away, please?” I asked, quietly not expecting him to actually move.

“Why my love, is me being so close making you uncomfortable?” I nod my head hoping he won’t get mad. He took another step forward, his body now on mine making me gasp but then he took a big step back walking back to his chair as he said a simple “okay.”

I look at him as he sat down and undid his waistcoat buttons “thank you” i whisper, then silently start to curse at myself.

I don’t know why I thanked him. I’m an idiot, I just didn’t expect him a really move.

He smiled at me, like he could hear the inner-tournament in my head.

“Come, sit” he said pointing to the chair he had just moved right next to his. I sat down moving the chair away slightly, thankfully he didn’t notice. “You’re lucky I have a free lesson. ” he said typing on his computer “I’ll send a message to that whore saying you’re with me catching up” he looked to me “Miss Lott won’t mind. No one needs to know” he smiled and I looked down to my lap fiddling with my fingers. “Casey-” I cut him off.

“How old are you?” I said still looking at my lap. I had to know. It was a question that was killing me on the inside.

After a moment’s hesitation, he answered “26” I looked up to him stunned. He’s 11 years older than me. 11 years! “but that doesn’t matter.”

“It does.”

“NO. It doesn’t” he placed a hand on my knee.

“Listen to me. I know you’re not stupid, I know that you want to go to the head or better yet the police-”

I swipe his hand from my knee and scoot back in my chair “you’re insane” I whisper.

“Casey, I love you.”

“Wha- No you don’t” where the fuck did that come from?


“How can you love me you don’t even know me. You’re just obsessed!” He doesn’t speak so i keep going “you’re vile. You’re 12 years older than me!” His face turns to anger but he still doesn’t say anything so I continue “you’re my teacher! You’re a paedophile and violent and-”

I didn’t get to finish when he grabbed the legs of my chair and pulls me closer to him. Before I can react my head whips to the side following a burning sensation.

He slapped me.

“DON’T YOU DARE USE THAT WORD!” He screams in my face.

I can’t hold it back anymore. The tears stream down my face and I whimper in shock. I’ve never been slapped before.

I’m in so much pain. I know I’ll come up in bruises everywhere. He’s gone mad and I don’t know what to do.

His face still in front of mine he looks in my watery eyes and his anger vanishes. He attempts to touch my face but I flinch and move back. He grabs the chair once more then he grabs me.

“I’m sorry darling. I’m sorry” he scoops me out of the chair as I struggle in his arms. He places me on his lap, side straggling his legs. I wrestle a lot to get away but I’m losing my energy fast.

“Let me go, let me go” I breathlessly beg while sobbing as he holds me still in his embrace.

“hush, my love” is his only repeated reply for a long time.

After nearly 10 minutes I give up. He’s tucked my head under his chin against his chest. His one hand is now stroking my hair the other is around my waist. His head is on top of mine and he’s lightly swaying side to side in his chair.

I silently cry not knowing what to do. Looking at the time I see there is 25 minutes left before I have to go to R.E.

Will he let me go? He can’t keep me here forever. Becks going to wonder where I was in art. I want to go home. I need to go to the police. What’s wrong with him? How can he think he’s in love with me? How can I get away?

These are just a few things going through my head at the moment. But my thinking is cut off when he speaks up again.

“I am sorry I had to do that Casey but I’m not sorry that I slapped you.” That makes no sense. Yep, he’s definitely gone crazy“you shouldn’t push me, sweet girl. Don’t call me names, it will only make me angry” He lays a kiss on my head and i move my head away in protest. “I do love you, you’re so perfect in every way” he tightens his grip “this, this is perfect” I guess he’s referring to the forced cuddle. “You needed that slap to shut you up.” He chuckles “You were getting hysterical. You needed to be taught a lesson. Do you understand?” I don’t but I nodded.

“Good girl” he kisses my head again. “As I was saying before, you are not stupid and we both know it. You go to police or whatever and it won’t end well.” He removes his hand from my hair and I watch him go into his pocket pulling out his phone.

“Look” he sternly spoke putting the phone near my face.

My eyes widen. I see a photo of me getting changed, I have pants on but that’s it, no bra no trousers, nothing.

“Beautiful” he says. His hand on my waist getting tighter. His thumb caressing my side in circles. “I have more. Lots more. You tell anyone anything. Anything. And I might just put them online” he said as he put his phone away, his hand returning to my hair. “Believe me, I don’t want to. I’d rather no one else sees your perfect little body but if you leave me no choice then I will do as I must.”

“Why?” I whisper “why me?”

“Don’t be silly darling. Why not you?” He doesn’t give me a proper answer “Sit up. Let me see your face” I sit up and look down, he examines my face where he slapped me. “Here” he said talking out a ice-pack from his bag and placing it one my face. The coolness destroying the stinging sensation on my face making me close my eyes.

I then scoot off his lap quickly and he only seems to noticed once I’m sat down on the other chair. He thankfully decides to leave me. But I still need to get out of here. Now.

“Can I go?” I timidity ask looking down holding the ice-pack on my face.

“Where will you go? Your face is red and there is still 15 minutes left of lessons.”

“Bathroom” I whisper. Even though I’m not looking at him I can feel his eyes all over me.

“Okay. Just remember what I said” as I get up, he grabs my hand “I almost forgot” he said bending down to his bag under the desk. He takes something blue out then places it in my hand.


He got me the blue fuzzy bear I was trying to win with Oliver in the arcade. He was there, watching me.

He smiles at me as I look stunned at the bear. “Stay away from that boy” he warns letting go of my arm and booping my nose. With that I leave his dammed classroom, grabbing my bag and unlocking the door, running down the hallway.

I get to the nearest bathroom and lock the door behind me. Tears forcing their way out my eyes and I’m not stopping them. I look in the mirror, my eyes and cheeks are red.

The side he slapped me on is raised and scarlet red. Under my eyes are puffy and my hair is frazzled.

I smell like him. I can smell it. It’s making me sick. I take off my shirt and take my jumper out my bag. If I could, I’d burn the shirt but I can’t.

“FUCK” I scream as I cry collapsing to the floor. Why me? I don’t understand any of this, what is going on?

After hysterically crying for a few minutes my head starts to hurt so I force myself to calm down.

I sit on the floor for the remanding 10 minutes before the bell goes. Still looking a little red I make my way to R.E and sit quietly.

I decide to message Becks that I had to stay behind with Mr Kyle then turn my phone off so I don’t have to answer Becks’s questioning and I go back to the bathroom and hide away.

After my last class I practically run home after picking up Lou and cried myself to sleep.

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