One Sided Love

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Chapter 1

Casey’s Pov

It’s finally Monday, time to go and start at my new school. I’m terrified and yet excited, I just have a really good feeling about this.

As I change, I sing along to my music getting, most of the words right, I then go down the stairs in my uniform and go straight into the kitchen. I immediately smell the scent of bacon and eggs. I turn to see my little brother running towards me I pick him up and hold him in the air and then put him on my hip.

My names Casey and I’m 15, well 16 in exactly 37 days. I have long dark brown hair that reaches my lower back, I have dark blue eyes. I’m a little on the pale side, so I’m told and I’m 5"2". Yes, I’m on the shorter side too but I don’t mind really. I live with my mum and my little brother Lucas, he’s 5 he looks a little like me but he has green eyes.

My dad doesn’t live with us, he cheated on my mum multiple times before he left us when I was 10.

He then took our house and made us homeless, we moved to a rental house but when the landlord raised the rent, we had to move again we are!

Since we moved, I had to change schools and I’m pretty nervous, it’s less about the people and more about the fact I don’t know where the rooms are and even now as I get ready to leave, I don’t know what classes I have and when, that’s what freaks me out.

I eat my bacon and eggs mum made for me and I help Lucas cut up his bacon so mum can eat. She’s working two jobs just to pay rent. Now we’ve settled and I’m starting school, I’m going to look for a part-time job to help with money.

Once I was finished, I realised the time was 8 o’clock and I needed to be there for 8:10 because the head of my year group said he would give me a tour around the school. I kiss mum and Lou, short for Lucas, on the forehead and I head out when mum calls for me. “Don’t forget your lunch!”

Oh fuck, I mentally slap myself on the head and run back inside to grab it from the counter.

“You’d forget your own head if it wasn’t screwed on” she laughs.

" I know, thanks mum” I said and I walk to school.

Just a really small starter chapter about the character herself.😁

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to comment, like and review, my lovely readers💜x

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