One Sided Love

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Chapter 19

Casey’s Pov


“Fuck!” I shout trying to jump into sitting position but failing due to a force pushing me down. I look up to see Lou sitting on my chest laughing. I immediately smile.

“Mummy, Casey said a bad word” Lou points at me turning to my mum, who stood in the doorway. Mum just smiled at us and shook her head.

“You guys scared me” I say defensively raising my hands, I then smiled and grab Lou under his arms and lift him in the air, my feet supporting him on his tummy.

“Jesus” I huff exaggeratedly “you’re getting heavy” I smiled at Lou who was laughing like a madman as I put him down on my lap. He hugged me as I kissed him on the head.

We walked down stairs, well, I was dragged quite roughly down the stairs by my arm, to a vast array of breakfast options.

“Mum, you didn’t have to do all this” gesturing to all the food with my eyes wide open.

“Nonsense, it’s your birthday. Besides whatever we don’t eat now you can eat for your lunch and dinner” mum smiled lovingly and I smiled back.

We sat at the table and ate all we could. On the table was waffles, French toast, pancakes, several omelettes with mushrooms, bacon, beans, sausages, chocolate croissants and a bowl of varied fruit.

I immediately went for fruit and waffles but I ended up eating a little of everything. When I was done I...maybe, kinda felt sick because I ate way too much. I got a lunch box and packed it with French toast, pancakes, and fruit.

I went upstairs and got changed. When I came back down stairs, I seen Lou still eating. He’s little but he can eat his body weight in food. I slightly envy him because he’s still as skinny as a rake. I smiled at him when mum approached me.

“I received a phone call regarding the ad for a babysitter. I’ll be interviewing him around lunchtime but from what he’s told me over the phone, it looks promising” she said excitedly.

“He?” I asked a little surprised.

“Yes. Would that matter?”

I smile “no. Of course not, whatever you think is best” my smile fades and she sighs.

“I know you feel you don’t need one but you can’t keep taking Lucas to the coffee shop with you.” I nod in understanding “He’ll be looking after Lou on Monday’s and Thursdays, picking him up from school and he will stay till 8 when I get back.”

I sigh “fine.”


As I get to school, I can’t see Becks and the boys at the bench they are always on. I decide to make my way to my locker instead of looking for them.

I get to my locker and just as I’m about to do the code I’m picked up around my waist and twirled.

“What the fuck!” I scream being put down. I turn around to see Oliver smiling innocently.

I’m gunna fucking punch him.

I’m about to shout at him when I’m spun around again now facing Becks, Thomas and Ben.

I give them all the evils but notice they are holding cards and Becks is holding a gift bag.

She squeals something that I think was meant to be ‘happy birthday’ but I can’t be sure. The boys also give me hugs and mumble a small ‘happy birthday’.

“How did you know?” I asked them. I never mentioned it because I didn’t want them to fuss. So how the hell did they find out?

“I told you before, I’m psychic” Becks teased before getting angry with me. “Now...” she seethes “Why. Didn’t. You. Tell. Me. About. Your. Birthday!” She shouts as she hits me on the arm with the now bent card in her hand.

I hear someone clearing their throat, I turn to the sound and see Oliver. He hugs me and says ‘happy birthday’.

“I told them” he said as we break the hug.

“Ok so, how the hell did you know?” I’m slightly pissed and I’m not hiding it. I hate being the centre of attention.

“When I was in your house, I seen your calendar” he shrugs and smiles whilst giving me a card.

“And you just had to tell them!” I raise my voice but make it clear I’m just exaggerating. I then playfully hit him with the card like Becks did with me but around the back of his head.

“Wait. When was he in your house?” Ben asks confused.

Becks slaps his arm and hands me the bag, I unwrap everything, say ‘thank you’ and hug everyone again. Becks pulls the boys away suspiciously whilst giving me a grin. Leaving me with Oliver.

“I got you something” he said going in his pocket.

“I thought the bag was from everyone?” Confused, I watch him take out a small wrapped gift and hand it to me.

“It was” He said “I got you this just from me.”

I unwrap it and open the box to see a rose-gold chained necklace with a rose-gold coloured rose pendent with a stem and leaf’s on it. Simplistic in the most beautiful way. I hate it when things are over decorated. This, this is perfect.

Obviously, it’s not rose-gold because we are 16-year-old kids with no money but nonetheless it’s beautiful.

“Oliver, it’s, it’s lovely. Thank you so much” I jump at him and hug him tightly with my arms wrapped around his neck, he hugs back, putting his arms around my lower back.

“I’m glad you like it, Becks helped me and said it was your ‘style’” we broke the hug and I quickly put it on.

“Thank you” I whispered staring down at the rose in awe.

“We’ve not really talked about it but, uh, I really want you to be my girlfriend Casey” he says a little awkwardly as he caresses my cheek, waiting nervously for an answer.

I jump and hug him again whilst saying ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’ about 50 times, hopping on the tips of my toes excitedly.

The bell went so we break the hug and walk to our classes. I didn’t really listen in Maths because I was too busy staring the chain. Becks kept nudging me and looking at the chain, me then Oliver. I rolled my eyes at her. I know she wants credit for it and she’s not getting it, she also probably wants to know what he said, another thing I’m not telling her, just to annoy her, ya know?

After the bell went, I made my way to Science with Oliver. Mr Kyle was in the doorway watching us approach as students are forced to brush past him to go into the classroom. Oliver walks in but I’m stopped by an arm blocking the doorway.

“Miss Nickles, a moment please” the bastard smiles at my immediate frown.

I step aside and wait for all the students to go in the room, some whispering about why I’m ‘in trouble’.

He then closes the door and turns to me. His eyes instantly drift down to the new piece of jewellery hanging from my neck.

“What a pretty necklace” his hand reaches out to touch it but I hit it away. He shakes his hand pretending it really hurt “that wasn’t nice” he states somewhat playfully with a pout.

I don’t say anything but glare at him he reaches out for my necklace again “have you been in your locker yet?” He asks. I go to whack his hand again but he catches me by the wrist.

I yank my arm away and he smiles “no” I said bitterly.

“Oh. Well, you should” he then walks away and goes in the classroom.


I wasn’t really concentrating in Science either, occasionally feeling holes being burned into mine and Oliver’s head from Mr Kyle but I Ignored it. When the bell went, I practically ran out ducking behind people to not be seen by Mr Kyle.

Suspicious, I make my way to my locker telling Oliver I’ll be out in a minute and meet him at the usual benches.

I get to the locker and open it. Inside is a single red rose and a wrapped parcel. Okay, now, how the fuck did he know. I’ve had enough of today. I roll my eyes as I see the polka-dot pink and blue wrapping paper.

I grab it, not caring if I break whatever’s inside and tear it open throwing the paper on the floor. Once I see what it is, I scramble to get the paper back and cover it.

Fucking bastard.

The perverted jackass bought me a black matching pair of underwear. Not normal underwear either, a damn thong and lace bralette with roses on them.

I growl in anger.

No. Literally, I growled. I was pissed. I slam the locker and stomp to his classroom.

Opening the door, a little too hard, it slams into the wall.

"What the hell is this?” I hold up the underwear. He doesn’t even move or flinch at the door or me. He’s just zoned in on his computer, in fact, I think I can see him smiling.

“What baby, you don’t like them?” He smirks turning to me. He gets up and I back away as he shuts the door. He’s about to lock it when I jump in front of it.

He’s not locking me in again.

He smirks widely “earlier you didn’t even want to talk to me, now look at you, throwing yourself at me.”

He went to put his hands on me but I screwed my face up in disgust and pushed him away. This doesn’t even faze him.

“Oh baby, I’d love to see how it looks on you” he winked.

“You’re vile. Did you really think I’d like this?” I hold up the underwear and then notice the tag “how the hell do you even know my sizes?”

“I know everything about you sweetheart” I growled in anger and frustration making him laugh.

“You don’t like?” He raises an eyebrow stepping forward.

“I fucking hate!” I shouted making him drop his smile. I threw the parcel and its contents at him and stormed out not looking back but still hearing him laughing manically as I storm down the hall.

The nerve on him. God I’m so pissed off right now. I make my way to the guys and sit down in a huff. Oliver puts an arm around me making me relax and smile up to him.

I look back to the Becks and the boys who are now staring at me and Oliver in surprise, we’ll not Becks anyway. I start to blush.

“Should we tell them?” Oliver whisperers, I nod.

We tell them that we’re going out but not for them to tell anybody. Main reason for that is I don’t want Mr Kyle to lose it.

Okay, so maybe I’m not taking this really seriously, I am, I just, I hate being told what to do. He’s blackmailing me with pictures of myself.

Of course, I don’t want them on the internet but he can’t stop me from going out with Oliver. Right?

I don’t know what exactly what he wants but it’s not looking good. I have a horrible feeling about it. A deep feeling of impending dread.

I just want him to go away.

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