One Sided Love

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Chapter 20

So work was work and now I’m walking home. It’s Monday again and a week since my 16th birthday. I’ve been ignoring Mr Kyle the whole time.

Anytime he approaches me I bolt or hide. In class, I hide behind Oliver when walking out. I don’t know how he doesn’t see me but it’s working.

He’s messaged me a couple of times and I’ve just ignored it. I know he can see that I haven’t even read the messages, I just can’t be bothered with his shit anymore.

As I slowly walk home i realise that Lou is alone with some stranger, today is when ‘Peter’ starts looking after Lou when me and mum are still at work and I completely forgot. I sprint the rest of the way.

Oh god. I’m the worst big sister there is! Alone with a stranger. Complete stranger. What if he’s eaten all the food in the house? Trashed the place? What is he’s got mates over?! Mum never told me how old this ‘Peter’ is.

I get to the door and open it. “Lucas! I’m home!” I shout and hear little feet bounding down the stairs. Lou runs into my arms. I do a visual scan for any marks. Not seeing any I calm down “so, how’s the babysitter?” I whisper into his ear.

“He’s nice” he says jumping up and down. He grabs my hand “come on” he squeals dragging me upstairs to his room.

“Why were you upstairs Lou?” I ask a little suspicious because normally you’d stay downstairs when babysitting.

“I went to get some Lego to play with but the box was too heavy for me” I nod to him. As we get to the upstairs hallway he lets go and runs into his room “my sister’s home now” he says as I get to his door when an eerie voice calls out.

“Oh, I’d just love to meet her.”

My heart starts to race. I know that voice. I look into Lous room slowly and cautiously.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Mr Kyle.

I stare at him as he grins and puts his index finger to his lip telling me not to say anything.

Lou is still looking at me “Come say ‘hi’ Cas” he grabs my hand and we walk over to him. I feel very protective of Lou at that moment and pick him up and put him on my hip.

“Hello my dear, my names Peter, and you are?” He holds his hand out for me to shake but I don’t return the gesture.

“Casey” my voice shows my anger as I grit my teeth together “Lou, can you go down stairs and pick a movie for us to watch?” Lou nods his head eagerly as I put him down and he runs out the room. I turn from watching Lou to see Mr Kyle stepping forward “don’t you fucking dare” I sternly say. He stops and tilts his head “why the hell are you here? You have a job. You don’t need money.”

“I just wanted to see you out of school. Is that so bad?”

"Yes it is, when you’re my damn teacher!” I raised my voice “you’re stalking me. Don’t you get to see me enough already?” I argue, it’s not, not true. “You’re quitting this job” he starts laughing.

“Oh sweetheart, you don’t tell me what to do.”

“Don’t you have anything better to do other than harass me?” I hiss.

“Nope” he said popping the ‘p’ and I glared at him.

“Psycho” I spit under my breath. He starts to take a step forward “No. Don’t you dare touch me. I don’t like you touching me” I say the second part slightly quieter as my fear starts to show in the situation.

“You’re right. You don’t like it, you love it” he chuckles. He gives me an innocent look “Your little brother is very sweet.”

“Don’t fucking touch him. Don’t ever go near him” I growl protectively for Lucas.

His face shows no emotion as he quickly catches my wrist. “You’ve been ignoring me.” His voice was pure anger. “Avoiding me” he grabs my other wrist as he leans closer “I don’t like it.”

His tone instantly dissolved my anger. Saying i felt scared wasn’t enough, I didn’t feel safe at home since I knew he was watching me but now he’s here. In the house. Next to me.

No escape.

His voice is pure rage but his face is doesn’t show anything, it’s fucking terrifying.

“I have something to show you” a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He lets go of one hand and reaches into his pocket. He takes out his phone.

More pictures of me isn’t it. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to see me bare when I know he’s been watching.

“I don’t want to” I said quietly. My voice full of shame. “I don’t want to see pictures of me” he smiles more.

“Just look” softness in his voice. Fake kindness. I take it from him and he lets go of my other hand. I look down at the photo already set on the phone. Surprised to see not me but him. Just him. I look up to him confused. “Look closely” he taps the phone. “I got it just for you” he pointed at the picture. I look more closely at his hands. My eyes widen.

In his hands he has a hand gun, a pistol or something.

A fucking gun.

I look up to him in shock and back away. I look at him all over and he seems to know what I’m doing.

“It’s not on me now my love, don’t worry.” I breath suddenly not realising I was holding it, even though it’s still shallow “it’s in my car” he said with a smile making me freeze. He starts walking over and to my surprise, I don’t move. “You’re getting too bold my love” his hand cupped my cheek as his finger swiped on the phone to another picture, and another and another. “You keep avoiding me. You think that doesn’t deserve a punishment? You think I won’t punish you?”

Punishment? What?

“You hid from me, sneaked away and disobeyed me.”

My breath hitches as he grabs my throat applying light pressure, I drop the phone. “You’ve pushed me to this. You” he takes a stray hair from my face and then tucks it behind my ear with his other hand as I look down “look at me” he demands. I look up and his eyes look black “in all honesty, I was never going to do anything with those photos. I would hate for anyone to see what’s mine” he places his forehead on mine and his other hand sneaking onto my back. “You need to understand that Casey or people will get hurt.” I blink back a tear “mine Casey” his hand moves from my throat to my chin as his thumb strokes my lips “mine” he says breathlessly.

“Don’t” I whisper weakly. I don’t want him to kiss me.

“I never wanted for this to happen. I didn’t want to bring them into this, you left me no choice.” I start to realise what he was saying.

He wasn’t threatening me.

“Do I need to say it or do you understand?”

“I understand” I whispered and even though I wasn’t looking at him I knew he was smiling.

He pulled back picking up his phone and took my hand pulling me down the stairs. I think I was in shock or something because I couldn’t say anything I couldn’t think, I just followed.

We went into the lounge to see Lou and put on the film he had chosen. I sat with Lou and soon enough he fell asleep cuddled up to me, we sat on the opposite side of the room, away from Mr Kyle who sat in the other single chair. The film barely begun and mum still won’t be back for an hour.

“Casey” Mr Kyle speaks, his voice deep. I look to him “stand-up” I look down at Lucas. “he’ll be fine, now stand” he said sternly.

I wriggle away from Lou placing a cushion under his head and quietly stand up from the chair. My hands and body shaking, I’m too scared to even talk as I look over to him.

Damian Kyle’s Pov

Well that certainly worked. Maybe I should have started with that. I didn’t even have to say the good old fashioned ‘I’ll kill your family and friends’.

She understood.

With her brother sleeping in her arms all I can think of is our future together. Our children. Will they look like him? She’s going to be such a good mum, she’s so good with children. I want our daughters to look just like her, she’s so beautiful.

All week I’ve been pissed off. I wanted to hit her so bad because of her. But she’ll make up for it I’ll make sure she does.

“Casey” I growl, low enough so her brother won’t wake. She looks at me, those ocean blue eyes on me “stand-up” I said. She looked to her unconscious brother “he’ll be fine, now stand” my voice a little deeper so she knows I’m not messing around.

She’s protective of him, I’ll have to find a way so he’s not in the way when I’m around.

She obediently stands up once she’s free from her brother and I couldn’t help but smile. She’s being so good.

She stood awkwardly in the middle of the room watching my every move.

What does she think I’m going to do? Throw her on the sofa and fuck her? As much as I’d love to, I’d never do that to her, I want to make her feel good too.

She wanders over to me and stood in front of me without me even telling her to. “Sit” I command tapping my lap. I just want her close. Innocent enough, right?

She looks at me for a split second, our eyes meeting so she looks away. She perched on the arm of the chair and I roll my eyes amused. She’s so childish. She knows that wasn’t what I meant.

I wrap my arm around the small of her back and pull her onto my lap. She lets out a adorable squeak as I do. I let her sit for a minute, not moving, so she can get somewhat comfortable.

After a while I tucked a stray hair behind her ear so I can see her face, I notice her eyes welling up.

I drape my arm across her back and around the side of her waist, pulling her closer and place her head on my shoulder.

Her hands in her lap and her legs side straddling my thighs, I can feel the heat radiating from her.

She moves uncomfortably on my lap.

This is not helping me.

I let out a small grunt and she stops moving. She really has no idea what she does to me, does she?

I breath heavily trying to control myself as I wrap my other arm tightly around the front of her tiny frame and focus on her.

I feel her heart beat on my chest, it’s fast. Poor things scared, though I must admit she should be. It would be strange if she wasn’t.

She’s shaking and I know she’s not cold. Her breathings shallow and short and she’s so still. I feel like she’s a china doll. Delicate and fragile, mine to manipulate and move.

I love it.

I want her like this, this is perfect. I control her and she’ll do as she’s told. However, I have a feeling it’s not going to last. Like the pictures, she seemed to ‘get over it’ fast. I might have to end up hurting someone for her. I’d do anything.

I move her slightly so the half of her chest presses against mine. I can feel her breast against me making me groan but I cover it with a heavy breath so I don’t scare her. I move her head on the crook of my neck and bury my nose in her hair. She smells so good.

I place my chin on the top of her head and move my hands so one is on her upper back and the other still around the small of her back. I move them back and forth to try to ease her.

I hear a little whimper and look down to realise she’s been silently crying. I rock her back and forth and she cry’s more.

She doesn’t like me comforting her.

I can’t help but smile, I like when she’s scared of me, it means she’ll be good and listen to me. I bet her tears are as sweet as her. I resist the temptation of licking them from her face and focus on the feeling of her body pressed against mine.

After about 40 minutes she finally relaxes I my arms, her eyes still red and puffy I kiss her on her forehead.

“Such a good girl” I praise as I stroke her hair, weaving my hand through her soft dark brown long locks. Her hair is so beautiful.

I suddenly hear a click at the door and look at the time. Her mother’s home early. I clench my fists as I push Casey off me quickly making her fall to the floor.

She looks up to me a little shocked until she turns to the door as it clicks again. She goes to run to it when I grab her hand tightly making her gasp.

“Not a fucking word” I growl and let go. She sits on the sofa in defeat as her mum walks in.

After talking to her mother for 20 minutes about how the children were, I leave. As I walk down the path, I feel eyes on me and I smirk. I turn to see Casey watching me from a window. I blow a kiss to her and she ducks down out of view.

I’m so close to having her I can feel it.

“Not long now” I say to myself getting in my car “soon” I smile “she’ll be mine.”

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