One Sided Love

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Chapter 24

Waking up in the morning I felt happier, relaxed, a little sore here and there but better overall. Coming back out of school however I feel empty again.

I crave to go to Oliver’s again. I don’t even know why I went to his house in the first place but I’m happy I did. I can’t even begin to explain how he makes me feel but I always want to feel it. But I know I can never be with him like that again, I have to stay away.

With Mr Kyles little camera gone, he’ll probably set up another one and this time I’ll never know where it is. Come to think about it, it most likely wasn’t the only one, there’s probably 20 more around the place.

No matter how much Oliver begged me to tell him what was going on I just couldn’t tell him. He looked so sad, like he thought I couldn’t trust him.

After school I went to work. The three hours I spend at work I cherish. For three hours I’m safe. Three hours distracted by work not stressing about things at home.

But even in my three house of salvation it’s closely followed by the impending doom for the encounter I’ll be having with Mr Kyle after.

I pack up my stuff ready to leave but just as I put my coat on the manager pulls me aside before I was able to open the door.

“Casey, can I talk to you?”

“Sure Richard” I walked over to where he was.

“I’d just like to inform you that I was able to find a replacement for you” the smile I had dropped, he looked at me sadly “I told you this wasn’t permanent. She’s starting on Monday so Sunday will be your last shift” I mumbled a quick ‘okay’. He put a hand on my shoulder “if you ever need a job in the future, we’ll take you on in a heartbeat” he smiled “and If you ever need a reference, call us.”

“Thank you, Richard.”

After I say bye to everyone, I see a familiar looking car parked out front, I reluctantly make my way out.

As soon as the door shuts, I’m yanked by my wrist to the car. Once in the car I turn to see Lou and smile, reminding myself to stay calm for him, “Hey Lou, what are you doing here?”

“Peter wanted to pick you up as a surprise!” he said sweetly “mum called Peter, she doesn’t have work on Thursday so we’re going to the movies when you get back!” He shouted excitedly.

“What about peter? He’ll have the day off?”

“I guess” Lou shrugged.

‘Peter’ then joined us in the car. He sent me a glare before turning on the engine, I gave Lou a cookie I bought for him and he ate it quickly and quietly.

Once we pulled into the drive, we all got out. Mr Kyle walked in first and directed Lou to the lounge, I went to follow Lou but Mr Kyle grabbed my arm tightly.

“Upstairs, NOW” he growled in my ear making my breath quicken.

I reluctantly went upstairs to my room. Why’s he so pissed? What did I do?

Seconds later he joined me and shut my room door. He glared at me for what seemed like years. Taking a step forward I flinch back.

“Why the fuck did that man touch you?!”

“W-who? Richard?”

“Is that his fucking name?”

“He’s my, he’s was my boss.”

“Was?” He growled in confusion.

“He wa-was telling me that h-he found a replacement for me” he looked into my eyes for a moment like he was trying to see if I was lying, he then run a hand through his hair.

“FUCK” he yelled making me jump. Why was he so angry?

“Lou” I Whisper. He doesn’t like shouting. He gets really upset and scared. He turns to me as I take a step towards the door.

“Don’t. He’s asleep.”

What?! How? He was wide awake. I even gave him a cookie to keep him up.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be using Lou like that but I can’t keep this up with Mr Kyle anymore, I can’t keep sitting on his lap. That cookie was basically just sugar, he should be bouncing off the walls, how the hell is he asleep so fast?

“When?” I looked at him confused “when’s your last day?”

“This Sunday.”

“Shit!” He watched me for a second. His anger was then replaced with a smirk. “Well then, better make the most of this” he said in a lust filled voice.

He started walking towards me, I backed away but it was too late. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the bed.

“No!” I yelled hitting and kicking him.

“Stop that” he growled before pushing me on to the bed. He covered my mouth with his hand as he climbed on top of me. “Now, you’re going to be a good girl and do everything I say. I feel I’ve been too nice, don’t you agree?” I shook my head and he chuckled “lying. Tsk tsk. That only adds to the punishment.”

“Punishment” I muffled out as his hand was still on my mouth but he seemed to understand what I was trying to saying.

“Yes, punishment. You went on a date with Oliver, you kissed Oliver back, I seen it” he whispered the last part. “You refuse to kiss me back, that hurts. You hugged him the other day and you broke my camera” I started to panic and struggle under him. “Not to mention you lying and that you let your manager touch you, no matter where or why it was, you still let him.” I made the mistake in looking into his eyes. They were black, I swear it. An evil grin appeared on top his smirk. “We’re going to have some fun” he leaned down and whispered into my ear.

My body begun to shake on top of my struggling. Tears gathered in my eyes but I refuse to let them go.

His hand on my mouth left but then went to my neck as he applied a small amount of pressure.

“Are you going to be a good girl and cooperate or do I have to make this worse...for you?”

“I’ll be good” I whimpered out.

“Good” he got off me and sat on the edge of the bed, I sat up on my elbows and watched him. “Come here” I slid next to him shaking. “Stand” he commanded, I stood in front of him and as soon as I did, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his lap so my torso was laying across his thighs.

He stopped all movements for a second before pulling down my leggings exposing my butt. I choked back a sob but was thankful when he left my underwear on.

I heard him growl before sliding his hand on my butt cheeks and groaning. “Fuck” he said sounding breathless. “Every time I strike, you must say sorry and thank me” his voice was back to being stern.

What does he mean ‘strike’ me?

It wasn’t long till I found out.


I cried out. He had no empathy at all. I heard some girls like to be spanked, enjoy it even. But that wasn’t a spank, that was a full force strike. I kick my legs and struggle to get off.

He grabbed my hair and pulled it back “what do you say!?”

I cried “I’m s-orry, th-an-k y-you” I shook as my ass burned.

“Forget to say it again and I’ll add to the 30 you’re already getting.”

“30!?” I couldn’t help but scream-cry out, I wouldn’t be able to handle 30 hits like that.

“Yes. And I’m going light on you. 5 for each offence.”

“P-please don’t” I cry as I crumple his jeans fabric in my hands, holding on for dear life.

"Shhhh" He rubbed where he hit before doing it again.


I screamed “IM SORR-Y, THANK Y-YOU.”


“I-IM SORRY, THAN-K YO-U” I buried my face into his trousers as my hands fisted the fabric.


“Please stop, pl-ease!”


25 hits later


I flinch when his hand rubs my, bound-to-be, purple ass, my voice hoarse from screaming and my energy low “I’m sorry, thank you” I whisper just loud enough for him to hear.

My bottom was burning at his touch. “Good girl. Such a good girl” he cooed affectionately.

I felt something poking me in the stomach, it takes a second but my eyes widen as I realise what it is.

He’s turned on by this! Me in pain, screaming.

He’s a sick fuck and I can’t wait to send his ass to prison.

He lifts me up and places me down on the bed on my stomach, then he walks out the room. He comes back and sits beside my still body. Something cold touches my bum, I look to see him spreading cream on my literal purple bum.

The cream is cold and numbs the pain a little but it still hurts. “I’m sorry I had to do that but you have to learn.”

“Lucas?” I manage a whisper.

“He’s sleeping.”

“Still?” How? How is he sleeping after all the yelling and screaming?

“I checked him, he’s okay” he reassures.

After he’s done applying the cream, he takes off my shoes and but pulls my leggings back up, I wince at the feeling. I just want to go to sleep, my eyes feel so heavy.

“Ah ah, we’re not done yet. That was just your punishment” I look at him confused and worried as my breath hitches “hey don’t worry, we’re going to have some fun” An evil glint flashes in his eyes. I try to scramble to get away from him when he flips me onto my back making me cry out in pain from the sudden movement and pressure on my ass. “Tsk tsk. What did I tell you about running from me? Do you really want 5 more strikes?” I frantically shake my head.

He climbs on top of me, being careful not to put any pressure on my behind. He unbuckles his pants and takes his belt away “no” I whisper and he cups my cheek.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take your virginity... yet” he smiles “oh no, I just want you to feel me” he reaches for my hand and grips it tightly, tears stream down my face once again.

I hate feeling so weak.

He doesn’t break eye contact as he moves my hand closer and closer to his groin.

I try to pull my hand back but his grip only tightens. My hand reaches the waistband of his boxers, the tips of my fingers curl under it as I choke on a sob.

Suddenly we hear the door downstairs open “I’m home!” Mum calls out loudly and I can’t help but smile in relief and sob with happiness.

He lets go of my hand and covers my mouth.

“Not a fucking word of this. I’ll tell your mum you felt unwell and went to bed. Tell anyone and I’ll kill them.” My eyes widen at his threat “now because I won’t see you Monday and Thursday evenings anymore you will spend lunch with me.”

Is that way he was so pissed? He knew mum would get rid of him because he’s not needed, I didn’t even think of that.

“No objections to that either. I know you spend lunch hiding away in the toilets.”

How the fu- I’m such an idiot, he watches me, of course he knows.

Mum calls for him making him jolt off me and put this belt on before practically running down the stairs.

I don’t hear what they are talking about but I force myself to get up off the bed. I make my way to the bathroom and fill the bath up with ice cold water.

I sit in it and shiver but it feels too good for by butt so I don’t care that the rest of my body’s aching from it.

I go to get my baby wipes from the counter but end up knocking over my make-up bag from the sink, looking at the spilled contents I see my tweezers next to the tub. Picking them up i hold them in my hand.

They’re really sharp. Pointed.

I have an overwhelming urge to feel them against my skin. Wanting to feel the cold metal. Brushing the edge against my thumb and feeling the sharpness of the blade I close my eyes in content.

I lift my arm and just look at it for a second. It’s like I’m watching someone through their eyes, it’s not me.

My skins gone a pale pinky-white from the cold water so I can see my veins clearly.

Placing the tip of the tweezers on my wrist under the blue vein I press down, I watch my skin around it goes an impressive white from the pressure.

In one sharp movement I slice the tweezers across my wrist. My hands start shaking from the shock that I actually did that. I drop the tweezers in the tub as pain pulsates through my arm but I become mesmerised watching the blood ooze out the cut.

It’s a thin but surprisingly deep slash across my wrist, just under the visible veins.

I watch it puddle and dribble down my arm to my elbow. I watch in awe as it trickles into the water drop by drop. Hearing the drip and watching the blood dissipate in the water, mixing as if it was never there. It ripples in the water, fading away in a sinking expanding circle.

I put my arm in the water and flinch at the sting that follows but I focus on the blood.

“Beautiful” I mutter as I watch it seeping out and into the water, sinking a little before fading away in slight spirals.

The more it bleeds the more the bath water turns pinky. I decide to get out and wrap my arm tightly in a bandage. I cover the bandage with a wrist band and leave the bathroom.

Upon getting dressed I get into the bed, lying on my stomach and clutching the teddy Oliver got me, I sleep everything away.

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