One Sided Love

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Chapter 25

Its second lesson now, Science of course.

This morning I woke up to a searing pain. My bum was so sore, it burned so much, it was bruised blue.

I didn’t want to go to school today but mum made me get up. She said I didn’t have a temperature so I was fine. She said the same to Lou when he complained about his headache.

But I bet if she put that thing on my ass-cheeks it would have been well over the norm.

It hurts to sit down...obviously. When I sat down in Maths I nearly cried from the pain.

The cut on my wrist doesn’t even hurt, maybe it’s because my ass is dominating over the pain in my body. I don’t know.

I want to say I regret doing it but honestly, I don’t. It felt good in a weird way. I still have the wristband covering it and the bandage that I changed this morning. I know how people would react if they seen it.

Mr Kyle, probably won’t like it because ‘only he’ is ‘allowed’ to hurt me, or whatever. He won’t be worried about me he’ll just be pissed that it wasn’t him that did it. He most likely won’t care, as long as he can control me, he wouldn’t care.

No one cares.

Mr Kyles been walking up and down the rows of tables for a while now. We’re doing practice exam papers so the desks have been split and moved around so you’re sat on your own. He’s also moved people around from the normal seating plan and I’m sat at the back of the classroom against the wall.

He’s weaving in and out of the tables and looking around as we sit in silence. 10 minutes before the bell I feel Mr Kyles gaze on me, I refuse to turn around. Soon enough however, I feel him standing beside me.

Just as I think he’s going to do something he takes a step forward. I watch as he takes another step, time seems to be in slow motion as I watch his forefinger singly sliding across the edge of my desk as he takes slow steps forward.

I watch as his finger makes contact with my pencil case and he drags it along, then over the edge of the table onto the floor causing a loud clatter to go around the room.

“Oh, my apologies” he turned to me with a smirk. Looking at the rest of the class that are now staring he follows my eyes “back to work” he said sternly before turning back to me. I made a move to pick up the mess but he cuts me off “oh no, don’t worry. My mistake, I’ll pick it up.”

That second, he knelt down and started to gather my things. I took a silent breath in relief before taking in a sharp one as I felt his hand clutch onto my thigh.

He squeezed tightly and he continues to pick up pencils and pens from the floor, not even looking my way, like nothings even happening. I look around the class and see everyone quietly focusing on their work, no one even taking a peek at us.

His hand moved upwards making me clench my thighs shut but it was too late. His hand cupped my core, his palm over my entrance and his middle finger sliding up and down over my clit.

I cringe before gasping as I start to feel a faint tingling sensation spread in my core. I abruptly leap from my seat and before he could protest, I dash from the desk and outside the room.

I stand in the corridor and place my hands either side of my hair trying to wrap my head around what just happened. I never thought he’d do such a thing, especially after what happened the last time he did something in class and that was just simply picking on me.

I struggled to catch my breath when someone exits the classroom. Looking up I start to back away, my breathing now non-existent. I put my hand on my chest to try to calm my heart beat before moving it to my neck as I struggled to force air in my lungs.

He looked into my eyes that were now tearing up, his expression was hard as he pushed me against the wall.

“Bad girl, running away” he tutted putting his hands next to my head leaning on the wall.

“I, I can’t breathe. Get, get off of me” I whisper yelled as I gasped.

“Now, you know I can’t do that” he grinned ear to ear. Within a second he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the opposite side of his classroom to another door. He threw me in and followed after. The room was dark, he closed the door he turned on the lights. We were in a fucking janitor’s closet.

He blocked the doorway making sure I can’t leave. “What’s wrong? You didn’t like me touching your little cunt? Or maybe...because you liked it” he spoke as he walked to me. “Did it feel good?” He said in my ear.

I pushed him away. “No!” I screamed in utter shock and disgust.

He laughed, not moving an inch from my shove “oh? But I think you did, why else would you have run out of the room just to get me alone.” He raised his eyebrows “and look, it worked.”

“I panicked.”

“If I remember correctly, your legs tightened around my hand. You wanted to keep me there.”

“I was trying to stop you” I hissed, he’s trying to twist my thoughts and actions, the manipulative bastard.

He looked me up and down “the things I want to do to you” he licked his lips “you’d love it.”

“Get off me you asshole! Why are you being so vile!?” I went to slap him but he caught my wrist.

“Maybe it’s because I can’t stand your beauty and sexiness anymore. Just admit you want me as much as I want you, then we can start having some real fun” he licked his lips again, his tone almost begging.

“I will never want you” I growled “you’re a sick and narcissist. You’re nothing more than a perv-” his hand covered my mouth tightly making me squeal.

He breathed deeply trying to control himself “how many times do I have to warn you?” he grits his teeth “if you say that word again. Ever! I will fucking hurt you. I. Will. Not. Hold. Back” he squeezed my jaw and cheeks as he spoke. Saying each word more threatening than the last. I nodded quickly when he was finished. “Good. Get back to class” His tone was just as intimidating as when he was threatening me, I seemed to have royally pissed him off. He left and went in the classroom, I followed shortly after.

Walking back into the classroom all eyes were on me.

I know what they are thinking, they think I’ve had another episode again. I’m a ticking time bomb since I flipped out in the classroom, people have been wary of me, I think I scared them. News spreads fast in school too, so no one really comes near me.

I hear them whispering about me, I hear everything they say. I’m crazy and unpredictable apparently. I guess that’s because I stayed to myself and my friends and then suddenly, I have a complete breakdown resulting in an ambulance. I’m not too bothered about it though, I’m not being bullied about it directly, they all stay away.

Not much to complain about really, just the whispers.

I huff as I see I knocked over my bag when I got up before, all my stuff is spread on the floor around my seat. I sit at my desk, clear everything up and just watch the clock tick away.


At break I had a real detention, I forgot to do Maths homework three times in a row. Mr Kyle will have to understand, he has no choice really. It’s lunch now so I make my way to his room.

I go to knock on the door but before I can, it swings open and I’m pulled in. The lock clicks and I’m faced with a really pissed Mr Kyle.

“Where were you?” He voice is calm.

God, I hate it when he does this. Rage filled face but calm soft voice.

“I h-had a detention.” I hate that I can’t help but stutter.

“Fine” he starts backing me towards his desk “but you could have told me” a sadistic smile appears.

“I-I didn’t k-know unt-il Mr Brown told m-me.”

We reach the desk and my ass presses against the edge making me hiss. He looks at me with something, something I’ve not seen before, remorse?

Wait...No. It’s just lust. My mistake.

“Does it still hurt?” He coos in my ear as his knuckles brush against my cheek. I draw in a sharp breath and start to panic. His hand clearing one side of my neck of hair, I attempt to bolt but he leans on the desk, his hands next to my sides, entrapping me. “Tsk tsktsk, naughty girl. Calm down now. We’re only going to continue where we left off yesterday.”

It snaps in my head, continue on? Oh shit, oh shit. No, no, no.

I go to move but he catches both my hands in his, I go to speak when he presses his lips on mine.

With my wrists in his hands, still raised defensively in the air, he effectively cages me and renders me motionless.

“Be good” he grunts in between kisses. He deepens then kiss by shoving his tongue in my mouth. I struggle more and let out a scream into his mouth, I feel him smirk. He forces his tongue to the back of my throat and I can’t hold it back, I gag causing him to immediately pull away. He looks at me, examining my features. A smile creeping onto his face. “If you’re gaging from my tongue, I can’t imagine how you’ll react with other things.”

How fucking disgusting is he?! How can you just say things like that as if it’s normal?

I’m going to gag just from him saying it.

“You disgust me.” He laughs.

“Fuck, I really love you” he kisses me again before trailing kisses along my neck. Letting go of my hands to hold my hips, he pushes me against the desk further. That’s when I feel something in my pocket. With one hand I slowly reach down to my pocket and pull out my phone. I carefully look down to it to see what I’m doing and he grunts “I knew you liked it really” he said licking my skin, his warm breath heating the saliva he’s left on my neck.

I cringed. He thinks I was giving into him. God, I feel sick. I look at my phone and get an idea. Flipping the camera, I take a video of us, I made sure to get his ID card that is clipped on his shirt pocket in full view.

“Please let go” I whimper, not realising how weak my voice is right now.

"Shhhh" he pushes against me more.

“Stop” I attempt to push him with one hand “I don’t want this” my voice breaks as I swallow a sob down.

“Will you stop Casey, you know you love it.” You can hear the smile in his voice.

“I don’t like you like this. I hate you. Get off me.” I almost whine as I beg in desperation.

“You know what happens to bad girls that lie. Don’t want another punishment, do we?” He growls against me neck “Now shush or it’ll get worst, for you of course” he chuckled.

I film for a few more seconds before mouthing ‘help me’ with tears in my eyes and turned it off.


Fucking finally!

I then go to contacts to the keypad and type.




So focused on the phone I didn’t realise Mr Kyle stopped his movements. I hide the phone behind my back.

He lifts off me and looks at me closely, he narrows his eyes. His hand comes up and stokes my cheek.

Fuck, I’m sweating. I feel like I’m going to faint.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” He sounds genuinely concerned. I don’t answer him. “Casey?”

“N-n-noth-ing" shit, shit, shit.

“You really don’t look good.” He pauses “you’ve gone pale and you’re sweating, what’s going on, what are you doing?” He said with clear suspicion.

“I-I” I can’t reply, my hands are so shaky. Then I start to feel the vibrations of the phone ringing...shit...I accidentally pressed it.

He narrows his eyes at me “where the hell is your phone?”

“My-m-my phone?”

“I can hear it, where is it?!”

“I-” I don’t get to say anything more when a voice appears out of know where.

“999, what’s your emergency?”

I can’t even explain his face, closest thing would be rage but it’s more than that, fury? Nothing can explain it.

He pulls my arm from my back and grabs the phone out of my hand. With one hand he pushes me violently onto the desk so the top half of my body is against it. The air gets knocked out of me but I don’t make a sound as he covers my mouth to stop my cry of pain. He brings my phone to his ear.

“Yes, sorry, my daughter got a hold of my phone. I told her the other day to ring this number for emergency’s, I guess she wanted to try it, my deepest apologies.”

"Oh, that’s okay Sir, it’s good to teach her about the number, make sure she knows to not ring if there’s no emergency.”

“I will. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” he hung up. He stayed still for a moment, he didn’t move the phone from his ear or the hand on my mouth.

Abruptly, he pushed me off the desk sending me crashing to the floor. I gasp at the impact before taking the opportunity to crawl to the door. Just as I reach it, he pulls me back by my ankles. I scream.

“You fucking brat! Why the fuck would to you do that?!” As soon as he dropped my legs, I turned on my back to face him.

“I’m s-orry, it w-was an a-ccident!” He shook his head in disapproval.

“An accident?” he moved to stand at my side “how the fuck can calling the police be an accident?!” He sent a sharp kick to the side of my body, my scream got caught in my throat as no sound came out. He didn’t stop there though. “I. Fucking. Warned. You” after each word was a kick to my side, stomach or back. “Don’t. Try. To. Lie. To. Me!”

He finally stopped. I led on the ground on my side sobbing as every breath hurt. “I t-yp-typed it. B-b-but I didn’t mean t-to call them” I sobbed out hoping it would calm him.

“You stupid bitch!” He went to my phone and crushed it under his shoes. “Look at you, PATHETIC!” He screamed. He pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. He hovered above me with his knees either side of my hips and his hands holding my wrists against the floor next to my head.

“You stupid little idiot.” He huffed before kissing me hard, surely going to bruise my lips. “I think I need to teach you a lesson” he said in a dangerously low voice, his hands moved at an inhuman speed ripping my shirt, popping buttons and tearing fabric.

His hand returning to my wrists and grouping them together as his other hand leaves me to undo his belt. “NO!” I scream seeing the tent in his pants. I struggle under him and lift my knee, making contact with his balls.

He grunts and releases my hands. I quickly scramble to my feet. Now he’s lying on the floor, he’s clutching his junk with his legs spread and a smile sneaks onto my face.

I throw my leg back and kick him full force in the balls. His face goes red from it, veins popping up everywhere. I bolt out the door holding my torn shirt. I hear Mr Kyle yelling my name but there is no way I’m going back.

Running down the hallway I bump into Oliver. He catches me before I fall.

“Munchkin, if you wanted a hug you could have just-” he spoke playfully until he seen my face “the hell did he do to you?!”

I froze, what did he mean?.. “Nothing, no one’s done anything. I have to go” I went to move away but he stopped me.

“Cas, I know” I look at him in shock.

“K-know what?” He goes in his bag and pulls out the notebook. I start shaking my head and back away.

“Fucking hell! Casey, look at your stomach!” I look down to see my ripped shirt shows my now blue belly. “Casey, I read it. All of it. It fell from your bag when you left class during the test. Please. Please, this has gone on for too long. Tell me. Please just tell me who this ‘D. K’ is?!” He spoke so soft and calm but you could hear the distress in his voice.

Yes, I wrote everything down, everything, but a name. I never put a name, I never put his name down. I couldn’t.

“I can’t” new tears rolling down my cheeks. He pulls me into a hug.

“Look at you Casey, this can’t go on. Please tell me who’s doing this. How has nobody seen this before?! How have you hidden this book for so long?” He asks referring to my state, situation and the book.

“I hid it under my pillow until Lou found it. I’ve been taking it with me in my bag and putting it at the back of my P.E locker. I’ve hid any bruises I get” I whimpered.

“Oh Casey, please just tell me who it is, I can help.”

“He’ll hurt you Oliver, he has a gun” he immediately stiffened at the reminder “he already doesn’t like you. He threatened to kill you when he seen us kiss at the arcade” I sobbed out.

“He was there?” I nodded “tell me Casey, please. I can’t keep seeing you like this. Let me help you” I shook my head.

“He’ll kill you” I whispered.

He broke the hug and went into his bag in silence. He pulled out a shirt. I took it from him when he offered it by simply holding it out to me “thank you.”

He looked so disappointed with me. I was trying to save his life! Could he not understand that? He went to walk away.

“Damian” I slapped my hand to my mouth in shock.

Why the fuck did I just say that?

Oliver stopped in his tracks and looked at me “Damian? Damian who?!” I frantically shook my head. Oliver held my shoulders with his hands “Casey please!”

“Mr Kyle! Mr Kyle’s Damian, Damian Kyle!”

He looked at me in shock “he did this?” He looked down to my body then lifted up the notebook “he did all of this!!” He then slammed the book to the floor. I nodded.

“I will sort this Casey, I-I love you” he kissed my lips gently then stormed down the hall. I didn’t have time to process any of it. I told him. I actually told him who it was.

Mr Kyles going to kill him, and me!

He said he loved me. Oliver loves me. He didn’t give me time. I would’ve said it back if he had just waited.

Where did he go, what do I do?

I quickly run to the changing rooms and shove the book to the back of my locker then go to a cubicle to change my top. I looked at my torso, some places had blue bruises and some, shockingly, had a real footprint, you could see the patterns on the soles.

I need to stay away from Mr Kyle for the rest of the day, I only have two lessons left, two hours. I think I can make it. I need to talk to Oliver. I need to find a way to contact him. I don’t remember his number and my phones crushed. I’ll have to wait for him after school or something.

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