One Sided Love

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Chapter 28

Damian Kyle’s Pov

Todays a special day. Today’s the day.

I pull into the school to see a police car. Did she fucking tell someone about us again? What is going on?

I swear, I’ll kill her before I let her go willingly.

No, she wouldn’t, I’m pretty sure she’s learned her lesson from last time.

She left me with some very interesting scratch marks, I’ve had to cover them a little. My dress shirts buttoned to the top and with a little makeup, which I had no idea how to use. I think I did well, all things considering. You wouldn’t notice unless you knew where to look.

I park my car and make my way to an officer. I see the crowd of students huddled around the car and officers.

“That’s enough children. Move away” I sternly said raising my voice so all the little fuckers would hear me. They quickly scramble away.

“Hello officers, I’m a teacher at the school. Can you tell me what’s going on?” I said in the most respectful voice I could muster.

“Can I see your I.D please?” The police woman said. I look at her amused, the children clearly recognised me and I walked straight up to her. Does she seriously think I don’t work here? I show her my I.D and she and her partner show me their badges.

“Officer Parker and officer Andrews” she said pointing to herself and her partner “we are here regarding one of the students a mister, Oliver Turner age 16, he was reported missing 2 days ago by his father.”

I really wanted to smile. It was so hard to keep a straight face. My little Casey didn’t tell anyone. She learned her lesson well. Oh no, it’s that little git Oliver causing trouble. Even in death that brat is pissing me off and interfering.

“Oh no. Yes, I knew Oliver, I’m his Science teacher. Oh, that is terrible” even I was surprised at the clear concern in my voice.

“Yes, it is. His Science teacher? So, you knew the boy?”

I nod “yes, I teach Science to all the students in his year group.”

“In that case, we’d like to talk to you about his behaviour, his grades and how he was acting on Wednesday 1st April, the day he went missing. But first, would you mind taking us to the principal’s office, he is expecting us.”

“Yes, yes, of course. Follow me” I showed them to the principal’s office then proceeded to my classroom.


The officers interviewed me at break, I wasn’t too happy about that, thinking Casey may knock on the door but she didn’t. Even though I’m relieved that she didn’t, it meant that she wasn’t even planning on coming.

The officers asked a number of questions, most I honestly didn’t know the answer to. I shared his grades with them and said it hadn’t changed, I told them I didn’t know who he hung out with and told them his manor was unchanged. After interviewing me they interviewed his other teachers and then left at lunch time.

I haven’t seen Casey all day, she must know she’s playing a dangerous game when she does this, she didn’t come see me at lunch either, she knows it pisses me off.

When we get home, she’s gunna get it.

Thank god it’s last class of the day, I can’t stand these irritating little bastards anymore.

They flood into my class and I keep an eye out for Casey. But I don’t see her, is she not in today?

God damnit if she’s not in then it’s all for nothing!

I see a red head walk in late and sit in Casey’s usual seat. She raises her head a little.

What. The. FUCK!

The hell does she think she’s doing? She’s dyed her hair. Fucks sake!

Stupid little bitch.

I ball my fists up. I can’t help my action. I slam them down onto my desk scaring the shit out of each one of the brats. They all stare at me wide-eyed, all but her. She keeps her head hung low.

There’s not much I can do about it now and she knows it. So, I just get on with the lesson.


As the bell goes, I see her rushing to pack her stuff away. I crack a smile, no way she’s getting away that easy.

“The bell is for me not for you. You may leave when I tell you.” I call out and watch all the students groan and flop back into their seats.

I walk over to the door and open it. I stand there sending out students table by table. She’s last. I shut the door.

The little things shaking....She should be.

“What the hell have you done to your hair?” I ask trying to stay calm but you can clearly hear the anger in my voice.

She doesn’t speak for a minute so I start to walk over to her.

“Don’t you like it?” She some-what smugly asked “I like it” she smiled still looking at her hands.

I grinned, she’s trying to piss me off, isn’t she? You would’ve thought she’d learn not to do this from yesterday. It’s adorable that she thinks she can get away with this.

“Baby, it’s a bad idea to test me.”

“I’m not, I like it. And I’m not your baby.”

I laughed “oh but you are, you’re my little babydoll. Now, why would you do this to your beautiful hair?” I reach out to touch it but she slaps my hand away.

I grab her chin with my other hand and force her to look at me. I squeeze her cheeks as my grip tightened looking at the monstrosity of her hair. She fucking cut it too. Right after I told her how much I liked it.

How the hell am I going to get the right shade to dye it back? It won’t look the same, it won’t have the same shine to it. Her hands are trying to get my hand off her chin. With my other hand I reach for her hair, my fingers weave in her locks.

The chemicals dried her hair up, it doesn’t feel the same, it’s not as soft, it’s not as smooth. Why would she destroy her beautiful hair like this?

Just to piss me off?

It fucking worked.

I look into her eyes “you pretty little idiot” I say in a sweet voice with annoyance dripping behind it. As I finish my sentence, I let go of her chin throwing her head back slightly and step back from her.

I go to my desk and grab my keys. How can I be so nervous? No, it’s not nerves, it’s excitement.

She looks at me afraid but... confident, she looks to the door “aren’t you gunna lock it?”

I smile at her. She knew it was unlocked but she didn’t try to leave. Yes, she’s fighting me and she’s still being gobby but, she didn’t try to run.

“Notice, that did you? That’s because we’re not staying long” I walk to the door and open it “stay here” I said before leaving and locking the door with my key from the outside.

There are two ways to lock the doors, you can lock it both ways with a key or, like I normally do when I’m alone with Casey, there’s a lock on the inside of the room that will bolt it shut.

You can unlock the bolt with the key but you can’t unlock it with the bolt if you’ve used the key...make sense?

The cameras in the school are, mediocre. They are black and white, have no sound and lag 30 seconds. The cameras play on a screen for security but what they show is 30 seconds behind present time, they’re not real time.

Only after it has been played on the screen it’s saved. I need to make it over to the fuse box in that time to not be caught on camera.

I’ve tried it before and made it in 34, and at that point the cameras would have started to show me on my way from my classroom to the box.

I take a second before counting in my head and fast walking to the box. Making it at 28 I quickly unlock it, open the cabinet and flick the power switch. This will make the cameras reboot which will give me and Casey 2 minutes.

I quickly dash to my room and unlock the door. She hadn’t moved from her space, bless her. “Come. Now” I motion for her. She stares for a second before getting up and following.

I put my hand on the small of her back and urge her to move quicker “what are you doing?” She asks quite alarmed.

“Just walk.”

“Where are we going? I’m not going anywhere with you!?” I laugh at her.

“Just come” I push her harder and we finally get out the building to the car park. I know she’s going to be difficult so after making sure there was no one in sight, I don’t take the chance and grab her by her bag on her back and pull her to my car.

The car park is behind the school, facing the large school field and fence, behind that is a forest. The building completely covers us from view.

Walking to the car, I open the door and I’m quite shocked by the amount of profanity coming from her mouth. I throw her in and go to my door.

I don’t have time for this.

I take a deep breath and look at my girl to see her glaring back at me. I made sure my car wasn’t facing the cameras and with my black tinted windows, I’m sure we’re safe right now.

She has no idea what’s coming.

Casey’s Pov

Okay, so my plan is to go to school like normal but I’m going to skip Science with Mr Kyle at the end of the day and at lunch I’ll make my way to the police station.

I’ll tell them everything, show them everything, my bruises and the notebook. Hopefully they’ll believe me and as asked, send a car to pick up Lou and phone mum.

God, I hope this works!

I go to take a shower. I take everything off except my necklace. The necklace Oliver gave me. I refuse to take it off, for now to the end of my days. It’s all I have left of Oliver.

After getting out the shower I change and leave for school. No, I didn’t eat. I haven’t eaten for a day and a half and I’m not even hungry. Why should I eat when Oliver’s... I can’t.

Mum didn’t like my hair, she went on for 20 minutes saying how I shouldn’t have done it, mainly because it was the hair-dye she was going to use tomorrow to touch-up her roots.

Lou loved my hair, he said it looked like fire and that it was pretty.


I walk into the school gates to see a police car. Why was there a police car? Oh my god did they find Oliver?! Is he alive!? Did they...did they find his body?

I walk into school to feel a pair of arms fly around me. It’s Becks. She looked at me upset as she pulled away from me.

“Cas, I have to tell you something.”


“Come, you need to sit down” she pulled me to the benches where Ben and Thomas are already sat. They both gave me pity smiles.

“It’s Oliver Cas, Oliver’s missing” she said softly.

I already knew.

How am I supposed to act? What should I do?

Turns out my body wasn’t ready for it anyway. I doubled over like someone had punched me in the gut and tears streamed down my face. I clutched the chain around my neck.

I already knew but hearing it from someone else, I wasn’t ready for. It hurt, it hurt so much knowing he’s dead, it hurt not being able to tell them. They still had hope. But I knew that hope was as dead as, as Oliver.

Becks hugged me from the side, she kept telling me ‘they’ll find him’ and that ‘he’ll be fine’ but the harsh reality was that they wouldn’t and that he was gone.

Thomas came over to me and sat beside me. He throws off Becks arms playfully and replaces them with his. He rubs my back and I look up to see him and Becks exchanging glares to each other. “What?” He asks innocently, a tiny playful, sad smile playing on his lips “Us red heads gotta stick together.” I smile at him and he leans down to me “I really like it” he whispers looking at my hair.

I want to stay with them.

How are they being so nice when I’ve been ignoring them for weeks?

I killed Oliver.

I may not have pulled the trigger so-to-speak...well, that a might be actually be actuate... but still, it was me that killed him.

The fact that he cared for me, the fact that I told him the truth. That’s what killed him. Me and my stupidity.

“I’m sorry” I whispered to them “it’s all my fault” I then hit his arms from me and ran inside the building to the bathrooms to cry in peace.

After ages of crying, I make my way to my P.E locker to put the notebook to keep it safe. I don’t need anyone stumbling across it by accident like Oliver did because of my own stupidity.


Its lunch and I just need to get out of here. I have to leave before it’s too late. The bell will go soon and I need to be ready. I’m going to just walk out the gates moments before the bell goes.

Just walk out, it’ll be fine.

Just walk out, it’ll be fine.

I wait and wait until I know the bell will go, I start to walk to the gates. I get to the main gate and of course, the gate is shut.

I forgot that they are only open at break, not lunch, so I’m going to need to climb over it.

I begin to hoist my leg up when I hear someone clearing their throat. I look around to see the police officers beside me. Shit.

“Hun, I wouldn’t do that if I was you. Legally we have to take you back to school, even if it is just a few meters.” The man spoke in a soft tone. I look at him and his partner, she looks into my eyes.

“What you doing? Running off because your boyfriend dumped you? Or are you meeting up with him and your mates? It’s not cool to skip school” she spoke in a some-what bitchy but caring tone. Confused the hell out of me.

Her colleague nudges her on the arm with his elbow “come on kid, why are you running?” He spoke. I look at him as a tear falls from my eye, I wipe it away quickly.

“You’re going to find O-Oliver, right? You’ll find his b- you’ll find him” I ask as they exchanged looks to each other.

Shit, I nearly said ’his body’!

“You know Oliver?” I nod “friend?” I look down and take the necklace from under my shirt.

“He got me this, I was his girlfriend” I whisper.

I used past tense. ‘Was’, just like Mr Kyle.

Oliver’s gone...

“I see ” the bell rings “in that case I understand that you’re upset but you can’t just leave school without telling people. There are bad people out there, we don’t want you to go missing as well. If you need to go home, maybe call your parents, get them to pick you up, okay?” I nod looking down, there’s bad people in here too.

“What’s your name hun?” He asks after a second.

“Casey, Casey Nickels.”

The girl speaks up “well Casey, since you are his girlfriend, we’d like you to come to the station after school.” I look at her pretty much terrified, she smiles “nothing bad, just questioning, like how he was when you last seen him, if there was anything different about him. Let’s say around, 4? Just ask for Andrews or Parker, our names and we’ll be right there.”

They smile at me friendly. I don’t miss that she said ‘are’ when I said ‘was’. She has hope but I know the truth.

“Okay. I was going to go there anyway after school” I look up to them shocked I said that, they look at me confused. I seriously need to watch what I say.

“Why might that of been?” The man asks suspiciously.

“Uh-well... O-Oliver, of course” I said, taking way too long to answer, they know somethings up.

He nods “okay kid, we’ll see you later then, call your parents to tell them where you’re going. You can call them at the station if need be” I nod and walk back into school.



Why did they have to be here?! They ruined the plan. What am I going to do now? Mr Kyles going to be pissed and he’s going to make me stay after school. Maybe I can go back to the gates?.. I look and the cops are still there. Fuck.

Damn it!

I’d have to come back anyway. I forgot the stupid book in my locker.


It’s the one thing I have, how can I be so careless? I’ll just have to hope I can get away from Mr Kyle, grab it and go to police.

Why did I freeze anyway? They could have helped me, they are the ones in charge of his case, right?

I walk into Science as the last person. I sat down and felt eyes on me, using my hair as a curtain I block all of their faces. I look up a little, startled by the orange glow around me, stupidly forgetting for a minute what I had done to my hair.

At that second there is a loud bang. Everyone jolts up to Mr Kyle who’s staring daggers at me, I just know it. Maybe it was a bad idea to do all this.

Science was boring, I sit through it wishing for it to end. I use to like it but not anymore. I have no clue what I want to do when I leave school, if I leave school. Right now, it seems like I’m gunna end up dying here.


The bell goes and I try to pack my things away quickly to leave but Mr Kyle speaks up in a usual pissed off voice.

“The bell is for me not for you. You may leave when I tell you.” Everyone, including myself, moans at this.

The amount of times you hear it from teachers in school, it’s so annoying.

The bell is indeed for everyone to tell us we can finally leave the shithole. After that bell rings teachers have no power over students, we are no longer in their care. Of course, nobody’s going to actually leave after he said that. It’s Friday, no one wants a spontaneous detention.

He walks over to the door and lets out students table by table. I already know what’s coming. The tables are split and fit two students. I’m sat on my own. The ass is gunna make me stay.

After everyone leaves, he shuts the door and I start to shake.

“What the hell have you done to your hair?” He asked sounding frustrated, surprising me by not shouting.

He starts to walk to me when I realise, he didn’t lock the door. Why didn’t he lock it? Is this a test? To see if I run or not. If I ran, he’d catch me before I even touched the door handle. It would be stupid to run. I can’t run.

I feel some sort of smugness from his anger towards my hair. I honestly didn’t think it was all that bad. “Don’t you like it?” My voice came out smug and teasing, i didn’t mean for it to be, truth be told, I’m scared right now, proof is that my whole body’s shaking “I like it” I smile remembering what Lou and Thomas said.

I refuse to look at him. I’m still shaking, maybe I should take a chance and run to the door.

“Baby, it’s a bad idea to test me.”

“I’m not, I like it. And I’m not your baby.”

He laughed “oh but you are, you’re my little babydoll. Now, why would you do this to your beautiful hair?” I cringe at the nickname he seems to have settled for.

I see him at the corner of my eye reach for me so I slap his hand away by instinct, surprisingly he didn’t see it coming. But what I didn’t see coming was his other hand coming to grab my chin tightly.

He forces me to look at him. The nausea comes back as always when I look at his face. His giants hand cups my chin and his fingers sprawl out on my cheek, his thumb on the other side. He tightens his grip making me wince as he squeezes my face. His nails digging in.

As I try to get his fucking hand off my chin his other hand reaches for my hair. He picks up a strand and twirls it in his fingers, his face scrunches in disgust.

He really doesn’t like it.

He looks me in the eyes, anger evident on his face. “You pretty little idiot” he said in a patronising, annoyed tone. He lets go of me with a little shove off my chin making my head jolt backwards.

He walks over to his desk. I can’t stop thinking about the door. Is it a test? Does he think I didn’t notice? Does he think I’m stupid? Maybe I should make a run- no. Don’t. He’ll get angry. I don’t need that right now. As soon as i leave, I’m going to the police, don’t jeopardise that plan.

“Aren’t you gunna lock it?” I ask, I want him to know I’m not an idiot and I did notice.

He smiles at me. It was a test wasn’t it?!

“Notice that, did you? That’s because we’re not staying long” he walks over to the door.

Hold up. We. We’re not staying long? What the hell does he mean by that?!

Before I could say anything, he speaks again “stay here” He warns before walking out the door.

I hear it click and let out a groan in annoyance. Now he locked it. I should have taken the chance.

I get up and try to unlock it with the bolt on the inside. It’s a different lock isn’t it? God dammit! I’d need a key. The lights suddenly go out. I hear the computer beep and the lights flickered back on. Strange...

I sit back down when I have an idea. I should search his desk for a spare key or something. I go to get up when I hear the lock click.

Damn he’s back.

I rest back down in the seat and he opens the door. He smiles at me “Come. Now” I look at him with a blank expression, he wants me to what-now?

The look of urgency on his face tells me I should go but I have a nagging bad feeling in my stomach.

I get up and make my way to him. He walked behind me down the hall and held his hand on my back. “what are you doing?” I asked getting more and more nervous.

“Just walk” he said and pushed me to walk faster.

“Where are we going? I’m not going anywhere with you!?” He laughs at me and checks his watch.

“Just come” he pushes me to the point I nearly tripped over but I managed to cover it and walk at the speed he was pushing me to. We entered the car park. There is no way I’m getting in his car. I’m going to have to make a run for it.

Before I knew it, he had grabbed my bag and pulled me along using it. My bag was on both my shoulders and I couldn’t slip it off. “You motherfucker!” I yell at him as he dragged me along until we reached his car. I continued the swearing the whole way.

He opened the door and threw me in. By the time I had recovered and sat up in the seat, he was also in the car.

I glared at him and even when he looked at me, I didn’t drop my gaze, nor soften it. He kept taking deep breaths but he wasn’t trying to calm himself. He then started to laugh.

Not a good laugh.

No this was an evil genius laugh, a terrifying laugh. One that made me want to bolt. I go to grab the handle when all the doors click as they are locked.

“Will you STOP trying to run from me?” he sounded exhausted...good.

“No” I said bitterly. He glared at me and shook his head. “Don’t laugh like that” I whispered looking out the window, why does he have to drive me home? I can walk. Wait, is he driving me home?


“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see-”

“No! Where are we going?”

He grabbed me by the throat and applied a lot of pressure, choking me as I cough from it.

“You will not back-chat me! Especially when you have gone out of your way to antagonise me!” He looks at my hair “it’s almost like you want me to hurt you” he grits his teeth and let’s go just as my lungs begin to burn.

I inhale deeply and I don’t even realise that he’s done my belt for me until I hear the click. I grab my necklace tightly to try to bring me some sense of calm.

“That is a pretty little charm” He states as he reaches for it. Unlike before, when he seen it on my birthday, I let him grasp it. He looks at me surprised because the last time he tried I hit him.

Truth be told, I don’t know why I let him. Maybe because he just fucking choked me for not putting on my seatbelt.

He looks at the rose pendent “it helps calm you?” I guess he picked up on that. I don’t reply “Your mother got it for you?” He asks as he twirls it in his fingers.

“No” my answer barely above a whisper.

“Who?” I look him dead in the eyes and speak bitterly.


I see his eyes cloud with rage and with one swift movement he rips the charm from my neck, snapping the chain. I gasp at the movement.

“No!” I cry as I try to reach for it. He balls it up in his palm before opening his window and throwing it far away. Tears cloud my vision.

That was all I had left.

“You don’t need him. You have me” he grumbles. He looks around the school yard before starting the car. He pulls out of the school and drives down the road.

“I want to go home.”


...He’s not taking me home...

“Please” I beg as a tear makes it down my face.

“No” he said softer.

We drive for a while before he stops in a restaurant car park, turning off his engine he looks at me. His palm slides against my cheek affectionately.

“I had planned on taking you out for dinner but if you prefer, we could just get take away. Would you like that?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You might be later. What would you like?”

“I’m not hungry” he sighs before taking his phone out his pocket and calling the restaurant. He orders a bunch of stuff, probably enough to feed a family of 5. We wait for a while in uncomfortable silence before his phone goes off.

“The orders ready, you stay here and be a good girl and I’ll be right back” he leaned over and kissed my cheek before getting out and locking the car.

I didn’t move. I was frozen.

When Mr Kyle comes back. He looks at me strangely before putting the food on the back seats.

“Everything okay?” He really seems concerned. I nod my head slowly. His hand strokes the back of my hair before going down my arm and on my thigh. I wince as he brushes the cuts I did yesterday, it did not go unnoticed.

He goes in his glove compartment and takes out a see-through bottle containing a clear liquid. He takes out a rag from his pocket.

“Did you shoot him?” I find myself asking without thinking. He looks at me amused.


“Why not? You have a gun” He smiles.

“I don’t.” I turn and face him. He doesn’t!?


“I don’t own a gun, Casey. I knew the pictures weren’t enough. You’re too kind, my love. You care more about others than yourself. I knew, if I wanted you to behave, I’d have to threaten the ones dearest to you. And. It worked” he smiled at me before poring the liquid on the cloth.

“Bu-b-but the picture?” I’m so confused, he, he tricked me.

“Yes. A friend took me to a gun range a few weeks prior, I would never own a gun. I’m not a gangster.” He chuckled “Honestly I’m surprised you didn’t see it, yes the picture was small on my phone but in the background, there was targets visible. I guess shock and tears clouded your vision” he shrugged.

“I-I don’t understand.”

“I was surprised that you never questioned it as well. You never seen evidence of a gun in person. We never even spoke about it afterwards” he smiled widely “at one point I thought I’d have to buy one for proof but out of fear, I’m guessing, you never doubted it. Did you really think I’d go that far?”


“Hush my love. I’ll give you time to process it.”

“I-I want to go h-home” I choke on my sobs of shock and fear.

"Shhh, shhh. Calm down babydoll. Here” he moved the cloth to my face, I immediately panicked as he covered my nose and mouth.

I clawed at his hand on the back of my head and the one holding onto the rag. I held my breath ”babydoll, just breath. It’ll be alright. I need you calm and the trip is long. You’re safe. Just breath.”

He spoke calmly, when my lungs began to hurt i unwillingly took a deep breath, the smell of strong chemicals hitting my senses and stinging my lungs causing me to cough. “That’s it my love, good girl. Just sleep, sleep. Deep breaths, sweetheart.”

My eyes grew blurry and my arms got heavy. Tears flowed from my eyes as his hand patted my head. Sounds got slurry and my body went limp. The rag was removed from my face and he continued to stroke my hair making shushing sounds.

His hand stroked down my arm and back to my thigh. He started the car and kept his hand on my leg. I fought to stay awake but every time my eyes shut, it was increasingly hard to open them again.

“Stop fighting it doll, just sleep, you’ll feel better when you wake. Then we can eat, talk, anything you want. Just sleep for now.”

My eyes shut once more and everything just stopped.

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