One Sided Love

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Chapter 2

As I get to the school gates I look around at the other ‘early comers’. I walk through the double doors at the entrance and glance around the halls to find a sign hopefully to help me find reception. As I look around, I turn a corner and bump into someone.

“Shit....Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t looking” I said. As I watch stacks of paper fall to the ground.

I look down to see the load of papers scatter all over the floor “I’m so sorry, I’ll help you pick those up” as i bend down to grab one I realise it was a test paper...these are all test papers. My eyes widen in shock as I realise I walked into a teacher...on my first day.

I start cursing in my head when I realise, I swore as well. ffuucckk...

He sighed clearly very pissed “It’s ok, I wasn’t looking either” he huffed out, his voice was deep but in some way soothing. Maybe he didn’t hear me say ‘shit’.

He bends down to help gather the tests and I look up to see his face.

He looks to be in his 20′s, he has dark brown hair that is short at the sides and longer at the top, it’s parted at the side and it’s styled so the hair is brushed backwards but still has volume. It reminded me of a Hollywood gangsters hair style. His eyes were dark brown.

I mean, for a teacher, he is very handsome but there’s something in his eyes, something unnerving.

He helps pick up the never ending mess of papers and when they’ve all been gathered, we both stand up. I’m now just realising how tall he is, he’s about 6′ or more, which is a massive difference compared to me being 5′2". Damn giant.

From a quick glance I seen he has a triangular body, broad shoulders and a smaller waist. I like his clothing choice, he has a waistcoat on and with a loose fitted long sleeved shirt... you can tell he’s muscular... did I just say that?.. I’m not’re crushing.

He holds out his hand and I hand him the tests back, he shuffles them in his grip, probably in the hopes of neatening them from their tattered look. He then looks down at me “what are you doing wondering around the hallways?” he asks me in a monotone, almost bored tone with no expression on his face.

“Um.... I’m n-new and I was told to go to r-reception” I said, cursing at myself on the inside for stuttering, but why did i stutter? The expressionless face and tone of voice just made me feel a little... afraid?

He looks at me slightly amused, but his facial expression didn’t change, it was just something I felt, something in his eyes. Weird. It was almost like a smile tried to form at the corners of his lips.

My stutter made him happy.

“Ah, so you came in early for a tour by the head of your year group” he says putting it all together.

“Y-yes.” Fucks sake! Damn stutter.

“Do you know where reception is?” He asked raising a single brow.


He looks me up and down for a second ”Would you like me to show you” he put emphasis on the word ‘would’, almost mockingly.

“Yes please.” I said with a relived smile, I was already lost and had only just walked into the stupid school.

He then turned around and walked away, I looked at him until he reached the end of the corridor where he turned around and looked at me and gestured for me to follow him with his hand.

I fast walked over to him and followed him the rest of the way.

He took me to the schools reception, handed in his papers then walked away without sparing me another glance, so I walked up to the lady at the desk.

“Hello love, what can I help you with?” the lady asked and smiled sweetly.

“Hello, this is my first day, I was told to come to reception at 8:10 for a tour of the school, my locker code and my timetable” I answered. She looked at me and told me to wait whilst she went out the room.

When she came back, she was with a man I presume was the head of my year group, Mr James.

Mr James is the head of my year group, year 11. He’s also going to be my history teacher. He’s quite old, mid-forties maybe, he is bold, I think by choice as I can see light stubble but I’m not quite sure. He has rectangular glass’s and green eyes with an oval face. He’s quite short for a man, maybe 5"4 and he’s a little chubby.

The lady from reception then handed me my timetable and my locker key, then Mr James showed me around the school.

My timetable;

Monday-Math, Science, Break, Art, Religious Studies (RE), Lunch, English

Tuesday-Art, English, Break, History, Math, Lunch, Science

Wednesday-P.E, Healthcare, Break, English, Geography, Lunch, Science

Thursday-History, Art, Break, Geography, Religious Studies (RE), Lunch, P.E

Friday- Math, English, Break, Healthcare, Art, Lunch, Science


When the bell rang, he walked me to my first class, the teacher introduced me to the class and I sat in the only empty seat in the room, next to a girl who, in my opinion, looked overly happy to be in school right now.

“Hey ” she squeaked excitedly, I had to resist the urge to cover my ears.

“Hi, I’m Casey.”

“Yeah, I know” she giggled with a little roll of her eyes “the teacher just introduced you.”

I give her a small embarrassed smile and put my hand on my head as I mumble “dammit” sarcastically at my own mindlessness but I don’t think she heard.

“I’m Rebecca but my friends call me Becks.”

I smile at her not knowing what to say, she takes my timetable and examines it, “Oh I have art with you too and I think my friends might be in some of your classes,” she turns to me “would you like me to introduce you to them?”

I nod, appreciative at her kindness and very relived someone was willing to help me on my first day “thanks Rebecca.”

She looks at me with her brows raised, almost challenging me “call be Becks” I smile, not feeling like I have much of a choice in the matter and nod.

Becks has blonde hair plaited at the side, she has hazel eyes and a small face, she is a little taller than me. She’s really slim, she doesn’t have much curves but that doesn’t matter. She was quite bubbly and warm but seemed like she definitely had a stubborn feisty side. I like her.

After Maths I head to Science, Becks had directed and told me where my class was.

I walk in the class room and my eyes widen to see the same man I bumped into this morning, I stand still for a moment until he notices me and turns around.

“Ah! Now, isn’t it little Miss clumsy? Do come in, you can sit over there” he points to a chair that is in the second row near the window, he has an annoying smirk on his face, probably because of my shocked face when I seen him. I fake smile and sit down.

“Smug prick” I say under my breath making sure it was quiet enough so he wouldn’t hear me. Soon the rest of the class comes in and a boy looks at me before sitting down next to me.

He had long black emo hair that covered half his face, his nails were painted a bright orange that reminded me of Halloween.

Despite first impressions his eyes looked soft and kind, they were light blue. He had a long face and a medium sized nose. He looks about my height maybe shorter and he’s not exactly skinny but I wouldn’t call him over-weight.

“Hi I’m Jacob, are you new?” he asked me and I nod my head.

“I like the hair” I smile and point to his jet black hair “I’ve always wanted black hair but I’ve never had the guts to dye it.”

He’s about to reply when the teacher addresses the room.

“Hello everyone we have a new student with us today, her name is...” he looks at me and so does the rest of the class.

“C-Casey Sir” I said, cheeks turning red from the sudden attention.

“Ah, Casey, everyone be nice to her and help her if she needs it.” He looks directly at me “Casey my name is Mr Kyle. Do you by any chance like Science?”

I nod eagerly “yes, it’s my favourite class”. He looked at me and smiled slightly before going back to his emotionless face.

“Wonderful” Mr Kyle remarked before he got on with the rest of the lesson until the bell rang.

I walked out the main building to find Becks, she had told me to meet her by the bench’s and she’ll introduce me to her friends.

After looking around for a while I saw Becks with two boys, she waved at me and I joined them.

The boy’s names were, Ben and Thomas. Ben had short brown hair that had a fade on the sides and got longer at the top. He had brown eyes and a chiselled jaw line. I found out that Ben was in my history class.

Thomas had ginger hair that was permed, he denied it and said it was his ′natural’ curls but it was obvious he was lying. He had green eyes and is really thin. They were both the same height around 5"6.

“So, perm-boy-” Becks said before getting cut off by Thomas.

“IT IS NOT A PERM!” he almost screamed. It’s clear that they’ve had this argument before and many times at that. Thomas calmed down before speaking again to a now laughing Becks “Becks? You got something on your face” Becks immediately started wiping her face and stopped laughing.

“Where?!” She demanded.

He pointed to her cheek before whipping out a black pen and swiping a thick black line of pen on her face. She slapped his hand and rubbed franticly where he drew.

“You asshole!” She got out her phone to see the damage and tried rubbing it away.

“How do you keep falling for that?!” Ben laughed.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked also laughing at Becks’s very pissed off face that was slowly turning red with anger as she kept trying to remove the non-budging pen mark.

"SO many times!” Thomas exaggerated.

“Oh you ass, this better not be-” she stopped when Thomas pulled out the pen he had done it with.

“Permanent marker?..” He said looking a little scared but still chuckling.

Within seconds, Becks climbed over the table in record speed and jumped on Thomas whacking his arm repeatedly.

After she calmed down, we all talked and they were a really funny group. With excessive rubbing she had managed to get the marker to fade away but you could still see it close up. She kept a close eye on Thomas, occasionally shooting him a glare as we talked and casually made slight fun out of each other. I’m glad I made friends so quickly, especially with these guys.

The funny thing was that, the whole time I couldn’t shake the I feeling like I’m being watched, I looked around many times but didn’t see anyone looking my way...

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