One Sided Love

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Chapter 29


My head fucking hurts so much.

It feels like someone’s squeezing my brain repeatedly whilst poking me in the eyes. I groan as I stirred from my sleep squishing my face further in to the pillow.

I’m lying on my side with my forearms across my face, covering it from the sun because it’s scorching my fucking eyeballs. I don’t even remember falling asleep. When the hell did I get home? Why did I not pull the curtains?

I’m such an idiot.

I flicker my eyes open as I try to focus around my room avoiding the damn window.

Focusing on the bedside table, I look for my alarm clock to see what the time is.

Where the hell did it go?

My alarms not there. Did I finally break it by whacking it too hard? Instead, I force my eyes to look out the window at the sky. It’s orange, the fuck? Sunrise?

I glance around the room when...

OH SHIT! This isn’t my room!

I jump up or at least I try, something heavy stopped me, weighing me down. I look down to see arms wrapped around my waist. I immediately slap the arms in a frenzy and pry them off. I look behind me and see Mr Kyle slowly opening his eyes, blinking away sleep.

Oh no. It’s not sunrise it’s sunset! How fucking long have I been here!? How long have I been asleep!?

I freak out and back away on the bed consequently, I fall onto the floor with a BUMP.

Oh, for god’s sake, my damn ass.

I clutch my head as images of what happened mere hours ago, what seems like forgotten memory’s come back, they hit me like bullets.

He dragged me out of the school, he bought food and drugged me. He drugged me!

Chloroform...where the hell did he get chloroform from? Oh right, he’s a Science teacher but still, WHAT THE HELL!?

We were in his car. Where are we now!? The room is large with a huge king-sized bed, the walls are white. There’s a small bookshelf, wardrobe, bedside table and chester-drawers. The carpets a deep purple and the bedsheets are blue and black.

“I see you’re awake” he says suddenly in a ruff groggy voice, snapping me out of my thoughts. I stare at him as he raises from the bed sitting against the wooden barred headboard. Staring back at me.

No, no, no, this can’t be happening.

I jump up and run to the door the other side of the room and jiggle the handle.

Fuck it’s fucking locked the fucking cunt locked me in, the asshole.

I look back to see him unmoved from his spot raising his brows.

“You done?” He says cockily.

I look around the room frantically to hopefully find a way to get out of his place. That is until I remember the window.

I stare at the window, my next move.

“Don’t even think about it” he says sternly.

Dude, come on, that tells me it’s unlocked.

I bolt to the window and slide it open. I throw my head out when I’m pulled back in by my calf and fall to the floor. I hear the window slam shut. I’m pulled up by my hair and thrown onto the bed. Fingernails scratching my scalp as I feel every hair on my head being pulled from my head. I grab my hair once he lets go and run my hand on my scalp. I have no doubt a clump of hair is going to fall out the next time I brush it. He walks back over to the window and I hear it click.

He locked it.

He turns around and faces me, panic really sets in as I realise, I’m on a fucking bed.

Before I can move back, he pounces on top of me. My arms raise but they never make contact with his chest to push him off, they are strung above my head almost instantly with his hands as he sits on my abdomen.

He stares down at me looking at my body when I squeeze out “please” his eye flick to my face and a smirk appears on his face.

“I love it when you beg” he says roughly, he leans down to my ear “say it again” he whispers huskily. I face away from him and he chuckles, that fucking chuckle. I hate it. He moves slightly down to my neck, i wriggle around trying to get free when his tongue makes contact with my skin as he licks my neck slowly, teasingly.

He’s going to rape me.

“No” I whisper. This stops him as he sits up on me still smirking.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m not going to do anything drastic” he giggles ” I’m only having a bit of fun now you’re awake. Do you know how hard it was watching you sleep and having to wait for you to wake up?” he said as he lowers himself back down to my neck “let me have some fun.”

He starts licking, biting, kissing and sucking my neck. Tears threaten to fall as my eyes well up but I refuse to let them go, I need to stop looking so weak and helpless it’s only fuelling his lust and ego.

Continuing to wriggle in his hold, shifting my hips back and forth, kicking my legs, and shaking my shoulders. I feel him smirk against my skin.

“Babydoll, I suggest you stop with that struggling. All it’s doing is exciting me, you have no idea how good it feels to have you wriggling under me but if you keep going like you are, I might not be able to control myself” he whispers the least part right against my ear. I gasp and immediately stop moving going limp in his hold. “Good girl” he breathlessly said in between kisses “I’m only playing. Enjoy it”.

He slowly loosens his grip on my wrists and as soon as I can, I rip them from him and try to push him off me, this in response causes him growl in an animal-type way making me freeze and my eyes widen.

He grabs my arms and puts them back in their original place making me jump at the fast movement.

“Listen to me now little girl, I’m not going to fuck you” I flinch at his bluntness “like I’ve already said, I’m only playing. You try to stop me, push me off and fight, then bad things will happen” he glares at me making my gulp. “I want you Casey, I want you real bad but I’m holding off until you’re ready but if you push me. I. Will. Snap. It will only get worse, you should’ve learned that from yesterday’s events. Do you understand?” I don’t answer him “I asked you a question Casey” he said in a singsongy voice. I start nodding frantically. He starts tutting “no, no, use your words. I know you’re not mute. In my house you answer with words if spoken to” he says calmly.

His house. I’m in his house.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes” I squeak.

He smiles at me, a genuine smile “good girl” he says letting go of my arms and caressing my cheek with his knuckles. “Hands by your sides or next to your head” he said and I moved my arms to my sides letting out a small snuffle.

I’m trapped.

He leans back down to my neck and begins kissing me again. One hand by his head supporting his weight and the other resting on my waist over my school shirt, his thumb moving in circles.

I can’t explain what this feels like, it tickles, tingles but I feel disgusting, dirty and angry. I hate it. I hate it when he does this. The worst thing is when it feels good, it reminds me of Oliver.

After a few minutes of him attacking my neck probably leaving it blue from all the bits and sucks he trails kisses from my neck along my jaw. He smiles then pecks my nose.

“God, you’re such a good girl” he smiles looking down at me as I lie still looking at the textured ceiling above. He scoots down slightly now sitting on my thighs lightly as he grabs my arms by my sides pulling me up into a sitting position. He lets go of my hands and looks at me. “Casey my dear, do you have any idea what you do to me?” He sounds breathless still, I don’t think he was actually asking a question, it sounded rhetorical. He looks me in the eyes “that was a question.”

Well, I guess it wasn’t rhetorical. “No” I said timidly looking down.

He tilts my head up to look at him and smiles “do you have any idea what your little smile does to me.”


“Your beautiful blue eyes, your angelic voice?”


“Your gentle touch” he looks down “Your perfect little body?”

“N-no.” I stutter a little as i get more uncomfortable.

“my sweet, innocent thing...that’s all mine. All mine” he says trailing his hand down my arm then, he sharply grabs my hand pressing it against his crotch. Forcing me to feel his erection over the fabric, he moans almost instantly. It was very hard, thick and long. I don’t want that thing anywhere near me. I gasp and make a throaty whine as the tears fill my eyes and I attempt to steal my hand away but his grasp tightens on my hand crushing it and I yelp.

“Calm down, doll” he said, he started moving my hand up and down, he groans lowly at the movement. “You feel that. Do you see what you do to me? That is what you do to me. Every time I see you, you do this" he said so, so softly.

He let go of my hand and I instinctively moved back away from him to the other side of the bed. Sighing he grabbed my ankles and pulled me back as I kicked my legs the air.

He now lies in between my legs holding my arms down above my head with one hand. He looks down angry at me ” what did I tell you?” I suddenly felt a burning sensation on the side of my face as it whipped to the side. He had slapped me. “What did I tell you?!” He shouts in my face. I’m shaking, eyes flooded with tears but I still refuse to let them go.

" y-you said n-no-t to push y-ou off, st-op you or f-fight” I said a stuttering mess not even sure if he understood me.

“Good, and what did you do?”

“I m-moved away bu-t you didn’t say I co-couldn’t ” I bravely said, stupid but true.

He breath out and raises his eye brows “it was heavily implied. Don’t run from me, I’ve said that thousands of times before. Stop running from me” he growled tightening his grip making me wince.

“I’m sorry” I whispered. This seems to please him as he removes his hands from my arms.

“good girl” he huffs before lowering himself slightly, stopping when I move my hand up, not touching him but about to. He sees this and looks to me “ah, ah. Careful now” he warns “hands down” he commands.

I look to him confused “but I-I th-thought...”

“You thought what?”

“I thought yo-you were d-one.”

He smirks “I was, but not anymore. I did warn you” he simply shrugged “I just want a kiss” he said before crashing his lips onto mine. The kiss started out soft but soon turned aggressive and needy. Tears rolled down my face as I sealed my mouth shut. He then trails kisses down my jaw going back to my neck but his time advancing onto my collarbone and shoulders. With my arms at my side, I wait for it to end.

“Who do you belong to?” He huffs.

“You” I answer even though it’s not true. If anything, I’m Oliver’s.

He groans out “good girl.”

The hand on my waist travels upward and cups my breast, not wanting to be hurt I reluctantly let it be but when he aggressively squeezes i swiped his hand off with mine.

He sat up and glared down to me “what did I fucking tell you?” he shouted slapping me on the same cheek so I covered it with my hands to stop the pain “I told you twice!” He screamed, slapping my other cheek unprotected by my hands. I couldn’t stop the tears any longer as I was now sobbing. I felt a warm liquid flow down my chin followed by a metallic taste in my mouth. Feeling the area, I see blood, my blood coming from my lips.

He split my lip.

“I-I ” he cut me off.

“I don’t want to hear it.”

He wraps a hand around my neck, not applying pressure but keeping me still. He picked my knees up from the bed so they were upright. He then went down to the other side of my neck and bit down harshly making me grip onto his shoulders, digging in my nails.

“Stop! Mr Kyle, please!” I said trying to stay calm, hoping he would calm down and see sense but my voice contained nothing but panic.

He continued biting down in the same spot. Suddenly I felt his member on me, directly over my core. He presses it against me, grinding himself on me from the outside of our clothing. I yell out for him to stop. Seconds later he thrust it.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I feel everything, still screaming as he thrusts again. He groans in my ear before lifting himself up and looking down at me, I was uncontrollably sobbing having what felt like a panic attack again.

His eyes full of rage softened and his brows arched. He lifted himself from between my legs and I immediately went onto my side and curled up into a ball sobbing.

“Oh, my sweet, sweet Casey, you weren’t ready for that were you? My doll you shouldn’t have pushed me, I’ve warned you enough” he led behind me and wrapped his hands around me and pulled me close making me sob louder and harder. He stroked my hair, every time his hand touched me, I flinched. He began shushing me and whispering sweet nothings into my ear. Unsurprisingly not calming me down but making me worse.

This is so much worse than yesterday when he threatened to rape me. He’s kidnapped me, drugged me, I’m at his house. Nothing can stop him now. How am I going to get away from this?

He just forcefully rubbed himself on me as a punishment. He made me...feel him.

He sat up after a while and I was still sobbing “doll, you just need to learn the rules and stick by them. We will be happy, in time. Just give it a chance you’ll see. Give us a chance” he said sounding eerily cheerful. The dip in the bed went as i realised he had got off it. “I’ll reheat the take away and cook the pizzas” he said as he walked away. Hearing the lock click I sobbed and sobbed until I finally fell asleep.

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