One Sided Love

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Chapter 31

I sat at the dinner table flicking a piece of lettuce across the plate. It’s been over 24 hours now and I’m still stuck here with this asshole.

I woke up this morning in that damned bed, next to me was him. I freaked out and tried to move only to find one of my wrists attached to the headboard with handcuffs.

I flipped out even more, shouting and struggling and his only reply to my panic was ‘Must you always wake me up like this?’ And he turned away from me.

So, naturally, I kicked his ass out of the bed and he fell to the floor with a thud.

He was less then pleased

I found it hilarious

He got dressed in front of me and laughed when I covered my face with my free hand and bedding.

He then said as a ‘punishment’ I’d have to pee in a bucket when he was out. He left me for 5 fucking hours, still handcuffed to the bed, whilst he went out. I had already needed a wee when I woke up.

I tried to get them off but they are metal...duh?

I know, I’m an idiot but I had to, try, right? Anyway, all it did was bruise my wrist more and it even started bleeding.

I was absolutely bursting for a wee but I refused to use a god damn bucket so I held it. I nearly wet myself.

When he came back, I begged for him to take them off and he finally did, after laughing of course, at my desperation.

Now I’ve been sitting here for about, 20 minutes just playing with the food. I have no intention of eating any of it, I don’t know what he’s done to it.

I drop the annoying plastic fork onto the table and sigh over-dramatically and look up to the ceiling. It’s textured, I think they call the design a ‘stomp/knockdown’ ceiling texture, or something. I’m not a builder, how am I supposed to know?

I don’t know if I’m going mad...probably, but you can actually make up patterns in it. It’s quite pretty.

Damian Kyle’s Pov

I look over to my girl to see she’s slouching on the chair with her head looking straight up at the ceiling, I can’t even see her face from the angle.

"Babydoll, what are you doing?”

She ignores me.

“Doll, you should eat your food” she’s not even touched it. She’s been bullying a single piece of lettuce for 20 minutes, that’s it.

Absolute silence.

“Casey, sit up straight and eat your food” my soft voice is gone as she’s staring to piss me off. I bang my fork down on the table in anger. She jumps but still pays me no attention.

“Casey, what are you doing!?” Her hand comes up and she starts drawing in the air with her finger.

“Look.” She said, unmoved from her position but drawing words with her finger. “The ceiling. You can make up words” I look up to the ceiling, it has a very weird texture. If you look at it for too long, I guess you can make out shapes.

She points to one specific spot “there. A. S” she’s moving her finger as she says each letter, like she’s drawing it in the air “S.H.O.L.E" her hand drops and I put together what she just said in my head.

Oh, she’s playing with fire.

“Asshole” she smirks.

“Casey” I warn but her smile grows.

“And look. That one” she said pointing to a different part of the ceiling.







That really pisses me off. I’ve only told her two rules so far and she’s broken the second one.

“Stop it now Casey” I clench my fists together.

“What does that spell? Let’s see, O. L. I. V. E. Well, that spells olive but there’s a R on the end, so that makes it-”

“Don’t Casey!” She lowers her head so she’s no longer looking up at the ceiling and looks at me.

"Oliver" she said slowly, I glare at her, she wants me to hit her, doesn’t she? “Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, OLIVER!” She says gradually raising her voice ” you killed him and I loved him! You killed him and kidnapped me! I hate you. I hate you. I hate you!" She screamed.

I hit the table away and most of the food falls to the floor. I pounce on her, my hand holding her two wrists and my knee on her lap so she’s unable to get up.

She’s shouting angrily and struggling but it’s no use. With my spare hand I whip off my belt, she stills for a second before frantically trying to get up.

Ohh, I see. She thinks I’m going to do something sexual, silly girl.


That comes later...

I strap her upper arms to her body and use the belt to tie that to the chair using the belt, tying it around her upper body and the back of the chair.

I then grab duct-tape and wrap it around her wrists loosely just so she can’t move around too much or stop me.

I get up and go to the cupboard, getting out a can of soup, I start to open it.

“M-Mr Kyle? What a-are you doing?” She stutters out of fear.

She’s still not calling me by my name.

I guess I don’t have to heat the soup anyway, only risk burning her.

I go in one draw and get out a metal spoon. Storming over to her she flinches.

“Mr K-Kyle?”

I spoon some of the soup up and hold it to her mouth, she looks away.

“Open your mouth Casey” I grit my teeth and she shakes her head.

That’s fucking it.

Throwing the spoon across the room I tightly grip her chin.

“Open your fucking mouth!” Tears roll down her cheeks as she tries to shake her head but my grips too tight, she can’t even move it an inch.

Realising she’s not going to do as I say I squeeze her cheeks hard. She’s forced to open her mouth and the moment she does I place the can to her lips.

She’s unable to close her mouth and I keep my grip up on her cheeks. She squirms and coughs on the soup as it makes its way down her throat. It dibbles down her face, neck and soaks into her clothing.

She starts gagging so I take away the can and wait, she stops and I continue to pour it into her mouth. Sure, most of its going everywhere but I know she’s swallowing some and she’s not eaten in days. A little is better than nothing.

I warned her, I did warn her but she has to make everything so difficult.

Soon all that’s left is drops in the can. I throw it in the sink and I’m well aware that she’ll probably be sick. Grabbing a tea-towel I wipe her mouth clean before placing a strip of duct-tape on her mouth. She looks at me in shock.

I’ll make her keep it down.

“We’ll wait 20 minutes for it to settle then I will take the tape off and you can have a shower” I said calmly as I take my seat once again and started to eat the remainder of my food that managed to stay on the plate.

She looks at me with pleading eyes as I just watch her. I see the moment she realises she’s going to throw up and I watch her. She starts tapping the chair with her hands as her eyes go wide.

Oh no, she will keep it down.

She starts heaving and gaging but nothing can come out. Her cheeks go wide but she’s forced once again to swallow it back down, a little dripping from her nose, which I’m sure is unpleasant. This happens several times before she goes a little limp and calms down. 20 minutes later and she’s not heaved since.

Getting up from my seat I take the tape around her wrists first, she makes no move. I then take off the belt and lastly, I take the tape off her mouth slowly and lift her head up. Grabbing the water on the table I place it gently on her lips and she slowly takes sips.

“I hate you” she whispers as I smile.

“I know. But I love you. You are mine and always will be mine. You will never get away from me babydoll. I won’t let anyone take you away from me. You will always be with me.” I smile and stroke her cheek “You will bear our children. You, will give everything to me. I want and will have your mind, body and soul. And you will have mine in return” I said in my softest voice ever meaning every word and kissed her head.

She looks at me in shock as more tears drop down her cheeks. She starts to hit me repeatedly in the chest. Ignoring it I pick her up as if she is the child she’s acting like and place her on my hip as she hits away.

Casey’s pov

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!

He’s disgusting, foul. I will never be ′his’.

Bear his children? I’d rather die. I don’t want him and I never will.

I’m still hitting him when we reach the shower.

“Get off me!” I scream at him.

That was the worst torture someone has put me through.

Do you know what it was like to throw up repeatedly and have to choke it back down?

To feel and taste the acid get stronger each time you bring it back up? Have it go up your nose? Your mouth watering, begging to let you be sick but you can’t. The pain in my stomach as the sick went back down. The cramping and heaving. Not being able to breath in between.

I can still taste the acid.

Not to mention the cold liquid crawling down your throat to begin with. Choking, breathing in that shit. It dribbling everywhere. I’ve never liked tomato soup anyway but the cold, already acidic liquid being poured into my mouth was hell in itself. Bringing that shit up repeatedly was disgusting.

He drops me and I fall to the floor. He turns on the shower and takes the head off the stand. He quite violently showers me off. The water making me cough as it goes up my nose and in my mouth.

He rips off my shirt and stares at my chest. He turned off the shower before pulling me out the bathroom. I nearly slip several times trying to keep up as the floor becomes covered in wet puddles.

The moment we enter the bedroom I’m thrown onto the bed. I don’t even have time to bounce when Mr Kyles hovering above me.

His hands go to the waistband of my leggings.

“NO!” I scream trying to push him off. With one hand his takes my wrists and holds them above my head.

“I’ve had ENOUGH Casey! I’ll make you mine and then you will stop this petty disobeying behaviour!”

No, no, no, no, no, no! He can’t! I’ll never let him! I’ll never be his!

I have to do something. A plan. Now!

My leggings are now around my thighs. I go still. I closed my eyes and try my best to regulate my breathing.

He stops.

"Babydoll?” He asks “my love?”

His hand goes to my cheek as he cups it. His hand on my thigh strokes it in circles.

He sighs “Casey? I’m-”

I don’t let him finish, I feel his hand leave my thigh and I smack him in the face. He grunts but he doesn’t have time to react because I then punch him in the face, right in the eye.

I duck under him and try to run to the door but I trip on my fucking leggings. I fall to the floor with a thump.

It’s not long before I feel Mr Kyle over me as he kicks me in my side. I roll onto my back and look up at him.

“Stupid FUCKING GIRL” he reaches down and punches me in the stomach, which hurt way more than his kicks somehow.

“P-lease st-stop” I said weakly but it does nothing, he sends another kick to my side. “You sick, perverted FUCK!” I scream in pain. I immediately regret it as I look at his face. Pure rage “please j-just let me go, please leave me al-one.”

“Oh, don’t worry MY little doll, I’m going to leave you alone but first. Do you want to know about Oliver? How I killed him?”

He grabs my leggings and rips them off completely.

“So, as you know, he came into my room. Said some silly things and threatened me, I went into my drawer and grabbed my chloroform from it. After he went to sleep, I shoved him in the stationary cupboard in my room.” He smiled wickedly as he remembered what happened. He was standing over me looking down.

“When everyone had left i turned off the cameras, I dragged the little shit to my car and threw him into the boot. I drove here” my eyes widened “yes that’s right, he was here, was. We had some fun in the basement, where you’re going now” he said as he reached down and pulled me up by my hair.

“I didn’t want to do this Casey but you’ve left me no choice. If this is the only way then so be it.” He dragged me down the hall before we reached a door. He opened it with a key and dragged me down some steps.

I immediately saw chains on either side of the walls. As the tears ran down my face I struggled more and more.

“Sorry about the mess but I never had time to clean it after he was in here.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about since there was only a small bulb hanging from the ceiling and it didn’t really admit much light. But when my feet touched the cold concrete ground I understood, my bare feet dipped in a cool thick liquid and I hoped it wasn’t what I thought it was.

“Please no” I whimpered.

He quickly attaches one of my wrists to a chain and then the other.

I was in the middle of the room with my arms stretched out wide to the sides, held by the chains. I couldn’t move them down.

“That’s better” he remarked stepping back to admire his work.

“Please Mr Kyle, stop this” I begged.

He stepped closer and cupped my cheek, I moved away.

“Soon you’ll call me by my name, soon you’ll love my touch, soon you’ll love me.”

I sobbed.

“He was here just like you are. His arms up like yours. I was going to keep him here to torture for a lifetime but he would have been too much trouble.”

I sobbed more “what did you do to Oliver?” I moved my feet in the thick liquid, I could smell iron. I knew what it was.

“Well, first I woke him up with a cold bucket of water” he laughed ” you should’ve heard his teeth chatter. Then I did the obvious, I beat him to a pulp, I think I broke his nose, not sure but I did hear a crack. Then, when I got bored and he started to annoyingly beg more and more, I stabbed him in the stomach and strangled him till he went limp.”

I felt like someone took all the air from my lungs and I couldn’t get it back. I opened my mouth to breath and gasped but no air went in.

The way he said it, like it was no big deal, like it was boring him to even think about. An everyday occurrence.

He suffered so much. Oliver suffered so much. All because of me. He must have been in so much pain. He must have been in pain for so long. Been so hurt. I did that to him. He died because of me, for me.

“YOU’RE SICK!” I screamed.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Babydoll, don’t cry for him, he’s gone now.”

“I loved him” he gripped my hair and slapped me.

“We will never talk about this again, he didn’t exist. If you ever talk about it again, say its name or what you just said. I will hurt you bad.” He warned then sighed.

“I tried to be nice and it didn’t work. I’m sorry it had to come to this but I will do as I must. This is your own fault Casey” with that he just walked off and turned off the light.

“No. Please don’t do this” I cried, begging him.

He chuckled and as he closed the door, he taunted me one last time “have fun in the dark.”

“LET ME OUT! If you think that this will make me listen, if you think this will make me love you then you’re WRONG! I WILL ONLY HATE YOU MORE AND FOREVER!!” I scream at the top of my lungs.

It was freezing down here and I only had on underwear. It was so dark and quiet. All I could hear was the chains when I moved even the slightest. I was still wet from the shower, it made me colder. All I could smell was iron and piss.

How long was he going to keep me down here? What was he going to do to me?

I cried silently as my legs started to hurt from standing up too long.

“I’m sorry Oliver, I’m sorry.”

Narrative Pov

As Casey suffered in the basement. It was just as dark and cold in the forest.

You wouldn’t be able to see a meter in front of you out here even with the light of the full moon.

Leaves rustle as a soft gentle breeze shakes the trees. All is calm. Not a sound can be heard.

In the forest was nothing but trees...or so it seemed.

A loud shuffle can be heard suddenly as something large moved.

Deep breathing, raspy, gasps for air.

He’s waking.





His breathing is shallow and loud as he struggles to keep the rhythm.

He’s confused, his body hurts.

He feels a deep throbbing in his stomach as a sharp pain spread through his body at the slightest movement.

His throat feels like it’s collapsed, he forces every breath in. It hurts to swallow his own saliva. His face aches, his nose swollen.

His whole body begging to give up, pleading with him to just give in. To sleep. To let go.

Is he living? He doesn’t understand.

He thought he was dead.

He was dead.

He was so sure of it and yet, he’s not.

As he regains more and more consciousness, he feels the ground beneath him. The stones and twigs digging into the side he was lying on and the cold wet mug seeping into his clothing.

The air is bitter, stinging his lungs with every breath. He shivers violently.

He moves slowly getting used to the pain. He stands but still doesn’t understand a thing.

Where’s is he? How is he here?

He can’t remember.

He can’t remember a thing.

Who is he? Why is he so hurt?

He looks at his shirt as the moon provides a little scattered light through the trees. His shirt looks like it used to be white but it’s now red and brown.

He lifts it, marks everywhere, bruises cover his skin, black and blue. What happened to him?

Wincing at a painful sting in his stomach, a deep wound is found. Around it the skins purple.

Infected, he thinks.

But what, what’s infected. What’s going on?

‘I have to save her’.

His mind whispers but who? Her who?

Only one name circles in his mind but he didn’t know who it belongs to.


‘Is that my name?’ He wonders.

He gets up and ignores his pain. His feet move on their own accord though he doesn’t know where he’s going.

‘I have to save her’.

It repeats in his mind. Save who?

Something in him knows what to do, something in him has set a goal and knows something more. All he knows is to walk and keep walking.

He walks for hours, he’s not even sure how he’s managed to keep going. His throat is so dry and his stomach rumbles in pain but he has to keep going, his legs won’t let him stop.

The ground evens out and the trees get less and less. His shoes meet an even hard floor.

A road.

He follows it for a while. He can’t give up.

All of the sudden a car comes out of nowhere, this road is barely used, distant from anywhere important, usually no one uses it so the lady in the car didn’t expect to see anyone.

She’s speeding, trying to get home to her kids before the irresponsible teenage babysitter decides to go home and leave them home alone.

She doesn’t even see him...

A BANG followed by a thump causes her to stop. She hit an animal?

‘I don’t have the money to pay for the damages!’ she thinks. ‘Why me?’ She complains.

She looks out her window to the road to see what she hit, she couldn’t care less really, this is worse for her but something in her head told her to look.

She gasps when she sees a humanoid figure lying behind her.

She grips her phone with her shaky hand and calls 999.

“Hello... help. I-I hit someone with my car. I -I don’t know if he’s okay.”

She gets out of her car as so many things race through her mind.

’I’m going to go to prison! Please don’t be dead. What about my children, they have no one else. I don’t have money to pay for a court case’. She panics.

“Ma’am, calm down. I need you to tell me where you are.”

“I-I’m not sure. This road goes on for a while it takes me from my work to home roughly. I’m not sure if I’ve even got halfway through it, there’s no sighs for miles.”

“Okay ma’am can you tell me your name?”


“Okay, listen to me Julie. I need you to calm down. Can you tell me what happened?”

She explains what happened and the operator tracks her cell phone.

Helps on the way. But will it be too late?

“Julie, do you know how to check a pulse? Don’t move him but can you do that for me?”

Julie checks his pulse and panics, she feels nothing. Tears roll down her face. She killed him! Then suddenly there’s something. She sighs in relief.

“He has a pulse but it’s really weak, I almost didn’t feel it.” She looks down at the boy in shock.

“He’s in a bad way, he looks like he’s been beaten, he’s covered in mud and blood. He doesn’t look that old, I’ve not seen any cars coming or going I don’t know why he’s down here.”

30 minutes later an ambulance finally arrives. They take him away but he’s in a bad way.

Will he be okay?

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