One Sided Love

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Chapter 33

Damian Kyle’s Pov

Home sweet home.

Grabbing two buckets and filling them with lukewarm water and taking the stool from the bathroom, I make my way down to Casey.

As I open the door the pungent smell of the basement hits me. I make my way down to her.

She’s no longer standing, her head is low and her legs bent, she can’t stand right now.

She’s weak.

Walking up to her, I take in her appearance. Her hair is greasy, her face is stained with tears, her body is pale and her ribs are sticking out a little. Her wrists are black from bruises and I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be broken.

I look over her body. She’s been sick. She’s taking short shallow breaths. She’s soiled herself. It was to be expected, she had been down here for three days but it’s still horrible to see her in this state. She’s not even awake right now.

I turn away to get supply’s, I would leave her just like that for longer but I know she’s not eaten for 7 days now, she’s too weak, she was too weak to begin with, she won’t last much longer if I leave her like that.

She needs clothing, food and water then...I’ll leave her again.

I grab a long-sleeved top I bought for her and some cheap sweatpants because I know they’ll just be ruined by then next time I see her. I also get her some proper underwear, not a thong. She doesn’t need a bra right now so I don’t grab one.

She’s not going to be happy that I’m going to change her but she doesn’t have a choice.

I do her some rice pudding. I was going to do soup but I don’t think she’d like that after last time. She needs something soft and filling so I went with rice pudding, it’s sweet too, I’ll make sure to get her to say ‘thank you’.

I return to the basement. I throw the water onto her lifeless body and she wakes. She looks up at me startled.

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s warm isn’t it? I’m not being mean. I’m trying to help.”

“H-hel-p?” Her voice is rough and weak.

“Yes, I’m helping. I care for you and I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Y-you...came back?”

She thought I was going to leave her here.

That’s good, she’s happy to see me, relieved. Good feelings, positive towards me. Perfect.

“Of course, I came back. I would never just leave you here” I spoke softly.

I need to change the way she’s thinking. Mess with her mind and emotions. Manipulate her thoughts and feelings. Change her memory’s and the way she sees things. I’ll get into her head and twist things in my favour. She’ll love me.

She won’t leave until she does.

“You had an accident” I point out, her face fills with shame as she looks down. “I thought you were stronger than that” I need to make her feel bad, disguising and pathetic.

“I, I couldn’t help i-t. I’m sorry” she whispers, now I need to make her feel better.

She needs to think I’m the only one who would love her. Make her feel bad then make her feel better, that way she’ll associate me with positive thoughts, the way that I care for her, that only I could, would and will care for her.

“No, it’s okay. Here, let me help you” she looks surprised that I’m going to help her.

I walk up to her and keep eye contact with her. My hands reach around her and I unclasp her bra. I don’t look down no matter how much I desperately want to and I let it fall away to the floor after cutting the straps.

Still looking into her eyes, I kneel down. She seems shocked that I’m not looking. I hook my fingers around the band of her thong and slowly pull it down. She’s distressed for a moment but calms as my gentle actions and eye contact reassures her.

I let it fall to the ground as well.

“I need to wash you down a little. Okay?” I ask still kneeling in front of her. She nods slightly.

I rise to my feet and grab the other bucket. It’s so hard to resist the temptation to look at her fragile little body especially between her luscious legs. I’ve not seen that part of her just yet and I’m dying to do so but I can’t right now.

I throw the bucket onto her body. I then go upstairs to refill them. Going back down I throw them on her once more before grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her. I never once looked away from her face and she watched me closely.

I undo the chains and sit her on the stool I brought. I take her wrists and lightly bandage them before putting a supportive sleeve on them.

“Do you want water?” She nods somewhat eagerly. I press the cup against her lips and she gulps the lot down.

“You hungry?” She nods “will you eat?” She nods again a little more shyly.

I take a spoonful of the pudding and bring it to her mouth. She hesitates for a second before opening her mouth.

“You’re being so good Casey.” I praise as she finished the food without protest “What do you say?”

She looks at me confused for a second and then...

“t-t-than-k yo-u M-Mr Ky-le.”

I smile, even though she called me ‘Mr Kyle’, I’m beaming right now. This has worked so well but I know she’s not quite there yet.

Time to manipulate her a little.

“Did you really think I would leave you down here to die?”

“I-” I cut her off.

I can’t let her speak or answer back. Her mind needs to stew.

“I would never leave you down here. I’d never let anyone hurt you. I know that you want me really, you’re just lying to yourself.”


“You wanted me to come back, no? Should I just go then?”


“you were begging for me to come get you, weren’t you? You wanted me, didn’t you? And now you’re begging me to stay, aren’t you?”


“You want me to come and get you, to love you. You want my love. You want me to touch you and care for you. You want to love me. The thing you call hate is love, you don’t hate me, you’re confused, you love me. You love me I know it, I see it, just admit it.”

Her brows furrow and I can tell it’s working.

“You feel cold and empty without me. You feel nothing. You want my touch. You need my touch. It warms and excites you.”

“No!” She shouts.


I lightly place my warmed hand on her cheek. I had put my hand in my pocket to make sure it was warm. I am aware of how cold it is down here.

Her face lights up. She’s confused. She’s unsure. She leans into my hand before pulling away.

“You want me. You need me. I want you. I need you.”


“I know. You’re confused. Your feelings are all over the place. I understand But I love you and I know you love me too. Deep inside your heart, you know it too. Don’t you?”


“You are mine and always will be mine. You will never get away from me because you don’t want too. I won’t let anyone take you away from me, you’re safe with me. You will always be with me and I with you.” I smile sweetly “You will bear our children. We will get married. I will give you every and anything you want. We will have a happy life. You will give every part of yourself to me. I will have your mind, body and soul. And you will have mine in return.”


“What is it? What do you want? Do you want me to touch you? Love you?”

“N-no. I. No, don’t touch me” she whispers in confusion,

“You do. I know you do. I can make you feel so good if you’d just let me. I’d make you feel things you’ve never felt before. I can love you like no other.”

She doesn’t speak.

“Care for you like no one else can.”

She looks to the floor.

“No one loves you like I do, not your so-called family, not your friends. No one.”

I attempted to take the towel away but she flinches back.

“I won’t look. I promise.”

I take the towel away and put the shirt on her swiftly. I get her to stand before helping her with her underwear and sweatpants. The whole time not looking away from her eyes.

Trust. She needs trust.

“There” I said satisfied. At least she’ll be a little warmer now.

I adjust the chains a little before attaching one side to her wrist.

“NO!” She shrieks, seemingly only to notice now that she will be staying down here longer. I quickly do the other side before she can fight back.

“Calm down girl! Only a little longer.”

“No! Don’t leave me down here” I ignore her pleas and pack everything up. “Please Mr Kyle! How long are you going to keep me down here!”

I look up to her with a soft face “that, Casey, is up to you. I came here because you hadn’t eaten in a week, now you have...” I drifted off ominously.

Panic is evident on her face.

“What does that mean? Don’t leave me please!”

“I have given you clothes, a stool and I adjusted the chains so you could sit down on said stool, because I love you and care for you.”

“If you love me then you wouldn’t be doing this” she pleaded. I turned to face her.

“I have done nothing wrong. You are the one who caused all of this.” I start to walk up the steps.

“No, please don’t leave me!”

“If you want me to stay longer then say my name” I give her a choice.

She stays quiet.

Oh, my stubborn little doll.

I continue up the stairs.

“No, not the light!” She screams but I’ve already flicked it off.

I lock up the door.

The isolation seems to be working, maybe the darkness too. I can see it. She breaking down nicely.

The next step is to get her to say my name, my real name not ‘Mr Kyle’. Then she needs to get use to my touch in different ways than before.

How long is this going to take? I’d like her to be submissive by the time we leave for America. Will she be ready in a few weeks? I’d rather her not have an outburst in the middle of an airport.


3 days have passed and in that short amount of time my little Casey has learnt a lot.

Each day I go down to her at late afternoon to give her food and water, to wash and change her. Each day she has begged me to stay and she came so close yesterday to letting me touch her.

Nothing sexual, just physical contact, I know she’s craving it. She wants warmth and compassion.

Each time I go down there I make sure to twist her thoughts and not let her talk back. It’s working so well!

She’s questioning everything she’s ever said and done. I’m hinting to her that all of this was her fault to begin with, yesterday she whispered a little ‘this is all my fault’ as I was leaving.

I don’t know if I was meant to hear it or if she accidentally said it out loud but she said it.


It’s a powerful feeling, it can drag you down to the pits of hell. I needed it to speed up this process. Now she thinks everything’s her fault, she hates herself more so now I need to show her that I’ll love her no matter what.

That everyone hates her but me, that I’ll always love her unconditionally and she’ll love me back for being there.

I haven’t been to the work since, there’s nothing I need there and they were starting to get suspicious. Yes, I am aware that this could make me seem more suspicious but I couldn’t risk mine and Casey’s happiness with unexpected visits from the police and maybe even a slip up from me.

No, it’s safer if I’m here with her.

I don’t mind having a week of pay taken, or even the money I was going to be paid in the term holiday, it doesn’t matter to me as long as we are together.

I told them I had a death in the family and wouldn’t be coming in, they said I could have a few days off but I’m not going back. I don’t trust them.

I ended up smashing my phone so it can’t be traced, the only technology in the house is a radio and the tv.

We just need to lay low until the flight. They can’t do anything without evidence.

I go to the basement door with my supply’s and stop. I can hear her. She’s talking to herself.

“I can’t do this anymore!” She’s quietly crying out to herself. It breaks my heart to hear the desperation in her voice but it also excites me.

“I can’t feel my arms, I’m cold. This is humiliating! I want a proper shower. I want to go home!” she sobs slightly.

I notice how she says ‘home’, I thought we’d been over the fact that they don’t care. Maybe she needs something more.

“What if they never find me? Well, he just wants to love me, right? He’s being nice, he’s caring. But you can’t trust him. Think of all the times he’s hurt me, come on, remember! He’s a murderer! No... I’m the murderer” she cries.

This is working. This is what I wanted, I’ve successfully manipulated what she feels, sees and thinks, I’ve made her lose her sanity and now she’ll depend on me.

I’ll slowly build her back up.

She’ll love me.

I open the door and she stops.

“D-. Mr Kyle? You’re back!?” She whispers out. She wanted to say my name.

“Yes, my doll. Of course, I came back” I haven’t used any nicknames all this time. I wanted to see her reaction when I did. She smiles at me.

I put down my things and undo the chains. I start by undressing her, taking off her top.

I test her by lightly graze my finger tips on her waist and grip her trousers never breaking eye contact. She doesn’t even react to my touch.

I finish cleaning, feeding and dressing her and I’ve begun my manipulating.

“You feel cold and empty without me, don’t you? You need me, yes?”


“I know you really want me. You want me to take you back upstairs, don’t you?”


“You know everyone at home has forgotten about you? Nothing in the newspaper, not on the news, they’re not even looking for you.”


“That’s right. It’s like they’re acting like you never existed. What did you do Casey to make them hate you? I’m curious.”

She looks in shock.

“N-no. They’re looking for me, they have to be!”

“But they’re not.”

“Liar!” She shouts.

“I said. What did you do to make them all hate you?”

“Stop it, st-op it, s-stop” she covers her ears with her hands “they are looking for me. They have to be.”

“Oh really?”

I give her the current newspaper and I took out the whole 4 pages about his and her disappearance. She flicks through it quickly.

“They don’t care, my love.”

She continues to look with tears running down her face.

“They never did.”

She flicks it back to the front to see the date.

“Only I will love you. Forever and always.”

She looks up to me with tear filled eyes, her little hands shaking. I take the paper away from her grasp slowly and throw it onto the floor.

“They never cared” she whispers looking up at me.

She wants me.

I can see it. Truly.

“You want me don’t you doll? What do you want me to do? You want me to touch you?”

She nods.

She nodded.

“M-mr-...Damian” she croaks as tears run down her little face “Damian can I have a h-hug please?”

“All you need to do is ask babydoll" I wrap my arms around her little frame and engulf her in a hug. She shakes and cries into my chest and does something I didn’t think she’d do.

For the fists time, she takes her hands away from her face and wrap them around me. I still for a second before eagerly wrapping mine around her tighter.

It’s a small thing to most but to me it’s huge. She finally said my first name and asked for a hug. Not only that but she also hugged me back.

Her little hands grip onto my dress shirt, she ball’s them onto fists and cry’s harder.

“No one cares about me” she sobs “I’m so alone.”

“ you’re not. I care. I’m here. You’re not alone. You have me and I’ll never leave you, ever.”

She eventually lets her grip slide and I break the hug.

“They didn’t care for you and never will. You don’t belong with them. They don’t deserve you. You will be safe and happy with me. I love you and I know you love me too.”

I raise my hand up “can I touch you?” She nods. “Words babydoll. I need to hear it.”

“Yes D-Damian.”

I smile widely and place my hand on her cheek, she leans into my hand and flutters her eyes shut in content.

“You still have to stay down here a little longer, okay?”

I can see her eyes water and she nods before correcting herself with a little “okay.”

I chain her arms up once more and leave with my stuff.

I want to bring her back up so bad but it’s not time yet. She won’t leave me now if she thinks her family aren’t looking.

As I walk up the steps she speaks.

“D-Damian, please, leave the light on.”

I look down to her for a second “okay” I smile, turn around and continue up the steps leaving the light on for her.

She really doesn’t like the dark. Maybe she’s started seeing things, her mind playing tricks on her. Wouldn’t surprise me, that’s what I’ve been doing, chipping away at her sanity.

I wonder if I should treat her for being so good. One part of me is telling me to leave her down there longer and not to trust her. She’s only been down there for 6 days, could she really have changed that much in that little time?

I always thought she was strong minded and strong willed. Stubborn in other words. But then again, she was already cracking and doing self-harm.

The other part of me is thrilled and wants to bring her back up and spoil her rotten because I love her.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

What he’s doing is a psychological manipulation called Gaslighting

Google definition;

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes, including low self-esteem.

It’s a type of manipulation that is involved in the process of grooming.

Grooming-Child grooming is befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, to lower the child’s inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse

He’s making her doubt her own sanity to manipulate what she feels, thinks and sees so she will depend on him. He’s making her feel like she doesn’t belong outside so she’ll stay. Making her mind question everything, including herself. He’s doing this so he can break her down and then attempt to establish a friendship with her that will eventually lead to a relationship.

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