One Sided Love

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Chapter 34

The whole day I’ve been thinking about what to do. She’s been doing so well of late and I think she’s ready for some ‘tests’, so-to-speak.

It’s night time once more and I have a ‘treat’ for my Casey.

I unlock the door and gaze down to her. She’s awake. She smiles at me.

“Hi” she whispers huskily, clearly dehydrated.

“Hello babydoll" Was she waiting for me? She was, bless her

I get down to her and undo the chains. She looks at me confused.

“Where are the buckets?” She asks.

I smile warmly.

“No buckets today. I’m taking you up for a shower.” Taking her chin in my hand I ask softly “Would you like that?”

Her eyes light up and she nods her head eagerly “yes, yes please Damian.”

To see the happiness on her face, to see her eyes light up, hear the appreciation in her voice and that little smile. Hearing my name come out of her pretty little mouth too. She gunna drive me crazy. It’s enough to bring me to my knees.

She’s enough to bring me to my knees.

“Say my name again” I whisper to her.

“D-Damian” I close my eyes in content, how is it such a turn-on?


“Damian” I groan a little and it seems to...scare? Embarrass her or something.

Her little legs are still too weak so after stripping her down I stand behind her and help her. We walk over the newspaper and walk up the steps, much like a baby taking its first steps.

Occasionally her feet slide from under her and she grips my arms tighter but we make it to the bathroom nonetheless. Yes, I could have just picked her up but, that’s too controlling right now. Yes, I am controlling her but she needs to see it as ‘helping’. Caring. I helped her to walk. She had a little independence. Did something for herself but...I was always there to help if she needed. Trust. She needs to trust me.

As we reach the glass shower, I catch her reflection.

Fuck, how have I resisted the need to look for so long? She’s fucking gorgeous.

It was only a split second but god, that was all I needed as my trousers to start getting tighter.

I turn on the shower and let her walk in.

“If you need me. I’m out here. Just wash down with the water then you can have a nice soothing bath. That sound okay?”

Her eyes grow wider at the word ‘bath’ “yes, yes, thank you!”

I smile to myself and turn away. I turn on the water to the tub and pour some lavender bubble bath in.

I glanced up at her body through the glass, sure the condensation covers most of it but every now and then I get a look at her.

Her bruises have nearly gone, the ones that are left are a light greeny colour, barely noticeable. Only thing that draws the eye are her wrists, they are still black from the restraints.

I catch a look at her breasts, so perfectly round and perky, her nipples hard and pink. My perfect girl.


After a few minutes the baths full so I turn off the water.

Looking up to tell her the baths ready, I just can’t resist, I shouldn’t but...I just have to. I don’t want to push it. She’s come so far but I need to see. I need to see how far she’s come. I need to see her. This will be her first ‘test’ or of many.

“Doll?” I call out the other side of the glass shower door. “Turn for me” I command more then ask.

She takes a minute but with her head low down and her arms gripping the shower walls for some sort of support, she turns for me.

I’m overjoyed, she did it. She actually did it.

But she hesitated:

That’s bad.

See, that’s why she needs longer down in the basement. I sigh to myself.

Her leg buckles a little so I step into the shower and hold her steady by her bicep and turn off the shower with my other hand.

I haven’t even looked yet.

“Your baths ready but it can wait” I tell her. I’m still holding her biceps to keep her upright but I see everything. I take a sharp intake of breath and try to memorise every inch of her. Oh, how I’d love to spread those legs apart and see her fully.

I look back to her face to see a slow tear slip down her cheek.

Oh no. I made her uncomfortable, I was looking too long. I forgot how sensitive she is.

“You are beautiful, my love. Absolutely stunning. No need to be embarrassed or self-conscious because you are completely and utterly perfect.” I cup and caress her cheek with one hand, gliding my thumb over her lips, forgetting to make her think she has a choice by asking to touch her. “I’m going to kiss your face now because I can’t resist your beauty” I slowly press a slow kiss on her forehead and watch her eyes close. I then place one on each cheek and her nose and smile at her as her eyes remain shut.

I then help her out of the shower and over to the bath. Her smile had faded after I asked that of her but it quickly returns when she looks at the tub and the bubbles.

See what I did? Replaced bad, negative feelings, with happy ones, and that’s how she’ll remember this.

She was uncomfortable and nervous but with the sudden change to happy and relaxed when she seen the bath, that’s hopefully how she’ll feel next time something like this happens. She’ll be overcome by the positive feelings then the other, when remembering this too she’ll recall these feelings.

I helped her into the bath by lifting her up bridal style and lowering her in. She immediately relaxes more and more as she sank further into the warmth of the water. She lets out a small sigh as she submerged her limbs into the water fully. The bubbles helping to keep her covered as they go up to her neck and cover the water.

I think I put too much in.

Yes, I want to experience the joy of washing her myself but I know she’s not use to my touch in that way just yet.

My fingers are itching to memories every inch of her frail little body as I lather her up but she’s earned this little moment for herself.

She still needs her independence.

I can see this is all slowly working. I’m in her head now. I can control how she thinks, she feels. I can see already my plan working as she’s beginning to except her new life with me. She seems more and more grateful each time I come to see her. It amuses me how she still thinks I’m going to leave her down there, maybe I should, just for a few days to stir things up in her mind more. I’ve fed her, clothed her, cared for her, washed her down and that look on her face when I allowed the light to be on was enough to prove her appreciation but she still has a long way to go.

I watch her for a second longer before I decided to get her, her food. Picking up a flannel and body wash, I put it on the side of the tub for her.

“Here. Wash yourself. When I come back, I’ll have your dinner and you can eat it in the bath. That sound fun?”

“Yes, thank you Damian.” She says not looking up from the bubbles as they reflect the light.

I smiled before walking away and preparing her food. Today I thought it would be better to give her solid food so I made her a chocolate spread sandwich, strawberry yogurt, a hardboiled egg and a small handful of grapes. It’s everything she needs nourishment wise. I put it all on a tray when I head a soft thud. I calmly walk to the bathroom to see her trying to reach for the body wash that she’s dropped onto the floor.

“Here. Don’t strain yourself baby” I grab the bottle before hanging it to her but she doesn’t grip it so it just falls straight in the bath as she hiss’s in pain.

She began to panic and only then did I notice she had been crying.

“sorry, I’m so-rry, I, I didn’t mean to” she tried to reach for it but it only seemed to hurt her to move. She was crying frustrated tears.

I kneeled beside her “hey. Shhhh. It’s okay. Calm down my love, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

She shook her head “I-I can’t. I can’t w-wash mys-elf, they h-urt too much” she cried looking at her hands, bowing her head in shame.

I sigh in understanding “is it your wrists? Do they hurt bad?” She nods and looks at them causing her to cry even more.

“They scare me. Th-ey don’t loo-k n-normal. They are black. I h-ate it” she cried.

"Shhhh. They’ll heal” I said stroking her head “I’ll take a look at them and make sure they are okay. Then I’ll put a splint on them to make sure they heal properly. That way you won’t be able to see them too.”

As of right now, I’m pretty sure at least one of them has a fracture but I’ll put a splint on both, they’ll heal nicely. Then again, they could just be badly bruised.

She started crying more.

"Oh, my sweet, sensitive girl, you will be fine as long as you’re with me. I’ll always keep you safe. Would you like a hug?” I ask her.

“P-please” she opens her arms and wraps them around me. At this point I’m soaked but I don’t mind. She hugs me back as tightly as she can even gripping my shirt like she did yesterday even though we both know it’s hurting her more.

The fact that she’s naked is seemingly out the window as I rub my hands soothingly on her bare back.

“It’s okay. I’m sure you’re clean anyway from the shower. It doesn’t matter” oh I badly I want to wash her. But I can’t. It’s too far right now.

Patience’s Damian, patience’s.

I pull away from her “where is the body wash now?”

“In the bath.”

“Whereabouts?” I ask her, she moves about a little before pointing. I quickly reach in and grab it. Fortunately, well, unfortunately for me, it was exactly where I my hand reached and I quickly brought it out.

No funny business, much to my dismay.

Again, she seems surprised. I quickly walk away and grab the tray of food. I attach the caddy tray to the sides of the tub and watch her excitement grow.

“Would you like help to eat? The hot water would do good to your muscles, especially your wrists” like everything else, it’s not really a choice but it’s good for her to make it seem like it is.

“O-okay” I grab a sandwich from the plate “Damian, c-can I wash my hair?”

“Well, of course you can.”


Ah, her wrists, I see...

“Would you like me to do it for you?”

She bites her lip “yes please” I give her a nod before beginning to feed her, halfway through I let out some of the water and replace it with more heat. She didn’t ask me to but she still thanked me for it.

After she ate, she looked at the empty plate, I know she’s still hungry but I don’t want to risk her being sick because she ate too much.

But I can’t resist that face.

“Would you like some more?” She looks at me surprised before nodding “what would you like exactly?”

“Sandwich” she reply’s almost instantly.

“Because it was chocolate?” I smile at her, of course that’s why. She smiles back innocently. I shake my head and roll my eyes before scooping up a small amount of bubbles on the end of my finger and tapping it on her nose. She does this cute little face and goes cross-eyed trying to look at it. She then slightly sneezed as some went up her nose so I wipe the rest off her nose with the same finger that put it there. She laughed at the incident. I don’t even think she realised she had. It was adorable. I made her laugh. I made her smile.

It was all natural. It was almost normal.

That’s how I want this to always be.

I then got up and went out to make her another sandwich. Upon my return I give her the food, allowing her to feed herself and grab the shampoo I got her. It’s supposed to help with damaged hair from dying, which reminds me, I need to get rid of this horrible orange as soon as I can.

Kneeling down behind her i wash her hair out with water, surprised to see so much dirt and grime come out. I then lather up her hair with the shampoo, making sure to gently scrub her head with it and making sure none of it drips down onto her face and eyes by tilting her head back slightly. I leave it in for about 5 minutes then I wash it out using the shower hose that attaches to the tap. After I’m satisfied that it’s all rinsed out I gently message conditioner in, working it to the ends and roots.

“Do you like the shampoo? I bought it specially for you. It’s meant to make your hair softer and shiner after dying it.”

“O-oh, I didn’t notice, I’m sorry. I-it smells great” she seems nervous that she didn’t notice. She’s clearly still afraid of me, she should be for now.

She reaches for the bottle on the bath tray and turns it. She reads it carefully.

“This...was expensive?”

“It was worth it” I really hate her hair right now.

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you my love” she’s being so perfect today. I almost want to keep her up here tonight but I can’t.

After washing out the conditioner I drain the bath, cover her with a towel and help her out. After that I help her dress and give her socks and shoes because she’s going back down in the basement and I don’t really want her to get too dirty straight after having a bath. I already placed a small mattress down there for her.

I take a look at her wrist and notice that her left one is more swollen and she struggles more to move her fingers with it. I’m sure that one is at least fractured so I rub in some numbing cream and place a sleeve on before tightly putting a splint on it. The other, I’ve concluded, that it’s just badly bruised but nonetheless, I still put cream, a sleeve and splint on it, just not as tight.

I brush her hair and it seems a lot softer than before after using that shampoo and conditioner, all that’s left now is to dye it back but we can do that later.

After all that, I guide us back to the basement, she holds no surprise on her face, no emotion at all. That surprised me, sure, but I’m happy she’s beginning to except the fact that she has no say.

She is becoming submissive for me. But I still need to get rid of her hesitation. She should be better now I’ve seen her completely. No need for the embarrassment. I just need to get her use to my touch in other ways, more fun ways...

We make our way down the steps and she looks around the room confused. I had made some changes when she was gone.

No longer is the stool in here, the chains are up high and a mattress is in the corner of the room. I put a bucket to the side so she can go to the bathroom now and I left the book she was reading a few days ago on the mattress. That’s if she can read it of course in this lighting.

She sits on the mattress almost instantly, taking her new set place naturally, a smile on her lips as she reaches for the book.

“Just a little longer my doll” I say softly as I tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. I place a kiss on her still damp hair and begin to walk away.

“T-Thank you Damian” she calls making me turn and smile at her.

As I close the door, I stick around for a second longer than usual and I start to hear faint sounds of her crying. She’s overwhelmed, bless.

She’ll be ready soon. Soon she’ll let me kiss her and touch her in the ways I, oh so desperately want to. Then she’ll touch me and we can have fun. Last step. I will take her virginity and she will shake under me as I cum inside her. Then she will truly be mine forever.

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