One Sided Love

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Chapter 36

After he kissed me and left, he came back minutes later with food and helped me eat. I honestly can’t tell if having these splints on is making my wrists better or worse because now I can barely move my fingers because the metal plates won’t let me.

After I ate, he surprisingly left me a bottle of water to have until he came back.

He didn’t speak, he didn’t try to touch me. Only when he was leaving did he kiss me lightly on the forehead.

It was weird.

The voices kept telling me I did something wrong but I can’t think what. But why should I care if he’s upset, I shouldn’t.

No, I don’t. I don’t care about him. I hate him.

I hate him.

Do I?

Anyway, I figured that he must come down once a day. When? I don’t know. Since then, he’s been back with food twice, so two days and each time he’s barely spoke and all he does is kiss my head.

What if I did do something wrong?


He could punish me.

I could be down here longer or he could hit me again!

What could I have done?! I can’t remember. I don’t know one day to the next and every second in here mixed with the others. There’s no time concept. I can barely remember what I was doing a few minutes ago.

The kiss? Could it be because I didn’t kiss back? But he didn’t seem to care, he made a big speech about how he didn’t care. Though I don’t really understand what he meant by it.

Wait. No. Why should I care? So, what if he’s in a pissy mood?

He could hurt me, starve me, that’s what he could do. I’m completely at his mercy.

What am I supposed to do about it?


Fuck off. My mind is really starting to do my head in. Literally.

At least the lights still on, it seems brighter than it first seemed. I guess my eyes have adjusted to the dimness down here.

Right on cue, the light flickers then, turns off.

Fucks sake.

My heart starts beating against my chest.

“No, no, no, no, no” I whisper as I look frantically around the room. My eyes dart all over the place as I squish myself into the corner of the room.

I can’t see anything but the swirls that start forming in my vision, morphing into shadows. Eyes start glowing in the darkness, red and evil.

I scream. I scream so loud it hurts my throat. The creatures start crawling towards me in an animalistic-type way on the floor.

I scream louder and start to violently shake as tears stream down my face and I cover my eyes not wanting to see but I can still see them in my mind.

I need help.

I need him.

“DAMIAN!!!” I scream as loud as I can as I cover me ears from the volume of my own voice and shut my eyes as tight as I can.

I keep screaming his name hoping he’s home and will hear me.

I feel a hand touch my leg.

“DAMIAN” I scream-sob as I kick my legs away from the creature.

I’m engulfed into warmness as arms wrap around me. I peak one eye open and move my hands from my ears.

“Jesus fucking Christ Casey, you gave me a heart attack.”

If only it was that simple...

“Damian?” I question as I look up at him still shaking violently. It’s still dark down here but light from the door which is wide open makes half of his face light up.

He looks down to me “What was all the screaming about?”

I ignore his question “Damian?” I say again as more tears stream down my cheeks and my voice breaks.

“Yes, I’m here. Breath babydoll, it’s only me” he reassures.

I cry more as I wrap my arms around him. What is wrong with me? I’ve gone insane. I need help.

“The light. The light went out. I was so scared, t-the creatures came back” I sobbed.

“Oh Casey” he sympathised “it’s okay. There are no monsters. Damn lightbulb must have burst, I’m so sorry” he hugs me back as I shake and sob.

I begin drifting off into sleep when I feel myself being picked up. I open my eyes as Damian puts me on the side of his hip like a child, with one hand under my butt supporting my weight and the other around the small of my back.

He carries me up the steps and into the house. He closes the door to the basement and takes me the couch.

He moves me to the middle of his body before sitting down with me on his lap straddling him.

Still slightly crying I put my head on his chest.

"Shhhhhh. You’re safe” he whispers.

Am I though?

He keeps one arm around my lower back and the other running up and down my back.

Only then do I notice the TVs on. He was watching tv? I peek from his chest to see football. Typical.

He continues to make shushing sounds and although I want to go to sleep so bad, I won’t. I’m scared I’ll wake back up down there in the darkness.

“I’m sorry” a whisper slips out.

Why the hell am I sorry?!

“What are you sorry for babydoll?”

I don’t fucking know!

“For scaring you” really?! Who the fuck is talking right now?!

Hold on, this could make him feel sorry for me. Pity maybe, I hate pity but maybe he’ll let me out if that damned place. Maybe I could get him to trust me.

“That wasn’t your fault doll, I should’ve known that the bulb was going to run out soon with it being on all the time.” He pauses “what are the ‘creatures’?”

“Shadows in the dark, they don’t look human. I know it sounds crazy but ever since I've been down there-they don’t like the light-they try to get me-they whisper my name-they either have red eyes or no eyes at all-” I start to realise I’m taking gibberish and jumping from one sentence to the next, I take a breath ” I know they aren’t real but, they still scare me.”

He doesn’t say anything, just nods in understanding and kisses my head,

“Thank you for coming for me” I whisper into his chest. I really was appreciative about that. I certainly would have gone mad if he didn’t.

“Always babydoll" he holds me tighter.

Looking around the room I notice he didn’t close the curtains like he did before. I can see the sun shining, it’s daytime.

“Damian?” He hums in response “can I look outside?” He tenses.

“You are not going outside” he said so sternly it made me jump.

“Not outside. From the window, can I look outside?”

He looks at me for what seems like hours before smiling and nodding.

I slowly climb off his lap and stumble over to the windowsill, I’m still very unsteady on my legs and I nearly fell several times but I make it.

It’s very bright and it hurts my eyes to look out but I can’t shut them, it’s almost impossible, I haven’t seen nature in what seems like forever. I squint me eyes as the sun cooks them.

My vision blurs before going clear once again. Trees, trees and more trees but it’s so beautiful. They gently shake in the wind as the sun shines on the leaf’s.

I see beautiful wildflowers blooming around the tree line, bluebells and daffodils are the only ones I can name, I’m not really a flower person. I love them of course but I don’t know what they are all called.

I stare at it all longingly. I do want to go outside.

“Casey?” Damian whispers in my ear. I jump not knowing he was behind me. His arms sneaking around my waist and meet on my stomach, pulling me back slightly to his body.

I want to hit him so bad.

“What are you thinking?” He asks.

I point at the window “the flowers, I want to pick some. I was just thinking how nice they’d look in here. I was also thinking about how much I want to go outside but I know I can’t” I answer truthfully which seems to shock him a little.

“Not yet, no” he confirms. After a second of looking out the window he sighs “I should get a new bulb for you.” He said pulling me away from the view.

He gave me a heavy torch that I could barely lift and we started to make our way down to the basement. I stopped at the doorway, he turned around and held his hand out.

“Trust me, I’ll keep you safe.”

Trust? Trust! Fuck no but he needs to think I do.

I take his hand and he led us back down the basement. Now holding the torch in one hand it kills my wrist. I wonder if I could hit him over the head with it.

Could I get enough momentum to knock him out or would it just be suicide for me?

No, stupid idea, I’d probably only end up breaking my wrist.

He climbs the small stepladder and I shine the torch for him so he can see what he’s doing. He replaces the bulb and climbs the stairs. I immediately have a heart attack and shine the torch to the walls the monsters come from.

The light flickers on and a small smile comes to my face as the room is dimly illuminated.

I look up to him to see he’s standing right next to me. A soft smile on his face. He cups half my face with one hand and the other brushing hair away from my face.


I nod “much, thank you.”

He places a kiss on my head and takes the torch from my hands. He begins to walk up the steps.

“I’m sorry” I blurt out, he stops and turns to me.

“I told you not to be. This wasn’t your fault, you got scared I understand that, no reason to be sorry.”

“N-no. Not that.” I fiddle with my fingers “did I do something wrong? It’s just, you’ve not been talking and normally you do and I got worried I did something to upset you but I don’t know what I did and I was...I am scared i upset you and I didn’t know what made you unhappy and I-” he thankfully cuts me off of my nervous ramble by slowly walking back down the stairs.

“No, sweet Casey. You did nothing wrong. You’re completely perfect in every way.”


He walks up to me and looks me up and down. He puts his hand around the back of my neck.

“Would you like a shower?”

I can have a shower?

“Yes please” He smiles and picks me up bridal style which I’m happy for, my legs were starting to really hurt, I’m not normally up for so long.

Damian Kyle’s Pov

When she was screaming my head thought the worst. The way she screamed my name, the desperation and distress lacing her voice.

I opened the door calling her name, it was in darkness and I could barely see her huddled up in the corner on the old beat-up mattress.

She was still screaming as I went down the steps. As I got to her, I noticed how violently she was shaking, her eyes shut so tight the tears that were rolling down her cheeks could barely escape and her hands tightly clasping her ears.

I called her name when I was right next to her but no reply, she couldn’t hear me. She screamed as I tried to make my presence known by touching her leg. She started kicking frantically.

Why was she so scared?

She hit her head on the wall. I don’t think she even noticed. I quickly wrapped her into a tight hug, placing one arm around her waist and my hand the back of her head to stop the hits and bring her into my chest.

I asked her what was wrong and he said it was the ‘creatures’? She sees ‘creatures’ down here? Without the light her mind plays tricks on her.

This wasn’t part of the plan but I am overjoyed by her reaction. She screamed for me, for my help, my name.

I felt her soon begin to go limp in my arms and with the limited contact I’ve had with her over the days, I decide to be selfish and not give up on the hug she and I clearly needed.

I pick her up and put her on my hip and carry her up the stairs. The movement woke her up but she doesn’t fight me.

I sit down on the sofa where I was a minute ago and rest her on my lap. I continue to shush her as her cry’s turn into whimpers, then she surprises me.

“I’m sorry” she whispers.

Why is she sorry? What did she do? Did she finally notice...or is this for something else?

“What are you sorry for babydoll?” I ask concerned.

“For scaring you” awe, bless her.

My fragile, little doll.

“That wasn’t your fault doll, I should’ve known that the bulb was going to run out soon with it being on all the time.” I paused and allowed my curiosity get the better of me “what are the ‘creatures’?”

“Shadows in the dark, they don’t look human. I know it sounds crazy but ever since I've been down there-they don’t like the light-they try to get me-they whisper my name-they either have red eyes or no eyes at all-...I know they aren’t real but, they still scare me.” She rambles quickly in fear as she remembers their details.

I truly have broken her. Before, she’d sleep in the dark in her room at home, she never even had a lamp but now, now I feel she’ll always need a light on. This could be a very good weakness to exploit instead of starving or locking her up.

I just nod in understanding of her fears and kiss her head.

“Thank you for coming for me” she whisper, into my chest and I can tell it was genuine.

“Always babydoll" I hold her tighter to reassure her.

Not long after she speaks up again “Damian?” I hum “can I look outside?”

She just had to ruin the nice moment doesn’t she.

“You are not going outside.”

“Not outside. From the window, can I look outside?”


In that moment I try to remember if the window and door is securely locked. I think I can remember doing them so what’s the harm. Is she going to try to look for an escape? Silly girl.

I nod and she wobbles her way over. I was surprised she didn’t fall over but she makes it.

She looks out for a while with a smile on her face. She hasn’t seen the sunlight for a while now so I let her have her moment.

After 10 minutes she doesn’t look like she’s moving so I make my way to her. She’s so hypnotised she doesn’t hear me getting up.

I stand behind her and whisper her name “Casey?” I wrap my arms around her “What are you thinking?”

She points out window “the flowers, I want to pick some. I was just thinking how nice they’d look in here. I was also thinking about how much I want to go outside but I know I can’t.”

Smart little girl. I wasn’t expecting that in all honesty.

“Not yet, no” I sigh “I should get a new bulb for you.” I pull her away from the window, she’s been up here too long and I still need to do the test with her.

I give her a torch that was probably too heavy for her but she doesn’t complain, it’s metal and heavy enough to hurt if you want it to. I can’t wait to see if she try’s something with it.

I grab the stepladder and a new bulb and begin walking down the stairs when I notice she’s not following. She better not be planning something.

Fuck, I left the key in the door. She could lock me in if she wanted to.

I look back but it doesn’t look like that even crossed her mind. She looks scared. I hold out my hand to her.

“Trust me, I’ll keep you safe.”

Will she trust me? Come on Casey, your time in the basement is almost over, be a good girl, say and do what you know I want.

She takes my hand and I can’t help the smile that makes its way into my face. She trusts me.

She holds the torch for me with both hands and I do the bulb. When I’m done, I go to check it’s all okay. I flick the light on and see her frantically checking the room with the torch. I almost feel bad. Almost.

But this is what I wanted.

I climb back down to her with a soft smile on my face. A genuine smile, I could never have imagined her doing this well. I cup half her face and jaw and with my other hand I brush her hair away from her face.

“Better?” I said as soft as I can muster.

She nods “much, thank you.”

I kiss her on the head like I have been doing these past three days and begin to walk off. She still hasn’t said anything, she hasn’t tried anything and honestly, I’m disappointed. When she said she was sorry earlier I thought she’s got it but no, she hadn’t.

“I’m sorry” she suddenly calls.

Turning around I examined her facial features for a moment “I told you not to. This wasn’t your fault, you got scared I understand that, no reason to be sorry.”

“N-no. Not that.” She fiddles with her fingers nervously “did I do something wrong? It’s just, you’ve not been talking and normally you do and I got worried I did something to upset you but I don’t know what I did and I was, I am scared i upset you and I didn’t know what made you unhappy and I-”


So perfect.

To perfection now.

My Casey.

She’s got it. She noticed and she took blame. She apologised even though she didn’t know why, she feels bad. Her world revolves around me. She worries for me. She cares for me.

I cut her off her ramble by walking back to her “No, sweet Casey. You did nothing wrong. You’re completely perfect in every way.” I meant it. She is now.

“O-oh.” She looks surprised. She really did think she did something wrong.

I look her up and down. She dirty again. Greasy hair and all. She should probably have a shower before we have fun...

“Would you like a shower?”

She smiles.

“Yes please” She answers quickly.

During my evaluation of her I noticed her legs shaking. She has no strength anymore. She’s not normally standing for this long. If she walks her legs will most likely give out.

I quickly wrap an arm around her back and behind her knees and pick her up. I pull her close to my chest and carry her up to the bathroom.

I turn on the shower “I’ll get you some fresh clothes” and I walk away. I leave it about 5 minutes before returning, honestly, I was hoping to catch her in the shower but she’s still dressed and sitting on the stool she knows all too well.

“Everything okay?” I ask and she looks up to me.

“I um, I need help. Can you help me?” Yes, yes, a hundred times yes.

Bless her.

“What with babydoll?”

“I can’t lift my shirt off” she says, barely above a whisper, she’s still embarrassed.

"Of course" I walk to her and place the new cloths on the side. I grip the hem of her shirt and slowly pull it above her head. She still has no bra on so I can’t help but take a glance.

I throw the shirt in the hamper and turn back to her.

“Anything else you need my love?” I say looking her in the eyes.

“I-I don’t want to take these off. Can I keep them on?” She says looking at the splints on her wrists.

“Yes, of course. We will just need to make sure they are completely dry when you’re done.”

She nods then looks at me with pleading eyes. She wants me to turn away so she can get undressed. I do her a kindness by turning around. I hear rustling then the shower door shut. She’s so adorable.

She knows I’m watching. She refuses to turn because she knows I’m still here.


I sigh and start to turn around when...she starts to turn. Her eyes are shut as the water dribbles down her face, her head leaning back into the shower spray and her body completely facing me.

She knew and yet-why did she-I never told her to and yet, she turned for me.

I watch her face closely, even with the hot shower I can see the blush on her cheeks. She peeks her eyes open and her breath hitches, most likely from my intense stare or my wicked smile the I couldn’t help show.


After her shower I help her dress. I sit her down and put on a movie for her. I tell her to stay where she’s sitting before making my way to the kitchen.

I make her pasta salad. I know she’ll like it because I’ve seen her eating it before. I put all the veg I can think of into it. I check on her every now and then and she’s always in the same spot. At one point I thought she’d gone to sleep because she was so still.

I finish dinner and call her. She looks so confused “I thought we could eat together” I say and gesture for her to sit down.

We eat in silence before she decides to ask some questions.

“Damian?” I hum “what’s the date today?” I knew she’d ask eventually.

“It’s Thursday the 16th today.”

That’s right, you’ve been here for 14 days. I think to myself as I know she’s thinking it. She’s been in the basement for 12 days now. I watch her little eyes go wide.

“What’s the time?” Her voice is quieter than it was a second ago.

“Currently it’s 7:38pm” I tell her.

“Did you say before that you have a PhD?”

“Yes, I have 3. Two in a science and one in sociology.”

“How long did you have to study for them?”

“One of the science’s took 4 years and I part time did the other for 3. The psychology course only took a year and I completed it after the sciences.”

“Why did you choose to do them?”

“You seem very interested. Why?”

She shrugs “I’ve always liked the thought of having a PhD, just wanted to know what it was like.”

I smile “well, it was hard work, especially doing two different courses at the same time. I chose those courses because they interested me the most.”

“So, shouldn’t people call you ‘Dr’ instead of ‘Mr’?”

“Well, yes. But I preferred the students at the high-school to address me as ‘Mr’ where as, at the university, the students will be calling me ‘Dr’”

She nods and we return to silence once more.

“When’s your birthday?” She, out-of-the-blue asks. I smile at her amused. She’s so funny.

“7th March.”

“So, you’re 27 now?”

I hate that she thinks my age is a problem.

“Yes” she nods.

“Thank you for the food, it’s really nice.”


We finish our food and it turns 8. I need time to think.

I think she’s ready.

But I don’t want to risk her progress.

I lead her back to the basement and she gives me a small sad smile before I leave. I know she wants to stay up here with me but I need a minute to think about things.

I’ll be back sooner than she knows.

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