One Sided Love

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Chapter 37

Casey’s Pov

So, I’m back down here.

I really don’t think he’ll ever let me back up to be honest, I’ve been down here 12 days! How? How?! It feels like forever and yet, it feels like one whole day because there’s no fucking clocks down here.

I have zero concept of time. I sleep most of the time. I don’t have the energy.

I practically forced that food down. I still feel sick from when I showed him my body. I need his trust. I had to.

I want out, I need out.

It was the one thing I could think of in that moment that would persuade him to let me out but clearly it was for nothing. It didn’t bloody work. The mini heart attack and the tears mixing with water in the shower were for nothing.

That smile.

It will haunt me for a lifetime.

Just the smile was the devil incarnate. I’ve seen his smiles. The creepy ones, fake ones, even the genuine nice one and yet that smile...the fire in his eyes, lust.

Imprinted in my head.


Sometime later I hear him come back. It’s definitely not been a day since so why is he here?

I’m reading the book he gave me when he sits next to me on the mattress.

“How are you babydoll?” He asks.

“I’m better now the lights back” I answered. He looks at the book in my hands.

“You’ve nearly finished the book” I nod “my smart little girl” he pulls me to him slightly as his hand rakes through my hair. “Lie down” he commands in a whisper, watching my face.


He wouldn’t do anything down here right?

I slowly lower myself onto my back.

No hesitation, just slowly. I seen the look in his eyes when I hesitated with the towel and other stuff. This is how I get out of the basement. I can’t hesitate.

He’s clever. Too clever. A PhD in psychology is bad, bad for me. He’s studied in the behaviour of the mind. I need to be careful.

He looks over me before beginning to crawl from my legs to face me.

“Wait” I quickly call.

Awe, he looks disappointed.

I rise a little before putting down the book and making sure it stayed on the page I was on and slightly folded the corner so I don’t lose my place. I then lie back down calmly.

I wanted to laugh. He looks so confused.

That soon goes however, when he crawls up to my face in a literal predator-like way.

He places a hand on my waist and the other above my shoulder. Flash backs of what happened when I first woke up here spring in my mind, I shiver in disgust.

“I’m going to play a little, okay?” I nod, not like I can stop it. I place my hands to my side remembering what he said to me that day. “Hands by your sides or-” he stops when he notices that I’ve already done it. A smile makes its way into his face. “Good girl” he praises.

With that, he licks the length of my neck slowly making my breath hitch. He kisses my neck in many places like he’s looking for something. He reaches a spot on my neck that tickles and when he kisses it, I let out an involuntary moan.

Heat flushes my cheeks. Fucks sake. I remember when Oliver found it too. He laughed like a hyena.

I don’t understand how he’s not found it before, the amount of times he’s done this to me. Oliver found it almost immediately and to think, Damian’s 27 and Oliver’s 16 and yet Oliver seemed much more experienced. Then again, that might just be because one of those people is missing CONSENT.

Damian then sucks aggressively on that particular spot. His hand starts to stroke up and down my side. He trails kisses up my neck and sucks in my earlobe.


His hand moves to my thigh as he slowly moves it upwards to between my legs. In a blind panic I move my hands to him but not to push him off. Instead, I wrap a hand on the back of his neck and the other around his back pulling him closer.

Hopefully drawing the attention away from what he was going to do on my leg and to my neck.

Instead, he stops completely, pushing back up to look at me. I remove my arms from him.

“S-sorry, I just...” i trail off as I look at him. I didn’t even realise I was out of breath until now as I slowly get it under control.

Fuck. What are these feelings!?

No. Only Oliver can make me feel like this. I need to stop thinking of Oliver when he’s doing this, it’s making it worse.

“It’s okay.” He leans down, inches away from my face “you liked that?”

Well, there’s not much else I can say without probably getting hit.


“Touch me again” he begs.


I reach up and caress his chest like he once made me do in his classroom. Slowly moving my hand up and down.

I don’t notice his hand moving until he cups my core and watches me. I continue to stroke his chest and cautiously reach my arm around him to pull him back down to me.

He complies and goes back to my neck. My hand now stroking his back and a hand on his neck as his hand on my pussy starts to slowly move. His three main fingers lightly making a figure of eight around my core to clit.

Tears well in my eyes.

“Say you’re mine” he whispers in my ear.

“I’m yours” I immediately reply.

“I love you” I stop. I can’t. I’m not saying that back.

He looks up at me with a smile.

“It’s okay.” He said brushing hair away from my face “you don’t have to say it back. I know you don’t love me right now but you will. If not now then, in the future you will. You will love me.” He leans down to my ear “just accept it.” I shakily nod as a response.

He gets off me “grab your book, you’re coming back upstairs.”

My eyes widen in shock and I don’t even try to hide it.

It worked!

He’s letting me go back upstairs!

But at what cost...

I quickly grab the book and stand up.

“Can you walk okay?” He asks. I wobble on my heels and shake my head “I’ll carry you” he then picks me up bridal style and I mumble a quick ‘thank you’.

He seems...overjoyed...excitable. So am I. The damned basement is probably going to be in my nightmares for years, but not before that bloody smile he did.

It gives me shivers just to think about.

He carry’s me to the couch like before, he then drops me down and goes back to the basement. He locks it and puts the key away somewhere.

He comes back and takes my book, promising I can have it back later. He came back and sat with me on the sofa.

“Rules are simple. Don’t go outside. Don’t swear at me. Listen to what I say and do as you’re told. If I’m speaking to you, you must reply. No hitting. No trying to escape.” He looks at me and I nod in understanding.

“You can go anywhere in the house, if a door or cupboard is locked don’t try to open it, ask if you want something from it and I’ll unlock it for you. I’ll keep your closet unlocked for you and you can choose what you want to wear.”

Simple enough “okay” I reply.

He pulls me onto his lap “In the bedroom” oh no “I do not think you will but, do not run from me, don’t not move away and do not push me off. There is not stopping me so don’t fight it. I will not do anything drastic. I will wait for you to be more comfortable with me, I’m fully aware that you are not experienced in this kind of thing.”

Ha! Funny. He’s such an Idiot.

“Okay” I reply again.

“I do trust you but the bedroom door will be locked at night and you will wear a pair of handcuffs on a wrist of your choosing.”

Yay, I get to choose what wrist I get to have cuffed to the bedpost, lucky me(!)


“If you need the bathroom in the night, wake me and I will take it off. You may have a shower or bath anytime you like. If you want to watch the tv or a movie ask me because I will have the remote.”

Oh, so he’s a remote hog.

“Now. I got you some things” he then got up and carried me to the bedroom. He’s like an excitable puppy right now.

It’s irritating.

He hands me a bag. Inside is three wrapped presents.

I look at him to make sure I’m actually allowed to open them and he smiles at me and gestures for me to go on.

I look down at the bag and do a sneaky eye roll.

The first thing I unwrap is hair dye.

He really doesn’t like it, does he?

I smile at it because it makes me laugh at how much it bothers him and I guess he took that reaction as I didn’t like my hair either.

“We can dye it tonight if you want to. It was the closest, in my opinion, to your natural colour.”


I open the next and it’s a huge pink fluffy blanket with gold poco-dots on it. I actually really like it and this time my smile is real.

“For comfort” he comments.

“Thank you” I quickly unroll it and threw it around my shoulders.

The last one was a small rectangular box. I unwrapped it and quickly realised it was a jewellery box. I look up at Damian before opening it.

It a necklace with the infinity sign connected to the chain. It looks like real silver. Half of the infinity sign has small diamonds on it and a small sliver heart joining in the middle of the sign.

I hope they aren’t real.

I look at Damian in shock.

“It’s real silver and the stones are real. A sign of our love. It will last forever and always.” He takes it out of the box and immediately puts it around my neck. I move my hair but I’m still in shock.





He looks back to me and I put on the best fake smile I can do right now as I look at the tiny chain and clasp the charm.

It feels like a collar.

Like an ownership tag.

“Come. Let’s do your hair” he drags me to the bathroom and proceeds to happily put the dye in my hair after reading the instructions for 20 minutes.

Who reads instructions these days? I never do.

He then gathers my hair and twists it into a bun. The whole time I stare in the mirror at the necklace in silence.



After 40 minuets he helps me rinse it out over the bath and just like that I’m back to being a brunette.

As my hair dries we watch a film he chose but he never even once looked at the screen. The entire time he was just watching my hair dry smiling and on occasion looking at the necklace.

He’s strikes me as a person that would literally watch paint dry, waiting to apply the second coat.

I’m not even watching the film. I’m still in shock, he’s not even noticed that I’ve not spoken since he gave me the damn thing.

The film ends and it’s late, there's still no clocks in sight but the curtains are showing no light. Honestly, I nearly fell asleep halfway through the film. I’m just so tired.

"Babydoll, it’s nearly 10. We should go to bed and get some sleep.”

It’s like something snaps in me. Bed? His bed? With him? Is he going to try something?

I have to act calm. He did say he was going to ‘wait until I was comfortable’ or whatever that means but still, with all those rules to do with that room, I don’t want to set foot in there.

It’s like he reads my mind “don’t worry doll, we both need sleep, just sleep.” He reassures.

I look at the ground feeling uneasy and I have to say it “promise?”

“Promise” he said almost straight away.

“Pinky swear?” I hold out my little finger but don’t look at him.

I know it’s childish but me and Lou always did them...and Becks...and mum....I know it’s ridiculous, I’m making my kidnapper pinky swear he won’t touch me in bed even though he’s touched me already and threatened to rape me three times.

Damn that sounds really bad. Well, it is. But he seems to be in a good mood, and long as I don’t piss him off, I might be okay?

I’m just so tired and it’s a king-sized bed, I’m going to stay so close to the edge I’ll probably fall off in the middle of the night.

He smiles sweetly at me before interlocking his pinky with mine. “Pinky promise” even that contact makes me sick to my stomach but I play it off and look into his darkened eyes and smile back.

“If you break it, I get to punch you” he looks at me and raises a brow “it’s how I’ve always done pinky promises, it was Lous idea” I get sad by just saying his name. Lou, how is Lou?

“Okay” he said and we got off the sofa. “I’m glad to see you still have your spark” I have no idea what he means by that. He turns off the lights as we go which makes me jump and hurry to the ‘new’ damned room.

Once in the bedroom he locks the door. Nerves start to eat me up as my breath gets caught in my throat.

He goes to the closest that he said was mine and unlocks it. “Grab some night clothes” He goes in the bathroom and unlocks the cabinet. He takes out the razors and comes back into the room.

“Go ahead and get ready for bed.”

I do as I’m told and grab a pair of pjs that are grey with polar bears on them. I then go into the bathroom and do my business. I finally get to look in the cupboard under the sink and it seems like he’s split the shelves.

The one on the top seems like it’s his. It has basic men’s body care stuff and a space I’m assuming the razors occupied. The bottom shelf has all girly products including monthly stuff, if you know what I mean.

It gives me the creeps.

I grab a flannel and wash my face before doing my teeth. I nervously walk out the bathroom to see him in boxers. My eyes drift to his back muscles. Definitely works out. No wonder how one little slap does so much damage.


He turns around and catches me looking and my cheeks turn pink.


He chuckles “don’t be shy now. You, after all, did give me a little show in the shower earlier, remember? It’s only fair you get to see me too” I’m gunna be sick.

I look at the bed and already see handcuffs ready on the bedside table.

I look at him then the bed and walk over to it, I sit on the edge and fiddle with my fingers. He walks over to me and holds his hand out, I decided to give him my right hand because my wrist doesn’t hurt as bad on that arm.

He does the cuff and makes sure it’s secure before going into the bathroom.

I quickly get under the covers and try to force myself to sleep, the bed is super comfortable and on a normal day I’d be asleep in seconds but nerves are keeping me up.

I hear him come out the bathroom and the bed sinks. I pretend to be asleep and I think he buys it.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this my sweet Casey. Just to have you here, with me, in my arms, in my bed. To wake up next to you. My doll, my need for you is so strong. I can’t wait to have you completely.” He whispers more to himself than me.

I feel a soft hand caress my head and fingers run through my hair. He places a soft kiss in the back of my head.

“Good night babydoll.”

The nights going to be really long. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep after that little speech.

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