One Sided Love

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Chapter 38

Casey’s Pov

It’s been 9 more days.


No one’s found me yet.

I still have hope but it’s dying fast.

He won’t even tell me when the flight is so I can’t prepare. He did however tell me that before we leave, we’d need to tidy because the house will be abandoned for a while when we are gone.

That made me happy because it means he plans on coming back, so if I can’t get away and the police don’t find me, we will come back and then I can get away. I have plans from A, all the way to Z. I need to keep positive.

It was good he let me out of the basement that day because later that night I woke him up to go to the bathroom and found that I had gotten my period.

God that was awkward.

He tries to make it look like it doesn’t bother him but I could see it did, but it wasn’t about it specifically, it was almost like I ruined something, like he had something planned. He unlocked the cupboard for me and left out all that stuff for me to use and whenever.

He then went and got me water and painkillers. Only good thing was that I knew he wouldn’t touch me because of it.

But that was 9 days ago and my period ended 3 days ago... he still touched me, hugged me, kissed me and I still had to sit on his lap but he didn’t go beyond a kiss on the lips.

Yesterday his hands did wander but no more than they did down in the basement that day. Still horrible, I still have to suppress the need to vomit at his touch but as long as it’s not exceeding that.

What really annoys me is when he repeatedly walks into the bathroom when I’m showering. I don’t take baths because they take too long but even in the shower, he still comes in.

He’s doing it to test me, see my reaction and as hard as it is, I have to ignore him and keep going as I was before. Whether it was when I was doing my hair or washing my body.

My wrists are still killing me. He took the splints off the other day to see how they were doing and to put different ones on. I closed my eyes so I didn’t see and when he told me not to look, I knew they were still bad.

I took a peak and they were worse than before. I couldn’t stop the tears from escaping my eyes and I began to sob relentlessly. He quickly changed the splints and held me close for about an hour before I fell asleep.

But even though moving them kills, I still do. I don’t like him doing things for me, I don’t like this ‘good guy’ act because I know it’s not real and I definitely don’t want him washing me.

Right now, I’m enjoying the sun on my face and the slight warmth it brings even though it’s cold outside.

That’s right. He let me come outside today. He caught me looking out the window again for the 100th time and told me I could go pick some flowers if I wanted.

He warned me not to run and I’m not that stupid. No, not when he’s here. Not when he’s making sure to stay next to or near me as I wonder about. It’s too risky, I’m not an idiot.

So far, I’ve picked 2 bunches of daffodils and one of bluebells.

I stand up from picking another flower and feel him behind me. His arms wrap around my waist.

"Babydoll, you’re freezing.”

“I’m fine, I’m not even cold” I insist because I know he wants me to go inside.

“You’re shivering.” He leans close to my ear “I know a few ways I could warm you up” His hands start moving up until they cup my breasts. I squeezed my eyes shut.

He spins me abruptly and examines my face, I smile softly at him. “Just a few more” I beg, acting like he didn’t do anything and trying to stay calm.

He sighs “why do you need so many anyway? You’ve got more than I care to count.”

“I was thinking of putting them in vases, one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in the bedroom” I shrug my shoulders and drop my smile “I just thought it would be nice” I mumble.

He sighs again “okay. A few more.”

Asshole. Seems like you’re not the only one who can manipulate people. He’s not smart he’s just cocky and I’m playing him at his own game.

Suddenly I see something move amongst the flowers a few meters away. I walk closer to it.

“Casey! What do I keep telling you about going too far!” I ignore him. “Casey come back here now!”

I make it to the object “Damian look!” I call.

“What? What is it?” He walks to me and crouch’s down to my level “is that-”

“A hedgehog” in the flowers lays a little baby hedgehog, around it is small stains of blood.

“Come away now Casey it might have rabies” he tries to pull me away by my arm but I fight back against him for the first time in days.

“No! It’s dying. It’s just a baby and it’s hurt. It doesn’t have rabies it’s showing no signs.” I answer back.

“Well, what do you suppose we do about it?”

“Please can we take it back” he gives me a look that just says ‘No’ “please. I just want to clean the poor thing up and maybe give him some food. When he’s better we can let him go again. Please Damian, please” I beg.

He pinches the bridge of his nose and brushes his hand through his hair “fine.”

I smile excitedly “we need a blanket to pick it up with. You stay here and make sure it doesn’t move and I’ll go get one from the house” I go to stand up when he grips my hand.

“If you don’t come back, if you dare run. I’ll find you, kill it in front of you and make you eat it” I nod frantically and he lets me go.

I have no doubt he would do that.

He makes me sick.

Fuck, I’m going to be sick

I jog through the house and throw up in the toilet.

This keeps happening, when he gets too much, my body can’t physically handle it, my mind. It’s worse when he speaks about having kids.

I throw up more into the toilet bowl thinking about it.

He’s only said it twice but still, he said I’d be a good mother and that he hopes our daughters will look just like me. He said how he hoped all our children get my blue eyes because they’re ‘beautiful’ and ‘like looking in the ocean’. If only he could actually drown in them.

I flush the toilet and quickly grab a cushion from the couch. I walk out to him.

“Where were you?! What took so long?” He scolds.

“I couldn’t find a blanket so I got a cushion, sorry” I mumble.

He takes a deep breath and pulls be to him. “I’m sorry for shouting I just got worried.” He kisses my head as he hugs me from behind “you have such a big heart. You care too much sometimes and that’s how I know you’ll be a good mum one day.”

Imma throw up...

I suppress a gag at his words and smile. I look down to the hedgehog that’s barely even moved. I scoop him up so he’s lying on the cushion and we take him back to the house. Damian takes the flowers to the kitchen for me and I say ‘thank you’ to him.

“What can I keep him in?” I ask looking around the room.

“I might have a box for you” he replies and walks off.

I take a look at the hedgehog who’s cowering away slightly trying to go into a ball “it’s okay little buddy. I’m going to help you get better” I say softly to it. It looks like it’s been attacked and his soft belly’s got bite makes on it like a predator caught it off guard.

Damian comes back with a box that’s the size of two shoe boxes put together.

“Thank you.”

“What do you plan on doing with it?” He asks bluntly.

“Well, I thought of bathing it in the sink so he doesn’t get an infection, then he can go in the box with some food and when he’s all healed up, we can let him go” I said excitedly.

“And what would it eat?”

“I think I read in a book that they like to eat fruit and insects like worms.”

“A book?” I look up to Damian with a surprisingly genuine smile.

“One of your books actually” he smiles back.

“So, what fruit do they like?”

“Apples, bananas, melons, tomatoes too as well as green beans.”

“I think we have green beans and bananas. Would you like them for it?”

“Yes, please but he’ll need insects too. Could I go into the garden to try and dig up some worms for him?”

He looks at me with a big smile “you’re going to dig up some worms?” He asks teasingly, clearly amused.

“It’s what he eats and I’m not going to bring him anything that could crawl out and go anywhere like spiders and Beatles” I shiver at the thought of catching a spider only to find it’s crawled away and could be anywhere in the house.

“Fair enough babydoll, you can go back out later” I nod and fill the sink with warm water and carefully move the hedgehog to the water.

He doesn’t move much to begin with and he tries to go into a ball but after a while he starts moving around.

He looks like a billy maybe? No, not a billy.

I take a cup, fill it with the water and rinse the hedgehog off to makes sure he gets clean and slightly wipe his back with a washcloth.

Damian gave me a towel he said ′it’ can have so I wrapped him up in that and dried him off. For the first time he shows his white face and his little black nose as he’s wrapped up warm in the towel.

I smile and hold him up “Damian look. He’s so cute” Damians looking over at us but he’s not looking at the hedgehog but at me, he smiles widely and it creeps me out so I look away and back to the hedgehog in my arms. not jay. How about something cute like cookie? No, he’s a boy, I need a more boyish name.

I place the hedgehog into the box on the clean side of the cushion and flatten the blanket out on the rest of the box the cushion doesn’t cover.

I ask Damian if I can have two plastic bowls for him and he lets me grab them. I fill one with water and Damian cuts up some apple, banana and green beans for him since I’m not allowed to use knifes.

He puts it in the box and we watch the hedgehog for a second as he wanders around the box slowly. I’m happy to see that there’s no blood on the towel, it means he’s stopped bleeding now. He makes his way to the food and slowly eats a bite of the sliced apple before curling onto its side and going to sleep on the blanket.

Charlie? No.

“Here” he gives me his jacket “cover it, it wants to sleep, it’s a nocturnal rodent."

I glare at him not liking the way he said ‘rodent’ and take the jacket covering the little thing. It looks like he’s maybe 4 weeks old. It’s been living as long as I’ve been here.

Oh, I know! I’ll name him-

“Don’t name it” he warns.

“Why not?” I sound more disappointed than I meant to.

“Because then you’ll get attached. It’s not a pet, as soon as it’s better we are letting it go. I love that you have a big heart babydoll but it’s a rodent and we can’t take it to America with us so we will have to let it go.”

“I’ll be upset regardless if I name it or not” I don’t know where that came from. In all honesty, for the past 9 days I’ve barely spoken back to him at all.

He’s smiling but he’s also glaring at me “you’ve already named it, haven’t you?”

“Kind of. I was going through some names” I shrug like it’s no big deal.

He sighs “Okay. What did you name it?”


He huffs a laugh “just don’t say I didn’t warn you when we have to let it go. Don’t get too close.”


Someone should have told him that when he became obsessed with me. I should probably tell him that now because I am getting out of here.

“I have work to do, sort out the flowers you picked, I put three vases on the side for you” he kisses my cheek and walks off.

There’s nothing to do here. I normally sleep on the couch with my blanket. I occasionally draw with the sketch pad but there’s no inspiration. I’m still not allowed the remote and I think it’s because of the news. I know they are looking for me still so maybe it’s on the news and he’s afraid I’ll see it.

At least now I can look after buddy but he needs sleep.

I walk to the sink and sort the flowers. I take a bunch of daffodils with a couple white bluebells and put them in the crystal cut rcr-opera patterned vase.

I then mix the remaining bluebells/white/pink together with the daffodils, loving the contrast of yellow and deep blue and put them in the ceramic plain grey vase and the others in the white fading to baby blue ceramic vase.

I put one of the mixed flowers on the kitchen table and in the lounge and then the daffodils in the bedroom.

On my way I pass Damian who’s sat at the small two people table in the lounge with his laptop.

He doesn’t have internet on it, he just uses it to write lesson plans ready for the university. When he’s done, he puts it in the highest cupboard with two locks on it.

He glances at me and smiles. I come back from the bedroom and he calls me over and taps his lap. I internally sigh and roll my eyes as I walk to him.

He’s been like this lately, clingy, cuddly, I hate it. Wanting me closer, literally on him. I’m starting to get worried that he wants more.

I sit sideways on his lap and watch him type. After a while I lay my head on his shoulder and run my hand up and down his back because I know he likes it. I feel him shiver and I hate that I’m willingly making him feel like that.

I have to though to make him trust me. I have to make him think that I’m okay with this, that I’m comfortable and willing to make him happy.

He rests his chin on my head.

“We’re going to do a different kind of ‘play’ tonight and you’re going to listen to what I tell you, right?” Not really a question is it.


“Yes Damian” I reply.

“Good girl” he mutters typing still.

What does he have in mind?

Oliver’s Pov

I’m unsure how long I’ve been like this. I’ll go to sleep and wake up in darkness. I can just hear people around me like my dad.

Whenever I hear him, he apologises for not being around much. He always says that he shouldn’t have made us move but I don’t even remember moving.

I’m so confused, I just want to wake up. The woman from before comes every now and then, Officer Parker, I think.

My dad can’t help but moan or shout at her to find whoever tried to kill me whenever she checks in. I don’t know who this girl is they talk about, I heard her name once, it began with a C or something. Why would they think I ran away with her? Was she my girlfriend?

They are worried about her. They think whoever has her was the one who hurt me. I didn’t catch his name though.

It’s been silent for a while now but I know my dad’s still here, I can feel his hand on mine. It’s weird, we’ve never been close so seeing, well, hearing him like this is hard. I never knew he cared so much, though something tells me I’m not going to remember all this when I wake up.

“Son?” His voice suddenly comes “Oliver?!” He starts sounding more distressed.

I hear heavy footsteps to the door “nurse! He moved. His hand moved!” He shouts down what I’m assuming the corridor.

I moved? Did I?

I can’t tell anymore. I’m constantly trying to move but I’ve honestly started to give up.

Bright light that I’ve never seen before gets shone into my eyes. I didn’t even realise they came back in.

“Sir, everything looks normal. I recommend you get some sleep, sometimes the mind plays trick on you and you see what you want to believe.”

“You’re not a doctor, I’ll only take orders from someone who has the qualifications to do so.”

That’s my dad. He hates taking orders from anyone. I doubt, even if it was the doctor, he would do as he said.

Before the nurse can reply another voice appears

“Am I interrupting something?” Officer Parker, I think.

“No, just the good-for-nothing nurse doing fuck all again.”

“Sir!” The nurse gasps in anger.

“Mr Turner, please refrain from talking to the staff, that are doing their best to look after your son, like that.”

“And here comes the good-for-nothing policewoman.”

A set of footsteps leave.

“Any changes?”

“I swear it, his hand moved” my dad said adamantly, leaving no room for argument.

“I believe you but you can’t talk to people that are trying to help like that.”

“She basically called me insane.” He defends before sighing “I know, I’ll go apologise later I’m just stressed out.”

“I understand.” She replies.

“I still don’t understand why the media must think my sons still missing. I’m getting bombarded by them left, right and centre.”

“I get it’s frustrating. It’s because we still don’t know where he or the girl is...we found some disturbing evidence a few days ago concerning her disappearance and we believe that she is in certain danger. He is obviously dangerous and we cannot risk him doing something drastic because he finds out we know it’s him who’s taken her and that Oliver’s still alive. He could come back after him.”

My dad scoffs “alive, does this look like alive to you?”

“I understand, I truly do. Did the doctors say when he may wake up?”

“They said he should have already. Look, I’m sorry for being short tempered with you, well, with everyone, I just want you to find the son-of-a-bitch so I can kill him myself.”

“You shouldn’t say that Mr Turner, I could arrest you on that alone” I can tell from her voice she was kind of joking but also very serious.

My dad laughs “so have you found anything?”

“well actually, we have. I think we may have found where your son was...left. A search of the woods where he was hit was conducted. Mr Turner, with your son’s injury’s it shouldn’t have been possible for him to walk as far as he did. He walked 7 miles in the darkness in one continuous line. He must have been very determined.”

“Now what?”

“well, we can now conduct a bigger search of the area. He was left in the literal middle of the woods so he must have walked pretty far with him to place him there.”

“Bastard didn’t even bother to bury him, just left him to decompose.”

“Well, it’s a good thing he didn’t or Oliver wouldn’t have made it back. We are where unsure what route he came from as he could have come from any direction however about 2 miles from where we found Oliver, we found a campfire where a series of pictures were burned. They were pictures of the girl. Now we can backtrack that and figure out where he was-”

The talking stops and the room goes silent.

I hear a loud ringing in my ears. Light clouds my eyes and I find myself frantically trying to blink it away.

The ringing dies down and I can start to hear my dad.

“NURSE! Get your ass back in here, he’s woken up! And you called me crazy” he shouts annoyed but playfully at the end.

“Son. Are you okay? Look at me, are you okay? Why isn’t he speaking? Can he remember? Oliver can you remember me? I’m your dad-”

“Dad. Will you shut up for a damn second? Where the hell am I?”

“Unbelievable. Just woken up after 23 days and your first two sentences both have cuss words. You really are your father’s son” he jokes.

I stare at him in shock and he seems to realise his mistake.

“Oliver. Something happened. You went missing and after a few days they found you when some crazy bitch hit you with her car. They found out that after you were kidnapped. You’ve been in a coma since.”

I don’t say anything. I don’t remember any of that. I was kidnapped, by who? Who would kidnap me?

I look down at my arm, it’s in a cast.

“Oliver I’m officer Rose Parker, I’m one of the people in charge of your case, do you remember what happened to you?”

I shake my head then the doctor comes in.

“Can you not overwhelm him when he’s just woken up, save the questions for later I need to make sure he’s all okay, he might have amnesia for all we know.”

The policewoman nods and steps back. The doctor asks me a series of questions, shines a light in my eyes for god knows what, checks the IV, my cast, my injuries, if I can feel anything when he touches my feet.

You know, all that bollocks.

He explains what state I was in and what they had to do and then leaves me feeling overwhelmed and dazed. I think I would have preferred the officer asking her questions than this.

As he leaves officer Parker is at the door with another officer.

“It appears he has short term amnesia. He can’t remember the last couple of months up to when his family moved, I fear your questions will be a waste of time.”

“maybe we can help jog his memory.”

The doctor sighs “This is not something you can rush. It is a part of healing. It could take days to years to come back and even then, there may be things that will never come back.”

“No. It’s okay. I want to know what happened” I butt into their conversation which could be seen as rude but considering the fact they were just talking about me like I’m not even here, I don’t care.

They exchange nods and the officers walk in.

“Hi Oliver, as you know I’m officer Parker and this is officer Andrews. We were assigned your missing persons case as well as...” she seems to stop herself from saying anymore “we like to ask you some questions regarding your disappearance.”

I nod.

“What was the last thing you remember, the very last thing.”

“I don’t really know. My memories are kind of fuzzy and messed up.”

“That’s okay, no pressure, you’re doing great” she tells me.

“Oliver” the man say seriously “do you remember who took you?”


“Do you remember being kidnapped?”

I was about to say no when something popped in my head, a split-second of a distant memory of a girl.

“Munchkin” I whisper “sorry what?”

They look at me strangely “Do you remember being kidnapped?”


“Do you remember anything that happened when you were kidnapped?”

“Darkness” I don’t know where that came from, I was meant to say no.

“Darkness?” Officer Parker asks.

“Sorry I meant no. I don’t remember anything.”

They look at me suspiciously before nodding to each other.

“This is your case file. Open it when you’re ready, it has a picture of you when you first arrived at the hospital, please don’t be alarmed. We are showing you this so maybe something will click. Tell us if you remember or even just recognise something” she hands me the file.

The first thing I see is my picture and basic contact information, I turn the page and see another picture of me all broken and bloody in the hospital bed, my face is swollen and bruises all over my chest.

“Why the fuck are you showing this to him!? Look at his face, you’ve just horrified him!” My dad shouts angrily, I’d forgotten he was even there.

“This was me?” I ask quietly “what happened to me?”

“Oliver if you could please just keep looking through-”

“No” I cut her off “tell me now. Please, what happened to me? Who did this and why?”

“Okay” she says and looks at her partner.

He steps forward “on the 1st of April you never made it home after school. Upon further investigation we found that just before your disappearance, at your new school, you went to see a teacher and never left their classroom after. The cameras were cut later in the day and the same teacher’s car was gone from the car park when they rebooted. 3 days after your disappearance you woke up and walked 7 miles to a road where a woman accidentally hit you with her car, she called an ambulance and they took you here. The accident only caused your broken arm and three broken ribs. The teacher who took you appears to have beaten you, stabbed you in the lower abdomen and strangled you near to death. We believe he thought you were dead and dumped your body into the middle of the woods where you later woke up.”




I stare that the officers for some time.

“Oliver” my dad whispers as he grabs my shoulder and lightly shakes me.

“Why? Why would a teacher do that? What did I do?”

Officer Parker smiles sadly at me slightly as Officer Andrews continues “at your new school you met a girl and you two become close, in a relationship. We believe that this teacher, over the course of months, was having an illegal relationship with the girl against her will and we believe that when you found out you confronted him about it leading to your disappearance.”

I took another minute. I had a girlfriend who was being...did I not see the signs? How could this happen? A teacher!? Is she okay? Does she know I’m here?

“Is, where is she?”

“Do you remember her?” Officer Parker asks quickly.


“Two days after your disappearance she also went missing. At first it was said that you ran away together but after seeing her recent behaviour and checking the cameras we know different.”

He took her too...

“Who is he?”

They look at the book on my lap. I turn the page to see a beautiful girl. She’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.

I grip her photo and look at it closely. It’s a classic school picture, she’s smiling widely with deep brown hair. She had the most amazing blue eyes I’ve ever seen. So alluring, dark, almost electric blue with light blue flecks circling them.

I read the name on the photo. Casey.

“Munchkin” I said again and look up to the officers “I called her munchkin” I remembered when I called her it once and she threatened to kick me ’where the sun don’t shine’.

“Do you remember her?” They ask again eagerly.

“No” I said sadly “only that I called her that and she didn’t like it” I smiled sadly “I recognise her face but I don’t remember anything else” I put the photo down.

“That’s okay. It’s something” my dad encourages.

I turn the page again and see a man in his late 20′s. My heart starts to race as I look at his face. I can hear the heart monitor start to rise steadily as I look at his smile.

Suddenly I’m in darkness, a different kind of darkness. I’m standing in a cold room with my arms strung to the sides. My legs tired but I can’t sit down or my arms will feel like they’re going to snap.

Chuckling fills the room and it soon turns into deep manic laughter.

“Do you think you’re being strong by still standing? Believe me now, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be nothing.”

All I see is a smile. A sickening smile. Sadistic and cruel. A smile that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

“OLIVER!” Someone shouts my name.

I breathe deeply as tears stream down my face.

“Son. What happened? Are you okay?”

“He did this. Him. He took her. She’s doomed.”

They gasp “Oliver don’t say that” my dad says.

“Did you remember something?” Officer Parker asks.

“Darkness” I repeat and they look disappointed “underground, a basement. He was laughing. He made me stand for hours with my arms strung to the sides. I can remember the pain” I whisper slowly getting quieter. I hear my dad say a series of swear words under his breath.

“Did he do anything? Did you see anything in the room Did he say anything?”

"D-do you think you’re being strong by still standing? Believe me now, by the t-time I’m done with you, y-you’ll be nothing” I repeat his words.

They all look at me as I choke up and throw the file on the floor.

“I can’t. I can’t look anymore. His face, his smile. I can’t.” I turn away from them “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. We understand” she puts a card on the table” call us if you remember anything, anything at all” they leave the room and to my surprise my dad leans over me and engulfs me in a bear hug.

“I’m sorry son that I couldn’t stop this. I’m sorry I’m always wrapped up in work. I’m sorry I made us move. I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you. Your mother would be so disappointed in me” I hear his voice crack at mentioning my mum. We never spoke about her growing up it was always a tough subject for him.

“Dad” he hums “tell me about mum.”

Casey’s Pov

“Casey. Come here” Damian calls me from the bedroom. I slip the cosy blanket off my shoulders and get off the couch. Making my way to him I feel the coldness creeping onto my skin.

I walk in the room and the whole atmosphere feels different.

Cold. Creepy. Dark. Demanding.

He stands at the end of the bed smiling with his hands behind his back.

“Close the door and lock it” I turn around and close the door, I see the keys in it and I lock it. “Give me the key” I take the key from the door and walk over to him.

I place the key in his hand and look up at him. Only now seeing how close I am to him. I want to step back away from him.

Stay calm.


His other hand comes out from behind his back and I’m filled with shock.

“No” I said sternly which I think surprised me and him. He smiled and shook his head.

“I just want to see” He said surprisingly soft like he didn’t want to scare me.

In his hand he has that damn thong and lace bralette with roses on them, that he bought for my birthday...

“Please...” I shook my head and went to back away but he grabbed my arm tightly seeing my move coming with his fucking sixth sense.

"Babydoll, I just want to see. You’ve been so good recently up here. Don’t want to ruin it now” he whispered the last part and the way he said ‘up here’ I know he’s going to put me back in the basement if I don’t do it.

“Remember? I bought this for you as a birthday present. And you threw it at me, that wasn’t nice now, was it?” I shake my head “You can put it on in the bathroom or I can put it on you right now.”

I can tell he’s getting angry at my hesitation and deny. It was the one thing I told myself not to do, hesitate.

Fuck. What happened to trust!

“I just. I um-” he cuts me off.

“I don’t really understand why you’re so upset. I’ve already seen you naked. There is no reason to be embarrassed.” I look at him, begging him with my eyes to change his mind “Easy way or hard way” he whispers.

I nod frantically “I’ll change” I take the lingerie and go into the bathroom.

No tears.

No tears.

No tears.

No tears.

I keep telling myself seeing my eyes water up in the bathroom mirror.

I change into the lingerie. They’re pretty. It looks good despite my ribs that are sticking out from weight loss but it’s less clothing in front of him. More skin showing for him.

I slowly walk out the bathroom to see him sitting on the bed in his boxers. My heart starts to race. Why is he in boxers?

“You look so beautiful” he said practically drooling.

“T-thank you” I whisper.

“Come over ” he holds his hand out to me. I quickly grab it and frantically walk over to him. He looks hungrily at my body with his hands brushing up and down my arms, they slowly go around my back as he pulls me so I’m standing between his legs. He kisses my upper stomach that’s level with his head just under my bra “perfect” he mumbles.

He looks up at my face as his hands caress the skin on my back “why did you get so upset about putting it on?”

How about a half truth?..

“because of my ribs. They look ugly” as soon as the word ‘ugly’ came out of my mouth he kissed my stomach again.

“Never say that. True, they are showing but it’s not that bad, you’re still so beautiful and perfect. We’ll get you back to normal in no time” I actually found it strangely comforting...he ends it with another kiss before blurting out ”i want you to dance for me” I look at him and furrow my brows.


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