One Sided Love

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Chapter 39

“I want you to dance for me” I look at him and furrow my brows.



“Yes, dance. Seductively.”

“I-I don’t know how.”

“I’ll teach you.” He grins “I want you to sway your hips and body side to side. Touch your body slowly, stroke your arms, flick your hair. That stuff.”

“I-I don’t really want to Damian” my voice chokes.

"Shhhh, shhhh. Do as I tell you babydoll, remember the rules. Don’t think I missed it when you tried to run from me when I got the lingerie out. That was silly.”




I start nodding frantically and don’t stop until he cups my face “go ahead.”

I walk back a couple of steps before turning to face him. I’ve never done this before, how do you act seductive?

I try to sway my hips but I just end up moving my whole-body side to side looking like a crazy person. He smiles at me before getting up.

He goes behind me and puts his hands on my hips “like this” he says and drops one side of my hips “bend that knee slightly with your feet a little further apart” I do as he tells me and start slowly swaying my hips, I hear him grunt and it makes me cringe.

He then shows me how to touch my body in the way that he’ll like and it’s not as dirty as I thought it would be. It’s mostly just caressing the skin already showing on my body like my stomach or arms, lightly stroking them.

Soon he leaves me on my own and sits back down on the bed. I do the ‘dance’ for what seems like forever before he calls me back over.

I don’t miss the massive erection that’s clearly showing. He pulls me to him and on his lap straddling his thighs, I try my best to avoid it.

He breaths deeply and looks my body up and down before putting a hand on my face possessively, his whole hand sprawled out on my cheek.

“You did so well, baby. So, so well” he praises before kissing me, he kiss’s me with such force he makes my neck crane back but his hand on the back of my head stops me from going anywhere “open” he said quickly between kisses. I open my mouth and feel him thrust his tongue in.

Don’t gag.

Don’t be sick.

Don’t gag.

Don’t be sick.

I keep telling myself but if he keeps going, I’m gunna gag.

He stands up with me and wraps me around his waist and drops us on the bed with me under him without breaking the kiss.

He finally pulls away and I gasp for much needed oxygen. With one hand next to my head supporting his weight and the other by my waist he grins at me as I continue to get my breath back.

“touch me” I bring my hand to his chest and stroke it downwards “lower” he whispers my hand goes down to his navel “lower” he smirks my hand reaches his boxers waistband, he leans down to my ear “lower” he sits back up to, I assume, watch my reaction which is horrified.

My eyes go wide and my hands start to shake. I freeze and he notices. He takes my hand in his and guides it under his waistband. I squeeze my eyes shut.

“Look at me babydoll, watch me” he whispers. I reluctantly open my eyes and see his evil grin, that fucking smile that will end up killing me.

He thrusts his manhood into my hand and keeps it there with a tight grip. I gasp at his movements. I feel all of him as my hand is forcefully used for his pleasure. My small fingers can barely wrap around him and his size.

He groans above my face as he slides my hand back up “your hands are so soft baby. Do you feel my love now Casey?” Not knowing what to do or what the hell he means, I just nod my head and try to figure out a way to dismember my hand for good.

He thrusts into my hand again, moving both my hand and his hips to get his sick fill of pleasure.

He begins to kiss me again as he picks up his pace and moans into my mouth. He then kisses down my chin to my neck and goes to the ‘sweet spot’ on my neck however no amount of that could ever make me feel anything good right now. He will never make me feel pleasure during his sick acts.

He thrusts faster and groans louder, I feel his muscles tighten, I know what’s going to happen next. He lets out a loud moan and his hips jerk, I feel a wet substance coat my hand as he lets go of me.

He collapses on top of me and I remove my hand from his boxers. I can’t help the gag that follows upon seeing the shiny white liquid on my hand.

“On a normal day I’d get you to lick your hand clean but since this was your first time at doing something like that, I’ll allow you to wash your hands” I gag again at his statement as he laughs and moves off me.

I quickly wash my hand and after washing it with soap 6 times with scolding water it still doesn’t feel like enough. Damian comes into the bathroom and sees the steam from the tap, he rips my hands away from the water flow.

“Stupid girl” he huffs before turning on the cold and putting my hands under it.

He kisses my head “don’t be ashamed, don’t be embarrassed, it’s all okay. It’s natural. It’s love. One day you’ll be eager to please me with your love” he kisses my head again and we walk out the bathroom.

“Lie down” I lie on the bed only now realising that he’s changed his boxers.

He sits beside my knees and gazed at my body. His hands reach up and he traces the band of my thong. He watches my face as his fingers slide under and he grips the band, he pauses before he painfully, slowly removes them and slides them down my legs.

I squeeze my eyes shut as they leave my legs completely.

I don’t even realise the tears that are falling from my eyes. He takes my knees in each hand and spreads my legs.

“Fuck baby. You’re so perfect. So, fucking beautiful” I’m guessing he finally looks up to me and sees my tears because he crawls up to my face and kisses them away. “No. No tears. Baby you’ve got this all wrong.” He strokes my head “I’m not taking your virginity. I’m only showing my love to you the same way you just did but in return.”

The second he said that I understood it and something snapped, he is not fingering me.

“No. No, please don’t do this. I’m not ready, please” he grabs my wrists in anticipation as he sees me panicking and puts them above my head with one hand.

His other hand starts to lower and his lips find mine. He thrusts his tongue into my mouth and I feel his finger at my entrance. I feel him separate my folds as I buck my hips and squirm about. His finger goes over my hole...

That’s it.

Without another seconds thought I throw my head further into the pillow and whack it onto his forehead. He lets go and covers his head.

“Bitch” he growls and jumps off of me. He goes into his draws looking for something as I stay on the bed and curl up into a ball as I know a punishment is coming my way and if I do anything, I’ll just get into more trouble than it’s worth.

My only excuse.

“I-I wasn’t re-ready” I sob out.

I can’t be stupid like try to escape now just because I’m panicking. It would just piss him off more when he’s obviously going to get me because the doors locked. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide so I just stay on the bed sobbing.

I hear angry footsteps come to me and my hair is aggressively yanked so I sit up.

There’s the Damian I know. The real Damian, the other was just an act.

This is the real him.

I soon feel the all too familiar burning sensation across my face as he slaps me. I feel my hair rip out of my skull as my head tried to fly back but his grip on my hair stopped it.

He yanks me off of the bed into a standing position before turning me around and pushing me back on the bed with my legs hanging off the side as I lie on my stomach. He stands behind my body which is shaking from tears and fear. He takes off the bralette aggressively.

“You say ‘I’m sorry’ after every strike and count. If you stop counting or miss one, I’ll start again. You will get 10.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not this again.

At least it’s not 30 like last time.

I hear a jingle and but realisations too slow this time as a loud CRACK sound resonated throughout the room followed by a scream, my scream as I feel my skin splitting apart then intense burning. I scream so loud as my body violently shakes.


I cry hysterically “PLEASE, it hurts too much!”

“Say it now or I won’t count it as one and we’ll start again.”

I let sobs into the sheets “o-one, I’m sorry.”


I scream again “two, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so-”


I can’t even explain the pain.

The belts impact shakes my whole body. I feel the cut its left sting where it’s imprinted me as the skin splits open. I feel the hot blood ooze out as the skin around it burns.

He’s not aiming for a specific place, if anything he’s trying to be random as he hits the back of my thighs and knees, the belt slices my butt cheek and back. He even caught the back of my biceps as I try to cover my head with my hands.

7 hits later my voice is hoarse but I continue screaming as I count the last one.

“10, IM SORRY!” I sob still hysterical, still shaking. “No more. No more please” I beg, he only laughs.

“YOU are mine Casey. All mine. If I want to fuck you ill fuck you. Be happy I’m training you and easing you into it first. I don’t care if you think you’re not ready, it’s not for you to decide. I feel you’re ready for me to finger you” with that I feel two of his thick fingers enter me, I now scream for a whole different reason as a burning pain in my lower region appears “then I’ll fucking finger you.” he says as his fingers slam at lighting pace inside of me.

“Stop, no! It hurts. It hurts really bad” I cry out.

Surprisingly he does stop and he sits on the bed next to my torso. The room only filled with my loud sobs. His hand lightly traces one of my open back wounds as I hiss in pain.

“You wanted scars and I told you I’d mark you with some. They are beautiful Casey. I can’t wait to see them healed” he whispers into my ear before cradling me in his arms not caring when I cry out in more pain because he brushes a slash.

He holds me against his chest and whispers in my ear sweet things.

“Such a good girl. You took your punishment so well, babydoll. “He kisses my head “you know I love you and hate doing this, but that behaviour isn’t acceptable” I ignore him and cry into his bare chest “all you have to do is follow the rules and do as you’re told and I won’t have to do this. You force me to punish you. ”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I chant ritualistically as the pain still spikes and burns through me.

"Shhhhhhh, shhhhhh. Okay baby, it’s okay.” He rocks us.

“I’m sorry I won’t do it again, I’m so sorry, I just got scared, I’m so sorry, I was afraid, I’m sorry” I sob hoping he won’t hurt me like this again.

“I know baby. I know. It’s okay now. Let’s get you cleaned up, hum?” He carry’s me bridal style to the bathroom and fills the bath. I black out a couple times from the pain as he disinfects each wound in the tub.

He cleans me, dries me, patched up the bleeding wounds because amazingly 4 of them didn’t draw blood but the ones that did will definitely scar and lastly, he dresses me.

He lies me on the bed on my stomach and goes out the room, when he comes back, he makes me take a paracetamol, ibuprofen and a sleeping tablet with water and I soon drift off to sleep with him stroking my hair as darkness takes over and three words repeat in my head.

What’s the point?

Oliver’s Pov

I wake up from a nightmare of nothing but pain.

I sit up and gasp for air as I hear the heart monitor echoing my drumming heart beats.

The hell is going on right now. I was nearly murdered because of some girl.

Why’s she so special? Sure, she’s pretty but so what, there’s so many pretty girls out there. Why is some pervy teacher willing to waste everything for her. To kill for her.


I have to save her.

Why? She’s not trying to save me, she did this to me. This was all her fault, I bet she was one of those girls that flirt with the teachers.

I love her...


I love her.

Fuck! I love her! Casey, munchkin, I remember.

How could I even think those things?

She’s been taken by him. He’s probably got her down in that hell hole like he had me. Probably used chloroform like he did on me-...wait?..

FUCK! I remember everything!

I quickly scramble to the nurse’s button and press it repeatedly knowing it’ll piss them off enough to come quicker.

“Young man! That button is not a toy” an older nurse runs in ripping it from my grasp.

“I need a phone, now!”

“Calm down just give me a mi-”

“No! I need to call the police! I remember everything and they need to get here now! He’s going to do awful things to her!”

She looks at me shocked, clearly not knowing the full situation but understanding that circumstances are dire. She nods and hands me her personal phone that I’m pretty sure they are not allowed to have on them. I don’t waste anything and ring the number the officers left me.

“Hello officer Par-”

“It’s Oliver Turner, I remember everything.”

“Okay, give me and my partner 30 minutes to get there, hold tight we’re coming” she reassures before hanging up.

I give the nurse back her phone and she still looks in shock.

“Can you ring my dad, I can’t do this without him” I say as a tear rolls down my cheek as I remember Casey, I remember her beautiful personality, heavenly voice and gorgeous face. I then remember everything he did to me and told me, making more tears fall.

I have to save her


20 minutes later and both my dad and the officers are here.

“Right Oliver, start at the beginning for us” officer Parker says as officer Andrews gets ready with a pen and note pad.

“What do you want to know first?”

“How about we start off light to make sure you remember everything? Do you remember moving schools."


“Can you tell me about your first day?”

I smile remembering it.

“Well, I went there a week before to have a tour, on my way to the office I seen Casey wandering the halls late for class. I remember thinking that she didn’t look like the type of girl that would blow off class like that.” I pause because now I know why she was late “I know now why that was” I look up to the officers “that was the first time something happened to her, aside from the notes.”

This got their interest but they let me continue talk even though I know they had a million and one questions for me.

“On my first day they bell had just rang and I seen her again, late. Her locker was stuck and It was so funny to see her struggling to open it and get all angry” I chuckled “she gave up and started hitting her head in the door saying a swear word after every one” the officers smile and my dad chuckles “she was sweet and funny, we had a few classes together, and I immediately told her I liked her at break.”

“Sounds like the perfect first day” my dad commented.

My smile dropped “but it wasn’t for her.”

“What do you keep saying things like that? Did she tell you something?” Officer Parker asked.

I looked at her shocked “you haven’t found it yet have you?”

“Found what?”

“The notebook. Her notebook. The one where she wrote everything that monster did to her in excruciating detail, dates, times and all.”

They looked at me shocked before Officer Parker jumped to my side “where, do you know where it may be?”

“Her locker.”

“We searched her locker there was nothing in there” officer Andrews shook his head.

“No. Her P.E locker. We get assigned a random P.E locker in the changing rooms each year. She told me that’s where she’s been hiding it since her brother found it under her pillow but he’s too young to read it.”

She looks at officer Andrews and he immediately talks into his walkie-talkie giving commands to search the locker.

“Oliver, I need you to tell me what was in the book. We’ll have it soon enough but I need to know what to expect” Officer Parker begs.

I don’t think this is an official thing, she just needs to know.

"He hid notes in her locker, Casey saved them and stuck them in. He texted her and she wrote every message down.” I stop talking trying to find a way to say it “every threat he told her and every time he slapped, hit and kicked her, where and how many times” she looks at me disgusted but I know it’s not aimed at me “what he would do when they were alone-”

She cuts me off eagerly “what would he do?”

“Normally she got hit because she would fight but when he threatened her...threatened to kill her little brother and said he had a gun, she stopped. He would touch her and make her sit on his lap. She wrote about how much it made her feel sick when he kissed her. She wrote about how she was disgusted by herself for letting him touch her.” I look up to the worried officer “to my knowledge, he hadn’t... r-raped her at that point... but now. I don’t know” the word had tears flow from my eyes. She nods in understanding.

“Oliver, if you’re okay to continue, we need to know what happened to you.” Officer Andrews speaks up.

“I’m okay... That day, she freaked out in Science, I have no doubt he did something when he was picking up the things, he ‘knocked off’ her desk purposely. She ran out the classroom and knocked over her bag. When she went, so did he, I went to pick up her things that had flown across the room and came upon the book. I seen it the day she had a breakdown, it was on the floor, I picked it up and she freaked out when she seen I had it. I was already suspicious about her change in character. She freaked out at the smallest things, she kept having days off and she was always looking around her. She was scared of her bedroom window. So, when I seen the book lying there, I had to see what was going on. At break I read it, I didn’t listen in my next two lessons after either because I was either in shock or still reading it. No one noticed. At lunch I went to search for her. She never specified who it was with a name. Or any clues to who it may be, I had to look around the whole school for her. I was walking down the hall and she ran into me.”

I choked up remembering what she looked like “she had tears staining her cheeks and her shirt was torn, blue bruises forming on her stomach. I confronted her about the book and she was terrified of him. She refused to tell me so I started to walk away angry.

Why was I so damn angry at her? I understood why she didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. Then her little voice came through. She said ′Damian′ she told me Damian was Mr Kyle and he was the one doing this to her” I had tears rolling down my face as I remembered the distressed and complete terror that laced her voice as it played in my mind like a record.

“I-I told her I loved her and that I would sort it. I walked to his classroom and slammed the door open. He looked like he was in pain as he was getting up from the floor holding his junk, I knew she had kicked him at that moment. He denied it first but quickly had a smile on his face when I recalled some of the things he had done to her. I told him to stay away from her or I’d go to police and run away with her so he could never hurt her again. He punched me in the gut and kneed my face. Next thing I know white cloth is on my face and i breath in chemicals.”

“Chloroform?” Officer Andrews asks and I nod ” what happened next?”

“I woke up in a boot, I only knew that because I could hear the engine running. I waited so long before it stopped, I pulled the emergency cord and pushed it open. I peeked out and seen he had stopped at a gate to undo a padlock, it had the number 6 in it and there was a neon yellow sign that said ‘private property’, it was covered in woodland.”

“Private property? He might have a house somewhere we don’t know about, in the middle of nowhere.” Officer Parker interjected.

“he seen the hood was up and started swearing before slamming it shut and laughing. He taunted me by saying ′we’re nearly home now Oliver, don’t get impatient’. He drove some more and I couldn’t get the boot open again. He dragged me into a small bungalow type house that looked like a classic cottage. I didn’t get to see much inside before I was thrown into the basement with my wrists strung up painfully tight to my sides. He left he for hours, maybe even days, my legs were about to give out before he came back. He would come down a beat me till I blacked out or was knocked out and I didn’t know if it had been day or even weeks. He would throw freezing water on me to wake me up and it was already cold down there. He said he wanted to keep me for Casey but he couldn’t because if she couldn’t learn to behave, she’d end up down where I was so he needed the space” tears ran down my face as I tried to ignore them.

“Do you think he would have really put the girl down there like that?”

“Definitely. He loves to watch people in pain and suffering, he laughs and that smile I will never get out of my head. One day he got bored and needed me gone for Casey so he just stabbed me out of nowhere, he then said I was dying too slow and strangled me, I felt the life drain from me as I tried to breath.Next thing I know I wake up in darkness again but a forest. I couldn’t remember anything that had happened, I remember the pain everywhere and I just remember a voice in my head telling me to save her so I just walked.” At that point I had tears running like a tap on my face.

“Oliver, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I promise we will find him and he will go to jail.”

I look over to my dad who’s been the quietest I’ve ever seen him.

“It might be too late. He had awful things planned for her. He’s going to get inside her head and hurt her. Even if you do find him it might be too late for her.” I sobbed, I actually sobbed. I was crying for Casey. My father quickly jumped out of his trance and hugged me tightly.

“We will find her” Officer Parker insisted before apologising for everything that’s happened to me and leaving.

What if they are too late?

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