One Sided Love

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Chapter 40

Officer Rose Parker’s Pov

“Is it here? Did they find it?”

“Yes, they’re bringing it in now. Look, Rose, I think I should look at it first, you’re getting too close to the case.”

I’m in complete and utter disbelief, is he kidding!

“Are you kidding me! well, of course I am, it’s our fault she was taken to begin with. She’s a 16-year-old girl, this stated when she was 15! A kid! She’s just a kid.”

“That was not our fault, we were doing our job, how could we have known? I know she’s a kid but you can’t keep promising we’ll find her to the boy and her mother. It’s the most important unspoken rule, you don’t get close to the families and you definitely don’t make promises.”

He’s right. Dammit! Why is he always right? It’s so annoying.

“I know. I just couldn’t help it. They’re just so young. They should be getting ready for exams and going out defacing property like normal teens, not dealing with this nightmare. I just don’t think I’ll be able to get rid of the guilt until we do find her.”

James gives me a curt nod in understanding probably not know exactly what to say back. Confirmations all I need.

Minutes later several officer rush in with an evidence bag containing a classic A3 sized flowery girls notepad.

Putting on gloves and protective gear because it’s not been processed, me and James take a look through first.

First thing we see on the first page was a singular note with a vague, sweet message;

Dear Casey

You’re so beautiful I can hardly believe it,

Your smile lights up the room and your laugh brightens my day.

Love D. K


Signed by him from the very start. The date was from the week after she started the school, 3 months ago. This all started three months ago.

How could you develop an obsession over the course of a week? Why her? Why a child in your care? What made him choose her?

Perfect track record, been a teacher for 5 years prior and then suddenly decides to do something like this. She was a minor, she is still a child. It’s like overnight he decided to become a paedophile and act out on his urges. Had they always been there, theses disgusting desires?

Then there’s how quickly it went from seemingly innocent to extreme as the next entry she writes about how someone dragged her into a closet.

All he did was touch her slightly. Teasing her, taunting. Leaving no evidence and not actually doing any physical harm. He knew what he was doing, making her scared and making her think she can’t do anything about it. He was toying with her and testing her boundaries, waiting to see how she reacts.

Grooming her slowly and unknowingly.

I smile when she writes about what she did to get away. She’s a strong girl, clever. But I think that’s what made him like her more.

She wrote about how her teacher Mr James picked up on her behaviour after, how much she wanted to tell him but couldn’t because she was to scared, scared about the reaction, whether he’d believe her or not. We’ll have to conduct an interview with him and see if her remembers anything.

The next thing that took my interest was an entry from after she took a few days off because she was terrified.

The bastard got close to her on purpose, he knew it would freak her out to find a fucking rose and note in her bag;

My love

My dearest apologies for my behaviour. I knew it would be too soon and I deeply regret my actions.

I do hope I can make it up to you in time.

I love you my sweet Casey.

If it’s any consolation, you have a good hit, my face hurt for a good 20 minutes.

Love D.K


He always signs it with ′love′ he disgusts me. Always so prim and proper, even in note form. Joking around like that, still toying with her, ′I fit’s any consolation, you have a good hit, my face hurt for a good 20 minutes.′

Only good thing is that we can match this hand writing to his as he hand all these notes.

As we read on it gets worse and worse. The notes get threatening as he hates to see her with other boys and she even starts to hear clicking sounds outside her window, ′reminds me of a camera’ she put.

It shocked me when she wrote about how she wasn’t safe at home of school. The two places children and meant to feel safe at. She felt she had nowhere to go and no one to talk to. She was alone and unsafe.

The way he’d message her when he was watching her, play with her to see the fear on her face.

More threats, more teasing.

Sneaking into her room and doing god knows what to her when she was asleep. When we searched her room, we found her window latch broken. He could have come in any time he wanted and I’d put money on it that he was the one who broke it.

He left this on her pillow;

Casey baby

You work yourself too hard, bless you.

I contemplated moving you to your bed but you look so peaceful and perfect and I didn’t want to risk waking you.

Have a good day at school my love

Love D.K


Fake concern. Fake kindness. He only left that to make sure she knew he was always watching. So she knew there was nothing she could do.

She thought there was nothing she could do.

She even made a little list when she was trying to figure out who was doing this to her. It only contained three things but she was determined.

Then she figured it out.

She explained how.

Completely by mistake.

In ways it would have been better if she never figured it out because that’s when the violence began.

He locked the door and when she tries to leave, he threw her into the wall. After he corners her, he still taunts her as she wrote down a quote she remembered.

“Do you remember the last time we were like this? Believe it or not, I was grateful when you did what you did. I would have preferred to see you. All of you.”

Vile excuse for a human.

He keeps her for a whole lesson after because he forced her to sit on his lap whilst she cried because he slapped her for calling him a paedophile.

But that’s what he is.

He told her he was sorry but he wasn’t sorry for slapping her. He’s not afraid to hurt her to get his point across.

That’s what scares me.

He’s not afraid to hurt her.

He confuses her by being kind after, being calm and giving her an ice pack for her face. Giving her the teddy, she said she was trying to win with Oliver on a date. He was trying to make it seem as if it was okay, normal. Grooming her. He was trying anyway. She always seen through it.

This all goes above the extreme.

He was watching all the time.

He’s sick, so sick.

Watching her for weeks. He then blackmailed her with nude pictures of herself that he’d taken. Making sure she knows he’s been watching, making sure she knows she’s not safe and is trapped.

She recalls how much she was disgusted by his touch. She goes into detail about the bruises he left on her, ever one of them.

At that point I couldn’t take anymore. I left James to continue as I took a break.

I make it to the break room and nearly pass out from being so overwhelmed.

That poor girls been through so much and now she’s out there with him doing god knows what.

I grab my twelfth cup of coffee of today. I did an all-nighter after the boy remembered everything in the middle of the night. How could I sleep after that? I just stayed up pondering over what he had said.

This man is definitely sadistic, he’s a paedophile who loves to see the fear in someone’s eyes but I think he wants something else, something more.

His family history is clouded, things are complicated. He had an entitled kind of life, his family had some money, nothing bad was ever reported to of happened.

What could make a person like this?

I think he does want love. He wants her to love him or at least feel something other than hate. But he wants his twisted sense of love, I don’t think he even knows what it is. He’s going to play games with her and her head.

In fact, he already has.

The boy was right, even if we do find her, we may be too late. We have no clue what her mental state will be like especially if he puts her in the basement like Oliver described.

I make my way back to James and he tells me it got worse, so much worse.

Be bargained with her to leave her alone in exchange for a kiss but he didn’t really give her a choice as he did it anyway, then after a few days he picked her up on her way home and proceeded to scare her some more with photos he’d taken.

When she, again, called him a pervert he strangled her and made her say sorry followed by him kissing her again forcefully.

After that he soon he stated kissing her and making her stay behind more at school.

When the babysitting starts, he decided the pictures weren’t enough, so he threatened her with a gun.

She said he had shown her a picture of him with one but he never showed her in person, he told her it was in his car and that was enough for her to stop fighting as after that he would get her to sit on his lap as he touched her slightly.

Pages and pages of it. The same thing over and over again. She said she’s scared he wants more. His actions make her think he does as he gets restless over time.

She states that she later found that the bear he had gifted to her had a camera hidden in it.

It gets bad when the day before Oliver went missing, he decides to make the most of the last time he’d be there as she writes about how he spanked her 30 times because; she went on a date with Oliver, hugged him and kisses him back, she refuses to kiss him back and broke his camera.

What’s worst was that she said she thinks he was planning to do something else as he took her hand and pulled it towards his trousers saying he wanted her to feel him.

What I don’t understand is how her brother can sleep through all this? He must have done something, we know he had chloroform, maybe he used it on her little brother to ensure they had time alone.

“Shit James! Look. Oliver said she freaked out in the mock science exam, that’s why” I said pointing to the paragraph where she explains that he touched her between her legs as he picked up her pencil case belongings.

“Rose, read this one. It’s about the phone call to police.”

I lean over and begin to read the paragraph. He noticed her change in behaviour and started questioning her, she pressed the call button before she was ready by accident.

He heard the phone ringing and slammed her onto the desk. I’ve heard that recording, I would never have thought she was there in the moment, lying on his desk with his hand over her mouth.

He ended the call and threw her on the ground, he dragged her away from the door when she crawled to it and kicked her 11 times in the stomach and sides. It amazes me how she managed to keep count of every hit he gave her.

“Rose.” James breathlessly whispers as he holds something in his hand.

I take a peek at what he was holding and my stomach drops. She took a picture of the bruises. She’s in a bra as she took three photos of her back and stomach showing all the bruises, bruises he’d given her. You can even see the detail of his treads in one photo.

I go to cover my mouth before I quickly go back to read what happened after.

He was going to rape her.

I knew it. There would only be one reason behind her running away so fast with her shirt torn open and buttons undone.

Thankfully she stated that she kneed and kicked him in the privets and ran before he could.

The next day is worse. The day after Oliver was kidnapped by him. I wondered why camera footage showed her weak and leaving with him. I wish I didn’t know.

He gave her a real after school detention for running out his room in the middle of a mock exam to ensure she’d come to him.

He slapped her three times making her nose bleed, that was the bloody tissues we found with her DNA. She wrote down quotes of what he said to her.

“You’re going to be punished and you’re going to be a good little girl like you were in your bedroom on Monday. If, if you decide to misbehave. I will fuck you right now, on the cold, hard floor and I will make sure you don’t get any pleasure from it, do you understand?”

It sickens me to read.

He touches and kisses her body and tells her she bruises too easy when he sees the bruises he had made the day before.

“You bruise too easily. So fragile like a little doll, you like that? Doll? My sweet little doll.”

She had mentioned in the past about how she felt like a doll that he controls, I have no doubt she hated it when he started calling her it.

She starts to scream as he kisses her body and only stops when-

“James? Did you read all of this?” I look at him and he nods.

She was cutting herself. Self-harming. He only stopped when he seen it. He screamed at her, telling her she’s not allowed to kill herself and even slapped her again before engulfing her into a hug.

After that he cleaned her up and took her home. He even told her he killed Oliver.

The next few pages she just wrote about how it was all her fault, about show she killed Oliver and she was a murderer.

She wasn’t doing well back then mentally, how is she doing now?

She’s been alone with him for a month.

We are interrupted by a co-worker opening the door.

“Parker, Andrews. We found 9 private addresses that are in or around the forest as well as 4 that are said to be abandoned.”

“Great, where to?”

“Furthest ones 6 hours away”

“We need to find each one’s entry points, don’t raise suspicion. Find one that matches the description the boy made, surrounded by trees, metal gate and neon privet property sign with the number 6 on it.”

“Got it” and he walks away.

“We’re close” I said smiling at James.

Casey’s Pov

I let out a small sob as I wake up.

"Shhh, shhh, shhh. You’re okay” I hear Damian coo “I’m just putting on some numbing cream for you, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

I let out another small sob remembering what happened. He belted me.

“There. All done” he says happily “oh no, no, no. No more crying” he then scoops me up and rocks me in his lap and a hand plays with my hair, whilst the other stroking my thigh.

There is no stopping this.

Is there even an escape?

What’s the point in trying?

What the point of it all?

Just give in, it’s only love.

Is it?

After a few minutes he speaks up “Tomorrow I’d like you to help me clean the place. I’m going to have to go down to the basement and clean that mess up so it would be helpful if you were to do the upstairs, okay?”

“Okay Damian.”

“There’s my good girl” he kisses my lips.

Maybe I should just give into him, wouldn’t it be easier.

I’m always getting hurt, I can’t stand it anymore, should I just give in?

“Come, I made breakfast.”


After he carried me to the kitchen for breakfast, he goes off to do work so I go to see buddy.

I didn’t even want to eat but I knew If I didn’t, he would just force me to.

I take the jacket off the top of the box.

“Hey buddy” I see him scurrying around as he’s eaten the food that was left for him and the worms Damian let me dig up the other day. That was gross.

“How are we doing today?” I ask the animal that’s obviously not going to answer back, if he did it would really freak me out.

It’s just someone to talk to, something to talk to.

I scoop him out of the box and place him in the already filled sink. I let him paddle about while I clean the box a little and change the water.

Hesitantly I call out “D-Damian? When you have time, could you cut up some more food for buddy?”

“Sure babydoll" he replies, both sounding entertained and annoyed.

“Thank you.”

I rinse off the baby hedgehog and wrap him in a towel in my arms.

“Well, I don’t really know what to do.” I start talking the buddy about things “I know they are looking for me but if he wants to clean the place then that means the flights soon. Part of me wants to give in so I’m not in pain anymore, the part that wants to trust him and believes the ‘good guy’ act. What can I do?” I ramble on to buddy and imagine little answers coming from him that I know is my own mind.

“I know, how am I supposed to clean when my hands barely work, well I suppose I did clean you out well. And he’s going to be doing the basement” I half laugh but realise something. “I could lock him in the basement and run” I whisper with wide eyes to the little hedgehog who’s looking at me like he understands every word.

“Who are you talking to?” Damian suddenly asks walking in the door way.

“B-Buddy” I say holding him up, slightly hiding my face behind it.

“Why, what were you telling him?” He asked amused.

“About when we let him go, he’s not allowed to get into fights with other animals with teeth and claws” I smile at buddy acting like I was just mock telling him off.

Damian just looks at me for a second before leaving. “That was too close buddy.” I tell him.

I sit down at the table and place the towel with him on the table. He looks around from the towel and looks at me.

To my surprise he walks over to me and nudges my hand on the table with his tiny black nose. He then rolls over and allows me to see his damn adorable fluffy belly.

I laugh as he snuggles into my hand as I touch him, that’s the first time I’ve laughed while being here and it’s because of this little sweet thing.


After an hour of playing with buddy I put him away as he started to look sleepy, he should’ve been asleep anyway.

I told him my plan.

I can’t risk anything for tomorrow, I have to do anything and everything he long as it’s not sex. There is no fucking way I’d ever let him, that would be the day I die.

I think I know a way to prove to him that I’ve accepted this and trust him. Only problem is, I might be sick doing it.

He comes back into the kitchen “how is my little babydoll?” He says pulling me to his embrace. My back facing him.

“I’m okay, m-my backs starting to hurt more now” i say nervously.

“To be expected, the creams rubbing off, I can put some more on later if you like?” He lays his head on my shoulder as one of his hands plays with my hair and the other around my waist.

“yes please.”

He then picks me up and puts me on his hip as he carries me to the lounge.

Go with it, just go with it.

Do what he wants, it’s okay.

I’ll be okay.

It’ll all be okay.

I think...

Damian Kyle’s Pov

I sit down with her in my lap.

Yesterday was fun.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I love punishing her little ass like that. She needs to learn.

With her in my lap I get her to straddle me.

I begin our heated make-out session. I must say, it does get tiresome being the only one responding to the kiss but at least now she obediently takes it. I enjoy myself anyway and I simply can’t wait to feel her again like last night and to have her feel me.

Her soft little hands had me cumming quicker than I ever had, I just can’t wait to be inside her. Then there was when I felt her, my fingers inside her, she was so soft and warm, I can’t wait to fuck her.

But, for her ‘first time’ I’ll have to be gentle. I also need to work her up to that first. I don’t want her freaking out again.

I know her back is hurting her right now but I still grip her tightly and move her closer as I kiss her with more passion than I ever have.

I hear her hiss in pain. Do I care? No. It was her own fault and I wasn’t lying, I did it because I love her. She needs to learn, I’m doing it for her own good, out of a kindness. I’m helping her.

Most men would have fucked her by now but me, I’m waiting, guiding, taking her step by step.

Then out of know where, her lips move. They move against mine, copying my movements.

She’s kissing me back...

I slow the kiss for her as we kiss each other softly. I groan at the sensation of her lips on mine. I open my eyes to see hers shut.

Has she given in? Finally?

I can’t trust her after yesterday, I really did think she was mine then but she panicked and fought back, but now she’s kissing back and picking up the pace on her own.

I shove my tongue into her mouth and she does the same with me like we become one. She lets out a small moan in the form of a sigh and that’s enough to make me groan again.

My hands around her head and hip, she places her hands on my shoulders, dragging them slightly and going down to my pecks and resting there.

I feel myself start to get hard and it’s the perfect time to find out if this is real. I break the kiss and look into her hooded eyes.

“Three options. You choose. One, you give me pleasure like you did last night. Two, I give you pleasure like I wanted to last night” I growl the second option because I remember how pissed off I was when she head butted me. “Three, we both get pleasure and we grind.”

She doesn’t look taken back by my words. She doesn’t show anything.

“Three” her little voice comes through and to say I’m shocked is an understatement considering how that went last time, although that was long ago and her mental state has been broken down.

I cup the back of her neck and kiss her again as the other hand pulls her closer. She now sits over my erect cock and I can feel her heat through the layers of fabric.

Her hands are looped around my neck as I place mine on her hips. I slowly guide them so she moves back and forth on my hardened manhood.

I groan at the sensation knowing her pretty pink pussys so close to my throbbing cock.

I pick up the speed as the kiss again, gets more heated. She moans a little and her little hands try to grip my shirt.

She likes it and I want to hear her.

I break the kiss and start sucking on her neck as I push her hips down harder forcing her to press up completely against me. She lets out a moan and I start to hear her panting.

I can feel myself on edge but I won’t let myself cum, not just yet.

Her breathing becomes ragged as she pants more with her eyes shut.

“When you cum, scream my name” I demand “look at me babydoll" another command but she doesn’t.

She lets out a loud strangled moan as she grips my shirt a little tighter, I know she just came and by me no less but there’s no time to relish in that, no, because I just thought of the perfect punishment.

Her eyes open in shock as I make her grind harder and faster as I too rock my hips. I know she’s hypersensitive right now and I’m not done yet so she’s just going to have to beg.

“D-Damian” she says panicked.

“You didn’t do as I say, I’m going to make you cum until you scream my name.”

Her face screws up as I feel her hips unknowingly jerk.

“S-stop, please, it, I-it’s too much” she begs but she’s not trying to get away or stop my hands, she’s learned not to.

Good girl.

I move a hand from her hip and slip it into her pants, I then bare down on top her clit, she gasps and I start moving my thumb in circles still grinding. I feel my own orgasm coming.

“Scream my name” I demand.

Her whole body buckled as a second climax ripples through her and she shouts my name, not scream but it’s good enough. I guess she’s just not a screamer.

I climaxed at the sound of my name come through those pretty little lips. I hug her tight as she pants, her hips still unwillingly jerking every now and then, it feels so good. My thumb still on her clit, I feel It pulsate and jerk.

She is finally understanding, she is getting it. She’s mine and only mine.

Our flights in 3 days and I think she’s ready for it, she won’t cause a scene, I know she won’t.

The police, the stupid people are doing nothing, they have nothing. It’s hilarious. The idiots are so screwed.

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