One Sided Love

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Chapter 45

Officer Rose Parker’s Pov

“Come on already! Get up!” I push James one more time.

I didn’t get any sleep. I couldn’t. Knowing we were so close but because of our own stupidity again she’s probably suffering.

How the hell could we miss one?

“Rose, what the hell? It’s not even day-break, what are you waking me so early? What’s the time?”

“The drives 4 hours I long and It will be best if we get there before the sun comes up if it’s, it. So, come on!”


“4 am...”


“Come on, you’re awake now. Just get up.”

“Did you even sleep?”


“You’re a bad liar Rose. But you’re right” James grumbles and grabs his coat. “You’re driving” I nod at him.

We made it in 2 and a half ours.

I may have sped a little...

Should I give myself a ticket?

“So, where’s this gate?” We drive down an overgrown driveway slowly, you can see it’s been recently used as the long grass has been flattened.

“There!” I point at the neon yellow sign that’s blindly reflecting the light from our car.

“Shit, this is it.”

Metal gate, neon yellow sign with the number 6 on it.

“What could the 6 mean?” James wonders out loud.

“How many miles to the house maybe?” I shrug.

It’s 6:30 am, the sun will rise at 7. The stations 2 hours away, we need back up. Now.

“Radio it in.” I nod at James.

Armed officers and backup are on their way. A helicopter is scheduled to take flight to map out the area and give us eyes from above.

“What are we meant to do now?” I ask James.

“Sweep the area and look for entry points but we can’t do anything till everyone gets here.”

“I’m going to pick the lock on that gate” I get out the car and proceed to pick the lock easily and quickly.

“You know, I never asked how you know how to do that. I don’t think I want to know either, I’d hate to arrest my partner.”

“We all have our secrets” I laugh.

Less than 2 hours later and everyone’s arrived early. The sun’s up and the helicopters on its way.

We drive through the gate and up the clearing to make our way to the home when we start to hear the helicopter coming.

“Shit! They’re early! We need to get a move on” James tells me and I speed up the car.

I just hope he doesn’t hear it before we can get there.

Casey’s Pov

I smile widely at the sight.

It’s yellow and black.

It’s the police.

They found me.

A freaking helicopter!

Damian’s grip on my biceps gets tighter as he holds me to him closer and forces me to move into the forest.

I wasn’t trying to kill myself.

I wanted to kill him.

The cut I made on my arm wasn’t deep. I tricked him and nearly succeeded.

The plan was kill him and escape. If I didn’t manage to kill him that moment...I would have killed myself.

It was ‘plan B’.

Him or me.

He pushes me along as he keeps looking behind his back at every step.

“Keep moving Casey! We need to get to the car and get out of here!”

Shit, it looks like Damian has a ‘plan B’ too.

Officer Rose Parker’s Pov

“Officer Parker, Andrews. Movement in the tree line confirmed to be them. The copter says they ran as soon as they heard it.”

“Shit!” I hit the steering wheel.

James grabs his radio “car three sweep the house. Rest of us will search the forest.”

We jump out the car as soon as it parks in front of the house.

We all run into the forest with guns raised.

It’s completely silent until...


Casey’s Pov

“HELP!” I scream at the top of my lungs.

He’s moving too fast for them. They will catch up now.

“You stupid bitch!” He shouts and covers my mouth. He grabs my hair forcing my head back against his chest “I will never let you go! You’re mine now!” He growls in my ear.

“Damian Kyle! Let go of the girl and put your hands up!” A male voice calls behind us.

Damian turns very slowly to face them, a smile appearing on his face.

“Officer Parker and... whatever the hell your name is. Nice to see you again” he mocks.

I feel all of their eyes on me, assessing each and every bruise. Damian lets go of my hair and uncovers my mouth. He wraps both his arms around my waist, encasing my arms in the process at my sides and puts his chin on my shoulder.

“Let, the girl, go” the woman seethes. Wait, I recognise them. Did he say Officer Parker?

“I’ll never let her go” he growls and holds me tighter to him, my legs giving out as he holds me up “she is mine forever and always” his hand comes up and touches the infinity charm around my neck “if I can’t have her, no one can” his hand wraps around my neck and he starts to squeezes lightly.

“Let her go or we’ll shoot” the man speaks. Officer Andrews, if I remember correctly. I know them?

He kisses my head and applies more pressure. It becomes increasingly hard to breath.

“I love you little babydoll" he whispers in my ear.



I’ve had ENOUGH

I will not be weak in this moment.

I will not be weak AGAIN.

I am not weak or worthless or pathetic.

I am and always will be strong.

He can’t hurt me anymore.

But I can hurt him...

I raise my arm out of his clutch and elbow Damian in the gut. He lets out an ′omph!′ sound and let’s go of my neck, I then turn around and kick him in the groin.




I think I broke my foot.

He doubles over and I fall to the side not being able to support myself on two legs let alone one.

He lets out a growl and reaches for my foot but I kick him in the face.

Three officers take the opportunity and jump onto Damian. They put cuffs on his wrists whilst reading him his rights.

I sit up and back up until I hit a tree trunk about 3 meters away from him. I just sit up on the floor staring at the scene in front of me not believing it.

I hit him.

I hurt him.

His nose is bleeding.

I made him bleed.

They found me.

I’m free.

I’ve been saved.

“Casey? Casey?” I look up to see officer Parker looking at me with concern. I cuddle my left wrist again to my chest and anger consumes me as Damian addresses me.

“Casey, my love-”

“Kill him.” I whisper and every person present looks at me “KILL HIM!”

Everything comes back to me. Everything he’s done since the beginning. It hits me like a pile of bricks and I breakdown.

"Babydoll I-”

“DO IT!” Tears flood down my face.

“Casey, we can’t do that. Hun, it’s okay now, he’ll go to prison, you’ll never see him again” officer Andrews speaks up.

“I love you Casey and I know you love me to-” I cut him off with only anger present on my face as I scream at him each and every word.

“I would never have loved you! It would only have been a matter of time before I found a way to kill myself or you. I would have found a way!”

“I wouldn’t of let you!” His face fills with anger at my words.

“You will never touch me again!”


“You will go to HELL!”

“Casey it’s okay” the two officers beside me try to calm me.

I rip off the disgusting necklace and throw it in his face as the officers still hold him to the ground because of his struggling.

His eyes never leave me.

“You will rot in hell and I will send your PERVERTED ass there!”

“NEVER call me that!” He screams in anger.

This again.

I giggle at him. I painfully and condescendingly chuckle at him.

“It’s what you are! You’re a sick bastard and perverted PAEDOPHILE! Who preys on the weak minded and kind hearted to manipulate and control them."

“CASEY YOU’RE MINE” he growls.

“NEVER. I would never have been yours.”

"Babydoll, you will never forget me, don’t you DARE! You won’t be able to. I’ll always be with you. I’ll always be a part of you!”

I laugh, I laugh maniacally. I laugh so hard it hurts.

“I DID fuck Oliver the day I found that fucking camera! And after they take you away, you’ll be NOTHING TO ME but a blip in my life.”

He struggles harder against the officers trying to get to me “DON’T YOU FUCKING SAY THAT!”

“You mean nothing to me.”

“Casey that’s enough” officer Parker crouches down to my level, hesitant to touch my bruised-up form.

But I have more to say, he needs to know.

“You will ROT in a prison cell and when you finally fucking die you will go in a deep sleep with a constant, repetitive, dull dream playing. And when you get bored and want to wake up from the lucid dream you can’t, won’t and never will ESCAPE!”

“Casey calm down you’re safe now” Officer Parker says.

“You’ll DIE of boredom but you’ll already be DEAD and then you’ll realise-”

"Babydoll please ” he begs me.

"YOU’RE IN HELL! You will burn for what you have done! And I’m not your fucking babydoll!"

The officers finally drag him away as he kicks and screams my name. I stay seated on the ground sobbing into my knees.

Happy tears.

I’m free...


“I tried to kill him” I whisper. I tried to kill someone and begged people to kill him for me “I broke a glass vase and tried to kill him with a piece of it. I cut my arm to make him think I was dead so he would get close enough-”


“I screamed and begged for you to kill him” I cried. What have I become?

“It’s okay. It’s understandable. You’re safe now sweetie. Nothing will happen to you” officer Andrews reassures.

“I know you, don’t I?” I ask two officers next to me.

Officer Parker slightly smiles “yes, we met once.”

“I was supposed to meet you at the police station. I-i never made it. I’m sorry.”

Officer Andrews looks at me “no. You don’t have to be sorry. None of this was your fault. You’re safe now hun" they both look at my body “Sweetie. You’re still bleeding. We need to get you to a hospital. Can you stand on your own?” I shake my head.

He nods “I’m not going to hurt you. I need to carry you to the car so we can get away from this dammed place” He says slowly as he approaches and picks me up bridal style.

I hug my wrist and lay limp in his arms with my head on his shoulder.

“Didn’t we call for an ambulance?” She asked him.

“Yeah, but they are and hour out, we just as well take her ourselves” he replies.

We walk for a while before he puts me into their car. They bandage my bleeding arm and hand as best they can to stop the bleeding.

Officer Rose Parker’s Pov

I look in the mirror to see Casey fast asleep.

“She’s asleep” I announce “We got her” I let out a deep breath.

“The investigators want us to go back to the house when we’ve dropped her off at hospital. It’s bad” he says monotonous.

I look at his unreadable face “how bad?”


I look at the tiny girl through the mirror. She looks so small. I can see her ribs as the crop-top, she wears clings to her skin. She’s so thin and tiny. She doesn’t look her age.

Bruises around her neck. Her wrists have splints on them, one of which she kept holding like she was in pain. Her legs covered in bruises. She couldn’t even walk. Bruises on her arms and... a carving above her heart.

I turn back towards James.

“Did you see the-”

“Yes. His initials.”

“Did they find the basement?”

“They found the door to it smashed but yes they did. Apparently, it was half clean but the other’s covers in dirt, blood and human waste. They also found a mattress down there.”

She was down there.

“The chains?”

“Them too” He confirms.

I look back at her sleeping figure.

I attempt to lighten to mood “You’re different around her” I state ”hun? Sweetie?” I smile at him.

“She needs soft gentle words, calm and reassuring. I’m acting in the way that would be best around her. I was unsure how she was going to be around ‘men’ so I took the warm route not to scare her.”

“You’re always different around kids. You’d be a good dad” I joke with him as he just shakes his head “I’ll notify the hospital that we are on our way.”


When we got to the hospital James lifted the sleeping girl and we rushed her into the place. Upon first look the doctors rushed her away to do their procedures. Her arm had started to bleed through the bandages we had put on her.

Now back at the house we make our way to the rooms that the investigators specified.

The kitchen.

“Is that-”

“Bloody bedding? Yes. Looks like it was taken from the king-sized bed in the other room.” Our top investigator, Ian, says.

“Is it-”

“Her blood? Yes.”

“Stop interrupting me Ian, you know it annoys me.” He smiles innocently, he did it to annoy me.

We follow him to the bedroom.

“Fuck” I say under my breath looking at the mattress stripped bare with blood patches on it.

“Watch where you stand!” Ian calls.

I look down to see glass. With the glass is more blood.

“Follow me” Ian walks to the bathroom.

“What happened here?” I ask looking at the splashes of more blood that looks fresher.

“This is hers” he points to the sink “this is his” he points to the drops on the floor and around. “My guess is there was an altercation before we arrived and they both got hurt.”

“She said she tried to kill him.”

“That would explain why her prints are on the piece of glass there” I look to the side to see a glass piece smothered in blood.

“He had a long cut on his arm and so did she. She said she tried to kill him and cut her own arm to get him close” James interjects.

“Smart girl, I guess.”

“What about all the oth-”

“All evidence suggests he raped her last night” Ian announces cutting me off when I was about to ask him about all the blood” she needs a SAEK.” (SAEK- Sexual Assault Evidence Kit)

“It’s part of the hospitals routine in cases like this to conduct one as soon as she wakes.” James assures.

“From the amount of blood...they need to do it ASAP. She could catch an infection. It must of... only our most brutal cases have this much blood...” James nods in understanding and calls the hospital, I walk out to the bedroom again.

There are handcuffs on the bed-frame.

Patches of blood all over the mattress.

We were too late.

Last night. This happened last night.

We could have stopped it but because of our mistake she had to go through that before we found her.

At least we got to her before he got away.

A search party found an abandoned car not far from where he was taking her. It had cloths, money and fake IDS in it.

He always thought he was one step ahead.

Most of the time he was but he was too cocky. A smart-ass but fool at the same time.

He thought he was untouchable.

He was wrong.

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