One Sided Love

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Chapter 4

The beginning of the day had gone really quickly. It’s break right now and I’m with Becks, Ben, Thomas and surprisingly Jacob, who decided to join us.

We were all sitting on a bench together talking when I get the unnerving feeling like I’m being watched. I ignored it for a few minuets but as the feeling got stronger the urge to look overcome me, I glance up and around the school yard until i come across Mr Kyle, he was just staring at me.

I glance at him back, making sure to look him in the eye so he knows I’ve seen him watching and awkwardly do a side smile to which he looks away...creepy bastard. I think as I look away and try to shake the feeling of anxiety from my shoulders. I go back to talking to Becks, but I still continue to feel his eyes on me.

It starts to make me feel really uncomfortable so because i already needed to pee, I get up and make my way to the toilets, then maybe when I get back, he’ll be gone.

I go in the bathroom, wee and then brush my hair. I have it down today so it matts really easily. Annoyingly easily, sometimes I wish I could just cut it all off but i worry ill look like an alien with super short hair.

As I look in the mirror I start to think. Why was he staring at me? Did I do something wrong? There’s nothing on my face or anything. I can’t quite put my finger on it. i understand he’s a teacher and the staff do keep an eye on the kids during break and lunch but still, it was weird. Maybe I did something wrong in class to piss him off so he’s keeping a eye on me or something.

I shrug my shoulders in defeat at finding out what it was and finish brushing my hair. Picking up my bag I go to exit the bathroom to make my way back outside to the bench to rejoin becks and the boys.

I come out the bathroom, only just hearing the door close after me when I hear another door open. Before I can even look behind me to see what made the sound, I instantly feel hands grab my shoulders and pull me backwards from behind into darkness.

In my shocked daze, I close my eyes in panic and reach for the hands on my shoulders but upon reaching them, they seem to be gone. I hear the door shut before I even get a chance to open my eyes to see where I am. The room is in complete darkness, no lights on and no windows, only a little light peering from the bottom of the closed door, I try to look around the room but I just can’t see anything.

“Hello” I call out, feeling complexed and thinking I might have just tripped and stumbled backwards, imagining the feeling of someone pulling me, “is someone there?” I ask feeling only stupidity for talking to a empty room and for my own clumsiness.

Hearing nothing I deduce I’m a idiot and going crazy and I start to feel for the door handle. Seeing the light from the underneath of the door, I reach my hands out to feel for the wall or any shelfs in the way so I don’t bonk my head when I touch something in front of me, honestly making me jump “h-hello?”

Its, its warm. It feels like a body but it doesn’t move.

Maybe the school has a manikin...? Actually, the thought of that makes me afraid, perhaps even more so then it being a person.

I shiver and both thoughts, in slight denial, and start to turn away to go around whatever it is when my arms are caught by the wrists and are thrown against the wall. My body quickly follows my arms sudden movement of being pushed back and I’m shoved against the ice-cold wall.

I grunt at the impact as the air in my lungs is knocked out of me. “Get off me, you ass!” I yell angrily, struggling out of their hold when I hear a stomach turning sound.

I hear him deeply chuckle.

His laugh filled me with dread as it shakes me to my core. I start to feel helpless and terrified as I can feel him in front of me.

“Who are you? What do you want?” I say trying to sound intimidating and confident but it ends up coming out as a whisper because the racing fear in me traps the words in my throat.

My hands are pinned either side of my head as I continuously try pull them to get free. However, when his grip tightens around them making me squeal as they start to ache badly because the pressure on my wrists constricts the blood and my hands start to throb.

Tears begin to sting my eyes as what’s happening finally sets in my head. All doubt and denial gone.

I hear his breathing get louder as he breaths out a long deep breathe and seemingly leans down to my head till I can feel him next to my face, nose’s almost touching. “Please” I manage to squeeze out as a whisper, almost not audible as I move my head away and to the side.

He leans in even closer. I can start to feel his breath on my neck. Warm gushes of air hit my ear tickling me, making me move my shoulder up to block it.

A deep long “Shhhhhhhhhhh” is whispered in my ear as he squish’s his hard body against me, his one leg between mine and the other by my side.

His chest compress’s mine.

I feel his chest move into me as he breaths slow and steady whilst mine is shallow and fast. His heart is beatings fast but it’s nothing compared to mine, my heart races so quick it feels like it’s going to jump out my chest.

I choke back my tears but they keep falling, I hadn’t even realised I started crying. In a attempt to stay calm and prevent the tears from continuing to fall, I make a futile attempt at holding my breath, maybe just to quieten my sobs so he doesn’t know I’m crying.

He let’s go of my wrists but I keep them beside my head, too afraid to even move. Frozen in shock and fear. As I choke on his disgustingly strong cologne, I feel his hands slowly go along my arms to my shoulder.

I’m startled when they start to slide down my my collar bone to my chest. “Please don’t” I whisper as my voice cracks. I finally regain the control to move my hands and instantly place them to his chest in an attempt to try to push him off but he doesn’t budge.

The damn humans like a brick wall.

His head still by my ear, I hear it again. A slow deep “shhhhhh”. Strangely and oddly enough, sounding like he’s trying to comfort and calm me as he whispers it ever so softly.

But it obviously has the opposite effect.

There’s something about the way he whispers that, that just chills me to the bone making me shiver. The tone, the calmness of it, just something, something is just terrifyingly off about it. About him.

His hands glide over my breasts and down to my sides, stopping to grip my waist. His head moves down a little more, his nose touches the skin on my neck lightly. He inhales slowly and deeply, like he was trying to saviour the moment, the air, the feel, he even lets out a groan as he does it.

A hand lifts off my waist. I feel its presence next to my face and as if he can see completely in the dark, he starts to curl a strand of my hair that was hanging in front of my face.

My hands still on his chest trying with all my strength to push him off.

Then, as I’m about to panic and give up, at that moment, I get an idea...

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