One Sided Love

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Chapter 49

2 weeks after his sentencing I was told that 20 years was added into his sentence for another account of attempted murder.

84 years. He has no chance now. He will die in prison. They also took 3 years off his protective custody.

Both homes, in America and in the forest were sold by the government.

On top of that, he had to pay all hospital charges for both mine and Oliver’s treatment. As well as a hefty sum of compensation, £75,000 for Oliver, £100,000 for me.

It’s good for the future, mums dropped one job so now she’s got less stress, I want to go to college and uni even though I have no idea what to study...but, it still doesn’t change what happened.

I’ve been doing online courses for school. Because of mine and Oliver’s circumstance, we’ve been allowed to catch up with our schooling online, complete the work missed and study, then during the end of the summer holidays we will take the exams we missed.

I still have nightmares about him. I dream that he’s in the room. He taunts me, sometimes hits me, I feel the pain of each slap or punch. He climbs on top of me, about to...but I always wake up before anything happens. Mum would comfort me. I had been saying with mum because my room brought back bad memories.

The first time I slept in my own room since coming back, I woke up in the middle of the night and cried because of a nightmare where i was down in the basement. Lou had heard me. He came in my room and dragged me to his. I held him and he held me.

I’m not sure anymore who’s meant to be the older sibling. It’s like he knows somehow, he knows when I have flashbacks of that place, he’ll come to me and just hug me.

He’s 6 now, only 6. But It helps just to talk to him about anything, read, play and watch films with him.


“Dammit! Becks!” I shout at her once again as she pushes me into Oliver. She runs to the other side of Thomas giggling.

“I better be maid of honour at the wedding” she demands playfully smiling at me.

I hear Oliver chuckle softly as he wraps his arm around my shoulder.

I smile “no, you’ve been demoted to regular bridesmaid” I tell her smiling back innocently.

Her eyes widen “don’t you dare! That’s not fair! I helped set you two up!” She squeals.

“No, you did not. I never met you before Cas and from the second I seen her I knew I liked her, you had nothing to do with it” Oliver joins in.

She looks deeply offended “Wah! Lies! I helped you pick out that necklace on her birthday, zombie boy! The perfect gift, do I not get thanks for that?”


The rose necklace, the one he took off me, yanked off me, he broke it and threw it his car. When he took me.

I reach up and touch my neck where it should still be. Instead, at the bottom of my palm I feel the raised scar.

It’s been 9 months since it all happened, 7 months since the sentencing, I haven’t seen him in 7 months but, the little things, they bring me back, bring back memories.

I don’t even realise I stopped walking until Oliver calls my name.

“Casey? You good?” I look up to see them all staring at me.

“Yeah, I’m fine” I say as catch up to them with three steps.

“Cas, you’re crying” I look at Ben confused and wipe my face with my hand.

“Am I?” I feel the wetness on the back of my hand “I didn’t even realise” I say and shrug it off like it’s nothing.

“Cas, what was that about? Did I say something wrong? I promise I’ll stop teasing you and Oliver...for a while” Becks asks with concern.

“I’m okay, it’s just. That necklace. He, took it when...he took me. I just remembered it, that’s all” I shrug again trying to move on from the conversation.

Becks gasps and hugs me “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know” I hug her back and smile.

“No, it’s okay. It was a silly little memory. I’m good, look” I say to her as I pull back and put a smile on my face.

Oliver’s phone goes off and he answers it instantly ”hello?..yes...okay hold on.” He turns to us “give me a minute” he walks a good distance away to talk.

I look back to the others to see them all smiling goofily. Becks immediately drops it when she sees me looking.

“So, how were the exams?”

“They were okay. I think the only one I really messed up was R.E.” I shrug “have you guys got your results yet?”

“We got them ages ago silly” Becks says.

“What! You guys didn’t tell me! How did you do?”

"Well, I royally screwed up Science and got a D but mostly got C’s and B’s” Thomas replies.

“Ah, so not just a pretty face” Thomas smiles and poses with the back of his hands flat under his chin like he’s and angel, I laugh.

“I got only B’s, so I’m extremely relieved and happy, my mum would have killed me if I failed anything” Becks continues on.

“I got A’s in Science, Math, Art and History. The rest I got B’s” Ben says proudly.

“Clever clogs” Becks mutters. Ben elbows her and that somehow leads to a full-on fight.

“You get Ben” I sigh and point to Thomas who looks like he’s about to get popcorn to enjoy the show. He sighs and nods.

I wrap my arms under Becks armpits and pull her away from Ben.

“Let go, imma bout to beat the smug outta him” Becks demands, she gets a little hot-headed at times... All the time.

But it’s only fun and games, she’d never really hurt the boys...I think?

“Hey Becks, calm it. I have a better idea” Thomas swiftly pulls out a black pen from his pocket to show her as he still has an arm wrapped around Bens shoulders to restrain him.

“Oh no” I mutter, it’s permanent marker “Thomas? Do you just carry one of those around at all times for ‘emergencies’?” I air quote, letting go of Becks who’s smiling ear to ear.

He smiles “actually I have two” I laugh.

“Woah, woah, woah. Let’s not do anything to hasty now.” Ben puts his hands up in surrender realising what’s coming. “Becks. You know I love you right?”

“I’m not involved in this” I say backing away. I end up backing away into a chest, I look behind and see Oliver smiling at the scene in front of him.

“What’s going on?” He whispers.

“Becks called Ben a ‘clever clogs’ because he got mostly A’s for his exams, they fought, now she’s threatening him with markers” I whisper back.

He wraps his arms around my waist and places his chin on my shoulder. Needless to say, we are officially going back out.

It’s not a physical relationship, we’ve not even kissed, I just can’t...not yet. But I’m okay with this. Hugs, cuddles. I know he’ll never hurt me but’s the fear. Something like that, never leaves you.

We watch as Becks draws a classic moustache above Bens lip. When she’s done Thomas let’s him go.

“I hate much” Ben grits his teeth. Everyone just laughs, I can barely breath.

After everyone’s calmed down, we start to make our way back to my house. They all insisted on coming over.

“Okay” Becks awkwardly speaks up so we all turn to her “can we just, um. Thomas?” He looks at her nervously.

“What’s going on?” I ask with suspicion.

“Um, well. We uh, Becks?” Thomas passes it back to her.

She sighs “we kissed, like, a month ago” I hold in a squeal “we talked and we started going out a week ago after a date” she said clearly uncomfortable.

Everyone’s silent again before...




Oliver, Ben and I shout together in unison. Becks and Thomas glare at us with confusion.

“YOU KNEW!” Becks shouts.

“How could you know?” Thomas asks.

“Oh, come on. It’s so obvious. You’ve been friends forever and you still have this whole love hate thing going on” Ben tells them.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s classic. You know, little boys pull on little girl’s pigtails because they like them, don’t know how to show it or how get their attention and they don’t really understand what they are feeling. You annoy each other because you like each other. It’s obvious with the way you look at each other.” said Oliver.

I ran and hugged Becks. I then hugged Thomas. Ben started to pretend to be sad so I hugged him too, he instantly smiled and squeezed me way too hard.

“’t breathe.”

“Hey, don’t suffocate my girlfriend, or hog her, I want a hug too now” Oliver broke me and Ben up and hugged me.

We soon started walking and got to my house, I was about to open the gate when Oliver stopped me.


“Just. One second” he got out his phone and soon he received a text. They all looked up and stared at my house, it was a little creepy. They literally all looked up at the same time.

I turned around to see what they were looking at.


In my room.

His little head quickly moved away from my bathroom window. I quickly stormed up to the house and immediately went up the stairs.

I swung my room door open and stopped in my tracks.

My mouth open in shock and amazement.

I slowly wonder into my room.

The first thing I notice is a large see-through curtain canopy over my bed. I’d always wanted one, I thought they were so beautiful.

My fingers skim the soft material as l look at it, different coloured plastic butterflies of all sizes have been stuck onto it covering the outside. I look inside it and on my bed is the most beautiful bouquet of lilies and roses, the lilies are all kinds of colours.

On the head and foot of the bed, wrapped around the metal bars is LED fake leaf lights. The lights a gorgeous jade green.

My eyes are drawn away by fading lights in the distance. I look to my once empty wall which now is covered in beautiful rows of fairy lights, hung up like bunting. After every 3 or so light is a picture.

I walk closer to the lights and see pictures of everyone. Me and Oliver together, Becks and the boys, me and mum, Lou too. Everyone.

Tears form in my eyes as i turn to the side to see a grey woven hanging swing egg chair in the corner of my room next to my book shelf.

The chair is also decorated by LED leaf lights that wrap around the sides of its opening. On the chair is a light green teddy bear holding a folded-up sliver blanket.

I turn around speechless to see everyone. I look around the room at the new things and gesture to it with my mouth open. Strangled noises come from me as I can’t seem to make actual words.

“Do you like it?” Oliver asks me.

I nod frantically “I-I. How-why?”

“We wanted to do something nice for you. Make your room feel...calm, safe.” He gestured to the canopy “Make sure you always know that you are loved” the pictures “so you have a place you can relax” the chair.

“You did this?” I ask him the look at everyone else “you all did this?”

“We all chipped in. Oliver more because he has a little more money at the moment” Becks says “we all helped set it up. I helped mostly with the pictures and lights. The boys, decided the design of things and the lights. Your mum and brother helped put it together.”

I almost run to them.

“Thank you” I throw my arms around mum first and kiss her cheek. Happiness overcoming me as a tear rolls down my face. I pick up Lou and hug him next “thank you” I kiss his cheek.

“Sis? Why are you sad? You’re crying” he asks as he wipes the single tear away.

“I’m not sad, not even a little bit. I’m happy, really, very happy.” I hug him tightly.

After putting him down I turn to Oliver but Thomas cuts in.

“Not this time lover boy” he says pulling me to him “mine” he says as he hugs me tightly and sticks his tongue out at Oliver who’s glaring at him.

I laugh and hug Thomas and kiss his cheek. He seemed a little shocked and even blushed a little which was adorable, Becks laughed at him.

After pulling away, I hug and kiss Becks cheek and then Bens because they were closest then turn to Oliver.

“Thank you” I whisper and pull him into a tight hug “thank you, thank you. I love it” he sways slightly with me before we pull away and I kiss his cheek.

“Right, now that’s done. I’m desperate to sit in that swing chair, please, please, pleaseeeee. Can I?” Thomas says with his hands pressed together begging.

Becks slaps his arm “you are not sitting in it before she has” he starts sulking with his bottom lip out pouting.

“Come on” I say to him. I remove the bear and blanket and sit down in the chair “this is so cool” I say leaning into it, I almost don’t want to get out but I do. “Your turn Thomas” I say and pat the seat, I swear, he nearly sat on my hand because he could not wait.

I pick up the bear and look at it “it’s really cute” I tell Oliver.

“Well, I know the other one probably gave bad memories so I got a new one for you. I gave it a few cuddles to make sure it was huggable enough for you” he smiles.

“You are so adorable” I go over to my bed. “How do I get in this thing?” I laugh out. Oliver shows me the opening and I climb in.

“Oh, thank god! I’ve been waiting to see what it’s like inside this” Becks runs to the bed.

She tells him off but really, she’s just like Thomas. I look at Thomas to see him swinging in the chair, looking like he’s going to go asleep. That is until Ben slaps his face of course.

Becks and Lou climb into the canopy netting as I set the bear down.

“What on earth is on your face, boy?” I hear my mum laugh out as she points to Bens face. She’s laughing so hard she has to stabilise herself with her hands on her knees.

Ben goes red, I think he forgot it was there “Becks did it.” He glares at her “it’s permanent marker” he grumbles and tries to hide it

Mum stops laughing “did she now?” She looks towards Becks who smiles happily “I have some rubbing alcohol, it’ll get it off” she tells him.

He smiles and as he takes his hand away mum snaps a picture of him “that’s another one for the wall” she tells me. We all laugh as Ben looks horrified. She then gets the rubbing alcohol for him and he grumbles more as he scrubs it off in the bathroom.

“Imma put these in water” I say to them and take the flowers away.

I take the flowers out of the tissue paper they are wrapped in and gaze at the beautiful lilies. I think these are my new favourite flowers.

Placing them in a vase I turn to put the tissue in the bin, I open it to see a brown envelope addressed to me. I take it out the bin.

“No Casey, don’t!” Mum calls as she watches me.

“Mum, what’s this?”

She looks nervous and angry “I didn’t want to spoil the day. The abomination sent you a stupid letter and a visitation request” the abomination, him, that’s what mum calls him.

“W-why? A letter?” I drop it not wanting to touch it any longer if he’s been in contact with it.

“I don’t know baby, don’t worry, you don’t have to read it. I didn’t even open it. I just didn’t want to upset you, that’s why I binned it.”

I grab it again and turn to the sink. I light it on fire with the matches on the side. I watch as the corner of the letter glows a bright orange as a flame consumes it. I watch as it spreads.

“I don’t care what it says. If anything comes through that door from him, I will burn it.” I watch as the paper disintegrates into ash. “Screw you” I whisper to it.


After a few hours Becks and the boys went home leaving just me and Oliver in my room.

Lying in my bed under the lace canopy, the softest fucking blanket out there covering us, with the green leaf lights glowing and being in Oliver’s arms I just feel pure happiness and peace.

“Oliver?” He hums in response “I have something for you” he looks confused as I pull out a black box. “I bought it as a thank you for everything” I hand it to him.

“Munchkin, you didn’t-”

“Shut up and open it. After all this” I point to the room “you don’t get to tell me not to buy you stuff” I laugh “also, we can’t forget that you were in this too, you deserve to be treated as well” I smile at him sweetly, he did nearly get murdered.

He opens the box and pulls out the black stainless-steel watch “I seen that your watch’s glass is broken so I decided to buy you a new one.”

“Cas, how much did this cost you?” He looks shocked.

I scoff “how much did this cost you?” I ask him pointing to the room.

“The lights were on sale and so was the chair. Munchkin, I can’t except this.”

“This was on sale too. You can and will except it. Anyway, I can’t take it back. I had it engraved” I turn it over in his hands.

He looks confused “what’s this date?”

“The day I knew I loved you. The day I fell in love with you.”

“What? Y-you what?” He stutters adorably “say that again” shocked to hear the sudden demand in his voice I look at him.

“I love you Oliver.”

He starts to lean in but then stops himself “Casey, can I kiss you?” I nod and the second I do his lips meet mine in a slow and gentle kiss he pulls away “I love you too Casey.”

I pull him back down and kiss him. The passionate kiss full of need and love. Slow but deep. I start to get nervous. I love him but I’m not ready for more than this.

He pulls away almost sensing my nerves, seriously, I think he’s becoming psychic or something.

He looks at me “no need to rush. I love you and would do anything for you. Absolutely anything. I only ever want to see you happy.”

“How the hell are you so perfect, god, I love you.”

“I want to put my own date down. The day I fell for you.” He points to the watch.

“That’s what the space is for” I speak in a ‘duh’ tone and he nudges me with his elbow playfully.

We lie back down and slowly fall asleep. His arms around my torso, his head on my chest and my arms around his neck, my head on top of his.

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