One Sided Love

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Chapter 6

Unknown POV

It took a little while but I got her address. I circled it a bit, sussing out the area, looking for my advantage.

I left my car in a nearby empty car park. I had to walk for a while but I’m here now and I’ve found the perfect view.

I went to the back of the house, fortunately for me, there is a couple of trees just outside her garden. I climbed up the one I thought would be best until I was level with the second floor.

I just want to watch, get to know her, her routine, behaviour, hear her voice and listen. Innocent enough, right?

I wasn’t sure what room was hers but I hoped it was one of the ones I was facing.

Then I see her. She walked past the window. Fuck! I realise I can see right in, almost the whole room.

Fates putting us together I can feel it. Why else would I have been shown such an incredibly malleable girl? So innocent and gentle.

She’s in her pjs still, blue and pink polka-dots on white top and bottoms. She’s so sweet, adorable.

It’s like she can sense me, she looks out her window all around. I must admit, it made me just a little, almost lost my footing as it slid back in my attempt to hide, its a good thing I have camouflage type clothing on. But that doesn’t even seem to matter as she doesn’t even bother looking up at the tree, silly girl.

I know she can feel it too.

I want her so bad, I want to touch her, hold her, I want to go to sleep and wake up beside her but most importantly I want to use her, to feel her, hear her moan as she begs for more.

Just thinking about it gives me a hard-on.

I cant stand thinking about things like that recently, everything just drives me over the edge. I take a second to calm myself down a little, this isn’t the right time nor place to do such a thing.

Honestly, I knew it was too soon, but I had to touch her, I couldn’t hold it. I knew it would end badly. What I wasn’t expecting was her to fight so much and so sneakily at that! She calculated and didn’t act too erratically. Clever girl.

I will admit it was a split-second decision. I didn’t know what I was doing. Once I had her in the janitors closet the poor little thing was so confused. Then when she touched my chest and I knew what I wanted.

When she was up against the wall her little voice got more and more quiet as it faded into nothing. I had my hands on her, all over her body. I felt her warmth, her curves. I just wanted to memorise the feel of her, the shape of her.

The tears ran down her face then dropped on the back of my head and neck as I inhaled her perfume, so sweet and floral. I could have relished in her scent all day. Like a drug I needed more.

I thought about what to do next, this was not how I wanted our ‘first time’ to go, she’s probably still a virgin to but thinking about that makes me go crazy, thinking about being her first.

I was about to go out of control, tear off her shirt and skirt off and fuck her into next week when she did something I wasn’t expecting.

The little minx placed her soft gentle hand up from my chest, she had been trying to push me off with all her strength after I let her wrists go, so when she did those soft little movements of her hand in my hair, I thought she wanted what I wanted. And why would I try to do things forcefully if we can do them sensually? If she wants it too.

I smiled widely in the darkness as I lifted my head off her neck, even started considering turning on the light. She still had her hand in my hair, now tugging it lightly, I let out a small groan, I couldn’t help it, it felt so good, her touch was magic.

Then I felt her hands pressure get lighter until I could no longer feel her hand on my face, coming out from the daze she put my in, I was about to go back to what I was doing when a ‘SMACK’ sound resonated through the closet and my face dove to the side as a stinging sensation covered one side of my face.

Did she just slap me?

I step back clutching my face, she’s got a mean hit. Before I could do anything else, I dropped to my knees clutching my balls as an electrifying shock spread throughout my body.

The bitch kicked me.

“Serves you right you goddamn perverted jackass!” She screamed as she opened the door, I love her sass. As the door shut, I laughed lightly and turn on the light. I let out another huff as my crutch sent another pulse of pain through me. Well, I wanted her to touch me, definitely in that area, but certainty not like that.

I really wasn’t expecting that. She got some fight in her, I like it. The resistance makes me what her more.

As much as it hurt to see her run off terrified, as much as it hurt to not of gotten a taste of her and not have the type of ‘fun’ I wanted to have with her at that time. As much as it hurt to be slapped and kick in the balls by her.

I was relieved.

I wanted her so bad but I want her to realise that she loves me, I want her to beg me to touch her. I want her to scream name and kiss me, not fuck her in the dark where she can’t even see me or even know who’s touching her, where I can’t see her and her beautiful body.

This was for the good.

I knew it would scare her and I knew it was a bad idea from the start but still it hurts me to think that she hates me right now, despise me even.

I snap back to reality upon hearing her voice.

“Mum I don’t feel well” she calls out.

Oh here we go, bless her.

“What’s wrong, baby” her mum says entering Caseys room.

“I don’t feel good” she said whilst lying in bed. She gives her mother a thermometer that she ran under the hot tap. Sneaky little thing.

“Oh dear, baby you’re burning up” she leans over and puts her hand on Carey’s forehead to confirm. My little Casey put a hot cloth on her head to warm it. So very deceiving.

“It’s ok baby, you have today and tomorrow off and we’ll see how you feel” Casey nods and pretends to go to sleep. I watch her as her chest inflates and deflates.

I see her mum rush off with what I presume is Casey’s little brother, I then look back up to her and my jaw hits the ground.

My little loves changing slowly in such an agonising way, I watch her take off her top and bottoms. She’s just in her underwear now.

She goes through her draws and picks out clothes, grabs a towel and takes off her underwear, I can see every inch of her soft delicate skin, unfortunately I don’t see any of the ‘good stuff’ because her backs facing me.

What a disappointment, however, seeing her beautiful plump ass and her bare back was enough to make me harder than I’ve ever been before as my pants become painfully tight.

I imagine running my fingers along her soft back, thinking of how soft her skin is, I can’t take it anymore I need a release.

I undo my pants, take out my enlarged cock and I imagine I’m inside her, taking her from behind. Running my fingers along her spine and tangled in her beautiful hair.

I slowly stroke myself up and down before picking up the pace. As I get faster, I imagine spanking that plump perfect behind of hers. With only a couple more pumps I cum.

I sort myself out and head down the tree. I decide to do something risky. Something undoubtedly stupid.

I climb over the small fence and up the side of the house, there’s an arch over the door to the garden and a conveniently placed bin beside me. It’s not that hard to climb from one to the other then in through her window.

I want to burst through the door to that bathroom, at the very least just to see her and her whole body but I know I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back and I’d do something drastic, something even more stupid then I’m doing now. Its not like I can take her now anyway...I’m not ready.

I glance around her room, taking in anything of importance, to know her a little better. I see her discarded underwear on the floor and the temptation to take them is too strong. I can’t take them, it would be too suspicious. I take mental note of the sizes and listen to her sweet humming in the shower.

I exit the building and jump back over the fence. I take one more quick glance before walking off.

Soon sweetheart.

Soon I will have you.

Soon you will be mine.

I’ll make sure of it.

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