One Sided Love

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Chapter 7

Casey’s Pov

So after what happened, I faked being ill. I had too, there was no way I was going to set foot back in that school before I calmed myself down. I spent my time at home thinking about everything.

Who would like me, like that? Who in school would want to do something like that? What...What did they want? What were they going to do? Have I done anything to anyone, said anything to someone to make them want to do something like that? Who would have an obsession with me?

I’ve replayed it over so many times in my head.

There was nothing about them that stood out, nothing I could use to find out who it was.

I could feel a belt when they pressed against me. I kinda know what hair style they had but most of the boys in school have it. The last thing and only other thing was that he was taller than me but that could still be anyone in my school.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’ve had two days off school. Mum says I’m fine now and Becks has been begging me to come back to school, apparently, Maths and Art have been unbearable without me. I haven’t told her or anyone about what happened, I just don’t know how to, what would I even say, whoever it was, they didn’t do anything to me, not really.

Mums been fussing as well so now I feel really guilty, she’s made me an extra healthy lunch today just like she has done for the last two days.

Pasta salad; pasta with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, sweetcorn, tuna, broccoli, cheese and a little salad cream.


As soon as I got to school Becks ran to me, smothering me in a hug.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again” she said in a serious tone with her eyes wide.

“Was it really that bad?” I said in a sweet innocent voice, slightly teasing her.

“Yes! I missed you in Art. I had to sit next to nose-picking-Jaime. ” she said scrunching up her face in disgust. “Next time you do this I’m coming to your house and dragging you out of bed by your hair.”

I turn to Ben for help “Don’t look at me, I second her. I missed you in History ” he said with his brows raised and wide eyes.

I look at the both of them with a ‘are you serious’ face. Thomas remained laughing throughout the whole interaction so I glare at him.

The bell goes so we go to class. The day went by in a flash and I was in Science. Jacob was nowhere to be seen, Mr Kyle did the register and completely skipped Jacob telling me he wasn’t in today.

“Right class, today we’re going to do an experiment so get into groups of two and collect a pair of goggles from the front of class.”

I looked around, oh shit, I have no one to go with. Looking at everyone, they are all in pairs already, I walk up to Mr Kyle.

“Sir, I don’t have anyone to go with, can I just do it on my own?” I asked.

“No” he said abruptly “you need someone to time the reaction exactly. Is there really no one?” He looked around and sighed “Fine I’ll work with you but don’t think that just because I’m the teacher means I’m going to do it for you or give you the answers.”

So, with that, I was paired up with the teacher. Great (!).

I don’t really understand why I had to because all he did was stare at me and press start on the timer, he didn’t even stop it, I had to when the chemicals started to change colour.

“What colour is this?” he abruptly said pointing to the chemical.

“Orange ” I said.

“Orange?” he asked.

I looked at him confused, it definitely looked like orange to me “red?”

“Red!” He said sounding rather shocked.

“Fine, it’s blue.” I said getting fed up with his dramatics and questioning.

He smiled at me “Are you colour blind?” he said sarcastically with a smile on his face and then I understood that he was just messing with me.

I was shocked he said that, I honestly, I didn’t know teachers had some sort of sense of humour.

“No” I said slightly smiling. “Sir, it’s in between orange and red making it... ” I looked at the PH table “making it 1.5 and an acid.” I wrote it down and he didn’t say anything and just smiled.


After picking up Lou we went home, I went straight to the kitchen as Lou ran upstairs.

I reach in my bag for my lunch box so I can wash up the container but i accidentally go in the wrong zip. However, I gasp in horror when I see something that shouldn’t be there. I carefully remove it from my bag like it’s a pressure sensitive bomb.

In my bag is a singular red rose and attached to it is another pink heart shaped post-it-note like last time. It said;

My love,
My dearest apologies for my behaviour.
I knew it would be too soon and I deeply regret my actions.
I do hope I can make it up to you in time.
I love you my sweet Casey.
And if it’s any consolation, you have a good hit, my face hurt for a good 20 minutes.
Love D.K

It’s not what the note said that concerns me it’s the fact that this bag has not left my side all day.

The only things I keep in it is homework, my lunch, water, phone and headphones. I have a pencil case attached to the outside of my bag so I don’t need to unzip it.

I don’t know when it was put in there, my lunch is kept in a different zip compartment than the rose was in.

When did it get in there? How did I not notice someone put it in? I start shaking knowing that whoever it was so close to me, right there and I didn’t even notice.

The only thing this confirms is that whoever is doing these notes also was the one who pulled me into the closet.

My eyes water as any type of denial or dismissiveness fades away about what happened the other day. The person who did that, they were so close to me today, next to me and I didn’t even know. I have no idea who they are.

The new note scares me, its sickeningly sweet and kind but there actions were anything but that. They even put a joke on it, like it was nothing, dismissing it as some type of joke.

I rip the flower apart into unrecognisable pieces and throw it away in the bin. Seconds later my my brother comes in the kitchen so I turn away from him so he doesn’t see my red eyes and wash up both mine and his lunch boxes like nothing happened.


Later on, me and Lou go out to the shops, I had promised him a new toy from the pound shop and on the way I asked shops if they were looking to hire but I was turned down because of my age.

I still gave them my number and asked them to ring me if anything turns up even if it’s a one off one-hour shift, I will take anything I can get to help out money wise.

My brother ended up getting a ball with dinosaurs all over it, he was so happy with it, naming all the different dinosaurs on it. After that we went back home.


Yet again as my head hit my pillow all I could hear was the diabolical laugh of that creep.

I turn on my bed and feel a draft, I look up to see that I forgot to close my window. I part the curtains and push them out of the way before leaning out to grab the handle or the window when, I hear a clicking noise. I freeze and I recognise it immediately as the clicking of a camera.

I stand there for some time just listening and looking around but I don’t hear it or see anything. So once again, with hands shaking and heart racing, I convince myself it was just my mind playing tricks on me, or that it was just the window creaking. Yes, the window, old house, old windows, the window creaked that’s all.

I turn on my speaker and play some music to drown out my worries as I lie back down, lip singing the songs and eventually go to sleep.

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