One Sided Love

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Chapter 8

The bell has gone for first lesson but I still slowly walk to my locker. I really can’t be bothered today, I just feel like shit, I have no energy. I’ve barely slept since I heard that noise outside my window.

Making my way to by locker to get my Math book I pull the door and the damn locks is stuck.

“For fucks sake!” I growl angrily whilst rattling the door. It doesn’t even budge so I stop trying and bang my head on it repeatedly with my eyes shut groaning in frustration, swearing as I do it of course.

BANG “damn-”

BANG “stupid-”

BANG “ass-”

BANG “locker-”

Just as I’m about to hit my head again I hear a chuckle. I look around to see that mysterious kid I seen a couple days ago. He has his arms crossed on his chest and he’s leaning on the wall, this time he’s in complete school uniform.

Feeling embarrassed at my previous actions, I look away just as my cheeks start heating up. I once again try to rip my locker open when I hear footsteps come towards me.

“Here, let me” he says, his voice is sounds smooth and kind. He grips onto the door and pulls the top out then angles it down pulling at the bottom.

The door creeks then pops open. He inspects the door “the frames been bent so it got stuck” he then whacks the door with his fist several times causing a loud booming sound and making me jump each time.

“There” he said with a smile. I look at the door and it’s visually bent back into place.

“Thanks, I guess” I said stepping forward to my locker. Suppressing a smile, eyes a little wide at his solution of calculated force with opening the door and simple brute force to bend it back to stop it from sticking again...then there’s the fact that it actually worked.

“Can you help me find my class? I’m new” he said with a sweet smile but some sort of playfulness in his voice.

“Sure, but I don’t know how much help I’ll be, I’ve only been here 2 weeks myself and I still get lost. What’s your lesson?”

“Uh, Maths” he said with a frown.

“Room number?”


“With Mr Brown?” I said rolling my head back to look at him.

“How did you know?”

“That’s my next lesson, you can walk with me. A warning I wish I got, he’s an ass” I said smiling, he smiled back. I reach in my locker to grab my book and as I pull it out, I see something underneath it.

“Noted. So, what’s your name?” I hear him ask me but I don’t answer “You ok?” His voice showing concern. I look into the locker with shock riddled on my face and disgust filling it shortly after.

I see him at the corner of my eye moving to look in my locker at what I’m staring at but I quickly slam it shut and he jumps back. “That might be how it got stuck in the first place...” he said in a slow quiet voice, pointing at my locker, smiling and raising his brows joking around “you ok?”

“Sorry, yeah I’m fine, let’s go to Maths” I walk briskly away clutching my book tightly to my chest. He walks up beside me.

“You still haven’t told me your name” he said with another cheeky smile.

“Oh sorry, I’m Casey.”

“Oliver” he gives me a curt nod of his head. “nice to meet you Casey.” I shot a quick smile at him and walk into class.

Oliver is sat at the table behind me and Becks and then to my surprise he also had Science with me and sat behind me and Jacob.

He was quite during Maths but I felt his stare on me the whole lesson. Then, in Science, he kept bugging me.

“Pssst” he whispered to get my attention. When I ignored him, he poked my back.

This kid is starting to get on my nerves.

He then slightly tugged a strand of my hair.

Ok, I’ve had enough.

“What!” I whisper-yelled angrily.

“You’re really pretty” he said immediately making me malfunction and all anger disappears, replaced with embarrassment as a blush spreads across on my face.

I then heard Jacob fake gag so I slapped his arm as I turned around and gave him a glare. He just laughed.

“No talking” Mr Kyle said sternly, aimed straight at us.

After Science, I made my way back to my locker hoping I was just going crazy and that there was nothing there. I opened it slowly and cringed.

In my locker was another heart shaped post-it-note that read;

My beautiful Casey,
I told you I was going to try and make it up to you and I know how hard this ‘time of the month’ can be on girls so I hope this helps.
Love D.K

I gagged reading it.

What the actual fuck.

Inside my locker was a box of chocolates, a box of paracetamol, fluffy socks, tampons, pads and a mini hot water bottle...that was still hot.

I gagged again.

I guess you can call it sweet but how the fuck would whoever this is know? I don’t tell people, who would? I don’t even tell my mum so how, just how, did they know?

This is seriously creeping me out. Are they watching me? A shiver goes down my back.

I shut the locker and walked away looking over my shoulder. Then, this being me, naturally, I walked into someone.

“Shit sorry” I said looking up to see the new kid, Oliver. He looks down at me and smiles. Jesus he’s tall.

“That’s ok munchkin” he laughed.

“The fuck, did you just say?” I said disapproving of this nickname and he just laughed.

“Sorry, it’s just because you’re so small” he ruffled my hair...


I smacked his hand away. “I’m not small you’re just freakishly tall, call me that again and I’ll kick you where the sun don’t shine” I smirked.

“Okay, okay, I believe you. Don’t hurt me” he put his hands in mock surrender and I narrowed my eyes at him. “Can I hang with you for break?” He asked “I’m lonely” he said in a baby voice with a sad face on.

I scrunch up my face in a attempt not to smile and glare at his attempt at being cute...It didn’t work, that was adorable.

“Sure” I said playfully glaring “I would have said yes without the guilt trip.”

“Yay” he fake shouted in excitement making me shake my head at him and we walked down the corridors together and outside to Becks and the boys on the usual bench. Oliver introduces himself to them and we sit down.

After a few minuets of general chatting, I turn to Oliver “I saw you last week in the corridors and in the canteen. You were staring at me” I looked at him with my brows raised waiting for an explanation.

“Yeah, sorry about that, it’s not every day you see a drop-dead gorgeous girl right in front of you” he said making me blush and shuffle in my seat.

“Why didn’t you start school then? Why a week later?” I asked changing the conversation.

“Well, I’ve actually been here for 3 weeks, I came in for a tour last week and I asked to start a week later.”


“So, I could scope out the place, the people, the hot girls” he said nudging me with his arm. I turned into a tomato from embarrassment.

“You’re very outspoken” I observed and he chucked lightly.

“Only when I want something” he said looking intensely into my eyes.

The bell rang and I was saved from awkwardness. We all made our way to our next classes.

I walk to art with Becks when I forget my sketch-pad. I excused myself and explain to the teacher I needed to go get it and she allowed me a few minuets into the lesson. I rushed to my locker and open it, only to see a note stuck on the inside of the door and it said;

My sweet Casey,
You must always remember you and I are one.
I don’t like seeing you with other boys, there will be consequences.
I don’t like the way you talk to them either.
You’re too care free.
Too innocent.
Stay away from them.
Love D.K

That’s the second one today. Who is doing this? What does it mean ‘stay away’. What makes them think they can control me when I don’t even know who this is? Also, the hell does ‘you are I are one’ mean? The fuck? Some creepy assholes got delusions.

Fuck this, no one’s telling me what to do, especially not some creep. I crumble the note and sling it far back into my locker and grab my sketch book.

After art me and my friends go to lunch and Oliver sits with us. We are all talking about meeting up after school when I decline because I have to look after Lou today.

“Can I come over? I’d love to meet Lucas?” Becks asks.

“Sorry, I’d have to ask mum, maybe some other time?” she nods understandingly.

“You can always bring Lucas along. We’re only going to the beach” Thomas offered and I thought about it for a bit but said no.

“I’m sorry I promised Lou we’d make pizza” I said with a shrug.

“Fine, well, we’ll send you pictures of us having a fantastic time” Becks said trying to make me jealous.

“Okay and I’ll send you a picture of me stuffing my face with delicious pizza” I said sticking my tongue out at her. I know it’s childish but I don’t care. She sticks her tongue out back at me and we give each other the evils.

We go back to talking when Oliver nudges me.

“Hey Casey, can I have your number?”

“Um sure” I take his phone from his hand. I feel really awkward, he clearly likes me but I’ve literally just met him.

I type my number on his phone saying it out loud as I do. I hand him back his phone and smile.

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