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Captured Darkness

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A girl that seems tl be normal discovers her true identity and identities of those around her. Is it true that what she sees isnt a dream?

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Captured Darkness


Hi, my name is Erica Jameson. I'm 12 years old and I go to a normal school, Timberland Bridge Middle School. I’m a regular girl, with a regular family, going to a regular school. But, if that’s as far as the eyes go, how far have you walked? Erica? Erica. ERICA?! Aliya, my best friend, wakes me up. Yes, Aliya? The class is over. I sigh. Oh, I didn’t realize it. I'm sorry Aliya. Aliya pulls me out of my desk. You probably didn’t realize it because you were asleep. Let's get lunch while we can. I'm not hungry, Aliya. I say as we walk out of the classroom. You're never hungry. You never eat, only sleep during class, and your grades have been dropping recently. I’m your best friend, Erica. You can tell me anything. Anything. I know, Aliya. You tell me this every day. I'm pretty sure I've caught on by now. But, there’s nothing to tell you. I’m fine. Aliya gets food from the cafeteria and we go to the rooftop. We sit down and Aliya starts eating. You have to eat, Erica. You haven't eaten in a couple of weeks. I'm surprised you're still alive. I turn towards her and say, “what if I want it like that.”

What do you mean by, “what is I want it like that”? Erica, you’re my best friend. Please just eat. Aliya hands me an apple. Fine, I'll eat. But only because of your guilt trick card. I take the apple and snatch a bite out of the side. Then, the two most spoiled, rich kids come along. Jessie Matthews and James Erikson. Their dating. They practically rule the school. Since Jessie’s mother is a famous model, and her father is the mayor, one complaint from her dad, this whole school will shut down. James’ father and mother are actresses. So, their also famous too. When they bully someone or injure someone, they get away with it. To top it all off, the person that got injured gets in trouble for, apparently, “bullying Jessie and James”. It's really gotten out of hand, so Aliya and I try to avoid them. Well look who it is. Mrs. Too poor for some new clothes. Jessie says and snickers. I turn and say, I don’t care Jessie. Your words don’t hurt me. You can try all you want, but it won't work. So how about you go sit down, before things go south. Whatever, Erica. It's not like you could do anything. James says and walks off with Jessie. It's alright, Erica. They're not worth your time and breath. Aliya reassures me. Come on, Its time for P.E.

Aliya and I head to P.E. We change into our P.E. uniform and go to the gym. Coach Rolan says, “Alright everybody. Today were going to play some good old dodgeball. Ill split you up into teams and whoever's team wins doesn’t have to do laps near the end of my class. So, be in it, to win it! Okay. Jessie, James, Anthony, Bennent, Jake, and Marrisa. Your team 1. Erica, Aliya, Maddie, Damien, Peter, and Benson. Your team 2. Get on your separate lines. Ready, Set, GO!!!” We all start running towards the balls. Jessie and James already start to target me. They both throw and in just a second, I'm out. I sit down on the bench and watch them play. Jake and Bennent got out, so they come and sit by me. I sigh of frustration. Bennent, he's 13. The oldest brother of the Woods family. Jake, he's second oldest, 5 minutes older than Benson, his twin. All of them are bullies. Jake and Bennent walk over to me laughing. I ask, What's so funny? Jake says, how were you the first one out? We just started. They laugh. How are you the second one out? Their laughing ceased. What do you mean? I’m a better player than you. Jake says, and scoffs. Well, at least I have a better attitude than you. They stop talking to me and walk off. I sigh of relief. Finally, their gone. I say and realize the game has restarted. I talked to Aliya after P.E. She said not to mind them because they were naturally born that way and that they have a dark past. No one knows about the Woods family's past but everyone is curious to know.

As the days pasted, I've gotten bullied by Jessie and James. Then, it was The Woods Brothers. It was back and forth, non-stop between Jessie and James, The Woods Brothers, Jessie and James, The Woods Brothers. It was getting annoying. But even though they know what I'm like now, they don’t know how I was when I was younger. When I was happy. When I was younger, I had an older brother. His name was Mark. He would take care of me when my parents wouldn’t. My parents didn’t care about my brother and I. They just feed us and gave us the essentials out of the deepest part of their hearts. The deepest part of their hearts that was stored away, that was the kindness, happiness, all the good stuff you should have as a parent. But he developed a sickness and got so ill, he couldn’t even stand. Next thing you know, he dies. So, ever since I was 6, I was living with my aunt. I don’t know where my parents went after that, I'll never know. That’s one of the things I’ll never understand. I’ll never understand why I'm always so mean. I'll never understand, why I can't express my feelings. I'll never understand why I hold back my tears. I'll never understand why I'm always sad. I'll never understand why I put on a fake smile. I'll never understand why......I'm not normal. I'll never understand why I don't have a regular family. I’ll never understand existence.

I got home to my aunt, Felicia. How was your day at school? She says. It was......okay. Erica, I can tell your lying. What happened this time? Well, I reply, I only got bullied a little bit, but you should know I'm used to it by now. She looked at me startled. What do you mean, Erica? She says concerned. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you all the details. So, you don’t know? I say. Know what, Erica?! Your scaring me! She says. She gestures me to sit on the couch with her. I set my book bag down and sit on the couch. She asks again. Know what, Erica? I stare at my shoes and explain. Well, I know you know the reason I live with you. But you don't know the other reasons. She raises her eyebrow. I continue. You know how....my parents didn't take care of my brother and I. They also harmed us. Especially me. They called me names and said things like,” mistake”,” you ungrateful child”. It made me depressed, intense, and frustrated. I could tell they didn't want my brother and I. So, when Mark died, I packed my things and ran to your house. I didn’t even look back. But I knew that since Mark was dead, and he was the only one who protected me and stood up for me, I wouldn't be able to survive at my parents' house. So, here we are. Felicia looked angry and sad. She hugged me and apologized for her sister's behavior. I sigh and go to my room.

I walk continuously and see nothing but my intense and mysterious feelings. As I walk through this on-going agony, I see someone. They looked familiar. “Hello? Who are you?” I shout. They shift and I recognize that it’s my brother. I run to him crying. Is that you, Mark? I try to hug him, but as soon as I tried to, he vanished. I see blurred visions of my parents and blurred words that previously have been said to me as a child. “Selfish, Stupid, Loner, A nobody.” My brother, Mark, reappears. "Remember this?” He says. “I do. But watch out, our parents disappeared for a reason. It’s not what it may seem. Don’t fall for the tricks from the people you trust or from newcomers. You never know who they might be or what they're after. Be cautious, Erica. It really isn’t what it all may seem.” I wake up. I realize I must have fallen asleep and it was just a dream. I get ready for school, still thinking about that dream. What did it mean? Be careful of what? What do I do? Was it a dream? Was it a vision? Questions ran through my mind. It was a conspiracy to me. I don’t know why, but every time I think about it, it feels like it was an actual warning. A warning that something isn’t right. I should take it into caution and not get too close to people, just in case. It's good to be safe than sorry." I thought. I open the door and my aunt is standing in the doorway. Are you okay, Erica? I heard something from your room last night and you were sleep-walking. I followed you. You opened the door and tried to leave. I thought you were awake, so I tried talking to you. Asking where you were going. There wasn’t a response. So, I put you back to bed and closed your door. And now you were rolling and turning in your sleep. She looked frightened and concerned. “I’m fine.” I probably had to just......go to the bathroom. I was lying. Then, I walk out the door for school.

“I wonder where I was going.” I thought. “Was it the destination of that dream? It was pitch black but it had to be somewhere, right?” I find Aliya in class and walk up to her desk. I was about to talk to her about my dream. She turns and says, Erica, meet our new friend, Yuningshu Costeira. But she said we can call her “Yuni” for short. I see the girl on her desk. I pull Aliya aside. “You know I don’t like new people.” I say in frustration. You need to spread your branches, don’t be sad all the time. She says, annoyed. I’m not talking to this “Yuni” girl. She’s giving me bad vibes. EVERYONE GIVES YOU BAD VIBES!!! She shouts. STOP BEING SUCH A STUPID LONER! I walk backward slightly, everyone else staring, in shock. She’s never said this to me. She knows I used to get called that as a kid. I’m sorry Erica, I didn’t mean it. It slipped out. I then say, “if it slipped out, then you’ve been holding it inside for too long that you just couldn’t control it anymore. It means you’ve been wanting to say it for a while, and I should know. Right?” Terrifying memories shoot through my mind. I storm out of the classroom. How could she!? I mumble. She’s never done this. Not once. Somethings wrong. Aliya is way too nice to even think about saying that. It’s like she just snapped. She just......said it. She didn’t even come after me like she usually does when I'm mad. Something is really wrong. Does it have something to do with that “Yuni” girl? As soon as she came, Aliya’s been a little different. Did she do or say something to Aliya? I need to find some more information on this girl.

The next day at school, I avoided Aliya and Yuni. Aliya tried following me several times, but Yuni said to let me go. Then I got away. I go to the rooftop and sit near the edge. Aliya, and Yuni following behind, annoyed and silent, finds me and says, “Erica, I’m truly sorry. I didn’t mean it. Honest. I know that brought back memories and I made you mad but I just-, I cut her off. Do you know what darkness means? I ask, facing the edge, looking at the ground below us. Yes. She replies. That’s the state I'm in right now. But do you really and truly understand the word “darkness”? No response. So, after that burst out we had yesterday, I say, I’ve continued to think more and more about the word darkness. So, if darkness is nothing, then how is “nothing” something? She sits down as I continue. In the dictionary, nothing has a meaning, correct? She says “yes.” Doesn’t that mean nothing is technically something in meaning terms? Because really, if you really look at it, nothing involving darkness should mean that there’s nothing there. But in meaning terms, there is something there. A meaning. So, tell me, do you truly know what darkness means?

Well, I- I uhm, she stutters, if you.... put it that way, I don’t know. And that is exactly what I wanted to hear. Erica, Aliya continues, you know that I really am sorry. But if you could just forgive me. I sigh. I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass. For now. But I will forgive you eventually. I promise. She sighs and walks away, leaving Yuni and I on the roof alone. I thought you were going to follow Aliya. I say. Yuni just stares at me, creepy like. Like she is just.... following my every move. Her eyes.... they were full on black! Staring into my soul. She was moving closer by the minute. Stay back! I shouted. Her voice... she spoke dark and deep.... like the devil. You’ll never see it coming. She said. Then, it all went black.

I wake up in a white room. It was bright and shiny. I sit up and realize it’s a hospital. Two doctors, my aunt Felicia, Aliya, and Yuni were standing over me. Get that demon spawn from below away from me! I shout, pointing to Yuni. I scoot back on the hospital bench, still pointing at Yuni. The doctors lower my hand and calm me down. She said you blacked out on the rooftop of your school; the doctor says. NO! I shout. SHE was the one that turned into some sort of chucky, creepy, devil kind of doll! The doctors turn away, with their backs facing me. They whisper I think she may be experiencing some symptoms of hallucination, Delusion and disorients. They then turn around and say I may have to stay there for a couple of days because of the “experiences I'm going through.” I’m fine, I repeatedly say. The doctors sigh and say if I experience this again, they won’t let me leave next time. I get ready and walk out of the hospital, Aliya and Miss Satan spawn trailing behind me. Aliya walks ahead of Yuningshu and walks beside me. Aliya clears her throat to break some ice. I know she wants me to talk first. What do you need, Aliya? She sighs and continues. What did you mean back there? What was that about Yuni turning into an evil, metamorphic, creepy doll? You’ll understand sooner or later. I say this because something doesn’t add up. But I know that the things that have happened so far, are somehow connecting. But Yuni will get what she’s asking for, sooner or later. She’ll never see it coming.

I go back home with my aunt. She tells me to wait for her in the living room. I sit down on the couch. She walks into the living room, holding a box. I look at the box, wondering what’s inside. She sits on the couch with me. What’s wrong, I ask. She opens the box and pulls out pictures. Is this what you were talking about? At the hospital? I stare at the pictures she hands me. The pictures were old and torn, just on the edges of it. This is the same thing I saw! How did you get this? I asked, shocked and curious. I saw it too when I was younger. I thought it was a figment of my imagination that I could take a picture of. But, if two people saw it, that means it has to be real. I use to have a best friend, like you and Aliya. But a girl named Yuningshu Costeira stole her from me. I gasp. That’s her name. That’s probably why you couldn’t have known before because we kept calling her Yuni. I state. Well, she continues, if she is her, or whatever this thing is, don’t let her get too close. Don’t let her touch you in that form. She’ll burn you if she does. How do you know all of this? I ask. Experience. She says while pulling her sleeves up. I stare at her arms in shock. They were covered in burn marks. Did she do this?! I say in frustration. Yeah. She says. OH, when I get my hands on her, I'll-. Don’t, she interrupts me. I don’t know if it's her that’s a demon or a demon inside of her. I mumble, Fine, I won’t, for now. Thank you. She says. I leave the living room, thinking about all the information I just gained, and trying to put it all together. I need to know what that dream was about too, so I can get closer to the truth. How could my aunt have seen it? That was most likely over 30 years ago! Does that mean Yuni is a demon that keeps herself alive? Or does it mean there’s a demon keeping its host alive? So many questions go unanswered. What should I do now?

The next day at school, I kept to myself. I was trying to figure out what to do next. It’s not time to think about that now. I have to go to class. “Alright, class. We're going to call attendance now. So, unless I call your name, be quiet.” The teacher continues. “Alright”, she clears her throat. “Aliya? Here! She says. Bennent? Here. Benson? Here. She continues to check the attendance. Erica? Here. After she finished calling the attendance, she gave us an assignment that we’re supposed to do in groups. “Alright!” The teacher says. “Woods Brothers, you're in a group together. Jessie, Marrisa, and Melissa, you're in a group together. Peter, James, and Damien, you're in a group together. And lastly, Erica, Aliya, and Yuningshu, you're in a group together. The assignment is your family background. See what your group's family has in common. The family background should go as far back as your great, great, great, grandparents. You should get an easy A+ on this. You may choose whose house or location to go to. The materials you’ll need are: 3 posters, markers, glue, and decorations are optional. If you all happen to have a picture of each family member, that would be great to put on your poster. You all should have your names on each poster on the top left corner. You should also have in that corner the date, which period this is, the name of this period, my name, and the grade you are in. You all should know this information, if you don’t, come to me about the top left corner things and go to your parent or guardians about the assignment. This is due next week. Now you may leave class and go discuss and figure out the details.” We all leave the class. Aliya and Yuningshu rush up to me. Whose house are we going to? Aliya says. I then get an idea. How about Yuningshu’s house? I say. I raise an eyebrow and smile as I see her getting nervous. Uhm….my parents are…...umm…. not home that much, so we can’t. She smiles nervously. Oh no, it’s okay. I continue. We all will just be doing a project. That’s all, nothing else. We’ll be gone in a jiffy! I state. Well…. we also…uh…...HAVE SPIDERS and uhm roaches and lots of bugs. It’s an infestation. We haven’t gotten rid of them yet. She chuckles. I’m not scared of bugs. Me neither. Aliya says. Plus, Aliya continues, I haven’t gotten to see your house yet. Yuningshu huffs and says, O-okay. She stutters. Plan accomplished. I thought. Now time look for answers.

We decided to start doing the project Wednesday so that we could have time for ourselves and get our materials. I ask my aunt if we can go to Michaels and get the supplies. We go there and I see Yuningshu there. I tell my aunt and we decide to follow her, just for research and information purposes. We follow her to the back of Michaels and see a mysterious figure that we can’t quite make out. It looked like Yuningshu in her demon form, that was for sure. It had black eyes, all pitch-black skin, tentacles, or spikes of some sort shooting out of its back, at least 6 feet tall, and creepy looking. It looks like it’s getting stronger by the minute, Felicia says. No kidding! I shout. Felicia covers my mouth and pulls me behind the corner. What are you doing? I muffle. She puts a finger over her mouth a keeps me from looking behind the corner. She signals that they have very good hearing, especially the octopus' guy over there. I peek around the corner to find that the guy is right there! Scatter! Felicia screams. Yuningshu comes after me and the big guy goes after my aunt. We zip and slip through the cars in the parking lot. I look back while running and see that Yuningshu has turned into her devil form. SHE GREW WINGS!?! I shout, stilling running for my life. I spot my aunt across the parking lot, still being chased by Satan man over there. Watch out! I turn around and I then see....

Yuningshu disappeared. I look around me and see that my is still being chased. I then have an Idea and run to the car. On the hood I noticed that there was.... a candy jar? Now your girl likes candy so of course I'm going to open it. But not now! I grab the candy, toss them in the car and run after my aunt and the Octo-devil guy. Toss me your keys! I yell. She tosses me the keys and I run back to the car. I jump in the front seat, start the car and zoom around the cars to the guy and my aunt. I then crash the car into him. While he’s disoriented, I pull my aunt inside the car and zoom down the road. I switch seats with my aunt and tell her to take a different road, so that just in case one of them were following us, they wouldn’t know where our house was. That was a workout. My aunt says. We both sigh continuously to catch our breath. I grab the candy jar from the back and grab a heresy bar. I was about to take a bite but then I noticed that there was a note inside. What’s that? My aunt says. It’s a note. I say. Read it to me, she says. I clear my throat and read the note. “You’ll get what’s coming for you. It’s not my war to fight, it’s yours. Be ready for what you came for. It’s coming.”

What?! I spoke. I don’t understand. Felicia took the jar of candy, including the Hersey bar, and threw it out the window. Why’d you do that? I exclaimed. You really think these things are going to give a death wish with “fresh” and safe candy? She spoke. I reply. That’s fair. But I don’t understand, I didn’t do anything to these people. I’m really lost now. It’s been really crazy and now I just don’t know what to expect anymore. The woman grew wings for crying out loud!!! The man was at least 6 feet tall with spikes shooting out of his back that could kill a person in an instant! I complained. Something’s real fishy about all of this, she says, shaking her head. We continue driving about 30 minutes or so in one direction, just in case they were still following us. We then went back home and decided to look for information. Why can’t we just tell the police? I say, as we walk through the door of our house. We can’t, they’ll think we’re mental. Felicia says. If we just prance through the doors of the police station and complain about a 6 to 10 feet tall man with black spikes coming out of his back and a devil spawn girl that grew wings in a second, they’ll throw us in a mental hospital or secured jail cell for sure. Fair point, I replied. Then we’ll have to find people who’ve experienced this before as well. Good luck with that idea, there’s probably only 5% throughout the world that has seen these things and are still alive. She speaks. We have to try! I exclaimed Felicia sighed and said, alright, let’s see what we can find out. But first, I need to investigate her house tomorrow.

I go to Yuni’s house and I already see Aliya waiting by the door. We ring the doorbell and walk inside. Aliya and I sit on the couch while Yuningshu is across from us. We all pull out our supplies and start working on our posters. I then get an idea. Hold on, I’ll be right back I have to go to the bathroom really quick. I speak. Yuningshu then says, 3rd door to the left, but I have to go to the bathroom too. So, I’ll come to. Aliya then says, Welp, guess I’m comin too! “Dang it”, I thought, “now I have to wait for another opportunity to look through her house to see if I could find something.” We all go to Yuni’s bathroom. Since Yuni has a big house, there’s more than one bathroom in her bathroom.
In the morning we jump in the car and try and find Rena Reynolds’ location. It says that her location is downtown Arizona. She lives on a street called Langston road. It says her address is 1892. Let’s go there and see what we can fine. I say as we pull up in the driveway of her house and knock on the door. It seems to be that she is at home but then we hear footsteps and it seems to be that there is someone home. They open the door and there is a woman with brown hair, a black dress, white shoes, blue eyes, and a tent of black in her hair as well, opens the door. Hello? The woman says. Are you Reyna Reynolds? Yes, who’s asking? She replies. Well, I’m Erica Jameson and this is my aunt, Felicia Morris. She nods her head and continues. Are you here about that post on the internet? She says, confused and frightened. I look at my aunt and she’s wondering the same thing too. I wonder why she’s frightened. I thought. Yes, we are here about-…. Then I see Yuningshu in the front doorway. I whisper to my aunt, saying, She’s here!!!! Why is she here?! Yuningshu grins, then....

She tackles me! Yuningshu and I, both struggling on the concrete. Mrs. Reynolds pulls Yuningshu off of me while my aunt pulls me up. WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! I shout. Yuningshu smiles and walks back inside the house. I’m so sorry, she’s been acting differently ever since the trip to Silent Hill we went to. Silent Hill? Why’d you go to a place like that? There’s tales of Silent Hill that you can get demons inside of you, you may get a demon paralysis, and there’s a slim chance of getting out of there alive! I, definitely, have a demon paralysis too. He’s chilling in my closet, eating his forbidden Cheetos from the underworld of demon paralysis. He looks like black gunk called bob the breaker and breaks you slowly while you're sleeping. He got shot one time and I started saying, Bob!!! Oh no, Bob, you got shot! Billy Bob got shot! Billy Bob, don’t leave me! Bob the Breaker broke himself. He doesn’t have organs anymore!!! Help. Call His brother, Bob the Builder!!! Call the demon paralysis doctor! I say sarcastically. My aunt looks at me as if she’s saying, “where did I go wrong in raising this child”, and continues questioning. Are you guys researchers or something? If you went there, you must have had a reason. Reyna invites us inside her house to explain. We hesitate but walk inside slowly. We sit on her white couch and wait. She comes in her living room and sits on the chair in front of us. Well, she says, I am a researcher and I've heard the stories and tales about Silent Hill. I wanted to see if the rumors were true. So, I went and I took my daughter with me because my husband wasn’t in town. He was across the map. She wanted to come anyway. But, before I realized she didn’t have anywhere else to go, I declined her. Then, we went to Silent Hill. One part of the tale was true, the tale about the mining fire, the toxic gases uprising from the roads, destroyed houses, the whole lot. It’s was truly devastating. She sighs and continues. We went past the broken roads and damaged houses, we heard eerie voices, so, we followed it. It led us to this house. The weird thing about it was that.... that.... Yuningshu said it was perfectly fine. No damages, no scratches, nothing, nada, zilch. She said it was the nicest house she’s ever seen. But, in my eyes, it too was also destroyed. That's weird, I say and continue talking with her. Why would that house be perfectly fine in Yuningshu’s eyes, but not yours? It was probably a figment of her imagination. See, that’s the thing, she pursues, that’s what I thought too. But, in the reflection of her sunglasses, the house was perfectly fine. I told her to take her sunglasses off and asked her what the house looked like. She said it was perfectly fine, nice and big, white bricks, black roof, bright green grass, and a black door. I grabbed her sunglasses and put them on. I still saw the house was destroyed. I gave her sunglasses back and we went inside and it was a disaster. She said there was a nice couch, pretty tables, nice stairs, and continued explaining to me what it looked like. Then, suddenly, she abruptly stopped and her eyes went full on black. She explained that in 30 seconds, we would be stuck in our own nightmare, trapped in the town, and if we tried to go back the way we came or leave, we would take a complete loop around without even knowing it. So, I threw her on my back, ran back to the car, tossed her in the back, and drove out. I don’t know what happened at that point, but, as soon as we left, just before time ran out, her eyes went back to normal, she said she didn’t remember a thing, and she wanted to know what happened. When I tried telling her, it was like her ears just turned off and after I was done talking, she’d said, “what did you say momma?” Mrs. Reynolds, I say, we have to go there again.


She hesitates and says, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t want anybody to get hurt. We’ll be fine, I promise. I continue to say, It’s just a paranormal world that we’re traveling to and we might get trapped inside of an on-going nightmare of agony, acquire a demon paralysis, have a demon take over our bodies, and possibly die. No Biggy. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like we haven’t been through worse, right? I suppose so, Mrs. Reynolds says. But, We might need a couple things. She gestures us towards her kitchen. What would we need that’s in a kitchen? I say. What, are we gonna trade bread with the demons for our lives? We all laugh. Mrs. Reynolds goes to her oven and presses a button and a rack full of equipment rolls out of the top of the oven. Woah! I exclaim. That’s awesome! How did you even get that in there? How does it not melt when you start the oven? I had so many questions. Then, Mrs. Reynolds goes to two cabinets, opened them, pressed two buttons, then, next things you know, there’s a row full of equipment on the counter. She spreads out all over the kitchen clicking buttons, opening contraptions, and turning off alarms. My aunt and I stand there in shock and amazement. You have a lot of cool stuff, Felicia says.How did you manage to get all of this stuff. My aunt continues to say. Mrs. Reynolds then replies, I managed to get all of this over the years from a couple of friends that I’ve had in my high school days. They were into this stuff too. So, will be needing this stuff if we’re going to Silent Hill again. We pack up the stuff, take her daughter, Yuningshu, and then we leave. We take both cars just in case we lose one of them. This is so we’ll have a way to get back home. If we even can get back home. My aunt rides in our car and I ride with Yuningshu and Mrs. Reynolds. What is she doing in our car? Yuningshu says, annoyed. Well, we’re going somewhere. Mrs. Reynolds gestures to me signaling me to talk. Well, we’re going to Silent Hill again. Your mom said you liked that place, I say sarcastically. We are just going there for an……. experiment, per say. It’s not going to be anything bad. I hope. It’s just going to be an experiment or maybe project. Hmm….alright, I guess I’ll go. Yuningshu says.

Chapter 20
We go on the highway and turn on a route that I don’t recognize. We then turn into this small town and I see broken roads, steam floating up into the sky and ash falling down like snow. We stop at the start of the town and park the cars at the beginning of the road. We all get out of the cars and start searching for the house Mrs. Reynolds and Yuningshu found last time. About 1 and a half hours later, we find the house and ask Yuningshu what she sees. She says she sees a nice and pretty big house and green grass. We all then go inside and ask her what she sees again. She says there’s nice furniture, big and wide stairs and a beautiful kitchen and bathroom. We all climb the stairs but it seems to be that Yuningshu is literally walking up the stairs perfectly fine. When she reaches a gap, it’s like she just glides on up the stairs. We all look in astonishment as she continues to walk up the broken stairs. We all then proceed to try and catch up to her by jumping and climbing the broken stairs. When we all finally get up the stairs, we see that Yuningshu is standing in a bedroom doorway. We slowly approach her and she turns. She then vanishes before our eyes. We all start looking for her and shouting her name. No one could find her. After all hope was lost, We go to a broken down church and see people. We wonder if they got trapped here too. We hear a loud horn. “Uh-oh.” A woman says. These people all start running inside. I then say, “There’s no need to be afraid. We won’t hurt you” The lady approaches and says, “Oh, we know you won’t my child, but you should run inside. The horn has blown. Darkness and Demons awaken. Run, before they get you. Yet, your not the one there after.” She then points to Yuningshu, that has magically reappeared behind us. We all turn and Yuningshu vanishes once more.We run inside of a school and hide in a classroom. “I wonder what we’re running from. It’s probably nothing.” I say. We all hear something scrapping against the floor outside of the classroom. I peak out the window of the classroom to come to find that a huge man with, what I think is a bird killer mask, and a huge scythe/blade looking thing is in his hand, dragging across the floor. I signal to everyone to get down. We all crouch and he continues walking. Then, we hear an abrupt stop. We all stay crouched as I turn to see my aunt holding back her tears. She points to the door and I see that he was looking in the window door!!! “Run!!!” I shout. We break a window and run to a kids playground. The huge man keeps walking towards us. We then run and come to find a doorway and run inside. We hear the man and then, silence. A moment or two has past and we hear nothing. We thought we were in the clear and inch closer to the door. Then, a huge blade stabs through the door with one hit. The man swings again. And again. And again. We all jump back and wait until we have a chance to run. We hear silence once more. Then a horn blows. The man then walks away.

Chapter 21

We jump out to find the man has vanished and there’s no signs of Yuningshu. We all run back to the church and look inside. A lady and two men approach us slowly. “Do you believe in demons?” The lady asks. “If so, here you are. I am lady unknown and you are the keepers of the darkness and demons, correct? She says as she gestures to Yuningshu. “What?!” I shout. “You have her, am I right?” “You have the seeker of truth and triumph.” Yuningshu runs away and we chase her. We all get lead to a hospital and see a curtain and a hospital bed. We slowly approach it as Yuningshu stares at us with a creepy smile on her face. Then, the hospital curtains jerk back. We then see a woman that looks like she was thrown in a fire and should have burned to death. she gestures towards me and I hesitantly move forward. “You have brung my soul back. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for bringing me my revenge. You have brought me a way to let all of those darkness worshipers know the truth.” “What happened to you?” I speak. “They burned me. I am just a figment of solidity. A figment of solid state in matter. I am nothing but a whisper in the wind to those only pure of heart can hear. A light that leaks through the cracks of darkness that only proves revenge is nearby. A woman seeking triumph. A drop of rain in the sunshine that proves one soul can truly see the meaning of darkness. I am nothing but a fragment of the past, history, you may recall. I am nothing but tears of stories, leaking to tell the truth. I am nothing but a lock, a key, and a door. I am the lock. You are the key. She is the door. You, the key, can’t proceed to help me, the lock, as for the door is the darkness that blocks me. You have leaked through those tears of stories in the rain and pushed through the darkness and have finally made cracks that can get me, the lock, to finally open that has been longingly wanting revenge. Thank you for setting me free.” “I don’t know what you're talking about. What are you talking about ma’am?” I say. She then proceeds to say, “You have set me free! My soul can finally move on after my triumph that has been longingly wanting to come. My soul will finally leak all of the tears of stories out and will finally be known that I am not the keeper of darkness. Yes, I may bring darkness. But I am only the seeker. On the other hand, you are the keeper of darkness. Have you not found your true identity? You are the keeper. Your name might not be changed, your current identity has faded. You're like Yuningshu. No, it’s not what it may seem, but I trust you’ll understand sooner or later. You, my dear, are not different. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You, matter of fact, are better. You can tear down the bad and bring good into this cruel world. Just try to find your inner anger and sadness. I know you have it in you. I can sense it in your aura. You, my dear friend, are the keeper. Your inner anger has hidden. Let it out, Erica. Let it out.”

Chapter 22

The woman then vanishes and Yuningshu has fainted. We pick her up and go to the church. “You!” Says the “Mrs. unknown lady.” Why did you set her free?! We’re all doomed now!” I then say, “well I’m not the one who burned her. You did. Now I’m going to stay and watch the show. Peace!” We all go sit as the lady in the hospital bed rises up from the ground. Metal chains and electric fence wires shoot up from the ground. Then, the lady from the hospital bench attacks. After about a couple minutes everyone lies on the ground except my aunt, Mrs. Reynolds, unconscious Yuni, and I. The lady from the hospital bench nods at me and smiles. “Thank you.” Then, magically, we get back to Mrs. Reynolds house and Yuningshu started acting like a normal person except she had her demon powers still. She wasn’t so evil. She was just being controlled. As for the octo demon man, I don’t know what happened to him. As for me, I learned that I had powers like yuni and that I could control them perfectly fine. Remember that dream that I had when my brother, Mark, says, “it’s not all what it may seem?” My powers are what he meant. I learned that my brother also had powers like me. He did die from an illness though. I also learned that Yuni is actually my sister that my parents abandoned. Also, my aunt has powers to. The way we found out is that she accidentally set a basket of bread on fire at a restaurant. But I guess it’s all turned out good. Or has it?

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