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Chapter 11


I could see my raven up ahead pushing and tugging on the rotating door, but luckily it was still locked. When that obviously didn’t work, she walked back towards the ticket office and knocked loudly against the window facing into the park.

“Helloooo? Please open the door for me,” I heard her calling out to Rachel, but Rachel just ignored her and kept her curious eyes fixed on me. She had a strange look on her face, almost like she was worried that my raven could be dangerous or something.

I guess it was understandable since she had no idea of why I asked her not to let the beauty out of the park. For all she knew my Raven had done something illegal. To be honest, I didn’t care what she thought, and I didn’t want to explain anything to her either.

Finally, as I reached the exit, my raven spun around and met my gaze. Her large, blue eyes, burning holes into my very soul and draining my mind from any rational thought.

I was slightly out of breath and a light sweat had started to cover my forehead, which I quickly wiped off with the back of my arm.

Real smooth man.

“Hi-uh?” I panted, hoping that she would help me out at least a bit and give me her name. She did not fall for it, but instead crosses her arms defensively over her chest, keeping her mesmerizing eyes locked onto mine.

For some unexplainable reason, my heart started to race uncontrollably, and I had no idea what to say to her next.

“Conner?” I heard Rachel asking from behind the glass window.

Shit, what should I say?

How should I explain this?

Out of all people that could interrupt, why her?

“Uh-Rachel, please radio someone to assist David and the others with Mama’s transfer,” I asked politely, not once looking away from my beautiful raven. In that moment, she reminded me of a precious, exotic animal, being cornered and contemplating whether she should run or attack. Sizing me up for the challenge.

I could hear Rachel in the background speaking over the radio, calling in for assistance, but I quickly jumped at that opportunity to draw my raven away from Rachel’s piercing glare.

My raven had already turned around and was fiddling with the metal door behind her, trying to pry it open.

“Please, wait,” I said gently. This time, at least, I was not yelling it from a distance away, and I tried desperately to make my voice sound a bit kinder than before. The last thing I wanted to do, was to frighten this rare specimen away.

“Why?” She asked back defiantly.

Ok, this was not going great at all.

Think dammit, think.

Why should she stay?

I could see her sigh and start to look around again.

“There is something I want to show you,” I blurted out hastily without having time to properly think it through.

She flicked her eyes back to mine and I could see that she was clearly conflicted.

“Please,” I almost whispered while slowly stretching my hand out towards her.


My handsome mate was playing his cards exactly right and have cleverly managed to trap me inside the zoo for longer than I had intended, obviously hoping that he would get to talk to me.

With my sensitive wolf-hearing, I had heard him calling to the blonde in the office earlier, asking her to keep the gate locked and not let me out. To my disadvantage, she had agreed.

Now, I knew for sure I did not like her.

Conner was somewhere close; I could smell him. As I searched desperately for an exit, his delicious scent, mixed with something else, wafted all around me, which could only mean one thing. He was standing right behind me.

Taking a deep breath, I spun around and immediately met his gaze.

There they were. Those emerald eyes that have been devouring my thoughts for the last week. The one thing I tried to avoid, because I knew that if I saw them again, I would not be able to resist him for long.

A lump instantly formed in my throat as I quickly scanned his body over. Damn, I shouldn’t have done that. He was really something. Handsome did not even begin to describe what I saw when I looked at him. Butterflies erupted violently in my stomach, almost to such an extent that I began to feel uncomfortable.

While I was staring at him like an infatuated teen, he quickly wiped a slight glint of sweat from his brow, which only made him look even more irresistible, if that was even possible.

The way his muscles flexed under his shirt and the shy look on his face was doing indescribable things to my insides. I needed to get away from him, fast.

“Hi-uh?” He tried to get a name out of me, but I would not fall for that old trick so easily. Instead, I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for an explanation.

I could see him panting slightly and his Addams apple bobbed involuntarily as I locked eyes with him.

“Conner?” I heard the blonde cow from the ticket office asking and for some reason, my wolf roared to life inside of me. She was incredibly jealous, and I felt her anger pulsing violently through me, although I did not show it.

“Uh-Rachel, please radio someone to assist David and the others with Mama’s transfer,” Conner replied, not even attempting to provide her with an explanation of his actions. Probably because he did not understand his actions himself. He had no idea what the mate bond could do to a person, and I wasn’t ready to explain it to him.

Using that moment, I spun around and started tugging on the metal door’s latch again.

I could hear the blonde speaking over the radio in the background, but all I was focused on was getting out of the park while I still could.

“Please, wait,” the huskiness of my mate’s voice brought me to an abrupt halt. This time he was not yelling and something in the way he spoke made my chest feel tight.

“Why?” I asked, using my last ounce of defiance to try and scare him off.

For a moment he just stood there, staring at me, obviously trying to figure out his next move.

I sighed in frustration and started to look around for another exit.

“There is something I want to show you,” he blurted out hastily, catching me completely off guard.

My mind was racing at a thousand miles per hour.

“Please,” he almost whispered while stretching his hand out towards me.

I could not go anywhere secluded with him. I needed for us to stay out here in the open, where there were lots of people around to help me keep my wits about.

“Please? At least just sit down for a little while?” He asked, gesturing towards a wooden bench not too far away.

The bench was placed under the luscious shade of a large, probably very old tree’s branches. It did not look too secluded and was not too far away from the exit, should I have to make a run for it.

It was facing away from where we were currently standing and was overlooking a large enclosure of some sort.

Judging by the look on his face earlier, I was pretty sure that he was bluffing anyways and couldn’t possibly have something to show me over there.

Reluctantly I nodded in agreement and followed him slowly. It wasn’t because he had wooed me, but rather out of pure curiosity. I wanted to see what rabbit he was going to pull out of a hat to make me stay a little longer.

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