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Chapter 12


When my raven finally agreed to sit with me, I felt like my heart was about to explode.

Excitement welled up inside of me and almost burst out through my mouth, in uncontrolled blabbering, not that I had ever been the talkative type, but this woman seemed to do things to me that I could not explain. Before any unnecessary words could escape my lips, I managed to bite my tongue, swallow the words back down and pull my shoulders back, masking the waves of excitement pulsing through me, although I was fairly sure my eyes had portrayed my every emotion.

I was still holding my hand out towards her when she started heading for the wooden bench. At that point, I did not care that she hadn’t taken my hand, I was just so overjoyed that she had agreed to sit with me, even if it was just for a little while.

A huge, goofy smile broke out on my face as we walked in silence towards the bench. I turned my face away from her and tried to pull the stupid smile into a more natural-looking smirk but failed miserably and quickly sat down beside her.

It was only then that I noticed the white, medical box in her hand as she gently placed it on the ground right beside her.

“Is that what you came here for?” I asked gesturing towards the box.

She pulled nervously on her black pencil skirt, before folding her hands comically in her lap.

“You wanted to show me something?” She asked although it came out sounding more like a statement.

Oh, yeah, shit.

I think it must have shown in my eyes that I was totally bluffing and just trying to buy time because I saw her exhale and bend down to grab the box again.

" No, wait, I do have something,” I blurted out in a haze.

Like in the cartoons I used to watch as a kid, a light bulb suddenly went on in my head and I remembered the little bushbaby sleeping peacefully in the collar of my shirt.

A cute, tiny baby, perfect!

She eyed me sceptically for a second and straightened back up, releasing the box’s handle.

Wasting no more time, I bent my head down, stretched my neck out and gently fumbled with my collar, trying to locate the tiny baby.

She was so small that most days I tended to forget she was there at all. Sometimes I let her sleep on me because at least then I knew she was being kept warm since she was brought in as an orphan and had no one else to lend her the precious body heat she needed.

When I finally located the tiny little patch of warmth, nestled tightly into a little ball underneath the fold of my collar, my lips instantly pulled into a smile.

She had been sleeping.

I wrapped my fingers gently around her tiny little body and pulled her out, very slowly and carefully. Her little fingers grabbed onto my hand as I closed my fist loosely around her.

My raven was staring at my hand in curiosity, and I watched in amusement as the expression on her face, along with her whole demeanour changed the moment I opened my fist, to reveal the little, very sleepy baby inside.

Her mouth fell open in awe and she brought her hands up to her face immediately.

There was something in her eyes that weren’t there before, and I was absolutely loving it.

“Ahhh, wow,” she breathed out in amazement, “is it a monkey?” she asked flicking her eyes towards mine.

“Yes, it is a Bushbaby.”

“Wow, he is so tiny,” she said while bringing her face so close to my hand that I almost felt like ditching the monkey and rather reach out and have her face in the palm of my hand instead.

“She,” I quickly corrected her, trying to get my mind back on track, “it is a little female.”

“Awe, she is so cute,” my raven replied, drawing out the ‘u’ sound in cute.

To me, SHE was the cute one, my Raven.

“What’s her name?” she asked turning her gaze back to me.

“She doesn’t officially have a name yet, although I find myself calling her Angel,” I replied with a shrug.

“Angel,” she said under her breath, “it is the perfect name for such a perfect little creature.”

My raven had the most adorable smile on her face, and I wanted it to last forever.

“Speaking of names,” I said sounding nervous even to my own ears, “what is your name?”

She gave me a beautiful, warm smile and replied, “Melena.”

Her name was just as alluring as she was, “Melena,” I tried it out and it rolled off my lips like a love song.

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