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Chapter 16


Confusion, frustration, humiliation, what else?

My mind and my emotions were all scrambled up. On the one hand, I had this amazing woman I was trying to woe and on the other hand, my best friend felt heartbroken because she thought I had feelings for her.

Did I?

I didn’t think so, although I did care for her deeply.

Why did everything have to be so complicated?

Rationally speaking, Rachel has always been there for me and would be the easier option to go with.

But did I want easy?

Besides, what did I know about Melena anyways? She could be a psycho for all I knew.

As my mind raced relentlessly, I stepped out of the rotating exit doors and into the parking area, stopping dead in my tracks. I had to gain control of my thoughts before I made things worse.

Maybe I should go back and fix things?

If I turned back now, she might still give me a chance.

I heard heavy footsteps and some snickering as Louis walked past me, happy to go home after a long day’s work. I did not make eye contact with him. For a moment I just stood there, staring at the ground, trying to figure out what to do next.

I was so very confused.

“Conner?” I heard the sweetest most melodic voice speak my name right in front of me, jerking me out of my mental trance.

The moment my eyes connected with hers, I knew there was no turning back. How could I ever have thought otherwise? This woman was perfect, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t make her mine.

“Melena,” I breathed out and closed the distance between us.

At once, I cupped both of my hands around her face and pulled her in for a hungry, passionate kiss. Her body went stiff for only a moment but relaxed soon enough as she gave in to me, snaking her arms around my neck and pushing her deliciously sweet tongue into my mouth. Without any self-control, an involuntary groan of satisfaction reverberated deep within my chest and I felt her smile against my lips.

I have wanted this from the very first moment I saw her. I desired to know what she tasted like and now, I was sure I was addicted.

Everything else around me didn’t matter anymore. At that very moment, I was completely content with her in my arms, there in the middle of the parking lot.


Fran and I had dressed to impress.

Short, flirty cocktail dresses, high heels, makeup, the lot.

At first, I needed some convincing of course, but after another few shots of Fran’s ‘emergency vodka’, we were good to go and even persuaded Anthony to join us.

We arrived exactly on time at the zoo, 17h00, and sat patiently in the car listening to music and waiting for the staff to finish up and start heading home.

Fran and Anthony were still flirting playfully with each other as I sat in the backseat, watching the front gate like a hawk.

More and more zoo employees exited the zoo, but there was no sign of Conner. After a while, I glanced at the clock for what felt like the hundredth time, 17h28.

Maybe he had left early?

Was I going to make a fool of myself?

We shouldn’t have come; this was the worst idea ever.

Just as those negative thoughts started mulling in my brain, he stepped out of the rotating doors and my breathing stopped.

Instantly, my palms felt sweaty, and butterflies erupted violently in my stomach. Even from across the parking lot, he had me heating up deep inside my core.

Wait, something was wrong.

Conner had stopped and was just standing there, staring at the ground. My heart ached for him; the expression on his face screamed pain.

Before I could even comprehend what was going on, I found that my legs had carried me towards him, and I was standing just a few feet away.

“Conner?” I asked wearily.

He snapped his head up and locked eyes with mine.

A second later, his lips were on mine and pleasurable tingles ran through us, urging our bodies to pull closer together, and without thinking, I did just that.

I held onto him for dear life and deepened the kiss.

My wolf was purring on the inside as I let myself go. I wanted to be consumed by the moment, to be consumed by him. I was sure he felt the same way because a beautifully sensual noise escaped his mouth. If I wasn’t mistaken, it almost sounded like a growl of satisfaction. Did my human mate just growl? I couldn’t help but smile against his lips.

After I have claimed and relished every inch of his mouth, he reluctantly pulled away for some air but didn’t let go of me. My arms were hanging loosely around his neck as he stared deep into my eyes, both of us slightly panting.

“Is everything alright?” I managed to ask caringly.

A smile tugged at the corners of his lips, “you are here,” he replied, sounding almost astonished.

Now I was also smiling brightly, “I’m here.”

“I’m sorry about,” he started to say, looking troubled again, but I shushed him.

“It’s ok, don’t worry about that, I am here now, and I will personally give you my number.”

Just then, he smiled the most alluring smile I had ever seen, and my legs started to buckle. This man was gorgeous, and he was looking at me with such need that I almost let my wolf out to claim him right then and there.

“You look amazing,” he said, pulling me from my carnal thoughts.

“I’m glad you like it, it was my friend’s idea,” I said as I turned slightly and wanted to gesture towards her but found that she and Anthony were openly staring at us and she even had her phone out filming or taking pictures.

I wanted to pull Conner’s attention away from the horrifically embarrassing site, but he had obviously seen them already and was staring at them with his mouth hanging slightly open.

“Is she?” He started to ask, but I spun him around quickly, so his back was facing them.

I groaned in annoyance and rubbed my forehead with my fingers.

“Sorry about that,” I managed to say, and he turned his face towards them again, obviously very amused, but I pulled him back to look at me quickly, “just don’t look at them, maybe if we ignore them long enough, they will just go away.”

Conner chuckled huskily and my heart fluttered at the sound, despite my state of embarrassment.

“Your friends seem-uh,” he was searching for the right words, but couldn’t find it, so instead he gave me another one of his charming smiles, “they have very good taste,” he finally said with a wink.

I wasn’t sure whether he was complimenting me or my dress, but I felt like it must have been a good thing either way.

Through my lashes, I smiled shyly up at him, “are you in the mood to go out with us?” I asked trying to sound as innocent as possible and even gave him a pout.

“Can I grab a quick shower first?”

“Sure, we could meet you at the bar?” I asked halfheartedly.

“Or,” he dragged the word out longer than necessary, “your friends could meet us there and you can come with me?”

For some reason, I blushed violently at his request but found myself nodding in agreement.

“Let me just-uh-go tell them,” I stumbled over my words like a nervous schoolgirl.

He nodded and I bolted towards the embarrassing duo still gawking at us.


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