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Chapter 18


I still felt the buzz of excitement pulsing happily through my system as Conner unlocked his apartment and gestured for me to go in first. He had a warm welcoming smile playing across his face, one I had never seen on him before. I could probably best describe the image I saw as pride, maybe satisfaction, as he waited for me to step into his home. His personal space.

The raw, masculine smell of him hit my nose as soon as I entered the threshold, and I couldn’t help but take a deep, slow breath.

I loved it.

I wanted more of it!

Every time I had been close to him in the past, he had either been in an animal cage, smeared with numerous animal scents or had an actual live animal somewhere on his body. So, getting just a whiff of his unaltered scent was like candy to my senses and my wolf was absolutely going crazy.

She wanted to be let out. She wanted her mate to pull his fingers through her silky fur, to get to know her and most of all, she wanted to rub her scent all over him. Obviously, to ward other females off, but also to state the silent claim that he belonged to us.

“Please, make yourself at home, I’ll just be a minute,” Conner said as he closed the door behind us and started heading towards the kitchen, “unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting company, so I don’t have much to offer, but you are welcome to help yourself to some water.”

Conner had a shy, adorable blush when he closed the fridge’s door and peered around it once he was certain there wasn’t anything in there to offer me.

“That’s fine, we’ll have a drink at the bar,” I replied confidently, trying to ease his slight discomfort.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less if he had anything to offer, I was just happy to be there, with him.

As Conner shut his bedroom door behind him, I casually walked around his living room, gazing at all the picture frames and strange memorabilia lining the walls. He looked like quite an adventurer.

Almost all his photos were either of him doing something extreme, such as diving with sharks, or it was of a beautiful landscape that he must have taken himself since it was a photograph and not just a picture.

A smile involuntarily played across my face as I took in all his happy memories scattered around the room. African drums made of hand-carved wood and real animal skin stood in the furthest corner next to a large picture of him riding on an elephant, smiling brightly. It must have been bought on the same trip the photograph was taken on.

Every picture and every item told a story. A story about him. About Conner and his undying love for the wild.

I could hear the muffled sound of water running, indicating that he must have stepped into the shower and I took that opportunity to pull my phone out of my handbag and look at the message Fran had sent earlier.

When I initially opened it, it caught me completely off guard and I just threw my phone back into my bag, afraid that Conner might see it, but now, when I looked at it, it was actually a very sweet photo.

My arms were wrapped around Conner’s neck and his eyes were closed as we shared a passionate first kiss. It was not nearly how I had imagined my first kiss with my mate to be, but it was perfect. Besides, now I officially had the evidence to show our kids one day.

Oh, wait, no kids.

For a few hours, I had forgotten about that small detail, being caught up in the mate-bond and everything that came with it. It was a heartbreaking thought, but I had to focus on the fact that I had finally found my mate, and ever since I have, I really wanted to keep him.

I wanted to keep my mate with every fibre of my being.

He was meant to be mine and we were perfect for one another.

A loud, obnoxious beep from my phone abruptly broke the sombre silence and I looked down to see another message from Fran popping up on the tiny screen.

“Might be a bit late, blame A, not me.”

I knew it.

Fran and Anthony could not keep their hands off each other for longer than ten minutes, tops. It was sweet, but also very risky, since they were not fated mates.

What would happen if one of them found their true fated mates and leave the other in utter heartache? I couldn’t even imagine it.

“Is everything alright?” Conner’s husky voice reverberated throughout the living room, startling me.

“Yeah,” I answered quickly, burying my phone back into my bag.

He was wearing a fresh new set of clothes, which might I add, hugged his body perfectly in all the right places. The black t-shirt he had on was paired perfectly with the dark-blue denim jeans he had chosen. His hair was still slightly damp and messy in a sexy way. And to top everything off; there was a very subtle glint in those mischievous emerald-green eyes, making them stand out against the darkness of his shirt.

In short, he was drop-dead gorgeous.


I tried to shower as quickly as possible, not wanting Melena to wait too long.

By the time I finally stepped out of my room, I found her sitting in the living room with her beautiful, silky legs draped over each other and her dark hair falling softly over her angelic face and slender shoulders.

She looked like a dream, except for the slightly sad look on her face.

“Is everything alright?” I asked and saw her body jerk in surprise.

“Yeah,” she answered quickly, putting her phone away.

She stood up and stepped towards me, only to stop a few feet short and cock her head to the side, pulling her brows into a frown, “let me have a look at that,” she said as she lifted her hand and gently placed her fingers just below the gash in my head that Rachel had caused with her dramatic outburst.

“Oh, it’s fine, don’t worry about it,” I began to say, but she was having none of it.


Like an obedient pup, I obeyed and sat down on the armrest of one of my couches.

I studied her lovely features as she studied my excuse of an injury. She felt incredibly close to me and all I wanted to do, was pull her onto my lap and do all kinds of delightful things to her.

“You are going to need a stitch,” she said, pulling her brows together into that cute frown from earlier.

“No, not now, I want to go out with you,” I complained using a comical, almost nagging voice.

She smiled and shook her head lightly, “lucky for you, there is a doctor in the house,” she teased as she grabbed her handbag and started digging through it.

I eyed her skeptically, “you carry needles around with you in your handbag?”

“And thread,” she corrected with a witty smirk.

Man, I was falling for this woman. FAST.


I was standing in between Conner’s legs, loving the warmth of his inner thighs pressing against me as I finished off the last suture. Turns out, one wasn’t enough, and I had to put in two more since he didn’t have super-fast wolf-healing abilities like us.

“There, all set,” I stated feeling very satisfied with my handiwork.

Conner’s eyes flicked up to meet mine and the air around us shifted with the movement. His emeralds were burning into my blues as the atmosphere became heavy with lust. I could see my reflection in his eyes, and felt my wolf purr as his warm, inviting hands slowly traveled up my sides.

“Thank you,” he said in a deep, husky voice, making my insides turn to mush.

“You’re welcome,” I replied, my voice sounding raspy and laced with desire.

His gaze moved down to my mouth and on instinct, I leaned into him, brushing my lips gently against his.

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