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Chapter 22


My head was spinning, and my eyes felt incredibly heavy. I couldn’t move, nor open my eyelids, but I had slowly started to regain my consciousness and some of my other senses.

As my hearing returned in dull, muffled sounds, I heard hurried footsteps all around me, along with the screeching of tiny wheels on a hard floor. The light breeze I felt against my skin for a split second, indicated that I was moving, or being moved to be more precise.

“MELENA! WHAT THE HELL!?” I suddenly heard a deep, male voice yelling from somewhere up ahead. The voice was echoing harshly off the walls and the footsteps around me faltered momentarily.

“Alpha, I,” I heard Melena’s sweet voice replying from right beside me.

She was here. She was with me.

“YOU KNOW ALL TOO WELL THE RULES OF THIS PACK!” His voice boomed again, this time sounding closer, and I felt anger bubbling up inside me for the way he was addressing her.

I could hear heavy footsteps quickly approaching from up ahead, but the patter of feet beside me didn’t slow down.

“Alpha, he,” she tried to answer him again, but he cut her off angrily.


“He, he’s my mate,” she replied shyly, and all the feet around me came to an abrupt halt.

Utter silence followed her statement.

What was going on?

Where was I and why the hell did she sedate me?

“But that’s impossible,” I heard the male say much closer than before.

“I am confused too, Alpha,” Melena replied sounding so sad and broken, all I wanted to do was forget what she had done and pull her into my chest.

“Are you sure?” The male asked dead serious.

“I am sure.”

I heard the male exhale an exaggerated breath before he spoke again.

“Ok. Lance, take Melena’s mate to the recovery room and lock the door. Melena, you come with me. Otis, take the Vampire to the infirmary, Doctor Keller is waiting for him.”

The wheels started screeching again and feet were moving all around me.

Did he just say, vampire? Are they vampires? Is this some sort of sick joke?

Just as all of these negative thoughts started to pop up in my already confused mind, Melena’s words from earlier rang loud and clear; “Please don’t make any rash decisions right now.”


“Ok, so they must have seen you enter the zoo and watched you as you sat alone on the bench,” Marcus said after I briefly explained what had happened between Conner and me, up to the point where I called in for help.

“Yes, they must have thought she was the perfect target, alone in a zoo after closing time.”

This time it was Alpha Julian himself who did the talking. He looked worried and had a very distinct frown running down the middle of his forehead and ending in between his brows.

“Pierce Campbell?” Marcus asked his father in confirmation and we all turned to face the Alpha.

He didn’t respond immediately but kept staring at the carpeted floor with his arms crossed over his chest. He was deep in thought as he leaned against his desk, in the space between me and Marcus. We were sitting in the comfy leather chairs in front of the Alpha’s desk and Otis was standing near the entrance with his back against the wall.

“Father?” Marcus asked again.

“Yes, Campbell, it sounds just like him,” Alpha replied gravely.

I exchanged a quick look of concern with Marcus, as we waited for the Alpha to continue.

“The last import and export meeting we attended, ended badly when Campbell’s men launched a surprise attack on us with the intention to kill. No human was harmed during the attack and fled the scene quite easily, but our wolves were hunted down and executed on the spot.”

My eyes moved to Marcus involuntarily as I recalled the emergency mind-link we had received that day from the Alpha and how I had fought around the clock with Doctor Keller in order to safe Marcus’s life.

As if thinking exactly the same thing, Marcus looked at me and gave me a small smile.

Marcus and three other wolves had attended the trade meeting with a bunch of humans from town that day. None of the wolves who had accompanied him survived. It was a terrible tragedy, and many families were torn apart. Marcus fought fiercely until his father, our Alpha, and the Beta; Otis found him completely surrounded by vampires. They took over the fighting immediately as he slumped down to the ground in a bloody mess.

That day, I had to run through the onslaught of retreating vampires and gunfire to reach my Alpha.

“We initially thought it was vampires moving through our territory, you know, a wrong place wrong time kind of thing, but now it seems there must be something more,” Alpha continued without looking up.

“You did well in sedating that bastard so that we could get some answers out of him, Melena,” Alpha stated finally looking up.

“Uh, actually Alpha, that was Conner,” I quickly but respectfully corrected him.

Marcus turned to look at me and Alpha cocked a brow, “Conner?” he asked slightly taken aback.

“Yes, Alpha, Conner shot him with an animal tranquillizer, and it gave me the second I needed to gain the upper hand.”

“An animal tranquilizer?” He asked looking very amused.

“Yes, sir. He carries a tranquillizer pistol around with him for animal emergencies at the zoo.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. He sounds pretty badass, for a human.”

As Alpha said that last part, I felt my cheeks heat up and turn a light shade of pink.

The next moment, Lance stepped into the doorframe, looking a bit worried, “Alpha! Melena’s mate is awake, and he is demanding to see her.”

“Is he now?” Alpha asked amused and gave me a playful wink.

“Y, yes sir, he threatened to break the door down if we don’t obey his commands,” Lance replied while avoiding eye contact with the Alpha.

Alpha pulled his brows up comically and started chuckling, “I would like to see that.”

Marcus also looked amused by my mate’s antics and smiled while he shook his head, “no human can break that door down singlehandedly.”

Otis cocked his head to the side and studied me intently for a moment before he left the room quietly.

“Shit!” Marcus exclaimed out of the blue and Alpha started laughing even louder.

I drew my brow together and stared at the two in-question.

Alpha’s eyes glazed over, signalling that he was mind-linking.

“What’s happening?” I asked Marcus as I leaned in closer towards him.

“Your mate just broke down the recovery room’s door,” he answered nonchalantly with in light chuckle.

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