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Chapter 23


I was getting sick and tired of nobody listening to me and getting zero answers to any of my questions.

“Alright, I will give you two more minutes to bring Melena to me, or I will break this door down!” I yelled through the locked door to whoever was posted outside in the hall.

“Please, man, just calm down,” a voice sounded from somewhere outside.

At this stage, my blood was boiling, I wasn’t just some child they could lock up somewhere.

“Fine, THIRTY SECONDS then!” I hollered.

As I sat back down onto the bed, I tried to think of ways to take the door down. I was not weak in any way but probably wouldn’t have succeeded in trying to take the door down with brute force either.

So, I fiddled along my belt, only to find that they had confiscated my pistol, multitool and large ring of keys, but since I was still wearing my uniform, I knew about a little something they didn’t.

My pocketknife.

I usually just tuck it in underneath my left shoulder epaulette’s elastic band, because it kept falling out of my shirt pocket whenever I leaned forward, so instead, I shove it in there to keep it from getting lost and now I have a secret weapon with a star and stripe screwdriver top which I could use to de-hinge the door with.

Without wasting another second, I crouched down beside the door’s bottom hinge and started unscrewing the tiny screws keeping it in place.

“TWENTY SECONDS!” I hollered again as soon as I had unfastened all of them and dropped them into my pants’ pocket.

Then I moved on to the top hinge and started doing the same.

I heard hurried footsteps moving away from the door, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

I worked swiftly and efficiently in removing all of the screws. Afterwards, I stepped back and eyed the door sceptically. Since the hinges were on my side, it means that the door opens this way also, so instead of kicking, I would need to pull it.

Scanning my eyes over the inside of the room quickly, I found an old, extremely blunt, metal butterknife laying on the ground slightly behind a cupboard. Picking it up without delay, I pushed the tip into the wall and bent it around until it had an L-shape. Then I tied one of my shoelaces around the handle and curled it underneath the door so that the bottom of the L hooked onto the door on the outside.

In one swift motion, I jerked the shoelace towards me and pulled the bottom corner of the door out of the doorframe. Once there was enough room to hook my fingers through, I gripped the bottom corner tightly and yanked the door harshly until it slid out of the doorframe entirely and fell to the floor with a loud crash.

I have had enough of this place.

As I stepped out of the room and into the hall, a young man came bolting around the corner up ahead. I kept moving forward, not slowing my pace for even a second.

The young man’s brows shot up in shock and he faltered in his step. He fell onto his bum and scrambled backwards frantically, trying to put some space between us.

“P, please, man, calm down,” he said while putting his hands up in the air as a sign of surrender.

It was the same voice I had heard earlier, and I was pretty sure he wasn’t in a position to help me, so I stepped over him and kept on walking down the hall.


Melena’s face showed uncertainty and scepticism.

As Marcus and Julian were laughing at the idea of her mate breaking down the recovery room’s door, she looked doubtful.

I studied her expression for a moment until I was sure of my conclusion. She believed he might actually do it.

She flicked her concerned eyes in my direction and I swiftly left the room to go meet her mate.

If she believed he could break down that door, then he could.

I didn’t have to go far before I saw him up ahead, making his way towards me.

He was taking large, deliberate strides and looked like a wild man.

His hair was dishevelled, and his one shoe was missing a lace. Anger and frustrations clearly showed on his face and a prominent vein stood out along the side of his neck as he marched down the hall with his fists clenched into tight balls.

I met his pace instantly until we were standing a mere three feet away from each other.

“Otis Adams,” I said as I held my hand out for him to shake.

I could hear his erratic heartbeat and he was breathing heavily. This man was livid.

“Conner White,” he grumbled as he briefly shook my hand.

“Mr White, please follow me, I will take you to your mate,” I said as I gestured for him to walk beside me.

“My what?” He barked out in annoyance, but I didn’t let it bother me at all.

“Melena,” I simply replied in a neutral voice, “since you are connected to her, we regard you as one of us and you are free to go wherever you like.”

Conner snorted in response and to be honest, I didn’t blame him.

We quickly made our way back to Julian’s office and stepped inside to find everyone staring at us in surprise. Well, everyone except for Julian, who had been expecting us.

Conner glanced at Melena, whose mouth was slightly agape in confusion as she stared back at him.

“Conner, so nice of you to finally join us,” Julian’s deep voice reverberated throughout the office space, pulling the two lovers out of their staring contest. “Please, sit!”

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