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Chapter 28


After Fran had promised me that she wasn’t joking around and that Conner was actually meeting us for lunch, I reluctantly made my way into the bathroom for a fresh, relaxing bubble bath.

While I was in there, Fran had taken the liberty to lay my entire outfit out for me, and even though, I didn’t feel like it, RED was the colour she had chosen for me. A deep, wine-red strappy summer dress, laid neatly spread out on my bed along with nude, pumps and a delicate, very girly golden necklace.

The dress had a sexy, yet casual vibe to it, which was entirely the opposite of how I felt.

I did not feel sexy. I did not feel beautiful. Hell, I didn’t even feel like a girl to be quite honest.

All I wanted to do, was crawl into a deep dark hole and die in there, where no one would ever find me.

“Twenty minutes!” Fran yelled from her side of our little living space and I could hear her rummaging around in her own drawers, looking for something to throw on.

With a groan of frustration, followed by a deep sigh, I sat down on the edge of the bed and began dressing as slowly as I possibly could.

My hair was still damp, so I took hold of the hairdryer and halfheartedly attempted to dry it.

A few moments later, Fran came running into the room, looking all excited for who knew what reason. Her energy drained me instantly, and I fell backwards onto my bed and just laid there, staring at the ceiling.

“Don’t worry, Babe, I got you,” I heard Fran say as she scrambled onto the bed and knelt over me. She then proceeded to do my makeup while I lay dead still like a sack of potatoes. I pitied myself and my wolf very much and felt deeply depressed, even though it must have been a good sign that Conner had agreed to meet with us.

“Ok, all done, let’s go,” Fran said while patting me twice on the stomach and pulling me up when I made no attempt to move whatsoever.

She pretty much dragged me down the hall and all the way out the front door, until we finally reached the picturesque tea garden Anthony had selected for our luncheon.

When I saw the two men sitting at one of the tables outside, overlooking a beautiful garden and fishpond, I felt my insides clench. Anxiety and doubt started to pulse violently through my system. Luckily, the men were facing away from us and didn’t see when I started to panic and tried to turn around and run away.

Fran, however, did not give me half a chance to escape. She promptly hooked her arm into mine and pulled with all the strength in her.

“No, no, no, Fran,” I tried to reason with her, “I can’t do this, I’m not ready.”

“Nonsense! You look amazing, he is going to eat you up,” she said while dragging me along. She had an amazingly tight grip on my arm, and I couldn’t seem to get out of her hold, without hurting her in the process.

When we were too close to make a run for it anymore, I saw Conner’s face turn our way and I tried to fix my posture as quickly as possible.

Oh, please, just kill me! Kill me NOW!

Conner and Anthony had been in the middle of a conversation when we caught the corner of his eye and I saw him do a doubletake on me after his first glance.

It was very sweet and for a few seconds, his mouth stayed open.

Anthony got up when he saw us approaching and greeted Fran with a welcoming bear hug and a lingering kiss on her forehead. I felt truly jealous of the two, but also incredibly happy for them.

Conner stood up awkwardly and clumsily pulled a chair out for me. I didn’t feel depressed or ugly anymore. The shyness and goofy look on Conner’s handsome face strangely warmed my insides and I suddenly felt like a prize.

“You look, uh, different,” he said as I took a seat. He stood for a little longer than necessary and scratched the hack of his head uncomfortably. I could see that the poor guy felt nervous and that the words leaving his mouth weren’t what he had intended to say, which only made my heart swell even more.

We sat down at the beautiful marble table, only to be joined by Anthony and Fran seconds later.

“You boys picked quite a nice spot,” Fran stated as she gazed around the beautiful garden. I also looked around in awe and when my eyes met Conner’s, I caught him staring at me.

He looked down quickly and picked up a menu from the table, trying to appear distracted.

Fran didn’t miss it and gave me a mischievous wink.


Come on dude, get it together. I scolded myself after I had tactfully told Melena she looked different, instead of amazingly beautiful. Way to go!

I must say that my talk with Anthony had really helped to calm me down. He had explained how they, and I mean wolves as a species operated and told me everything there was to know about mates, packs and the different ranks in a pack, which ultimately led me to understand why Melena had done what she did. Although, I still haven’t fully made peace with the fact that she had drugged me in order to keep their existence a secret. It just didn’t sit right with my male ego, even if she was a doctor and knew exactly what she was doing.

“Anthony, would you mind showing me this beautiful garden?” Fran suddenly broke the silence and gestured for Anthony to follow her. She was obviously hinting at them to give us some privacy, but the way she had said it, left no room for uncertainty.

They left quite abruptly, and it felt incredibly stiff and awkward until Melena finally gathered enough courage to speak.

“Listen, Conner, about yesterday, I am truly sorry for what you had to witness.”

I wasn’t entirely sure which part she was referring to, the part where she snapped someone’s neck, or the part where she turned into a wolf right in front of me, or the part where she had sedated me, should I go on?

“I never meant for you to find out that way, and I wish things could have gone differently. I always planned on telling you everything, but in dear time.”

She looked like a reprimanded child as she sat there, opening up to me and all I could do was listen.

“I don’t want things to change between us and I don’t want you to look at me differently,” she said while finally peering up at me through her long, dark lashes.

I felt the same way. I wanted things to go back the way they were before. I wanted to ogle her again without feeling forced to do so.

I sighed and took both her hands into mine, “Melena, I do like you, very much, and I would like to see how this,” I gestured between us, “plays out, BUT” she cringed and waited anxiously for what I was about to say next, “you have to promise that you will never EVER jam a needle into my shoulder and kidnap me ever again.”

As I finished my sentence, she looked up at me in utter horror, until the corner of my lip tugged upwards slightly. Her eyes widened and then she pulled her one hand out of mine and slapped me on the shoulder.

“Conner, damn it! This is serious! Do you want to give me a heart attack!?” She scolded, but I could see she was clearly relieved.

Now I was chuckling wholeheartedly, enjoying the moment between us.

“I promise though,” she said after a while with an innocent pout, and I couldn’t help but fall for her all over again.

This woman would be the death of me, and I enjoyed every second of it.

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