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Chapter 32


It felt like every single emotion Melena was feeling intensified and burst into my system. The world around me was spinning and I opened my mind to take her in completely. The tingles I had felt earlier, now buzzed through my entire body and accumulated in my neck, on the spot where her teeth were still imbedded inside my flesh.

As if reading my thoughts, she slowly retracted her canines, releasing me from their fierce hold and she started to lick me over the wound, slowly and sensually. I couldn’t believe how sensitive the area felt and kept my eyes closed involuntarily, as the electricity mixed with tingles of desire started to build up around my neck and slowly spread down my spine and through my limbs.

At that stage, I realized that my fingers were still digging desperately into her hips and I quickly eased my grip on her. The feeling of ecstasy was growing exponentially deep inside me from the blissful sensation of her slow, rhythmic licking and I felt like once again, my control was slipping. My body moulded into hers perfectly and snaked my arms around her back to pull her even closer.

Through my shirt, I could feel her erratic heartbeat and the heat radiating off her perfect, porcelain skin. Her chest was pressed up against mine and as she continued to lick her bite mark, euphoria was spilling over me in waves and a husky moan escaped my lips.

I felt her lips pull away from my neck ever so slightly as she smiled against my skin and I pulled away to study her face.

Her eyes were a mixture of gold, orange and blue. The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and they were staring back at me in awe and wonder. She had a warm smile on her face as she looked up and slid her palm tenderly over my jawline until it came to rest on my cheek.

“Do you feel that?” She breathed out.

Words didn’t quite form in my mind yet, so I kept my eyes locked onto hers and nodded slowly.

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. I studied her closely as she did so and when she opened them again, she still had a loving smile. Never in my life had I felt so loved. So welcome and needed like at that very moment. It was a feeling I could never fully describe to anyone, but it was one I would never ever forget.

“Welcome to the pack,” she said in her soft, sweet voice and she gave me another, lingering kiss on the lips.

“Thank you,” I replied as she pulled away and her hand found mine immediately, intertwining our fingers.

She slid her leg, which was still draped around my waist, down to the ground and I stepped back to give her some room to fix herself up. While she tugged at the hem of her dress, to make sure everything was covered, I watched her and remember thinking that I was the luckiest man on earth.

I didn’t care that she was a wolf at all, I loved animals and would love every inch of her all the same, whether it was human or wolf, she officially belonged to me. Joy and adoration for my new mate filled my heart and warmed my insides.

Her eyes glazed over as I watched her, and she flicked her gaze towards me as soon as they returned to their normal state. The golden flecks had also disappeared by now, and they were the colour of the ocean yet again.

“Alpha wants to see us,” she said as she stepped away from the wall and pulled on my hand to follow her back into the club.

I did, but this time I wasn’t angered and jealous like before. This time I was completely content and bursting with happiness.

She stepped into the club ahead of me and once inside, loud, roaring voices echoed off the walls as multiple wolves howled in unison while other's were yelling things. They were all looking in our direction and seemed extremely excited. They knew.

Fran came bursting through the crowd and threw herself at Melena, engulfing her into a tight hug, while Anthony stepped up to me and held his hand out.

“Congratulation’s man, welcome to the pack,” he said as I shook his hand.

Alpha Julian, Marcus and Otis also stepped out of the crowd to congratulate us and formally welcome me into the pack.

“How did you?” I started to ask Anthony who was still standing next to me.

“The pack link,” he answered swiftly, “we all felt the new connection.”

Everyone around me was smiling and the women were huddling Melena, trying to each get a chance of hugging her. Our eyes met for a few seconds and I found another goofy smile playing on my face as I watched her face light up in excitement. She was truly beautiful both inside and out and my heart swelled once again in utter joy.

The rest of the night consisted of people coming up to introduce themselves, congratulate us or just take part in mindless chatter. Everyone was so accepting of me even though I was human, and the atmosphere reflected it.

Well, it did up until a bloodied, badly beaten wolf stepped into the club with scratches and bruises all over his body.

Melena bolted to his side as he slumped to the ground and Marcus immediately started barking out instructions to the warriors. Alpha Julian ordered for Melena’s medical bag to be brought in while he kneeled down beside her. The Alpha took the young man's hand into his own and I saw his eyes glaze over.

The young man was busy dying, and everyone sensed it.

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