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Chapter 33


What happened after that was one big blur. Warriors started running outside to secure the area, while others mind-linked their loved ones to make sure everyone was accounted for.

As I assisted Melena in trying to save the young man’s life, a mass of bodies rushed towards the exit of the club. Chaos erupted all around us as women started screaming and running around frantically. At one stage, I had to use my body as a shield to protect Melena and the injured wolf from people running around without watching where they were going.

“What the hell is going on!?” I yelled to Melena over the loud roaring of voices, screams and music.

She glanced up at me for a split second with worry written all over her face.

“Vampires,” she simply said while focusing her attention back on the wolf under her skilled hands.

“Press here,” she said while grabbing my one free hand and pressing it to an open gash in the young wolf’s neck “press just like this,” she said with seriousness, “keep your fingers there.”

I nodded and did what she told me.

Somehow all the wolves knew exactly what was happening, but I was left in the dark. They could hear, see and smell things I couldn’t which put me at a great disadvantage.

Wolves started shifting all around us as the fight started moving out of the street and into the club.

Growling, snarling and anarchy filled the inside of the once cheery club. Women and youngsters were being evacuated from the back door and warriors shifted to defend their fellow pack members.

I have never seen so many wolves in one place before, but it was different from the real wolves I had worked with at the zoo. These were much larger, smarter and more threatening. For a moment I had to convince myself that I was on their side and that I didn’t need to feel the urge to protect Melena against them, since she was one of them.

“Conner!” she yelled again, ripping my thoughts back to her, “we need to get him to the infirmary!”

I nodded and waited for further instructions as the young wolf’s body started to jerk and twitch involuntarily under my fingers.

“No, no, no!” Melena yelled and pressed her ear to the wolf’s chest.

Blood started to bubble out of his mouth and trickle down the side of his jaw and I watched as the life faded out of his eyes and his head fell back limply.

“NO! Shit!” Melena cursed and tried to wipe the hair out of her face with the back of her arm. Her hands and clothes were drenched in his blood, as were my hands.

A second later, Fran came running up to us with a pair of combat boots in her arms, she was accompanied by a fairly large, mahogany wolf, whom I immediately assumed was Anthony.

“Here,” she yelled over the noise as she crouched down next to Melena. I saw her glance at the dead wolf and rub Melena’s shoulder reassuringly. Her eyes glazed over, along with Melena’s and Melena nodded.

Melena wasted no time in discarding her heels in exchange for the combat boots. Once she had them on, Fran handed her the medical backpack lying on the floor next to the wolf we had just been working on and she threw it over her shoulder in one swift move.

“Alpha is upfront!” Fran yelled and Melena nodded.

Anthony was watching over the two women protectively as I got up to follow them.

Melena stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face me, “Conner, you have to go with the others,” she said apologetically and gestured towards the backdoor.

“No, I am coming with you,” I stated firmly.

“Conner, please,” she begged, “you don’t know what you are dealing with,” she started saying but I wouldn’t listen any further.

Did she actually expect me to stand back and let her put her life at risk without me being there to look out for her?

“We need a medic!” Marcus ordered through the pack-link.

“Where?” Melena immediately replied.

“Out front, in the street!”

She looked back at me one last time and bolted towards the front of the club, accompanied by Anthony. Fran stood for a second longer and handed me a handgun. She nodded stiffly and ran after Mel.

I studied the pistol for a second and took the safety off. It was a bit heavier and more detailed than my tranquillizer gun, but the basics seemed the same.

Hastily, I weaved through the mass of hysteria inside the club to find my mate, who had already disappeared outside.

When I finally stepped out into the dimly lit street, there was fighting all around and for a moment I just stood there trying to figure out who was who. It was difficult to distinguish between friend or foe since not all of the wolves had shifted and some remained in human form, much like the vampires.

One body I recognized instantly was my mate’s. She was hunched over another injured wolf, securing him onto a wooden stretcher and sticking a needle into his arm.

“There, take him to the infirmary, Doctor Keller is waiting,” she ordered the two wolves awaiting her command. They nodded and ran with the injured wolf on the stretcher towards a van with the back doors already standing open.

It amazed me to see how the pack worked together as one and for a moment I wondered whether this was an everyday occurrence.

“Conner, we need to,” Melena started to say as a body crashed harshly into her from behind.

Both of them hit the ground violently and powered by anger, I ripped the body off her forcefully and made eye contact with unearthly, bright-red, glowing eyes. Raw instincts kicked in and I threw the body away from my mate and fired a single shot into his head.

The vampire hit the hard, tar surface of the road and didn’t move again.

Melena scrambled towards me and grabbed my arm, “come on!”

I ran after her as she led me down the street towards the heart of the fight. As we approached the onslaught, I saw an extremely large, pitch-black wolf, rip a man’s throat out with just one fierce jerk of his jaw. Melena moved from one wolf lying on the ground to the other, checking if she could be of any help, but these wolves were unfortunately already dead.

I helped a few of the warrior wolves fighting close to where we were by either shooting the vampire attacking them or hitting the vampire with a heavy pipe I had picked up down the street. Most of the time the wolf only needed that brief intervention to gain the upper hand, but I also found that the glowing eyes made for great targets as it stood out against the dark of the night, instructing me where to shoot.

Finally, the vampires started retreating into the dark corners of the street and disappeared into the night. The bodies of their dead turned to ash, which made the cleaning process much easier for us and we only had to remove the bodies of fallen wolves.

After Melena had done everything she could for the remaining wolves and the last injured person was sent back to the packhouse, she sat down on the curb of the road along with Fran and Anthony.

Anthony only had shorts on and was covered in bruises and scratches, but nothing too serious. The three of them sat there in silence as they stared out into the deserted street, trying to process the evening’s events.

“Conner,” I heard a deep male voice address me from behind and I turned to see the Alpha and Beta walking towards me.

I turned to face them and stepped closer.

“You did well tonight,” the Alpha complimented and pat me once on the shoulder. His Beta was standing just a little behind him and nodded in confirmation.

I glanced at my beautiful mate as she sat next to the road covered in more than twenty different people’s blood. “Thanks,” I answered gruffly.

“I would like to speak with you once you are settled,” he continued.

“Ok, how about tomorrow, after work?”

Alpha Julian nodded, “sure, just let me know when you are heading out and I will meet you in my office.”


“You can address me as ‘Alpha’ from now on,” he corrected me and for a second I had forgotten that I was now as much a part of the pack as any other.

“Yes, Alpha,” I answered proudly and made my way back towards my mate so that I could comfort her for the night.





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