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Chapter 34


After the battle, I asked Melena if she wanted to come home with me and she agreed without hesitation. We went straight to my apartment and I ran a bath for her as soon as we got in. She was still covered in blood and looked quite out of place with her combat boots and stained cocktail dress.

Luckily, I had an extra jacket in my car to throw over her shoulders as we made our way into the apartment building. The jacket was a few sizes too big for her and covered most of the bloodstains, which we were both grateful for.

“Please, make yourself comfortable,” I said as we entered my once private living space.

Melena nodded and closed the door behind us. She looked very tired and stressed. I couldn’t even begin to understand what she must have been going through. Being a doctor of a wolf pack couldn’t be easy, not if it was anything like what we had just witnessed.

I didn’t have any bubbles or scented candles around since I never really had any women over and wasn’t into that kind of stuff myself, so I just fixed her a standard bath and placed a fresh towel, a brand new, unopened toothbrush and one of my t-shirts on the counter for her.

“Your bath is ready,” I announced as I walked out of the bathroom and found Mel standing in the middle of the living room, looking very lost and uncomfortable.

“I didn’t want to get blood on any of your things,” she simply said as I studied her, trying to figure out what was making her look so out of place.

Before I knew it, I found myself pulling her in for a comforting hug and she melted into my touch without delay. “You smell so nice,” she mumbled into my chest and I found myself smiling happily.

“Come on, I’ll fix us something to eat while you get yourself cleaned up.”

After she left for the bathroom, I gave her some privacy and went into the kitchen to make a few snacks. Obviously, I hadn’t really thought it through, because my appetite was as good as gone after all the bloodshed and gore I had seen throughout the evening. But it wasn’t just for me, Melena needed something to keep her strong and nourished after the energy she had spent running around the grisly street.

In the end, I decided on going for something that less resembled any kind of body part of something that might have come out of a body part and I made simple buttered toast. When I was done, I heard the bathroom door opening, indicating that Melena had finished. I grabbed the plate of food and carried it into my bedroom.

When I stepped into the room, my heart stopped, and I almost dropped the plate of toast. Melena was standing next to my bed, studying my bookcase with nothing but my t-shirt on. It barely covered her beautifully sculptured behind and I immediately felt my pants tightening. She looked mouthwatering and I was amazed at how quickly my appetite had suddenly returned. Not for the toast though.

She must have sensed my presence and turned around to face me. When her eyes lit up and a shy smile played across her face, I realized that I had been staring. So instead of embarrassing myself any further, I placed the plate on the bed and left for the bathroom without saying a single word.

What could I say? Why did I always turn into such a fool whenever I was around her?

“Thanks,” I heard her saying from the other side of the door as I started to undress and slid into the warm, comforting bath.

Usually, I kept the door wide open whenever I was in the bathroom and even considered removing it altogether, but at that very moment, I was extremely grateful for it, because it helped to hide the very visual effect, she had on me. I already felt embarrassed enough that she had caught me staring, yet again, and couldn’t even imagine how I would feel if she had to witness me practically springing out of my pants as soon as the zipper came down.

I groaned in frustration and laid back into the steaming hot water, trying to relax and make the discomfort between my legs disappear.

As I laid there, I couldn’t help thinking about everything that had happened.

On the one hand, I was amazed at how well the pack worked together. Everyone just knew the role they had to play and did not hesitate for a second to fulfil that responsibility, it was incredible. BUT on the other hand, it made me think that they must have had a lot of experience in situations such as these in order to react so swiftly and efficiently.

To make matters worse, my beautiful new mate was the field medic, which means that she will always be at the frontline of the fight, trying to save her fellow pack members.

With all these negative thoughts mulling through my mind, I just simply couldn’t relax anymore. But hey, at least my raging hormones have finally subsided. With a deep breath, I climbed out of the tub and dressed quickly, wanting to catch Melena before she fell asleep.

There was a very important question, I needed to ask her, without which I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep myself.


Melena had decided to leave with Conner, which I was very grateful for because I knew Fran wouldn’t want to be left alone and it gave me the perfect opportunity to stay by her side, whether it be at her place or mine.

I interlaced our fingers and we got onto the back of a fellow pack member’s pickup truck since our lift had been injured in the fight and was escorted back to pack grounds earlier this evening. I didn’t mind though, because we weren’t the only stranded wolves who had to catch a new lift. As I looked at the familiar faces around us on the back of the truck, they all had one thing in common, relief. Relief to have survived, but most of all, relief that their loved ones had been saved also.

I gazed down at the gorgeous woman in my arms and remembered thinking that I would give my life in exchange for hers any second. She was everything I have ever wanted in a woman, but she wasn’t mine. I tried to fight the feeling for years, but it didn’t go away, in fact, it only seemed to grow stronger every year that she still hasn't found her true mate.

Gently I pulled her even closer to my chest and caressed the side of her cheek. She sighed in content and snaked her slender arms around my muscled chest. I loved her with every fibre of my being, and I knew she loved me back.

After the years, whenever I found myself thinking about her true mate showing up, it brought me physical pain and I had to deliberately think of something else to push the agonizing ache deep in my gut away. Doing just that with my current thoughts, I focused rather on the moment and let my cheek rest on top of her head, inhaling her scent deeply and playing softly with her beautiful blond locks.

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