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Chapter 40


“Oh shit, oh shit!” Maxwell started mumbling as he paced the room nervously. He was pulling at his light brown hair in frustration and his warm brown eyes didn’t look warm anymore.

I brought my hand to my face and studied the fresh blood that stuck to my fingertips. I couldn’t believe this was happening! At once, I tried to reach out to Conner, but my mind-link wasn’t going through.

No, please, come on!

“But, but you had no mark,” he said all of a sudden looking at me in confusion.

“My mate is human,” I answered as tears started to pool uncontrollably in my eyes, “he cannot mark me!”

Maxwell stared back at me without saying a word. His eyes were moving over my face as if he was searching for something, “but, that’s impossible,” he commented barely above a whisper.

I shook my head and couldn’t hold back anymore. Tears were streaming down my face and my body started to shake ferociously. I was completely lost and didn’t know what to do, so I sat down on the edge of the bed and buried my face in my hands. I couldn’t feel my pack anymore, Maxwell must have severed the link, but I also didn’t feel like I belonged to his pack either.

The next moment, I heard loud roaring coming from outside along with multiple panicked voices and hurried footsteps. Within seconds, Marcus came barging in the door in a state of half-shift. His eyes were the golden-brown orbs of his wolf and his canines were already out, ready to draw blood.

He hurried towards me and breathed a slow breath of relief when he saw that I was ok, well, not ok, just alive. Then he tilted my face to the side and saw the fresh remains of a mark on the side of my neck. There were a bunch of people huddling at the door, trying to peer inside, have a bit of the action, people I didn’t know, but they all looked very disturbed.

Marcus let out another gut-wrenching growl and turned to face Maxwell who had already taken a few steps back, “WHAT DID YOU DO!?”, he hollered as he took large, deliberate strides towards him.

His hands were balled into tight fists and his back was rigid and stiff. Marcus was livid and even I felt frightened. I have never seen him so angry before.

In one swift move, he pinned the Beta against the wall, grabbing him forcefully by the neck with one of his large, muscular hands, while the other then proceeded to throw punch after punch until blood was trickling out of Maxwell’s nose. Just then, Alpha Jake came bursting through the group of onlookers still huddled at the door and ripped Marcus away from his Beta.

“STOP!” the Alpha’s voice boomed across the room and within seconds the crowd at the door dispersed and cowered away in fear.

Marcus tried to throw himself at Maxwell again, but the Alpha held him back and quickly mind-linked some of the warriors to come and assist him.

“Please, Alpha, calm down!” he tried to reason with Marcus who was caught in a fit of rage, clawing and snarling at the beaten Beta behind Alpha Jake’s back.

All I could do was sit there and watch as the scene unfolded like something out of a horror film. My entire body ached and I felt incredibly weak. The smell of blood hung thick in the air and my mind was filled with images of both Conner and Maxwell jumbled up together.

When I looked up again, the room was filled with Malice Creek’s warriors, trying to hold Marcus down. I tried to get up but felt my world spinning and before my head hit the cold, hard ground, I heard Alpha Jake calling out for Catalina.


“Please! Tell me! There must be something!” I stood up and flicked my eyes from Alpha Julian to Otis.

They exchanged a strange look before Alpha Julian asked me to sit back down.

“There is one thing,” Alpha Julian finally said after he took a deep, uncomfortable breath, “but it is very risky and extremely dangerous.”

“What is it!?” I demanded and saw Otis standing up and pacing the tiny office. He looked very conflicted, but I didn’t give a damn, all I cared about was making my Raven happy and protecting her from any harm.

“We could change you.” The Alpha’s voice was low and serious and for a second I thought that I had heard wrong.

“Change?” I asked furrowing my brows and leaning forward with my elbows resting onto my knees in anticipation. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and my mouth suddenly felt extremely dry.

Alpha Julian nodded slowly while he kept eye contact with me and from the corner of my eye, I saw Otis stop dead in his tracks to study my reaction.

“W, w, what does that mean?” I asked as my heart started pounding out of my chest.

“We can change you into a werewolf,” he explained with a grim expression, “but only one out of every twenty humans ever survives this transition.”

Well damn. There it was, the catch I had been waiting for. I was sure there must have been a reason Melena never even brought it up, and now I knew why.

I rubbed my hand over my face and fell back into my chair. So close, I had been so close!

All my hope faded away at once, and Otis came to take a seat next to me once again.

A silence fell over the room and all that could be heard was the clock on the wall, slowly ticking away.

“Most of the times, it is done on human women, Luna’s, to be more exact, but it has never been done on a human male,” Alpha Julian continued, “I do believe, however, that you could do this.”

As he said that last part, I opened my one eye to study him. He was being dead serious.

“There is just something about you, Conner, you are different than any other human I have ever encountered. You are fierce, smart, brave and you have this, this, wild air about you that I just cannot explain.”

I groaned and rubbed my face in frustration again.

“I saw that the first time you were brought here and instantly liked you, which was strange because usually, humans seemed weak and inferior to our abilities, but you just fit right in, human and all.”

Alpha Julian was quickly filling my mind with false hope. Hope of being the perfect match for my perfect mate, yet the odds seemed hopelessly against me.

“Just think about it, ok?” He finally said when he saw that I was not falling for his cunning words.

I closed my eyes and lay back into the leather chair, trying to gain control of my thoughts and overwhelming emotions, but the next thing I heard was Alpha Julian’s agonizing howl echoing off the walls of the tiny office.

Before my eyes even had time to snap open, pain pierced through me. My neck was burning like fire and it felt like someone was pouring boiling water into my veins. Within seconds I fell to the floor, clutching Melena’s mark as I doubled over in excruciating pain. My heart felt like it was being constricted and the life was slowly being forced out of it, inch by inch.

“GET ME A PHONE NOW!” Alpha Julian hollered and I heard hurried feet moving around me.

I couldn’t really focus on anything going on since the pain had taken hold of my entire being and I couldn’t move. But I did hear Otis’s voice close to my ear and I felt his hands on me, trying to help me up into a sitting position, “hold on Conner, we are linking Marcus as we speak,” he said with dire concern lacing his voice, which only made my pain intensify.

“She’s ok,” he suddenly exclaimed right beside me, “she is alive!”

The pain in my neck started to fade away slowly, but my heart still felt incredibly sore and heavy.

“Fuck!” I heard Alpha Julian exclaim and I picked my face up to meet his gaze. He was staring down at me with worry and instinctively I knew that things had just gone from bad to worse.

Something happened to Melena and I wasn’t there to protect her.

Right then and there, I made up my mind, “do it! Change me!”

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