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Chapter 42


“Where the hell do you think you’re going!?” Otis’s loud voice hollered as I made my way out of the Alpha’s office and into the hall, still clutching my aching heart tightly.

“I am bringing my mate back.”

“No, you’re not! You are in no shape to be leaving pack territory,” he replied in warning.

“Watch me,” I simply replied without even glancing back once.

Outside, I found three large SUV’s getting ready for the trip to Malice Creek. I was a little relieved to see Fran along with the warriors that were heading out and she looked as concerned as I did. The moment our eyes met, she came running to my side and enveloped me in a tight, almost desperate hug.

“Conner, don’t worry, we’ll bring her home,” she said as soon as she pulled away to study my face.

“I am coming with you,” I simply stated and saw her brows shoot up.

“Conner, I don’t think that is,” she started to say but I didn’t want to hear it.

“I am not asking, Fran.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw how she started looking around, searching for someone, but I paid no attention to it and climbed into one of the cars.

“Anthony! Over here!” I heard her yelling from somewhere outside.

It was only a short while after that, that Otis and Anthony found me and convinced me to get back out so that we could start my transition into a wolf. According to them, they thought it best to do it before Melena got back because the whole process was quite traumatic, and they didn’t want to put Melena’s wolf under any more stress than she has already been through.

I gazed around the group of sturdy warriors waiting patiently for their Alpha’s final order to head out and they all shared similar features. They all looked extremely focused, professional and well experienced. In short, they were all on the same page and determined to bring back their fellow pack members, which included their future Alpha and Luna.

Fran squeezed my hand and conveyed an unspoken message to me, which was the final urge I needed to get me to back off and let them do their jobs.

“Just bring her back to me,” was my last words before I reluctantly got out of the vehicle and stood aside as Alpha gave the orders to which they all answered in unison.

At that very moment, felt pride and joy for being connected to them and I was determined to begin with my transition without having any doubts. It wasn’t just Melena anymore, although she was the most important reason, but I too wanted to belong. I too wanted to be part of something bigger, where you as an individual mattered and could make a difference.

Otis, Anthony, Alpha and I watched in silence as the SUV’s took off. I could clearly see that Anthony felt very conflicted about letting Fran leave without him, but somehow, I knew Alpha had made him stay because he knew I would need a friend during my change, and it had to be someone who could stomach the horror they were about to witness.

“Let’s get you to Doctor Keller’s office,” Alpha simply stated, and Anthony shared a quick worried look with me before we all left together.


I have been strapped down onto a bed in a tiny operating room that I have never seen before. The room was practically empty, except for one metal-framed bed in the centre that had been bolted securely into the cemented floor. I had climbed onto the bed willingly, filling my mind with images of my beautiful mate and convincing myself that I will not die, but come out stronger on the other side.

Doctor Keller was void of any emotion as he walked around me to make sure the leather straps were secure before he began with the process.

“I have only ever done this once, so I am going to keep this textbook with me and work from it step by step,” he explained.

“Alpha, Otis, you are welcome to wait outside for the first half of the blood transfusion, it might take a while.” The two of them nodded and Otis briefly patted me on the shoulder before they stepped outside.

“Call us if you need us, we are just down the hall,” Alpha said to Doctor Keller and closed the door behind him.

“Right, Conner, how are you feeling?” The doctor asked as he started to connect me to multiple IV lines.

“Fine,” I answered gruffly and closed my eyes to try and think of something other than the uncomfortable sensation of needles being inserted into pretty much every one of my limbs.

Anthony picked up on my discomfort and tried to steer the conversation in a different direction to distract me.

“So, Doc, you mentioned you have done this before?” He asked sounding somewhat curious.

“Oh, yes, probably about twenty years ago if I remember correctly. But I wasn’t leading the operation, I was merely standing by, should something bad happen,” the doctor explained as he moved around me going about his work.

“Was that here, in Feral Grove?”

“No, it happened at an ally pack, east of us.”

“How did it go?”

The doctor was quiet for a little while and then answered, “we lost her.”

After that, the tiny room fell quiet, and it felt like time in itself had slowed down.

“Ok, Conner, I am going to begin with the transfusion now, you will feel a bit of a sting as the new wolf-blood enters your system, but it should only last for a few seconds until your body starts adjusting to it.”

I nodded and opened my eyes to see four, crimson-coloured clear bags hanging above me from hooks in the ceiling. Each of them was connected to me with a clear plastic tube and three more, empty bags hung closer to my feet, also connected to me with tubes.

“It can take up to four hours to receive one bag of blood, that is why I connected four,” he said informatively as he checked each of them one last time.

Anthony stepped to my side and looked down at me with empathy. He looked like he wanted to say something, but what could one say? This was it. I was either going to come out of this as a werewolf, or not at all. We made eye contact for a few seconds and I gave him a stiff nod, which he returned immediately.

“If I don’t make it, please tell,” I started to say, but he stopped me.

“I will.”

The doctor then proceeded to fiddle with the tubes connected to my ankles and then one connected to my inner thigh. I took another deep breath for my nerves as a dull pressure started building in my legs and I watched in slow motion as my blood was being pulled from my veins and sucked into the empty bags suspended from the ceiling.

Without wasting a second, the doctor moved up to my torso and fiddled around my arms and chest, to which the crimson-coloured bags responded, and their plastic tubes quickly changed from a clear, see-through plastic into a deep, red line.

I waited. The doctor had warned me that I might feel a slight sting, so I was ready for it.

When the wolf-blood entered my veins, I felt it immediately. At first, it stung just like the doctor warned, but it quickly changed into burning fire as the sticky liquid scorched my insides. I felt every inch it travelled into my bloodstream as all my cells started screaming in protest to the unfamiliar new substance.

The pain was immense, and I found myself clenching my fists, digging my nails into my palms and biting the inside of my mouth trying to ease some of the torment that was inflicted upon me.


Conner’s muscles started bulging and everywhere possible, a vein protruded angrily, red and swollen. Just by looking at him, I felt pain, not the type of pain he was experiencing, but rather a sense of heartache. I felt incredibly sorry for him.

His knuckles were turning white and sweat has broken out all over his skin.

I flicked my eyes towards Doctor Keller and saw that he was nose deep into the textbook, with a worried expression on his face.

When Conner’s agonizing screams started to reverberate from deep inside his chest, Alpha and Otis came rushing in. They stood at the door and watched in horror as Conner’s body jerked and convulsed in protest to the wolf-blood.

There was nothing any of us could do. He needed to get as much blood as possible for the transition to occur and if we intervened now, it might all have been for nothing.

So we all stood and watched as he suffered.

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