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Chapter 45


There was nothing any of us could do. Conner needed to get as much blood as possible for the transition to occur and if we intervened now, it might all have been for nothing.

So, we all stood and watched as he suffered.

Conner’s body started to twist into unnatural positions and the veins in his neck stood out violently as he arched his back off the bed and let out another horrific scream. If there had been one thing I was thankful for, it was that neither Fran nor Melena was here to witness this.

After a few more seconds of watching, I couldn’t take anymore and flicked my gaze away from the grotesque scene right in front of us. Alpha stood next to Otis at the entrance of the room, looking slightly pale around his jaw and Otis stood faithfully by his side with a grim expression and stiff posture.

“Ok, it’s happening! Pull out the lines and loosen the straps!” Doctor Keller yelled over Conner’s screams and all of us snapped back to reality, each grabbing the nearest IV line and yanking it out. Next came freeing the limbs, which would obviously take a little bit longer.

Doctor Keller was first to finish with Conner’s left arm. As the arm was released, it shot up immediately and clawed at his own face, but I quickly rushed towards him and pulled it away, trying to give him a moment to adjust to the strange new freedom.

Otis and Alpha pulled his legs out of the leather straps and Conner’s eyes flicked open. What I saw in there, was frightening. I have dealt with many wolves in my life, but none of them had the colour eyes Conner’s had. His wolf was staring straight at me with glowing, unearthly yellow eyes and he was snarling at me in a threatening manner.

“Anthony, get back!” Otis yelled.

I responded straight away and stepped back until my back hit the wall behind me.

Conner was half-shifted, covered in sweat and breathing harshly. His wild eyes darted across the room, analyzing his surroundings like an animal who had been trapped in a corner.

“Wolf! Submit!” Alpha Julian ordered fiercely with his Alpha command.

Conner snapped his head in the Alpha’s direction and snarled, baring his vicious canines at him.

“SUBMIT!” Alpha’s voice boomed again inside the tiny room and he took two threatening steps towards Conner.

Both me and Otis stood there staring wide-eyed at the scene, not sure whether we should intervene or not. Doctor Keller sat against the wall with his knees pulled into his chest. He was visibly shaking, and I felt a little bit sorry for him.

Alpha took another step closer and held his hand out for Conner to sniff. Shit, that was pretty bold if I had to admit it myself.

“See, you are part of us,” he said in a gentler tone, keeping his hand steady for Conner to smell, “you’re part of the pack.”

I could see Conner’s wolf calm down a bit as he took Alpha’s hand into his and pressed it to his face.

“Welcome,” Alpha said after a while with a smile tugging at his lips as Conner’s nose tickled his palm. I guess it was safe to say that it was one of the weirdest experiences of my life.

Alpha turned slightly to face us and both me and Otis let out a breath of relief. He survived and he had been blessed with a wolf.

“Looks like the Moon Goddess has assigned a very rare wolf to Conner to match his already wild, human nature,” Alpha said with a slight chuckle.

Well, that was true, Conner was one of a kind and he needed a one-of-a-kind type of wolf to pair up with him.

“I will leave it up to Conner to name you,” Alpha said, finally focusing back on Conner's wolf again, “Anthony, his arm,” Alpha stated as he gestured towards Conner’s right arm, still stuck in a leather strap.

Hastily, I unfastened the strap and he slowly pulled his arm out and stared at it for a moment. It was like he was discovering himself for the very first time.

“You can shift now,” Alpha stated and stepped back to give Conner’s wolf some room to transform. He did and within seconds, a large, lead-grey wolf stood in the spot where Conner had been. He shook out his fur, flicked his eyes between us and bared his neck in submission to Alpha Julian.

It was a joyous moment and our faces lit up in both relief and happiness.

The rest of the evening Conner’s wolf ran around outside, jumping into bushes, hunting little animals scurrying about and pretty much doing all the things that wild wolves tended to do. Oh, he was different alright.

He seemed so innocent, almost like a pup, yet he had this fierce air about him, which made me slightly uneasy. Probably because of his unpredictable nature.

Otis, Alpha and I sat on the front steps of the packhouse as Conner’s wolf darted in and out of the forest, delighted to be free.

“Wow, he really must have been without a human for quite some time,” Otis commented as we watched him run around with the energy levels of a hyped-up meth junky.

“Well, can you blame the Moon Goddess?” I asked playfully, “he is freaking wild, that wolf!”

“That’s true,” Alpha commented as Conner's wolf came walking out of the forest, casually chewing on a bat with the wings still hanging limply out of the one side of his muzzle.

It only took a second for us to burst out into uncontrolled laughter as he cocked his head to the side and let out a strange hiccup.

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